Angle Grinder Stand Which is Better

Angle Grinder Stand Which is Better

angle grinder is considered one of the most indispensable tools in many industries, as its scope is quite extensive. The versatility of this unit allows you to grind, peel, cut and even polish various surfaces and objects. Each man can independently make a high-quality stand for an angle grinder, thanks to which it will be possible to cut any workpiece with perfectly even edges without any hassle.

Main advantages

Quite often, home craftsmen are faced with a situation where you need to evenly cut workpieces. Despite the fact that the angle grinder is an indispensable tool in the household, the principle of its operation is monotonous. It is extremely difficult to hold the weight of this unit in one hand for a long time, trying to make cuts as evenly as possible. In this case, the masters often have the idea to make for her a durable and stable support.

For the result to exceed all expectations, you need to make high-quality fastenings, as well as prepare all the necessary materials at hand: small wooden blocks and plywood. It is these details that will help to carry out the stationary installation of the stand on an even plane. Having made such a holder for an angle grinder with your own hands, the specialist will no longer need to keep the tool on weight, worrying about the departure of the abrasive wheel. This situation is fraught with serious injuries.

The main advantages of such a rack include the following:

  • The master always has the opportunity to position the angle grinder at the right angle.
  • The workpiece can be locked in the most suitable position. For these purposes, a vice is used that helps to cut the blanks of the desired size.
  • Having made a makeshift rack angle grinder do-it-yourself angle grinder, you can quickly and accurately cut light metals: ceramic tiles, aluminum profiles, metal corners.
  • In a short period of time, the master will be able to make the necessary number of blanks.
  • If necessary, vertical movement of parts is implemented to perform certain tasks. The main tool in this case is the angle grinder (angle grinder).
  • Significantly increases labor productivity.
  • The operation of such racks is characterized by a high level of safety.
  • Guaranteed high degree of stability for the rotating holder.
  • There is no need to hold a heavy tool in your hands.
  • The risks of possible loss or slipping out of the angle grinder from the hands are completely minimized.

Today you can make racks for an angle grinder with your own hands according to the drawings, where absolutely all the nuances of the work process are indicated. Due to this, many masters are increasingly choosing it is the independent creation of devices for the angle grinder.


Before starting work, it is necessary to decide which home-made design is suitable for certain operating conditions. Most often, to assemble a quality bed, you need to prepare the following details:

  • Bolts for secure fit.
  • Hardwood, which can withstand any loads coming to it, without deformation during operation.
  • The keys.
  • Corners made of metal.
  • Fixing materials.
  • In some cases, you may need a chipboard plate.
  • For strong and reliable fastening of the angle grinder, a profiled metal pipe is suitable.
  • Relay 12 V.
  • Tools for fixing bolted joints.
  • Drill.

Separately, it is worth considering that only the bracket that was assembled using the welding machine will have the highest strength characteristics. But it is precisely due to the bolts that you can create a collapsible structure that can be moved to any other place.

Tool Lock Options

Many experts argue that there is no better way to fix the workpiece than the well-known vice. Using this tool ensures that the risks of injury are reduced to zero, even if the abrasive disc breaks into small pieces. Particular attention should be paid to the rotary type of vice, at the base of which there are special longitudinal grooves. If the master succeeds in making the correct oblique cut, then it will be possible to achieve a significant increase in the functionality of the device.

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To begin with, you need to prepare strong mounts in accordance with the drawings of the rack for the angle grinder. With your own hands you can build a unique device for an angle grinder, which must necessarily consist of such elements:

  • Spring for counterweight.
  • 2 tubes in the form of bearings.
  • 2 meters of profile pipe.
  • Sheet metal to create a solid base.
  • 2 bolts.

You can build a rack from the most common materials that can be found in almost every garage and private house. Of course, you just can not do without a welding machine. Despite this, such a stand will not only be of high quality, but will also be much cheaper than a purchased product. For more convenient use of the device, its frame can be equipped with an ergonomic handle. In this case, a simple tube is suitable, which is fastened using a welding machine.

Those craftsmen who do not want to bother with blanks for a long time can use the usual protective cover. In it you just need to make the necessary holes and attach the angle grinder. For fixing, bolts with self-locking nuts are suitable. In conclusion, the entire structure must be attached to the bed.

Quality counterweight with shock absorber

The safety of using the bed is largely dependent on the counterweight. The most practical is the option when, at the time of lowering the tool, it will automatically move to a vertical position, thereby stopping any cutting manipulations. It will be not only very convenient, but also safe. The easiest way is to install a spring mechanism, which must be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the angle grinder. The design itself will be compact and efficient.

An excellent idea is the option when the stand is equipped with powerful shock absorbers, providing a smooth movement of the tool. Even a beginner can cope with such an aggregate.

Assembly assembly

When the master decides to make a tripod for an angle grinder on his own, this helps to avoid a lot of costs, since factory models are expensive and short-lived. But a good result depends on the availability of elementary skills:

  • Ability to handle angle grinder and household welding machine.
  • Carefully drilling holes.
  • Stock of free time and patience.

For a rack to meet all operational requirements, its assembly must take place in strict sequence. Depending on personal preferences, the master can develop his own drawing, which will correspond to a specific model, an angle grinder, or you can use ready-made drawings. In addition, before any manipulations, you need to check the working state of the main unit. If it works poorly and often breaks, then there is no need to build a powerful bed under it.

Experts say that the assembly procedure for the stand for the angle grinder is as follows:

  • Initially, it is necessary to prepare a metal pipe, which must be carefully cut into pieces of a certain length. All manipulations must be consistent with the drawing used.
  • Drill small holes in designated areas.
  • At this stage, make the upper and lower frame.
  • Weld metal blanks with a welding machine or screw onto bolted joints.
  • Take a pre-prepared metal sheet or chipboard.
  • Depending on the diameter of the stand, cut the work surface.
  • Install the finished surface on the lower platform of the desktop.
  • Secure everything with bolts.
  • Attach the holder to the vertical frame so that the pendulum type of rotation is free.
  • Carefully set the exact spring, which will return the angle grinder to its original position each time.
  • One end of the spring should be fixed on the upper part of the end, but the other end on the holder.
  • It’s time to take a 12 V relay, which will help to increase the level of comfort with an angle grinder. It should be located in such a way that it is convenient to reach the button during operation.
  • Carefully inspect the condition of the wiring and check its performance.
  • In the workshop, it is imperative to allocate a separate outlet for the bed used.
  • Take high-quality paints, varnishes and primers to completely cover the created device. These manipulations will help to give the product a complete and spectacular look. In addition, a protective coating of the primer will protect the rack from the negative effects of corrosion.
  • At this stage, it remains to equip the design with a movable ruler and a special limiter.
  • Check the finished bed for operability, start the angle grinder idling.

When each of the above items is completed, you can safely proceed to the main work. cutting metal parts.

Precautionary measures

You must always remember that the stand must be firmly fixed to the bed. To protect yourself from injuries and accidents, you need to adhere to the main recommendations:

  • It is best to fix the power cord with plastic clips so that it does not get tangled under your feet and accidentally fall under the cutting tool during its active use.
  • The cable from the angle grinder must be securely attached to the movable part of the stand.
  • During operation, it is advisable to use special safety glasses so that microscopic metal particles do not get into the eyes.
  • Before starting the unit, you need to carefully inspect the cutting wheel of an angle grinder for chips and damage.

Today, there are many protective elements that can be made even at home. As for the optimal size of the tripod, it is better to give your preference to those models that are suitable for the diameter of the disk used. All parts of the bed must necessarily correspond to the brand of the angle grinder used.

Experts say that it’s good to work behind a pendulum counter, which simplifies the process of sawing metal workpieces. In addition, the pendulum system is designed in such a way that with its help it is possible to quickly and efficiently implement tasks of any complexity. To make such a device at home is quite simple. To do this, you need to take: a high-quality metal profile, a spring, a welding machine, a pendulum and corners.

Particular attention should be paid to the iron table, on which most often the masters install the structure they created. It must be checked for stability, reliability and shakiness. In addition, during the manufacturing process of even the smallest rack parts, one should not forget about safety measures.