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Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas mowers cause 5% of the nation’s air pollution. Trade in your old gas mower for a rechargeable cordless electric lawn mower. You’ll save time and money—and help the environment. Compared with cars, gasoline-powered lawn mowers produce a disproportionate amount of air pollution. Mowing your lawn for one hour with a conventional gas lawn mower can cause more air pollution than driving from Madison to Chicago and back in a new car.

Federal regulations aimed at reducing smog-producing mower emissions have made today’s gas-powered mowers cleaner than old onessomething to consider if you’re now using an older gas powered mower. However, the new cordless models only use as much electricity as an ordinary toaster. The only pollution generated is from that used to generate the electricity at the power plant which is supposedly better equipped to handle pollution issues that the average homeowner and the recycling problems associated with worn out batteries used in cordless mowers.

Clean and Quiet

Perhaps the best feature of these new cordless mowers is their minimal environmental impact during operation. Even after accounting for power-plant emissions, replacing gas mowers with electrics results in a 99% reduction in carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and methane, and a 38% reduction in carbon dioxide.

Have you ever felt a twinge of guilt when your gasoline-powered mower first roars.- those of us with nearby neighbors have. Or have you waited until you knew your neighbors were up and about before mowing the lawn? Gas mowers run at some 90 decibels (ear-protectors are recommended for operators normal conversation about 75 decibels). Electric mowers, operating in the 65. 85 decibel range, make being a thoughtful neighbor a whole lot easier.

Although the typical lawn won’t pose any problems for these mowers, assess your situation before investing.

Cordless electric mowers are best for flat lawns smaller than 8,000 square feet and composed of cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues, and perennial ryegrasses. Warm season grasses such as St. Augustine or Zoysiagrass may create too much resistance to make the cordless mower feasible or you may have to mow it at higher than normal and keep a spare battery charged up.

Because of their overall weight, including batteries, These mowers are often hard to push up sloping lawns. Although they’re not that heavy in comparison to standard mowers, cordless models are not usually self-propelled.

Electric Mower Maintenance

Electric mowers eliminate the cost of oil changes, spark plugs, air filters and annual tune-ups. Electric mowers use about 5 worth of electricity each year for an average size yard. Beyond replacing the battery every 5. 7 years, periodic cleaning, and blade sharpening, theres little maintenance.

Cordless mowers generally come with one to three 12-volt, lead-acid batteries (12-, 24-, and 36-volt models). The two Lawnboy cordless electric mowers have 6-volt batteries. But the actual voltage (or power) delivered to the motor depends on amperage. For example, a 12-volt mower with high amperage can mow longer than a 36-volt mower with low amps.

Power is a function of battery type, blade and deck design, and power transfer. All manufacturers exploit computer-aided design techniques to optimize blades’ weight and shape and decks’ contours. Toro and Black Decker claim that their cordless mowers have more torque than a 5-horsepower gas engine.

Batteries lose power when they’re stored for a long time. To store most models during winter where temperatures fall below 40 degrees., charge the battery overnight, then disconnect the mower from the charger until the next mowing season (up to 6 months). If temperatures generally stay above 40 degrees where you live, leave the battery connected or plugged in year-round. However, check the owner’s manual for specific storage directions.

Run Time

Manufacturers’ run time numbers are only estimates. How long a machine will run depends on height and grass texture, moisture, and terrain. Cutting relatively dry lawns takes a less energy than cutting lush, wet turf.

As a general rule, if amperage is equal, 12-volt batteries provide 30. 40 minutes of mowing time; 24-volt mowers last 40. 75 minutes; and 36-volt mowers run for up to 90 minutes.

The more power required, the less time batteries last. For example, if your lawn is lush and thick, or if you let it grow tall before mowing, assume batteries will last for 4,000. 5,000 square feet or so. If your lawn is easier to mow, many cordless electrics can handle up to 8,000 square feet of lawn.

V 26” Cordless Lawn Mower Yellow PS76826

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

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Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower Buying Guide

As you’re deciding on the best battery lawn mower for you in 2023, consider how far these outdoor tools have come. Today’s battery-powered lawn mowers provide longer run-time, better cutting performance, and vastly improved features and ergonomics over the first models we started seeing back in 2014.

What’s Your Budget?

While you can buy a battery lawn mower for under 300, plan to spend at least 500 if you want something that comes from a reputable manufacturer and has features like a self-propelled mechanism. If you want premium features, expect that price to hit or exceed 700 (and Pro models can go even higher).

Looking back at gas lawnmowers, this may give you pause. After all, you can typically find a gas mower for a lot less money. You might even get something that has more power and additional features. The best battery-powered lawn mowers are more about what you don’t get: Noise, emissions, and yearly winterization hassles and costs.

Are Battery Riding Mowers Viable?

Several zero-turn and riding mowers exist in both the consumer and professional markets. Professional landscaping crews have options such as the Greenworks Lithium Z zero turn (they also have a battery-powered UTV). You can also look got brands like Green Machine.

Homeowners have many more choices. Brands like EGO, Ryobi, Greenworks, Cub Cadet, and others crowd the field—giving you lots of great choices. That wasn’t the case just several years ago.

We’ve reviewed many of these battery-powered zero-turn mowers. The downside comes in the form of potential increased up-front costs compared to similar gas ZTs. A second potential issue comes with charge times. One of the fastest charge times to date comes from Greenworks. Their ZTs use external dual battery chargers to top off batteries in just 90 minutes. For many other ZTs you might have to wait several hours to recharge all of the packs. That’s far longer than refilling a gas zero-turn lawn mower!

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

A third factor to consider involves longevity. Battery-powered zero-turn mowers are fairly new-to-market. That means we don’t yet fully understand the long-term maintenance or repair issues and required to keep these tools running for extended periods of time. Users of gas-powered ZTs can keep their tools running for 10 years or more with regular maintenance. With a fully-electric power plant, we simply don’t know what kind of service life to expect—even with proper maintenance routines.

Residential or Commercial Quality?

On the surface, there’s not a huge difference between commercial quality and residential quality walk-behind battery lawn mowers.

High-end battery-powered mowers match or exceed the power of comparable gas-powered mowers. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL lawn mower notably demonstrated more power than a popular commercial gas mower in recent testing. The EGO Select Cut XP —technically a residential model—also bests many gas models in our testing.

Commercial battery mowers add design and features that meet the needs of professional landscapers. Steel and aluminum decks come to mind as do more rigid methods of adjusting deck height. Pros also demand the best cut quality and excellent bagging performance. Lastly, mowers designed for landscaping professionals must be ready to operate for longer periods of time—and for multiple days of the week.

Brands such as STIHL, Makita, and Husqvarna—to name a few—rely on their dealer networks rather than big box stores. You get additional support during and after the sale that you won’t find at other retailers.

Battery-powered riding mowers are a completely different ballgame. With those, you’ll find a much greater difference in Pro-vs-residential design and performance, along with a massive gap in cost.

Self-Propelled or Push Mower?

Self-propelled drives don’t subtract much from overall runtime. If you can afford this feature, we recommend getting it. Rather than simply on or off controls, look for variable speed that lets you dial in a top speed and then vary your pace within that range. EGO, Milwaukee Tool, Ryobi, and others offer this feature. You may also want to try out the controls in the store or dealership before buying it. We can typically get a good feel for the ergonomics of a mower after playing with it for a few minutes.

Look for a mower that disengages its drive easily when you want to pull the mower back. Some systems have a hard time disengaging the self-propelled motor. These mowers require you to drag the drive wheels rather than letting them roll.

Classic push mowers also have their place—especially if you’re on a budget. These mowers typically drop 100 off the price of a comparable self-propelled mower and they cut just as well and with slightly higher runtime.

Bag, Mulch, or Side Discharge?

No matter if you tend to mulch or bag, we recommend getting a mower that has all three modes (including side discharge). There are times when you can use each throughout the year to your advantage.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The Ryobi AWD mower has an interesting integrated lever/gate system for switching between bagging and mulching modes. We love not having to remember where we placed the mulching plug! Nearly all push mowers include a bagging option—so figuring out rear or side discharge remains about the only decision here.

Deck and Blade Size

All of the best battery-powered lawn mowers use 21-inch blades for the most part. A couple have 20-inch blades and some vary in how they take that measurement. We appreciate brands that list the actual blade diameter (like Makita) as opposed to simply stating the deck diameter. The latter has no bearing on the cutting swatch.

Smaller push mowers work really well for tiny lawns or gardens. We know a gentleman who preferred a small 16-inch mower because he had to carry it up and down the stairs to mow his tiny backyard!

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

Why Buy a Battery-Powered Lawn Mower?

The best battery-powered lawn mower for you should get your lawn cut on one charge. No matter which model that is, they all share some common characteristics. There are no gas emissions and no gas engine to maintain. You still need to clean it off when you’re done, but the maintenance is much easier and takes less time.

They’re also quieter. The early bird gets the worm and if you want to start mowing at 7:00 on Saturday morning, your neighbors can probably sleep through it. of a night owl? Many battery-powered mowers have headlights, and you’re unlikely to disturb your neighbor’s Lord of the Rings marathon at 10:00 PM.

Those are some of the more obvious reasons, but one of our favorites is the ability to put the battery in and mow. There’s no cranking, no choke, and no fuel cut-off valve. As long as you have enough batteries to get the entire lawn cut, it’s an easier system to work with than gas.

Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower Overall

Pro Pick: Milwaukee M18 Fuel 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The Milwaukee lawn mower simply prioritizes power above all. With a full 10 ft-lbs of torque (roughly exceeding a 200cc gas engine), the M18 Fuel self-propelled lawn mower can start up while nearly buried in grass. It is the strongest battery-powered walk-behind we’ve had our hands on for testing to date. It runs off a pair of 12.0Ah batteries, running as much as 60 minutes in light conditions. We clocked over 40 minutes when doing some major grass-cutting (removing 4 – 6 inches of growth).

With that said, the mower doesn’t come without some glitches. The drive bar introduces some thumb fatigue, for example. In the end, we found we could adjust our natural grip to overcome most of the strain when mowing for extended periods of time.

Milwaukee Tool designed this mower to handle professional use while offering the convenience of single-point height adjustments and vertical storage.

Price: 999 for the kit with two 12.0Ah batteries and a dual-port Rapid charger

Residential Pick: EGO 56V Select Cut XP 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The EGO Select Cut XP Mower built upon the original EGO Select Cut mower—an instant favorite of ours with its stacked-blade system and solid performance level to go with its excellent cut quality. EGO stepped it up with the release of the Select Cut XP, taking everything we already loved and stepping up the torque to 8.3 ft-lbs. It can still use some help on the side/rear discharge, but if you bag or mulch like most people, it’s tough to find a better mower to maintain your lawn.

Price: 549 bare, 799 with a 10.0Ah battery and Rapid charger

Best Self-Propelled Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

As self-propelled models, our recommendations from Milwaukee and EGO top the charts in this category, too. Here are two more outstanding options for you.

Pro Pick: Makita ConnectX 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

One of the biggest challenges with any battery-powered lawn mower is runtime. Makita put that problem squarely in its crosshairs and developed the ConnectX system. Unlike other designs, the 1200Wh power supply attaches directly to the top of the mower, offering more than 3x the capacity of most cordless mowers and running up to 3 hours continuously.

Similar to the 18V X2 (36V) XML08, the mower tops out at 2800 RPM with a 2300 RPM Quiet Mode and has a true 21-inch steel deck.

Price: 999.00 bare, ~1399.00 power supply (2348.00 for both)

Residential Pick: Ryobi 40V HP Brushless CrossCut 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

Ryobi crushed it with the development of the 40V HP Brushless CrossCut self-propelled lawn mower, making huge strides over its previous generation of mowers. Matching up very well against EGO’s Select Cut XP, it’s a stacked blade design that offers excellent power and cut quality. Where it has a clear advantage over its competitors is on the side discharge. This mower distributes clippings far better than other battery-powered lawn mowers we’ve tested. Plus, Ryobi builds this mower in the US using global materials, and the kit is typically priced less than the EGO Select Cut XP mower.

Price: 749 with two 6.0Ah batteries and a Rapid charger

Best Battery-Powered Commercial Lawn Mower

Milwaukee and Makita both earned our recommendations as the top overall battery-powered lawn mowers on the commercial side. Greenworks Commercial is another brand worth considering thanks to improvements in its 25-inch model heading into the year.

Greenworks Commercial 82V 25-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The big deal for Greenworks Commercial is an improvement in power. The 25-inch mower now has the performance equivalent to a 160cc gas engine. Aside from that and a change in the color scheme, it’s still very similar to the previous version with side-by-side blades that overlap to cover a larger area without losing a ton of battery efficiency.

The entire Greenworks Commercial line got an overhaul coming into this year with tools that are lighter and higher performing, making it one of the emerging systems to keep an eye on as more areas of the country shift to battery power.

Best Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Ryobi 40V HP Brushless CrossCut 21-Inch Push Lawn Mower

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

If you don’t want a self-propelled drive system or you’re looking to save a little money, you can get a quality push mower with similar performance and features to the top models we already mentioned. Of those options, Ryobi’s CrossCut is our pick as the best battery-powered push mower. Essentially, it just removes the drive system and keeps the performance, cut quality, and other features, along with its US-built designation.

Price: 599.00 with a 7.5Ah battery and Rapid charger

Best Cordless Mower for Small Lawns

Skil PWRCore 20 18-inch Lawn Mower

The joy of a small lawn is that it doesn’t take long to cut and you can go with a smaller mower that takes up less space. A 17 or 18-inch deck is great for that kind of lawn. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice all the features of larger mowers to get.

Our top pick is the Skil PWRCore 20 18-inch lawn mower. It has the benefits of a brushless motor, folds up for vertical storage, and its 20V batteries are compatible with Skil’s entire line of PWRCore 20 lawn and power tools.

Price: 299 with two 4.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger.

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The best cordless electric lawn mowers can now go head-to-head with gas mowers in performance. These new battery powered mowers also offer environmental advantages and quiet motors that won’t wake up the neighbors. According to the EPA, one gasoline-powered lawn mower running for one hour produces the same amount of air pollution as 11 new cars running for an hour. That’s a lot of toxic emissions.

If you are tired of the noise and pollution created by an old-fashioned gasoline powered mower, now is a great time to go electric. You might also be tired of running out of gas for your mower. Or wrestling with an engine that refuses to start. If so, you are going to love the latest battery powered cordless electric lawn mowers.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

A New Generation of Rechargeable Batteries

A battery powered mower is only as good as its batteries. Fortunately, rechargeable batteries are now up to the challenge.

The newest rechargeable lithium-ion batteries stores more energy so the batteries can last longer. Plus, these batteries now power ultra-efficient electric motors. This improved technology makes cordless electric lawn mowers as good or better than gasoline mowers for most homeowners. Plus, the new battery powered cordless electric mowers make cutting the grass a lot more fun.

Below is our selection of the best cordless electric lawn mowers. All of these models are from top names in the outdoor power equipment business. Just pick the mower that meets your needs and your budget. If you want to buy a Smart battery powered mower that automatically mows your lawn, check out the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers.

Home Garden and Homestead receives a small commission from qualified sales made through the Amazon links in this story. Thanks for supporting this website!

Best Value-Priced 2022 Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

The top mowers we have chosen in the Value-Priced class of 2022 offer impressive features at an affordable price. These battery-powered lawn mowers are best suited for small- to medium-sized lawns. They all offer great cutting power and easy operation. The value-priced cordless electric mowers that are featured here may not have every available option, but they are all solid, dependable machines.

Every one of these mowers can quietly and easily cut your grass. They offer instant-start electric motors and rechargeable batteries. They are all great mowers, and they are a pleasure to use.

Editor’s Note: If you have a larger lawn, or you simply want the a cordless electric mower with additional features, please check out the Best Premium Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers section below.

Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16” Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks is one of the top brands in cordless electric lawn and garden tools. If you already have and love other Greenworks tools, this mid-level cordless electric mower might be the perfect choice for you. (Your existing G-Max power tools battery packs will also work in this mower.) But, even if you’ve never bought a Greenworks product, this mower is still a great choice.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The Greenworks G-Max offers a 16-inch cutting path and 5 cutting heights. The single 40-volt lithium-ion battery provides sufficient power.

This mower gives you the choice of mulching or bagging the grass clippings. We like the Greenworks G-MAX 40-Volt for its solid performance in small to medium lawns. Check Price and Availability

SunJoe 48-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower

The SunJoe 48-volt cordless electric lawn mower is a great choice for small to medium lawns. The battery powered motor spins a durable steel blade that cuts a 17-inch path through grass.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The double-battery design offers a total of 48 volts of power for about half an hour of cutting time. The adjustable deck allows for 3 distinct cutting heights. The modular grass catcher collects the grass clippings and quickly detaches for putting clippings into a compost pile.

Included in the kit are the mower, two batteries and the dual-port battery recharger (so both batteries can be charged simultaneously). Backed by a 2-year warranty. This SunJoe cordless electric lawn mower is a good value for less than 300. Check Price and Availability

WORX 40V PowerShare Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The WORX 17” Power Share looks like a conventional gas-powered mower compared to most of the other cordless electric lawn mowers we like. It’s sleek black with a few bright orange handles and levers. Plus, looks cool in an understated way.

It’s got some of the best features of the more expensive mowers, too. Six cutting heights. An integrated clippings collection bag. A fold-down handle for easy and efficient storage.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

What makes this a good value-priced mower is the 40 volts of power from twin 20-volt batteries. That’s enough for a medium or small suburban lawn, but not enough for a larger yard. The 17-inch cutting path is great, and so is the handy on-board indicator that shows how much battery life is left. The WORX 40V PowerShare mower kit includes two 20-volt batteries and a charger. At about 300, it’s a good value—especially if you have other WORX battery-powered tools. Check Price and Availability

Best Premium Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

There are two cordless electric mowers in the Premium Class that stand out from the crowd. You can’t go wrong with either of these top picks. Both are from top manufacturers of cordless electric power equipment. And both mowers prove that cordless electric equipment can successfully compete against anything that is powered by a gasoline engine.

Here are our Top Picks in the Premium Class:

EGO Power 21-Inch, 56-Volt Self-Propelled Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The EGO Power 56-volt Self-Propelled Mower is our favorite cordless electric lawn mower. It has everything going for it, including all the features that are currently available from battery-powered electric mowers. It’s not the cheapest model, but we think it’s the best cordless electric lawn mower on the market.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

What makes this mower so great? The two massive rechargeable batteries, not just one. This gives the EGO Power 56-volt mower 80 minutes of run time before the batteries need to be recharged. That’s very impressive.

But wait, there’s more. This lawn mower is self-propelled. Simply activate the lever near the handle and the motor drives the wheels forward. It’s easy to adjust the forward speed, and it is also easy to let go of the lever to switch the power drive off when turning around or maneuvering around a tree.

The brushless motor is efficient and powerful. Like all great cordless electric lawn mowers, it starts instantly with the push of a button. The lawn clippings can be automatically bagged, mulched or side discharged.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

One of the best features of this mower is how easy it is to change cutting heights. The easy-to-grip handle adjusts the entire deck for six different cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to four inches. This mower has everything—including LED headlights. Check Price and Availability

If your budget doesn’t allow for the top-of-the-line model, the EGO Power 56-volt Push Mower is also available. It has virtually everything the top mower has, minus the self-propelled feature. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these EGO Power mowers.

Watch the full video review of the EGO Cordless Lawn Mower.

cordless, lawn, mower, yellow, ps76826, cheap

The cutting deck can be positioned for seven different cutting lengths. Big 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels with ball bearings make it easy to turn and guide the mower throughout the yard.

If mower storage a problem, then you are going to love this Greenworks cordless electric lawnmower. The handle of this mower folds in half, then collapses against the mower deck. This makes it possible to store the mower vertically, taking up 70% less storage space.

The mower comes complete with the grass clippings bag, two modular batteries and a charger. Check Price and Delivery

Best cordless lawn mower 2023: top battery-powered trimmers for tackling turf

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If you haven’t tried the best cordless lawn mower yet, now’s the time. Aside from the safety aspect of not having a 240-volt cable within splitting distance of a fast-spinning blade, the best thing about cordless lawn mowers is the time saver of not having to unfurl the cable in the first place – and possibly an extension lead if your lawn’s on the large side – along with the constant lassoing around plant pots and garden furniture that mowing with an electric lawn mower invariably entails.

Today’s battery-powered mowers are invariably as powerful as their electric-driven associates while their high-tech Lithium Ion batteries are quick to charge and provide between 25 and 60 minutes of hassle-free mowing – plenty long enough for the average UK garden. Really, nab yourself one of these efficient cutting-edge sward swallowers and you’ll be back in the hot tub faster than a squirrel up a tree.

This buyers’ guide deals specifically with the best cordless lawn mowers on the market, which means every model in the list is battery powered. For smaller gardens that don’t need much work, we can also recommend best small lawnmowers. They may be small but still get the job done well!

And if cordless is not what you want, we also have guides to the best petrol lawn mowers and the best robot lawn mowers.

Best cordless lawnmowers ranking 2023

Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Ego is fast becoming the Rolls Royce of cordless lawn mowers – and most other cordless garden machinery for that matter – and for good reason since not only are the US company’s brushless motors and batteries on another level of power and efficiency, but the superb build quality and attention to design detail they put into their products is so plain to see.

At around 31kgs, the imposingly black and very stylish self-propelled Ego LM2021E-SP is actually lighter than many similar-sized models so it can be easily pushed if necessary. This mower comes equipped with a 50cm steel cutting deck and a gargantuan 56-volt 5Ah ARC Lithium battery system that powers the beast for up to about 35 minutes at a time. Ego states that the supplied 5Ah battery is good for up to 700 square metres on a single charge but if you have an extra large lawn and require even greater range, I would also consider adding the 7.5Ah battery which will power the mower for a substantial 50 minutes or so. Thankfully this particular model also comes with Ego’s amazingly quick Rapid Charger which readies the supplied 5Ah battery for another stint on the sod in an industry-leading 40 minutes.

I am especially enamoured of this mower’s self propulsion system which can be set from a really slow walking pace to a spritely spring in the step simply by adjusting the rocker switch on the handlebar. Also, the self propulsion can be used independently of the main blade motor for safe transport across the lawn. Oh, and unlike most self-propelled mowers that lurch off dragging you along behind, this one starts off nice and gently.

The superbly designed collapsible handlebar system, meanwhile, can be adjusted to three heights, from really low for those of short stature to a height to match a six footer. The whole handlebar assembly also collapses and folds up into a surprisingly small and tidy package that allows you to push the mower around like a trolley cart and store it in a space-saving upright position. And should you ever feel the urge to mow in the dark you may be pleased to know that this model is also fitted with LED headlights so you can avoid decapitating moles and gophers.

In my extensive tests, this mower cut through even the tallest of field-type grass as well any petrol-powered mower I’ve ever used. In fact I’d go so far as to say that Ego mowers are probably the most powerful cordless models on the market right now and arguably the only cordless range capable of matching petrol power for sheer cutting torque. Its specially designed bagging blade scythed through everything with confidence, chucking the cuttings deep into the large 60-litre mesh grass collector. As an extra bonus, the mower also comes with a mulching plug and side chute assembly for those who prefer to have the cuttings blasted back into the lawn. With a choice of six cutting heights (from 25-95mm), you can be sure this mower will deal with all types of grasses.

Granted, the Ego LM2021E-SP is one of the most expensive cordless mowers you can buy right now, but if you’re after a staggeringly well engineered model that has the power to deal with every type of grass known to humankind, then this one does the job brilliantly well. It is, quite possibly, the most thoughtfully designed lawn mower in existence.

Introducing the all fully electric lineup from Cub Cadet.

Each piece engineered with the same uncompromising commitment to design, comfort, and performance we demand from every product. Now we’ve leveled the playing field between electric and gas- powered in every zero-turn rider, lawn tractor, walk-behind and yard tool we make so you can confidently turn your yard dreams into reality.

100% Electric. 0% Compromise.

100% Electric. 0% Compromise.

Our electric lineup meets the same rigorous standards for performance, power and durability you’ll find in any Cub Cadet equipment, and is backed by a strong 4-year battery and 3-year machine warranty.

Cuts Grass like Gas

Cuts Grass Like Gas

Engineered and tested to deliver the same results as our industry-leading gas models, our lithium-ion powered riding mowers will provide you with premium cut quality you expect from Cub Cadet without power fade.

Quieter Than Gas

Quieter Than Gas

Up to 64% quieter during operation than gas means you can cut at dawn or dusk without disturbing the neighborhood.

Explore Electric Products

Electric Lawn Mowers When you look at your yard, you see what it could be. Lead-acid electric riders lose power as you go, but our lithium-ion battery delivers full strength from the first pass to the finishing touches. The Cub Cadet electric lineup delivers the performance you need to bring every possibility to life. Shop Electric Mowers

Cordless Electric Lawn and Garden Tools All products in the Cub Cadet 60V MAX line run on the same, interchangeable lithium ion battery system, making it convenient to get all of your jobs done. Choose from a fully electric cordless hedge trimmer, chainsaw or blower. Shop Electric Tools

Learn About Electric Products

Learn more about the 60V Max battery system Cub Cadet’s 60 Volt Max battery system has many convenient features, including lithium-ion batteries, flexibile charging and an interchangeable battery platform. Read more

Lithium-Ion Battery vs. Lead Acid Battery — which is Better? Lithium-ion batteries have several advantages over their lead acid counterparts, which is why Cub Cadet uses them throughout its suite of battery-powered outdoor power equipment. Read more

What is a Brushless Motor? Brushless motors provide several advantages for battery powered lawn equipment, learn more about how they work. Read more


  • Our ZT1 42E zero-turn mower has a run time of up to 2 acres on a single charge without power fade.
  • The Cub Cadet LT42E lawn tractor runs for up to 1.5 hours, or up to 2 acres, on a single charge without power fade.
  • The CC30E riding mower runs up to 1 hour, or up to 1 acre, on a single charge without power fade.
  • The 60 Volt Max walk behind push mower runs up to 50 minutes or ½ acre on a single charge without power fade.
  • The 60 Volt Max leaf blower clears up to 90 minutes on low speed or 11 minutes on high speed.
  • The 60 Volt Max string trimmer runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge on low speed without power fade. (Disclaimer: Run time based on using 0.080” line.)
  • The 60 Volt Max hedge trimmer runs up to 80 minutes on a single charge without power fade.
  • The 60 Volt Max chainsaw provides up to up to 80 minutes of run time on a single charge with no power fade. (Disclaimer: Up to 140 cuts of 4-in. x 4-in. pressure treated pine per charge.)
  • The recharge time of our riding mowers — the ZT1 42E zero-turn, LT42E riding mower, and CC30E riding mower — is about 4 hours.
  • The recharge time of the 5 Ah Lithium-ion battery used by our 60 Volt Max walk behind push mower is 2.5 hours.
  • The recharge time of the 2.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery used by our 60 Volt Max handheld products — leaf blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw — is 75 minutes.

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