About the Trimmer Lawnmower: Garden Gasoline, Electric, and Battery

About the Trimmer Lawnmower: Garden Gasoline, Electric, and Battery

Today we’ll talk about cordless lawn mowers, a tool necessary for every admirer of the classic English lawns and just fresh and juicy, and most importantly even grass. Our today’s rating will try to identify the best models for the spring of 2018-2019, which can boast both the high quality of the device itself and the work carried out with its help, as well as enviable reliability, so that all the money stored for the purchase of seeds does not go to repair the device. Let’s try to make the best choice together!

No. 10. Anchor AccuMaster AKM 3601

Price: 4400 rubles

Cons for the most part relate to operator comfort, the machine weighs a lot. 13.2 kg, and the handle, although it has height adjustment, but does not differ in convenience.

The case and deck are made of low-quality plastic. there is no talk of good reliability indicators.

If you’re tired of dragging the cord with you, and you can’t afford another cordless lawn mower, you can try this option, but it’s better to save up money and get a more solid device with a more substantial budget.

No. 9. Champion EMB360

Price: 13 600 rubles

An interesting inexpensive electric lawn mower on the battery, capable of working very productively for half an hour without recharging.

The mowing width is 38 cm, the height is from 30 to 80 mm, and the rotation speed of the knives reaches an impressive 3,500 rpm.

The battery is quite capacious for a budget employee. 2.6 Ah, but there is a feeling that a considerable part of the power is wasted, which means that the battery charge runs out faster than we would like.

The case, by tradition, for inexpensive devices is made of mediocre plastic, so we do not recommend practicing collisions with a fence or races on large boulders. The rest is quite a satisfactory model, for several seasons it should definitely be enough with careful use.

No. 8. Greenworks G-Max 40V 35cm

Price: 15 000 rubles
Greenworks cordless lawnmowers have appeared not so long ago, but in the United States these devices are the most common. Their popularity is generally understandable. such devices have a reasonable price, good technical specifications and a pretty nice design. This model has a processing width of 35 cm, the height is adjustable in the range from 20 to 80 mm, and the soft grass catcher holds 40 liters.

The quality of the materials of which the device’s body is made is somewhat frustrating, as well as the reliability of the structure itself. damage, unfortunately, is very common.

The battery capacity is small. 2Ah, but you can fully charge it in just half an hour. an excellent indicator.

In general, a good option from Greenworks for small lawns in front of the house, but in such circumstances, the machine should compete with wired counterparts, and they are much cheaper.

No. 7. AL-KO Moweo 38.5 Li

Price: 20 000 rublesWith such an assistant, you can already process a larger area. the manufacturer assures that this model can easily cope with 300 square meters. The cutting width does not differ from previous models. 37 centimeters, but the motor is more powerful. It is worth noting the battery. its capacity is 4Ah, which is enough for long battery life, and it charges no more than one and a half hours, so you will not get into a situation when half of the lawn remains uncut.

A folding handle with adjustable height allows you to use this unit by any member of the family, even a child, although the weight of the AL-KO Moweo 38.5 Li is still large. 17 kilograms. The device is quite balanced and of good quality, which has worked well on Russian soil, but there are more interesting models in the same price segment.

No. 6. BlackDecker CLM3820L1

Price: 21 000 rubles

Good wheeled electric lawn mower, designed for the same 300 square meters.

Standard specifications. 38 centimeters wide, height adjustable from 30 to 80 millimeters, but the battery was a little frustrated. only 2Ah, but thanks to a well-thought-out design, such modest autonomy has almost no effect on the device’s performance, the device has time to process it.

The plastic used to create the device is already quite high-quality. random encounters with obstacles do not scare him, and the engine is one of the best in the class on reliability and maintainability. Great average for a reasonable price.

No. 5. Gardena 380 Li

Price: 23 500 rublesThe Gardena lawnmower mower is ideal for lovers of lawn mowing to a minimum length. The available grass height range is from 12 to 42 millimeters, and the processing width is 38 centimeters. The device, unlike most of those presented in our top, is based on a two-wheeled frame, and the vacant seat was used to increase the volume of the grass catcher. That, unfortunately, is soft, but the volume is really impressive.

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With the help of such a machine, four hundred parts can be processed on a single charge. Convenience in operation is noted by many happy owners of this device. a well-thought-out handle and good maneuverability allow you to not put extra physical effort. The reviews are strictly positive, because this model could not pass by our top.

No. 4. Viking MA 339 C

Price: 29 000 rublesViking is not a leader in the field of cordless lawn mowers, but this does not prevent it from delivering superior quality devices to the market from year to year. Viking MA 339 C is capable of processing up to 500 square meters in one go, although the engine can not be called particularly powerful. the speed of rotation of the knives is at an unremarkable level of 3000 rpm. All thanks to the excellent and capacious battery, which in terms of reliability can give odds to more expensive counterparts.

The weight of the machine is 12 kg, which is a little for the devices with such a performance, but it makes quite a noise. 90 dB, it will not work to listen to the birds singing when processing the site. There is the possibility of installing a mulching nozzle, which is a huge advantage compared to competitors in the class.

No. 3. Ryobi RLM 36X40H50

Price: 29 200 rublesRyobi cordless lawn mowers are famous for their autonomy and this model was no exception. as much as 5Ah! With such a battery capacity, it will not be a problem to process a really large lawn in one run, especially since the mowing width allows 40 centimeters. The height is adjustable in a standard range from 20 to 70 mm, and the grass catcher holds 50 liters. you do not have to shake it out in the middle of the process. You can install a mulching nozzle and make your lawn even more luxurious.

The weight of the device is impressive. almost 20 kilograms, but thanks to a well-balanced weight distribution and successful handle design, this does not become a problem at all. even an elderly person can easily pilot this machine. Not ideal, but close to this lawn mower from Riobi will be an excellent choice in anticipation of the summer season.

No. 2. Gardena PowerMax Li-40/41

Price: 30 500 rublesAnother model from Gardena, but much more productive than the previous one. A powerful motor and a wide mowing line allows the device to travel very impressive distances in minutes, and a capacious battery is enough to process up to 500 square meters at a time!

If you want to trim a small lawn by several tens of square meters, then acquiring such a device makes little sense. the machine is bulky and designed for serious amounts of work, but here the owners of large plots of land will appreciate all the advantages of this model. Deserved second place in our top of the best cordless lawn mowers 2018-2019.

No. 1. Bosch Rotak 43 Li

Price: 33,000 rublesTo our today’s rating, the Bosch cordless lawnmower is the leader, able to impress even the biggest experts on the issue of lawn cultivation and care. The processing width is the largest in our list of 43 centimeters, and in tandem with a powerful motor, its knives have no competitors at all.

The grass catcher is tough. you won’t have any problems with shaking it out. The volume is also solid. 50 liters. The weight of the device is slightly less than 14 kilograms, which is quite a bit for such a productive device. In general, the well-deserved first place of our today’s top.

Electric lawn mower: how to choose?

The choice of a lawn mower for a summer residence or a country house is a responsible matter. After all, its performance, usability and costs will depend on the technical characteristics and characteristics of the device. Perhaps the best tool to remove grass today is an electric lawn mower. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

What are lawn mowers and what is better than an electric mower?

1-Lawn Mower 2-Trimmer

Depending on the design features, the mowers can be divided into two types:

  • Traditional lawn mower. This is a wheeled device with a cutting blade at the bottom.
  • Trimmer, or lawn mowing. This is an apparatus, which is a long rod with handles to hold it in hands, at one end of which is the engine, and at the second. the cutting part, which acts as a fishing line or disc. A drive has been laid along the rod from the engine to the cutting part, which transfers motor energy to it.

For a typical Russian cottage, it is better to choose a trimmer. Firstly, it is mobile. it can be moved anywhere. Secondly, it allows you to mow grass even on uneven surfaces, while the traditional mower is designed to be used exclusively on flat lawns, which domestic summer residents cannot boast of. Finally, the third argument in favor of the trimmer is the ability to fight even tall grass.

  • The second principle of classification is the principle of engine operation.
  • He can be:

Each of the varieties has its pros and cons. The advantages of a gasoline lawn mower include the ability to take it anywhere (it does not require a nearby power source). However, this is where its advantages end. But she has enough minuses: this is a high noise level during operation, and the need for periodic engine maintenance, and frequent breakdowns.

What does an electric lawn mower offer as opposed to a gas mower?

  • Low noise level during the work
  • Unpretentiousness
  • No maintenance needed (only need to clean the cutting part from time to time)
  • Reliability

However, this barrel of honey also has its own fly in the ointment: the electric mower needs a power source. It is usually powered from a 220 V power supply, that is, from a household outlet. Thanks to extension cords, you can cover the entire house area. However, outside the device, you cannot use the device.

If you use a mower away from home (for example, mow grass for pet food), then an electric mower is not the best choice due to limited autonomy, so in this case it is better to purchase gasoline. Of course, there are electric mowers with a battery, but its charge will not be enough for a long time. it usually works from two to four hours (depending on capacity).

What to look for when choosing?

1-Electric lawn mower 2-Electric trimmer

If you are going to buy an electric lawn mower, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Power. The more powerful the mower, the more efficient it is. High power allows you to achieve high revolutions of the cutting parts and sufficient pressure on the cut plants, which makes it easy to get rid of even grass with thick stems. The best option is an average power mower from 800 to 1,500 watts. A weak device up to 700-800 W will not cope with mowing, and a strong one (over 1,500 W) will be too expensive and heavy.
  • Cord length. The longer the cord, the farther you can move away from the outlet. In addition, it eliminates the need for extension cords.
  • Hold comfort. The average weight of the trimmer is 3. 8 kilograms. In this case, the center of gravity is shifted. Therefore, the location of the grips and their ergonomics play an important role. If they are placed rashly, then working with the mower will be very inconvenient, fatigue and unpleasant sensations in the hands will quickly occur.

Before buying, the mower should be held in your hands longer, rotate it, simulating the movements made when working with the device. This will allow you to understand how convenient it is. It is better to refuse to purchase an inconvenient mower, even if it is much cheaper.

Popular models of electric mowers

In order to make it easier for the reader to choose an electric lawn mower, we have compiled a rating of the five best machines on the market today.

This device occupies the last fifth place in our top. It is reserved for him because it belongs to the type of mowers that is hardly applicable in the conditions of the domestic dacha. by the fact that it moves on wheels. Therefore, it can be used only on flat surfaces. lawns, house lawns.

Here are the main features of the device: