Angle Grinder On Battery With Speed ​​Control

Angle Grinder On Battery With Speed ​​Control

Scope and Functionality

To begin with, we will determine where and how you will use this device, since all the basic parameters and functions of an angle grinder depend on this, and then we will move on to technical specifications and additional equipment. Pay attention to a professional tool, protection against dust and moisture, disk size, the presence of additional handles.

Protection against moisture or dust, is it necessary? Again it is necessary to pay attention to the scope of use. If you will often work not only indoors, but also in open spaces, carry out earthwork (for example, cut pipelines), then it is advisable to buy just such a tool. Its cost is 15-20% higher than usual, but under extreme operating conditions without protection the engine will not last long. Another caveat is working in wet rooms. It can be cellars, warehouses, vegetable stores and the like. Increased moisture over time, kill the motor winding. it burns out.

Disk size. An important criterion when used in hard to reach places. If you need to perform a deep cut or drive a disc between two edges of the metal, then its size should be more than 15 cm. In addition, the cut is significantly accelerated with a larger diameter. There are disks on 115, 130, 150, 180 and 230 mm. Choose the best middle ground.

Extra pens. If you work with a large number of metal structures and constantly perform rearrangement of handles, then additional fastening and the handles themselves will be an advantage for you. You can grind horizontal surfaces “under the right hand” without wasting time or immediately go on to perform a vertical cut under the left hand.

Technical details

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After you select the right tool according to its fields of application, it will be possible to pay attention to technical indicators. Depending on the power, the number of revolutions, the presence of “stop functions”, the device can become not only functional, but really safe.

Power. The minimum model is 0.5 kW. She is quite enough to solve many problems, because she copes with them in the same way as her powerful "brothers". But there are a few nuances.

  1. A weak angle grinder will stop when in contact with soft materials or with significant force. Cuts well, but slowly. When cutting thick metal, the choice of angle grinder should be in the direction of powerful machines over 1.8 kW.
  2. A weak angle grinder is much less, because the load on the engine is large.
  3. A weak tool cannot disperse a large disk; upon contact with material, it will stop immediately.

In order not to rack your brains on how to choose an angle grinder for your home, decide for a start how thick the metal will be. Sheets up to 3 mm can easily be overcome by a weak tool, not to mention sharpening a garden tool or repair work in a room. If you need to cut heavy metal structures, then definitely need to take 1.8-3.2 kW.

Rotational speed. In most cases, the tool automatically adjusts the speed. But some professional models have manual adjustment. this is superfluous. Do not overpay for this money, as the electronics will protect your device from overheating and jamming, but manual tuning is not always correct.

Start and jam protection. Must take. The first one will save you from premature start-up (if you plug a previously included tool into a power outlet, it will not start), which is especially good if you often turn on / off the light. The second fuse is needed to turn off the angle grinder when jamming. Both are mandatory and protect the worker from injury.

How to choose a comfortable and convenient angle grinder?

An important criterion when choosing is comfort. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the rubberized case. It allows you to securely hold the tool in your hand and prevent it from slipping out. This can protect against injuries during work. Rubber pads are made on the entire handle, as well as on the back of the case for the other hand.

The anatomical shape is an important criterion that will facilitate your work. On the body make special notches under the fingers. This is very convenient if you have to work with one hand in hard to reach places.

Important is the color of all controls, buttons. The employee should easily find all the settings during the work. Before choosing an angle grinder for the home, pay attention to the availability of service from the manufacturer. Many Chinese models do not have spare parts in the domestic market at all. It is better to give preference to the "basic" models Bosh, Makita, Stern and other similar devices.