Affordable Speed ​​Adjustable Angle Grinder

Affordable Speed ​​Adjustable Angle Grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder) application

VEGA Professional VG-1300E is intended for use in construction, apartment / house repairs, metalworking, in the car service, in the furniture industry, during plumbing, is used both by professionals and as an inexpensive angle grinder (angle grinder) for the home.

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Why is it profitable to buy this particular angle grinder (angle grinder)?

The body of the angle grinder (angle grinder) is made of non-toxic polymeric materials. For the convenience of work, the plastic case at the places of touching the hand is treated with a special material to ensure anti-slip.

The light weight of the angle grinder (angle grinder) makes it possible to work for several hours without feeling tired in the hand.

The small size of the angle grinder allows you to make cuts in hard to reach places.

The operation button for the angle grinder is located in a convenient place near the front handle. Turning the angle grinder on / off for operation is possible with one hand. The button is made of high-quality plastic with a protrusion to ensure reliable grip with your finger to prevent slipping.

The switching mechanism is made in such a way that it can be turned on with effort, and turned off without effort. This is done to increase the safety of the angle grinder.

Video: Affordable Speed ​​Adjustable Angle Grinder

The protective cover of the disk angle grinder is made of durable steel. Paintwork in the form of a hammer painting. The protective cover is clamped and adjusted using a hex screw.

The locking button is made of high-quality metal and serves to lock the locking mechanism of the cutting disc.

The locking mechanism for the cutting disc has the form of two round threaded nuts. To change the disc, a special convenient key is used, which comes with the angle grinder.

The maximum diameter of the cutting disc is 125 mm.

The angle grinder is equipped with an advanced cooling system, this ensures the durability of the electric motor. Thanks to this function, the angle grinder is a professional tool.

Additionally, for protection in special operating conditions, the angle grinder is equipped with special protective ventilation covers. The protective ventilation covers of the cooling system of the angle grinder prevent dust and dirt from entering the moving parts of the electric motor of the angle grinder.

How to use an angle grinder (angle grinder)?

Using this device is not difficult. For ease of use, each set contains an instruction manual. How to use the angle grinder (angle grinder) is described in detail in the article on the website in our blog. Also on our Youtube channel there are many useful videos on this and other topics.

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