Almost heaven lawn mower graveyard. Almost heaven lawn mower graveyard

woodland mower

I am trying to make a lawn mower to go in the woods beside my house. not many spots to go mudding near me so i’ve decided to make it a woodland mower as i have plenty of woods beside me.ill get some pictures up soon and hopefully since this is my first build some of you guy can help with my mower and give me some words of wisdom.

how i got started was when i was 10(or 11) my dad and me decided we should build a off-road go kart, after too much homework the idea got scraped. but some good did come out of it, my uncle was lucky enough to get his hands on a 1996 lawn mower its a rally by AYP(if im wrong plz correct me). after he changed the oil and cleaned the carb i got it trailered to my house.

after it sitting for 3 or 4 years i stumbled apon fearless fronts videos the inspired me to go out and do something with it.the first thing i did was a pedal. but the brake pedal did not work so i made mine home-made i might post pictures of it soon. second was the choke and the front bumper, the choke just now is a copper wire onto the original choke wire(which is disconnected from the throttle) the bumper was “borrowed” from an old mower up at the machinery centre.

here some pictures any ideas would be welcome

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

thats before i did anything major to it. oh by the way its an 11HP Briggs and stratton

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

that’s the pedal, basically its the old throttle cable attached to the piece of steel and its then put through a tiny hole i drilled.

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

i had to take the attachment rod out as the pedal was too near the side.

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

and i dont have any still pictures of the bumper but here is some of them with me on them

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard
almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

one of the few spots i can go mudding

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

my next step will be to lock the rear diff and then try to do something else. no idea what thats where i though you guys could help me. oh and if you could since im 16 and still living at home my tools are limited so no welding plz i can drill and bold like what i did with the bumper but yeah, i have no clue what to do after i finish my differential lock.

So where abouts exactly in Scotland are you? Im in Angus.

It is indeed built by AYP. I like the foot throttle. Pretty tidy design.

The only other way to lock the diff it to steal some spare spider gears from another transmission (the MTD vari drive ones are good for parts! lol) and the use some large bolts ground down to size to fit inside the large gear.

Are you going to put the original hood back on? It’ll probaby need trimming. If I was you, get yourself a cheap welder if you can. I got mine for £80 from Aldi I think it was. Not the best, but money well spend, and is ideal for wheat I need to do with it.

Almost stock tractors are pretty decent off road already, a few of mine went thru some decent mud, thru a swamp. over smallish trees and rocks.

ID say do something similar to fearlessfronts craftsman- raise it up. put some larger wheels on it. Keep in mind putting a locked rear end on it, itll have alot bigger steering radius.

i am in NE Scotland turriff to be precise. thanks for commenting on the pedal it took ages!i am(scary) putting the hood back on and im cutting two slots in the front for it to open properly. i was wondering about getting a welder cheap. until the belt snap t so i thought a new belt would be better.

i dont know about the gears. i was planning on just welding it with my uncles welder. is your way easier? dunno about doing something like what fearless fronts got. as i say i cant weld and well look at his bracing’s there JUST welds.

dunno but that should keep me going for a while dunno though keep the ideas coming.

oh yeah and i know itll want to stick in a straight line but meh, if it can do what i want it to fair enough, it kept getting stuck on wood and ripping the3 bark off, ill get some pics up of my woods and c what u think. heres the preps for taking it to my uncle.

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

im not sure if its just cause of the new belt but. it kept getting stuck in reverse and it was a beep to get out so yeh wat u think

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

i dunno how easy it would be but, i waas planning at some point instead of buying tyres i was going to bolt two together like this (soz for the bad drawing) but hope u get the idea

almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

Its alot more time and work, but it does mean it is removable, which is a bonus.

I know what you mean in the last picture, running dual tyres (aka, duelies) that thing would look mean with those!

Looks like you’re about 100 miles from me

yeah, appears your near my cousins, are near you. how old are you.

my only worry is putting to much strain on the back axle well not mine my dad but i thought it would handle it but, my dad doesnt.

Its been done before without problems. It should be okay under normal use, only issue I can see is if it was in a ditch or something and was resting on the outer wheels. YOu’ll have to use some strong bolts too! Thats just my opinion though.


Reaching out across the bleached white veldt to infect the flickering screen with a moment of insanity, Teri Louise Kelly’s short story/poetry anthology ‘Punktuation’ is a literary oil slick drifting slowly toward the burning shore.Having already deconstructed her “art form” with a veritable glossary of bastardisations, incestuous syntax and gob-spitting grammar, the erstwhile Ms Kelly continually has her execution stayed. There is no way of telling fact from fiction, poetry from toilet door graffiti, she claims, and in ‘Punktuation’ she drifts (seemingly aimlessly) from subject matter to subject matter as casually as a rent boy wandering Piccadilly Circus looking for a buyer. There are many reasons why generations to come will admire and appreciate her decadent candour, today however she still has rent to pay, demons to slay and dependency issues to address. She is, much like her Hero Brendan Behan, a drinker with writing problems.Those problems become obvious to even the most deranged reader the moment he, she or it, decides they feel lucky and steps into ‘Punktuation’ class with Fraulein Kelly. So, are you feeling lucky punk?

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Almost heaven lawn mower graveyard

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HELP Exmark Frontrunner, parts discontinued

Whelp here I am, looking for help. Before I go running to a local machine shop, I’m hoping someone has a line on a part. I’m looking for the left deck lift arm for the Ultra Cut 60 deck. The part number is 103-9708-01. Turns out this has been discontinued and cannot be bought from Exmark. Does anyone know of a used parts warehouse or anything else I can try before I have a new part made for god knows how much. Thanks

1-Have you called various eXmark distributors to see if they have it in-stock? 2-Where are you located? 3-Post a picture.


I called Exmark Directly, all the online warehouses and every dealer near me. No one stocks it and no one can even order it. I will post a pic when I get home tomorrow. I got the technical drawing from Exmark so if I have to have it made I have the measurements. I just didn’t know if someone here knew of a small outfit that deals in used parts or something along those lines. I’m in Upstate NY

not many of those were ever built, or sold. You might want to just start checking every Exmark parts dealer listed on a Google search. Your best bet, if you are going to keep that machine for any length of time, is to buy a used machine and strip it for parts as needed. It may take a while to find one, but I see them listed now and then, for sale. Plus, since few want them, the price is usually very low. It would be a valuable parts supply for you.

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almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

The app tracks and records yard tasks and. 4.8 (5) straight to the point small engine repair no haggling no price gouging service on lawn and garden tractors zero turns push mowers weed. Then press ‘enter’ or click.

Lawn Mower Shop Near Me The Garden

Web meadows small engine repair. Web how to find ride on lawn mower parts near me open google maps on your computer or app, just type an address or name of a place. As the world’s largest maker of outdoor equipment, Husqvarna is known for our. It’s the perfect mower for tight fits, and is built to.

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almost, heaven, lawn, mower, graveyard

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‘True Detective’: Does Stephen King’s ‘The Lawnmower Man’ explain the monster at dream’s end?

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

The gripping nightmare that has been True Detective’s first season is almost over, and like all dreams, there’s a monster at the end of it. He’s a real grim reaper, only he comes decked in green, not black, and his blades are motorized, and actually, he’s a friendly neighborhood guy, in a Mr. Rogers meets Slingblade sort of way … if you can get past him being mucho psycho. Behold the demon lawn barber of Carcosa: The Lawnmower Man, an agent of an ancient cult that swears by the Greek goddess of magic Circe, serves the Greek god of fields and shepherds Pan, and practices ritualistic sacrifice by slaughtering dumb greedy Republicans (among others) using a rusty red …

Wait. Sorry. I’m getting my lunatic landscapers confused. That’s the deranged grass muncher of Stephen King’s 1975 short story “The Lawnmower Man.” (The story has little to do with the so-called “movie adaptation” from 1992, a techno-thriller about mad, artificial enlightenment and virtual personhood. A Rust Cohle fave, no doubt.) (But I do totally recommend this comic book iteration, with art by the great Walt Simonson.) No, True Detective’s sketchy greenskeeper is Errol the lawnmower guy, and the final scene of the penultimate episode fingered the tractor-driving “simpleton” (?) as the “green-eared spaghetti monster” and “the tall man with scars” long suspected of being the killer of Dora Lange. To build on Nietzsche: All truth is crooked, time itself is a circle, and evil is The Straight Story.

After seven episodes, it would appear that Errol Childress is the scarred-face frontman for an occult mob that has been trolling coastal Louisiana for years, one that fetishizes purity and consumes innocence in all forms (spiritual and sexual; virgins and children), then spits and dumps the remainder spitefully. Here’s a fun sentence (not!): These wolfish dicks have apparently sodomized and slain more women and kids than a season’s worth of Law Order: SVU, especially in recent times, exploiting the condition of chaos and moral anarchy that followed Katrina. They’re protected from on high by the entire franchise of Law Order that runs the state of television. These deeply entrenched good old boy bad cops — reminiscent of The Blake Association in The Mentalist (so much fearful symmetry in pulp pop TV these days!) — keep The Yellow King cloaked and keep his illicit activities hush-hush. Call it: La. Confidential. They made the Marie Fontenot file disappear. They stopped the Carcosa legend from going public. They’ve prevented the Lake Charles murder from hitting the press. Those CSI: Southern Gothic guys are slippery fellas. Who’s watching these watchmen?!

By occult, I mean “hidden.” True Detective has cultivated so much “cosmic dread” through atmosphere and allusion that some think we’re headed toward a Cthulhu uprising. Yet we now see the evil in the show — while pulp outrageous — is human, even relatable. Uncorrected historical injustice. Corrupt institutions. Animal-masked debauchery. (Okay, maybe not all relatable. Hopefully.) The denial of death and the reckless pursuit of self-serving heroism. Mounting accumulation of neglect and indulgence, creating a widening gyre of incoherence, producing an ominous sense that things are out of control, falling apart, can’t be fixed; accent with Lovecraft and visions, and sure, you might think there are monsters lurking behind the curtain of reality, lying in wait to raid and reap. (The obvious lesson here: Don’t live in rural Louisiana.) But the only monster at the end of the dream is our own bad selves. True heroism, in this world, for these men, is defined by recognizing their complicity, however small, and taking some responsibility for repairing their fallen culture, lest things get worse and worse. The older, wiser, humbled, chastened, twilight-era Cohle and Hart of 2012 seem to have finally gotten this. “I don’t like this place. Nothing grows in the right way,” said Cohle of his sick soil/rotten foundation world during one of last night’s ride-alongs with Hart. Both men see the “debt” they owe society. Both men recognize their reckless, self-centered, fraudulent heroism of 1995 solved nothing, and worse, allowed evil to continue flourishing. Now, they are activated to do better — and then, do no more. Both seem certain that they won’t be coming back from whatever comes next. Cohle, by choice. Hart, just because. Both seem to recognize they represent notions of manhood and heroism that shouldn’t carry forward into the better world they want to make. Said Cohle, the man who could have been a painter (or a historian): “Be careful what you get good at.”

If I was tracking things correctly, Errol is the son of Ted Childress, a corrupt sheriff and terrible father. At one point, Ted burned Errol’s face around the mouth for reasons TBD. I’m thinking Errol might have said something he shouldn’t have — blabbed a secret; maybe spoke up in defense of all those abused kids — and got his mouth washed out. With hot coal. (Read Isaiah 6:6-7. We’ll be coming back to this.)

Errol is the grandson of the long dead Sam Tuttle, my pick for The Yellow King. Sam is the father to former governor (now senator) Eddie Tuttle and the recently, mysteriously deceased Billy Lee Tuttle, a prominent minister. But Sam, a perverse piece of work, sired many children with many different women, producing a sprawl of kinfolk, including the Ledouxs and the Childresses. We might wonder: Who doesn’t have a little Sam Tuttle in them in Louisiana? Who doesn’t have The Yellow Sign upon them?

The Tuttles have deep roots in New World sin. Piracy. Slavery. The occult? (Supernatural/devil worship edition this time.) Errol appears to be mixed up with a particularly wicked Tuttle family pastime: A cult involved in the abduction, abuse, and even murder of women and children, a (doomsday?) cult with language for its theology and mythology (“The Yellow King,” “Carcosa,” “dark stars”) taken (unknowingly?) from The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, an influential work of Weird Fiction, whose ideas have been transmitted though generations of horror and detective fiction and colonized our imagination like a sly, mutating virus. (The charismatic preacher’s “viral ministry” Rust’s dismissal of religion as fairy tale palliatives for the horror of living = a cynical metaphor for the history and appeal of pulp fiction?)