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The best zero-turn mowers of 2023

Take the best zero-turn lawn mower for a spin and never miss an inch of grass.

The best budget mower for big suburban yards.

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For large yards with tight corners and obstacles, nothing beats a zero-turn lawn mower. These agile mowers are powerful lawn-maintenance machines designed for maneuverability. The unique lever steering allows for complete 360-degree cutting, meaning no blade of grass is safe from the wide and nimble cutting deck. Today’s zero-turn lawn mowers are fuel-efficient and comfortable, with options and features to tackle just about any size yard. Residential zero-turn mowers are ideal for the suburbs. Larger commercial models are great for fields, golf courses, and hills. The best zero-turn lawn mowers run literal circles around the competition.

How we chose the best zero-turn mowers

Previously, we’ve searched for the top push mowers, the best riding lawn mowers, and some great cordless lawn mowers. That experience gave us very important background knowledge, which allowed us to have a little more nuance when finding excellent zero-turn mowers. We used personal testing, research, recommendations, reviews, and user impressions to find the best zero-turn mowers for all kinds of yards and users.

Which mower is best for you depends on your type of lawn. Any of these mowers will work wonders on a flat lawn. But if you have hills or big areas to cover, you’ll need a more specialized yard tool. Look for the size and features that work for your yard and your budget.

Best overall: Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

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Why it made the cut: This mower easily transitions from mowing your own yard to commercial lawn work.

Big yards need big power and the 27HP Husqvarna mower straddles the line between residential and commercial zero-turn lawn mowers. The wide 61-inch cutting deck gobbles up a big area of grass quickly. It handles great, even on small inclines, thanks to its commercial-rated hydraulic system. But be careful—there’s more oomph in this lawn mower than you might think. If you’re not paying attention, this powerful riding mower will get away from you. Practice first in a nice wide-open area so you get the feel of the controls, speed, and steering. A high-back seat with armrests, foam-padded handgrips, and vibration dampeners allows you to mow comfortably all day. If you have a yard larger than three acres and want a powerful lawn-cutting machine, the Husqvarna riding mower is a powerful option.

Best for first-timers: Ariens APEX Zero-Turn Mower

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Why it made the cut: Step up your mowing game sans learning curve with this easy-to-use zero-turn mower.

If you’re looking to replace your traditional lawn tractor or push mower, the Ariens zero-turn lawn mower is a fantastic upgrade. The 23HP Kohler 7000 series engine is strong and consistent. Great for yards smaller than three acres, the Ariens riding mower has a 48-inch cutting deck in its sturdy frame. It’s a residential zero-turn mower that’s as durable as some of the commercial mowers. Yet it’s not an overpowered, overpriced, over-complicated lawn tool. If you’re new to the world of zero-turn mowers, this is the perfect machine to give you comfortable, confident handling.

Best for comfort: Craftsman Z5200 20-HP V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic 42-in Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

Why it made the cut: This mower has built-in features to mow your entire lawn in comfort.

Riding mowers have come a long way in regards to comfort, and the Craftsman zero-turn riding mower is one of the most body-friendly yard tools out there. The high-back seat gives you much-needed support, especially if you’re cutting big areas. And the 20HP engine and 42-inch cutting deck give you enough power to chomp through up to three acres of grass. Cutting big yards can take time and that can take a toll on back muscles, so never overlook ergonomics. The rubber foot pad of this riding mower helps reduce the vibrations that can cause foot and leg pain. The steering bars feel great without being over-sensitive. This is not only a solid zero-turn lawn mower, it’s a comfortable outdoor throne.

Best for the pros: Swisher BS Zero Turn Rider

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Why it made the cut: This professional-grade zero-turn lawn mower is a landscaper’s dream thanks to its safety, durability, and power.

This is not the riding mower for everyone, but the Swisher zero turn tractor is one of the best commercial mowers you can get. If you’re starting a lawn care business or need to equip a lawn maintenance crew, this is a solid investment. The Swisher mower has a 24HP Briggs Stratton engine. The zero-turn tractor can handle inclines and embankments. It’s dependable. It’s safe. And as big as it is, it handles great. You always feel in control of the 855-pound monster. The bad news? It’s not cheap. With a price tag soaring past 10,000 and another 3,000 for the cutting deck, this is not a typical piece of lawn equipment. This is a commercial-grade lawn mower with enough horsepower to mow an entire neighborhood, thanks to its 8-gallon fuel capacity.

Best budget: Husqvarna Z242F Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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Why it made the cut: The cheapest zero-turn mower on our list features high-quality mechanics for well-manicured lawns.

Residential zero-turn lawn mowers are typically all in the same economic ballpark. You can expect to spend between 3,000 and 5,000 for a reliable riding mower. This Husqvarna is one of the cheapest zero-turn mowers, hovering around the low end of that spectrum, and is a great mower for the money. Husqvarna mowers are known for their quality, so even a lower-priced Husqvarna riding mower is a trusted, dependable machine. This zero-turn mower has a wide 42-inch cutting deck and a 18HP engine, putting it right in the middle of not being too weak and not being overpowered. If you have an acre of land to mow, there’s no need to spend money for extra size and power you’ll never need.

What to consider when shopping for the best zero-turn mowers

Are all riding mowers with lever steering the same? Not at all. Size, weight, horsepower, and fuel source are just a few of the things to look for when shopping for a zero-turn mower. Before opening up the wallet, understand how these mowers operate, how much they cost, and how much they can accomplish.

The two types of zero-turn mowers: commercial and residential

For years, zero-turn lawn mowers were only available as commercial yard equipment. Landscaping companies and groundskeeping crews who needed to tame and maintain large areas of grass used the big industrial lawn mowers. But, recently, residential zero-turn lawn mowers have given suburban homeowners the power and agility of lever steering.

The big difference between commercial and residential zero-turn mowers is power (and price). Commercial models are designed for big areas and constant use. They’re heavier, have wider cutting decks, and pack more horsepower. Residential zero-turn lawn mowers are smaller, easier to handle, and are better at once-a-week cutting. These lawn tools are less powerful, so hills can be challenging. But they still provide incredible maneuverability and handling at a much more affordable price.

What size zero-turn mower do I need for my yard size?

For yards smaller than three acres, a residential zero-turn mower is the efficient, user-friendly way to go. If your lawn is larger, or you plan on using the mower on a daily basis, a commercial mower may be the best option.

How much horsepower do you need?

The best zero-turn mowers offer between 10HP and 25HP. But 10HP is only good for yards smaller than half an acre. And those mowers can’t handle inclines. For residential lawns up to three acres, 20HP to 25HP is perfect. In addition, zero-turn mowers tend to work well on hills up to a 15-degree incline. That said, any zero-turn lawn mower offering 25HP or more may be overpowered and overpriced for a typical suburban yard.

Gas vs. electric lawn mowers

Yes, there are electric, battery-operated zero-turn mowers on the market. And they do a pretty good job, especially for yards smaller than an acre. Battery-powered riding mowers are more than just noisy, angry golf carts. They have real cutting power and the technology is only getting better.

Electric riding mowers cost about the same as gas-powered models. You’re not saving money, but you are saving the planet while performing yard care. Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly since they don’t emit any exhaust fumes. But they do need batteries and that’s the biggest drawback. The battery on even the most energy-efficient electric mower can die quickly and recharging time will eat up your Saturday. If you don’t mind the limited battery life, or you plan on stocking up on backup batteries, electric mowers are just as good as gas-powered mowers.

Gas-powered mowers will be more powerful, but not by much. Gas mowers are also heartier machines that are better for riding over rough terrain and (mild) hills. Electric mowers aren’t good for commercial use, where horsepower and repeated use are a big concern. However, for flat lawns no bigger than an acre, don’t overlook the electric machines as your best zero-turn riding mower.

What size cutting deck do you need?

The cutting deck houses the blades. But bigger isn’t always better. Zero-turn riding mowers start out with cutting decks measuring 32 inches and can go as large as 61 inches. The extra size is really only good if you’re cutting more than three acres of grass. While zero-turn mowers are made for tight turns and precise handling, a big mower is still a big mower and will be cumbersome in small yards.

If your yard has a lot of obstacles, such as trees and sheds, make sure the lawn mower is small enough to fit between the tight space. For suburban homes with about an acre of land, opt for a smaller mower with a cutting deck between 32 and 40 inches.

Understand the steering and stopping

The distinguishing feature of any zero-turn mower is the lever steering. There’s no steering wheel, and you don’t drive a zero-turn mower like a car. Instead, the two levers control the pivot point of the mower. Pull the right lever back and push the left lever forward to make a sharp right turn.

Due to the pivot steering, it’s usually best to mow the lawn in a Y pattern instead of making drastic turns that could dig the wheel into the lawn and create divots. And watch out: Most zero-turn mowers don’t have brakes. You hold the steering levers in a neutral position to brake.

If you’ve never used a zero-turn riding mower, give yourself some practice time before attempting tricky spins. The best zero-turn mowers are intuitive, and you’ll pick up the steering mechanism quickly. But your first time using this piece of yard equipment should not be along the edge of a beloved flower garden. While you often see professional lawn crews zipping around on these mowers, it’s best to go slow. The machine has more pickup than you may anticipate and it’s easy to overcorrect and make a wrong turn.


Q: How much do zero-turn lawn mowers cost?

Pricing for residential zero-turn lawn mowers typically ranges from 3,000 to 5,000. However, commercial zero-turn lawn mowers can go for upwards of 10,000. Be conscious of your yard size and landscaper dreams. You might want to stray away from expensive zero-turn mowers if you don’t fantasize about mowing three acres of land.

Q: How often should you mow your lawn?

It depends on how fast your grass grows and how high you want your grass to be. Mowing once a week during the growing season—typically late spring and early summer—is recommended to keep your lawn healthy. During the rest of the year, you can get away with mowing every other week.

Q: How do I operate a zero-turn mower?

To operate a zero-turn mower, you use the steering levers. These levers typically rest over your lap. In the neutral position, the mower stands still. Push both levers forward, and the mower moves forward in a straight line. Push both levers back, and the mower travels in reverse in a straight line. The real fun begins when you push one lever and pull the other, thus creating a pivot point. The zero-turn mowers are designed to make sharp turns and pivot 360 degrees. This makes it easier to steer around obstacles. It feels very different than using a steering wheel. Give yourself time (and room) to practice and you’ll get the hang of it.

” Zero Turn Mower

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turn, mower, craftsman, lawn
turn, mower, craftsman, lawn
turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

Cut your lawn faster with this easy to use, easy to own Murray 34-inch Zero Turn Mower. Featuring a Briggs Stratton 15.5 HP Single Cylinder Engine that provides an efficient and durable performance. Premium user-friendly features keep you riding smoothly and comfortably including: the dual EZT hydrostatic transmission, an electric blade engagement system to turn blades on or off, convenient deck wash, and an ergonomic, padded lap bar with an adjustable cushioned mid-back seat. All with a 3-year limited warranty.

Easy Operation

Height-of-cut adjustment lever, speed adjustment, and turn key starter are all organized conveniently by the drivers seat.

Ergonomic, padded lap bars keeps you mowing accurately, while the adjustable cushioned mid-back seat keeps you comfortable.

34” Zero Turn Mower

Model M175-42
Engine Brand Briggs Stratton
Engine Series Intek /td>
HP (gross) 15.5
Engine Displacement (cc) 500
Starting Electric
Drive Type 6-Speed
Transmission Type Dual Hydrostatic
Front Tires (in) 11
Rear Tires (in) 18
Turning Radius (in) 0
Front Axle Material Steel
Mower Deck (in) 34

All power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 rpm per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs Stratton.

See Operator’s Manual or www.murray.com for complete warranty details.

Engine Brand
Engine Series
HP (gross)
Engine Displacement (cc)
Drive Type
Transmission Type
Front Tires (in)
Rear Tires (in)
Turning Radius (in)
Front Axle Material
Mower Deck (in)

All power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 rpm per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs Stratton.

Craftsman launches new battery- and gas-powered mowers, more

Stanley Black Decker’s Craftsman brand has launched several new products, including a roster of electric riding mowers, push mowers, string trimmers and more, plus a new gas-powered zero-turn.

“At Craftsman, we understand that innovation and electrification are key priorities for today’s doers. That’s why we are proud to further electrify and expand our cordless outdoor lineup to include everything from a battery-powered zero-turn mower to an electric pruning chainsaw that meet the needs of both experienced gardeners and first-time homeowners,” says Christine Potter, president, outdoor business unit for Stanley Black Decker.

Craftsman has introduced three new battery-powered brushless riding mowers to its lineup, including a compact riding mower, premium riding mower and a zero-turn mower. Ranging from a 30-in. steel deck to 42-in., these mowers can mow between one to two acres of grass per charge. The new battery-powered mowers include the following:

  • 56V MAX 30-in. Battery-Powered Brushless Compact Riding Mower (CMCRM233301)
  • 56V MAX 42-in. Battery-Powered Brushless Premium Riding Mower (CMCRM233303)
  • 56V MAX 42-in. Battery-Powered Brushless Zero-Turn Mower (CMCRM233401)

In addition, the company launched a new 24-HP 54-in. Gas Zero-Turn Riding Mower (CMGN231702), which features a Kohler Pro KT735 engine with Tuff Torq TZ 350 transmission.

Craftsman also has expanded its V20 Brushless RP line. The new products include:

V20 2x20V Brushless RP Push Mower (CMCMW220P2) and V20 2x20V Brushless RP Self-Propelled Push Mower (CMCMWSP220P2) – Both of the new battery-powered push mowers feature a powerful brushless motor and are equipped with two 5.0Ah batteries, allowing each mower to perform up to 50 minutes of runtime, the company states.

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

V20 Brushless RP String Trimmer (5.0Ah) (CMCST930P1) – Featuring a compact design, the string trimmer is lightweight and provides up to 75 minutes of runtime.

V20 2x20V Brushless RP Pressure Washer (CMCPW1500N2) – The cold water pressure washer features powerful cleaning power with 1,500 max PSI and 1.2 GPM with up to 60 minutes of runtime.

V20 Brushless RP Blower Kit (CMCBL730P1) – The axial blower delivers a powerful performance with up to 66% more runtime and up to 37% more force.

V20 Brushless RP Combo Kit (CMCK497P1) – Kit features the Brushless RP Blower (CMCBL730) and the Brushless RP String Trimmer (CMCST930).

Also new from Craftsman is a range of V20 cordless lawn and garden tools, including: V20 Multi-Use Garden Tool Kit (CMCA320C1), a cordless multi-use garden tool; V20 Pruning Chainsaw Kit(CMCCS320D1), featuring a 6-in. bar and chain and a cutting capacity of up to 4-in.; and V20 Tiller/Cultivator (tool only) (CMCTL320B), a tiller/cultivator that has an 8-in. tilling width and a 6.5-in. tilling depth.

Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews May 2023

This mower is currently unavailable. Meanwhile, have a look at our editor’s choice of the best zero turn mower.

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

Can you find a lawnmower that can help you avoid hiring a professional landscaper? Is it possible for you to get rid of unwanted grass in the lawn?

Finding an efficient lawn mower is all it takes for you to be self-sufficient for perfecting your lawn. Lawnmowers come in a wide array of shapes and sizes with varying functions and features, and across a diverse price range. And finding the best machine for your garden maintenance endeavors can be a challenge.

I have shortlisted the Craftsman Z560 Riding Lawn Mower as one of the best options for you to consider.

And today, I will give you an in-depth review of this exceptional lawnmower from the famous Craftsman brand.

  • POWERFUL BRIGGS AND STRATTON GAS ENGINE WITH READYSTART: Powerful 24 horse power gas engine suitable for larger yard jobs while ReadyStart technology provides a quick, efficient start.

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Ease of Use

The first thing I noticed and liked about this excellent lawn mower was how easy it is to use it. It was designed to give you the best mowing experience. There are several top design highlights of the Z560 mower to appreciate.

It has a 54-inch cutting width and deck wash. I especially liked the fact that it features a 360-degree turning radius, which offers excellent maneuverability. And it even comes with a high-back cushioned seat to provide maximum comfort to the operator.

The Craftsman Lawn Mower provides optimal ground clearance with its sturdy 11-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels. And another nifty feature which I absolutely adored is the Ready-Start feature which allows you to start the mower quickly without any hassle.

Powerful Performance

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

The Z560 comes equipped with the powerful 24 HP Briggs Stratton gold twin-cylinder gas engine, which is powerful enough to tackle most of your lawn mowing projects.

I especially liked its dual hydro-gear EZT drive system which comes with easy-to-control dual levers. It can turn around at sharp angles, allowing for unparalleled maneuverability around obstacles like flower beds, trees, and rocks.

It is also backed by a 2-year limited warranty, which goes to show that it is built for long-lasting performance.

Operational Efficiency

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

Mowing a large lawn can be challenging, especially if you do not have the right tools and equipment to get the job done. With the Z560, that’s one less thing you need to worry about as it offers top-notch operational efficiency.

It has an adequate cutting deck of 54 inches, allowing you to cut, trim, and clip a vast stretch of grass in a single sweep. The included deck wash allows for easy underside cleaning, which can save a ton of your time.

You can even mow your lawn in reverse – grass removal does not stop when you go reverse.

Value for Money

Riding mowers are the most expensive type of lawn mowers out there. A common mistake made by beginners is paying a fortune for what looks like a top-notch machine but fails to deliver. The Z560 is immune to that fallacy, providing incredible value for money. I recommend this machine because it will surely give you the most bang for your buck.

It also has an optional mulching kit if you want to get that. There are very few lawn mowers that can compete with the Z560 in terms of features, especially at its price.

Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews | Viable Option?

Trying to figure out why Craftsman Zero Turn reviews are stirring up a storm? Well, don’t worry because we have you completely covered with our step-by-step guide. In this article, we shall divulge all aspects of these coveted lawnmowers to help you make an informed choice!

Lawnmowers come in various shapes and sizes, all suited for a number of uses. However, you’re gravely mistaken if you think a zero-turn mower like the Craftsman zero turn variant is suited for sporadic use. Now, if you have consulted reports like Fortune Business’s list of zero-turn mowers’ market shares. you may be inclined to think along those lines. Customers generally opt for these mowers because of their optimum precision in lawn trimming as well as maneuverability. Incidentally, the entire lawnmower market has a projected growth of 53,715.1 million by 2030. Not surprising, given the increase in gardening within private spaces in the aftermath of the pandemic. Let us now move on to what you should look for when browsing for these types of lawnmowers!

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

The Craftsman zero turn mower is a zero-turn ride-on lawnmower by nature. Primarily, the various models are separated by the HP (Horsepower) of the engines used and accordingly, there are three categories: 22 HP, 23 HP, and 24 HP. However, the mower deck size also varies as the 22 HP model has a 46 in. deck, the 23 HP variant comes with a 50 in. one and the 24 HP model has a 54 in. deck. If you’re looking to know more about the specifics, read on below!

Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews: Is It Effective?

All Craftsman zero turn lawnmowers are mainly produced in China, although some are manufactured in Taiwan. Their tools, according to their claims, however, are made in Cheraw, South Carolina in the United States. With a trademark dating back to 1927 Craftsman has been around for quite some time now. They have a 5-year Limited Warranty for the lawnmower’s frame whereas the engine and any additional equipment is only covered for a 3 year period. Servicing looks to be prompt as well but depends on the closest factory-owned service center or authorized independent repair shop. Parts orders require the model number as it appears on the product and payment method.

An assorted range of accessories for the different models is also available; starting from modified mulching kits and side discharging blades to air filters and engine oil. Powered by a reliable 20 HP Kohler 7,000 twin-cylinder engine, this mower also has a sturdy cutting deck made with reinforced steel to last a lifetime. Craftsman also repeatedly stresses the comfortable 15″ Ergonomic High-Back Seat which mitigates bumps and vibrations and helps reduce fatigue; an essential feature for part-time and seasoned gardeners alike. The commercial-grade reinforced mower deck also has a unique Deck Wash System that saves time and makes it easy for you to keep the cutting deck clean.

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

For any lawnmower, the minimum time of usage is anywhere between 500-1000 hours and that is the same for Craftsman zero turn lawnmower. However, that number is mostly an estimate when you’re not considering major repairs. Overall, most mowers will last around 10 years, but that may vary based on maintenance and a whole bunch of other factors. Regardless, they have a designated dealer network that can allocate proper replacement parts, manuals and help you out with warranties. Let’s delve deeper into a few more components as well as how this mower works.

Craftsman Zero Turn | How Does It Function?

Chances are you have not looked up too many Craftsman zero turn reviews before stumbling upon this one. In that case, you’re surely wondering, “Okay how do I know it is working?” or “ What should I look for to ensure it is functioning properly?”.Now the best thing about these mowers is their engines. Depending on the model, it is going to be either Kawasaki, HP Kohler, or the omnipresent Briggs and Stratton V-twin engines. Enough acceleration can allow it to go up to a maximum of 6.5 mph in the forward direction, and up to 3.5 mph while backing up. The deck’s cutting height varies between 1.5 to 3.75 inches and total deck size is a variable option according to the models, as I’ve mentioned before.

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

The electric blade engagement system is perfect for all flat terrains with obstacles and is thus the best alternative for your lawn. You can control the cutting height of the deck using the six divots. Enough about the inner workings. Let’s talk durability now. A fabricated steel front axle, a spindle made of aircraft-grade aluminum, 14 gauge stamped steel mowing deck and a fully welded reinforced steel frame ought to ease your worries. What’s more, is an affordable and durable double bagger that conveniently catches grass clippings as you mow. This accessory is sold separately but is a worthwhile investment regardless. All in all, the Craftsman zero turn models seem to pack quite a punch but that does not mean they are devoid of any shortcomings. Keep reading to discover what those are!

Craftsman Zero Turn Advantages

Referring to several Craftsman zero turn reviews, revealed a few common positives for this lawnmower. Those points have been succinctly arranged beneath so you can refer to them at your leisure:

turn, mower, craftsman, lawn

  • Top Speed of 6.5 MPH: Makes quick work of any lawn.
  • Heavy-Duty EZT Hydrostatic Transmission: Delivers reliable power and performance.
  • Six Easy-T-Adjust Cutting Heights: Let you match the deck height to the growing conditions.
  • Reinforced Deck for added strength and durability
  • Fabricated Steel Cutting Deck offers superior strength and durability
  • Padded Dual Lever Controls: For smooth and precise drive engagement.
  • Comparatively large Fuel Tank holds up to 3.5 gallons of fuel for less refueling during large mowing projects.
  • Removable Foot Pan gives you easy access to the top of the mower deck for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Anti-Scalp Wheels help protect the deck when mowing on uneven terrains
  • Six variable divots on the mower deck to adjust to your lawn cutting needs

Craftsman Zero Turn Problems

Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers have been manufactured with care but even then, they miss out on some key aspects. As is the case with lawnmowers and other electronic gardening equipment, a majority of these drawbacks are related to individual parts. However, some of them may look unusual to you so I have noted them down here:

  • All three of the models take up considerable storage space
  • Battery problems after replacement and in some cases from the beginning
  • Weak fuselage is often susceptible to damage

How To Use the Craftsman Zero Turn?

The instructions to get the Craftsman Zero Turn mower working are pretty much the same as other lawnmowers. On that note, it is important to follow the order of these steps to make sure you preserve the longevity of the mower as well as get maximum output. I have tried to eliminate as much of a technical niche as possible but it should be easier to understand if you are acquainted with the basics. Refer to the steps below to make sure your lawnmower is functioning optimally:

FAQ’s | Craftsman Zero Turn

This section will look to answer any doubts you might still have regarding the Craftsman Zero Turn mower. Hopefully, these will help you get more clarity on this lawnmower and allow you to make an informed decision regarding its purchase!

How to Start Craftsman Zero Turn?

The Craftsman Zero Turn is easy to operate and maintain. Follow the instructions given above to make sure that you retain its efficiency for a longer period! Coming to this particular question, you have to first check the emergency brakes and engage them. Once you have ensured that the mower is completely stationary, proceed to turn off the ignition and remove the key.

Is Craftsman Zero Turn a Good Mower?

Despite not having a consistent parent company, Craftsman is considered a high-end maker of residential lawnmowers. They are considered some of the best available and are available at lawn mower retail stores, and certain models, including some riding mowers, can be purchased on websites like Amazon. Online retailers like Sears also have a commendable stock of parts for these lawnmowers.

Who Makes Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers?

Craftsman Zero Turn Mowers are majorly made by one company. The company itself has gone through many owners and is currently part of Husqvarna. The production facility is located in Orangeburg, SC. MTD, a company in Cleveland, OH., makes their smaller riding mowers. Craftsman has gone through quite a few changes over the last 20 years. As of today, Apr 2020, they are owned by BlackDecker, however, they can continue to use their name. Lowe’s also has the arrangement to sell Craftsman tools.

Closure: Craftsman Zero Turn Reviews

In this review piece, I have tried my best to supply all types of data that you may look for in Snapper Zero Turn reviews. One of the main things I have experienced while looking for lawnmowers is that mainstream websites like Amazon have little to look for. Although you may get the entire product from such retail sites, obtaining information about their parts is a Herculean task. You may also find a bit of technical language and have difficulty identifying parts. But with the video guide I have attached, it should be made simpler. However, like with every review, I would implore you to conduct your own research as well.

Craftsman zero turn lawnmowers are moderately priced alternatives and are solid options for first-time buyers. The company also manufactures a range of useful tools, lawnmowers, and outdoor gear. Mainly part of a larger brand called Sears, today they are completely independent and produce some of the best mowers to assemble. Though the warranty coverage may be a bother it is one of the best zero-turn mowers available on the market at the moment. Without that, this lawnmower is perfect for when you are trying to figure out your ideal gardening kit!

Background and Identification

The Craftsman ZTS 7500 Lawn Mower is a sit-on-top lawn mover with a 24-horsepower (725cc) gasoline-powered engine. It contains a Briggs Stratton ELS V-Twin overhead valve engine with an electric start feature. It also features a zero-turn radius, meaning that the mower can turn in place for faster maneuvering. This model also includes hydrostatic drive with dual control levers—one lever for speed, and the other for direction.

The ZTS 7500 has a 50-inch mowing deck with three blades. The deck’s height is adjustable between 1.5- and 3.75-inches with button control. It has an infinite number of cutting positions and an infinite number of forward and cutting speeds (meaning there are no set speeds to choose from). It can hold up to three gallons of gasoline. The mower cuts a 50-inch-wide swath of grass.

The lawnmower’s frame is made from 14 gauge steel and the front axle is cast iron. The ZTS 7500 weighs 775 pounds. It has four anti-scrape wheels, two 11- by 4-inch front tires, and two 18- by 8.5-inch rear tires.

The Craftsman ZTS 7500 can be identified by the name “Craftsman” in white capital letters with a red background across the front of the mower. The name “ZTS 7500” is printed in red font with a white border on the vertical portion below the driver’s seat. The name “ZTS 7500” is also printed in white font along the side of the mower’s engine cover, underneath and behind the driver’s seat.

Technical Specifications

Accessories and Attachments:

  • Anti-Scalp Gauge Wheels: Yes
  • Cooling System Type: Fan-cooled
  • Cutting Deck Type: Frame hung
  • Frame Type: One-piece stamped
  • Hauling Equipment: Light Hauling
  • Hour Meter: Yes
  • Location: All other
  • Number of Forward Speeds: Infinite
  • Number of Reverse Speeds: Infinite
  • Step-Thru Frame: Yes
  • Cylinder Liner: Cast iron
  • Electronic Ignition: Yes
  • Engine Brand: Briggs Stratton(r)
  • Engine Lubrication System: Full pressure
  • Engine Series: ELS
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 725
  • Exhaust Valve Rotator: No
  • Number of Cylinders: 2
  • Overhead Valve Engine: Yes
  • Valve Lifters: Standard
  • Transmission Type: Hydrostatic Automatic


Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-year parts and labor

How We Select and Test

There’s only one way to test a mower, and that’s to cut grass with it. But we also do more than mow.

We raise and lower the deck and adjust the seat. We look at service point access (the air filter, the spark plug, and the oil filter) and how easy it is to remove the deck. We mow approximately an acre with each mower, considering cut and mulching quality while running uphill, downhill, across washboard, and along sidehills. (On sidehills, we’ll mow surfaces pitched up to approximately 20 degrees; manufacturers generally recommend not going steeper than 10 degrees, but we like to be thorough.) We evaluate power and speed relative to cut quality—we investigate whether the mower delivers a decent cut mowing at full speed. When mowing in damp conditions, we look at whether the mower’s tires accumulate grass and how effectively it discharges moist clippings. Finally, we test maneuverability (these machines are, generally, very nimble) and how readily they come to a stop when you back off the lap bar control levers.

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