Lawn striper for zero turn. Lawn striper for zero turn

Lawn Striping with the Free Floating Mower Deck

Simplicity tractors are specifically designed for people who want to do more than just cut grass. Why is Simplicity the tractor of choice for lawn enthusiasts? Precision engineering, heavy-duty construction, advanced Briggs Stratton engines – but there’s one feature that’s coveted above all others by those who appreciate a beautiful lawn: the famous Simplicity Free Floating Mower Deck.

Other manufacturers hang their mower decks from the lawn tractor frame. As the tractor wheels negotiate hills and holes, so does the mower deck, regardless of the terrain under the blades – resulting in potential scalping and uneven cutting. Simplicity mower decks move independently from the lawn tractor for a vastly superior cut, and they ride on top of full-width rear rollers, which constantly move up and down, allowing the blades to maintain the precise cutting height selected by the operator. As the pivoting axle and the full-width rear rollers respond to changing yard contours, so does the mower deck. The result is less scalping or unevenness. When you add in Simplicity’s computer-optimized airflow and super-sharp blades, you get the best cut on the block.

And Simplicity’s unique mower deck can also give you something else – beautiful lawn striping effects. When the Simplicity full-width rear rollers pass over the freshly cut blades of grass, they bend them forward slightly, and when the sunlight reflects off of the bent grass, something magical happens: the grass in rows angled toward you appears darker in color, and the grass in rows angled away from you appears lighter. A striped lawn is a sure sign of a proud homeowner. So if you want your property to look its head-turning best, then invest in the very best mowing tractor: a Simplicity.

Talk to your local Simplicity dealer today about how you can get a Simplicity lawn tractor or zero turn mower of your very own and start having amazing lawn stripes today!

Lawn striper for zero turn

Emmitt Smith was once quoted as saying, “You can’t change the stripes of a Leopard.” But did you know you CAN change the stripes on your lawn? From baseball fields to your creative next door neighbor, we have all envied those awesome, manicured, striped patterns on the grass. It used to be that only the professional landscapers were able to be creative, some using fancy attachments and specific mowers. With the evolution of the zero-turn, this creativity is now available to anyone!

Striping is the result of light reflecting off of bent grass blades. If the grass is bent towards you, it will look darker due to the underlying shadows. Grass bent away from you appears lighter in color. Alternating the direction you mow uses the subtle differences to create the stripes on your lawn.


Did you know that lawns that are mowed the same way every time are less healthy than those that are mowed differently? Repetitive, predictable mowing habits can greatly diminish your lawn’s potential for overall growth. Cutting in varying patterns each time you mow allows the sun to bounce off the blades differently. This leads to a healthier lawn, giving all of the grass blades a chance to catch some rays!

Climate, grass length, as well as attachments such as the Spartan Striping Kit can help determine the intensity of the design. Cooler, northern climates are ideal for striping. If you live in a warmer climate, you may notice your grass is more brittle and may resist bending. But don’t worry! There are multiple other ways you can intensify your striping pattern.

Alternating directions as you mow will create the basis for your striping design. To make these stripes appear bolder, simply add a striping attachment to your mower. Various striping kits that are available apply consistent contact, bending the individual grass blades, leaving a clean, well-defined pattern. You can also leave your grass just ½” longer, which will drastically improve the intensity of the stripes. With your Spartan Mower, it’s easy to dial in the height that you want with our foot-assist easy lift deck.


There are many ideas on the internet that can help you decide what pattern to attempt. Some of the most popular choices include basic stripes, the checkerboard, diamonds, and zig-zags. To begin, you may want to draw out your pattern to help you get the design laid out. Next, mow in a straight line, lift the mower deck, pivot, then mow in the opposite direction. It’s important to remember that your first stripe will be the benchmark for the rest of the stripes. so it has to be straight. To do this, keep your gaze 10-15 feet in front of you at all times. Some people even FOCUS on a landmark or object at the other end of the yard. You will also want to maintain the same speed. Another idea is to mow high. If you mess up, you can slightly lower your mowing deck and start again! Another thing to remember is that shorter grass will tend to pop back in place sooner than longer grass blades.

Get creative and mix things up! Your yard will not only look great, your grass will thank you! Don’t forget to check out our striping attachment. It’s just what the doctor ordered! Also, if you’re looking to upgrade, a Spartan Mower will provide a faster, more comfortable ride, giving you the maneuverability needed for professional grade lawn care!

Lawn striping. new mower

I had been rocking a JD LT133 for almost 15 years and it striped very well with my DIY kit. This spring I decided to get a new zero turn, (Kubota Z231) and it isn’t striping as well as I thought it would. I have tried two different mats on the back and still it doesn’t even come close to my old JD. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations before I spend money and try one of the big league lawn striping kits? I will attach photos of the old stripes v the new ones.


Deck design plays a role in how much suction is created to lift the grass as it’s cut. Time of year and condition of grass plays a roll too. You can build a DIY Big League roller for cheaper than buying one.

Wow, that’s amazing! Now I am starting to think I should have bought the small exmark instead of the Kubota.

Another question that I have, should the deck be leveled all the way around, or slanted forward a bit?

A few from last year. Exmark laser z 60″. Last one Exmark Turf Tracer 48″

Lawn Striping Kit for 46-inch Decks

lawn, striper, turn

Increase your property’s curb appeal with a striping kit. Adding patterns to your lawn gives it a professional, well-manicured look. You can mow and stripe at the same time, making it easy to get the lawn you’ve always wanted.

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Harrison Specialties Lawn Roller Striping Kit

The third option is the Harrison Specialties Lawn Roller Striping Kit, which has a roller that’s 27 inches wide. The roller attaches to zero-turn mowers and is designed for lawn striping. It can also be used in yard areas like flower beds or sports fields.


The kit has everything you need to get started: one roller, three blades, an instruction manual, and even an extra set of handles if yours break during installation.They manufacture lightweight stripping rollers that provide minimum compactness to the ground.

This stripping kit fits all old and new eXmark Lazer Z zero-turn mowers with a 60-inch ultra-cut deck. There is no need to worry about grease leaking out of this stripping kit, as it is perfectly sealed and will last for years.


MTD Genuine Parts Lawn Striping Kit

The fourth option is the Lawn Striper Roller Kit MTD Genuine Parts, which has a roller that’s six feet wide and attaches behind zero-turn mowers. While it doesn’t have clippers and trimmers for edging and trimming, it simultaneously mows and strips the lawn.


You can easily adjust its ground height according to the mower you want to fit it into. It has a strong and lightweight design with steel mounting brackets to minimize the unnecessary ground compaction from the striping kit. With this striping kit, you can grab a wash kit for a couple of dollars to water the grass or clean the garage. To create a homemade striping kit for a zero turn mower, simply insert the rod through four rollers and attach them using the bolts. For more information, you check the included manual.


Swisher 21180 Response Lawn Striper


The stripper has a rust and corrosion-resistant and sturdy, durable steel body. The extended area is there to complete the broader trimming. The convenient size provides effective operation regardless of lawn size. You can use this kit to create different stripe patterns to enhance a beautifully manicured lawn.

How to Find the Best DIY Kit for Lawns

Look no further if you’re looking for the best DIY kit for your lawn. The following kits are easy to use and will give your lawn a professional look in no time.

Right Product

The first step is choosing the right striping system for your mower or personal use. You can find these products at home improvement stores or online retailers like Amazon or Walmart. Each comes with instructions guiding users through assembly and operation so they can start immediately. If you buy a mower from a certain manufacturer, you should also get their lawn-striping kit.

Right Weight

The lawn stripes’ appearance depends upon the lawn striping kit you use. Therefore, choose the lawn striping kit according to the blade bend you want if you are trying to make a DIY lawn striper kit at home. Use the PVC pipes filled with sand or other material but with the required weight.

Required Stripes

The bend of the blade decides the appearance of the stripes. Therefore decide on the stripes and bend when buying the striping kit. If you are making a DIY striping kit at home, choose the equipment and weight according to the stripes you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to paint stripes on my lawn?

Using a lawn striping kit is the best option for painting stripes on the lawn. It’s important to pay attention to the mowing direction. The basic technique of using a mower is to mow around the perimeter of your lawn. Turn around to make parallel lines throughout the lawn by using a striper kit or yard roller. You have to flatten and bend the grass after you have cut it.

For cool season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass, the best practice is to mow north to south for the first pass and then east to west for the second pass. This will help ensure that you get an even cut and create stripes in your lawn. When making turns at the end of each row, make sure you use end caps so that you don’t leave behind any unsightly tracks or clumps of grass.

How do I paint stripes on my lawn?

There are many ways to stripe your grass. They don’t all have to be in one day. There are some small DIY kits that you can buy online at the hardware store, but these tend to be very expensive and not worth it if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want something simple, we recommend trying out our instructions because they’ll take less time than any other method.

Which of these lawn striping systems works with a lawn mower?

The first three options work with zero-turn mowers. However, the third one is more challenging to install than the other two options. It also doesn’t come pre-installed with your lawn mower. You must put it on yourself. The fourth option is super easy once you have everything set up.

All these work the same, but the bend depends on the weight of the striping kit. Therefore, you choose the lawn mower with the perfect weight for your required stripes.

Why do I use a striping kit?

Striping kits help make strips of grass on the lawn. They look outstanding when you do them with professional lawn striping kits. However, the primary purpose of the striping kit is to bend the blades of the glass. It will give the impression that grass has two different colors. The appearance of the stripes depends on how far you bend the blade.

Is a DIY striping kit better than a pre-made one?

It is the best option if you can make a striping kit. You can adjust the weight in the PVC tube according to the required stripes. over, along with adjustable weight, they provide you with the fixation opportunity. You can fix them if they get broken. In addition, you can modify the kit accordingly.

Whereas pre-made kits have everything fixed, you must use them in the same condition you bought them. However, both striping kits provide the same look and striping results. If you have the opportunity to make a DIY striping kit, enjoy the flexibility for required stripes.

What should be the ideal length of the grass for striping?

The ideal grass length to make stripes in the lawn is 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches. over, you can strip the warm-season grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine. They are easy to make the stripes because of their flexibility, and you can bend them easily. On the other hand, plants are hard, and it would be difficult to bend them, which won’t make the stripes appear outstanding and long-lasting. Therefore, try stripping the lawn using a striping kit when the grass is between 2.5-3.5 inches.