Types And Types Of Lawn Mowers

Types And Types Of Lawn Mowers

A large number of different lawn mowers are available on the market, and in order to understand which lawn mower is right for you, you need to figure out how lawn mowers differ from each other. In this article, we used the classification of lawn mowers by energy source, type of drive, principle of design of cutting knives.

All lawn mowers can be divided by energy source:

  • Hand Lawn Mowers
  • Electric Lawn Mowers
  • Cordless Lawn Mowers
  • Gas mowers

According to the type of drive, lawn mowers are divided into:

  • Self-propelled lawn mowers
  • Rear-mounted lawn mowers

By type of device for cutting knives, lawn mowers can be divided into:

Cylindrical Lawn Mowers

Blades work on the principle of scissors. Usually there are five to six blades, but for a true ground grass you need mowers with eight to twelve blades. Such cars are very expensive.

There are manual with a roller, manual with wheels on the sides, a cylindrical with an electric motor, a cylindrical mower with a bansin engine.


A cylindrical lawn mower cuts the grass cleaner and smoother than other types of mowers. Its blades can be set to the lowest height possible. Ideal for ground grass.


Powerful cylindrical mowers are much more expensive than similar rotary lawn mowers. The height of the blade must be carefully adjusted. Mowers with more than three blades do not cope with tall grass. A cylindrical mower does not cut stiff stems.

Mechanical lawn mower SOFT TOUCH 38 HM COMFORT

Spindle lawn mower AL-KO Soft Touch 380 HM Premium

Rotary mowers on wheels

Blades work on the principle of braids. Grass is cut by a blade or group of blades rotating at high speed in a horizontal plane. The wheels support the mower over the surface of the lawn. There are rotary mowers with an electric motor, rotary mowers with a gasoline engine.

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A good lawn mowing and coping with dry grass. Adjusting the blades is very easy. High power models are cheaper than rotary lawn mowers with similar power.


Mowing quality is lower than a cylindrical lawn mower with correctly set blades.

Electric lawn mower AL-KO Comfort 34 E

Gas lawn mower AL-KO Silver 470 BR Premium

Hovercraft Lawn Mowers

Act on the principle of braids. A knife cuts the grass, rotating at high speed in a horizontal plane. A fan mounted in a protective casing creates an air cushion that raises the mower above the surface of the lawn.


The hovercraft is more maneuverable than any other type of mower. Easily copes with hard-to-reach places, wet grass, mowing a tuberous lawn, tough and overgrown grass.


This type of mower is difficult to drive in a straight line. When working, dust and cut grass scatters in different directions. To avoid accidents, it is necessary to work with such a mower especially carefully.

When choosing the type of lawn mower, consider the area of ​​the plot. In large areas, it is recommended to use gas mowers.

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to pay attention to their advantages and disadvantages, as well as to some features of their individual elements. In budget models of lawn mowers, wheels are usually mounted on bushings made of plastic, so they are usually short-lived. Choose a lawn mower with bearings. Such models are durable and shock resistant. Lawn mowers with large rear wheels are easy to operate and also cause less damage to the lawn. It is these models that top the rating of lawn mowers.

Novice lawn mowers give preference to such models in which the shaft and knife are connected by a hub made of soft material. If debris suddenly falls, the hub is cut off and protects the engine from damage.

If you want to choose the best lawn mower, pay attention to adjusting the cutting height. The most advanced adjustment to date is central, when the height of the bevel changes at the touch of a button or lever.

Lawn mowers with the function of mulching the lawn mowers are equipped with a knife with a variable angle of inclination, due to which it simultaneously grinds and cuts the grass, which ultimately serves as fertilizer.

You can find the best lawn mowers on our website, where you can find a detailed description of each model.

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