Shape Square How to Saw Correctly

It is impossible to create a stylish well-groomed image if a woman does not have a manicure and her hands have nails that are split and of different lengths. How to cut them correctly, without turning to the salon for this? Today, there are all the necessary tools to put your pens in order. And it doesn’t matter if it is a square nail, oval or almond-shaped. the main thing is not the shape, but the neat and healthy look of the nails.

Which file is the most correct

Before asking yourself the question of how to properly saw nails on your hands, you need to choose the right nail file. Forget about metal files if it’s important for you to keep your nails healthy. Metal files, being too stiff, damage the structure of the nail and cause it to flake. The manufacturers of this industry are now producing a lot of files that fit the nails perfectly. Among the materials for their manufacture are cardboard, plastic, glass.

Shape Square How to Saw Correctly

The most successful experts consider a glass file. It does not injure the nail plate, is easily washed and disinfected, and serves for a long time. It is necessary to pay attention when choosing the stiffness of the abrasive layer. This indicator is measured in grit.

The smaller the value, the stiffer the file. A file of 240 grit has medium rigidity. It will allow you to properly file the nail, remove the length and give shape. When choosing, be guided by the state of your nails. The thinner and more fragile they are, the higher should be the indicator in grit, and vice versa.

Pick up a manicure

If we consider the process of manicure from the point of view of processing, we can distinguish two methods: classic cut and hardware. The first is produced with scissors and nippers, as can be seen from its name. The cuticle is first pushed away by a pusher, or orange stick, and then cut off. Before that, hands are immersed in a bath with sea salt and liquid soap.

The second option is more advanced, and it is often done in the cabin. For it, an apparatus with nozzles is used that allows you to remove the cuticle, remove the old coating and smooth the surface of the nail. This procedure is done dry.

If you need to shorten the length, a cutter is also used, which cuts the nails. How to cut in this case, you can learn the courses on hardware manicure. There is also a combined manicure when part of the work is done with milling cutters, for example, processing the side rollers, and some with scissors or nippers that cut the cuticle.

Nails: how to cut

When the old varnish is removed from the nails and the overgrown cuticle is cut off, it is necessary to remove the excess length and shape the nails.

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  • If a manicure with soaking was performed, it is necessary to dry the nails. Never saw them in a wet state, this will cause delamination of the nail plate.
  • How to cut nails on the hands? Masters recommend starting to file with the little finger, so it will be more convenient. It is better to process with a file first the side parts, then the middle.
  • You should never make movements back and forth, you need to cut nails in one direction, otherwise it will harm them.
  • During the process, it is necessary to observe that the length and shape of all nails are the same. It is also necessary to compare the nails on the right and left hand.
  • Having filed the nails, you need to go through them with a file along the tangent to remove possible irregularities and notches, as well as smooth the edge of the nail.
  • After giving the nails the necessary length and shape, treat them with a polisher (buff) to sand the surface of the nail and give it a shine.

Choose the shape of the nails

In choosing a form, you need to start not only from fashion trends, but also from the shape of your nail plate. How to cut nails at home, so that a manicure looks aesthetically pleasing and suits its owner? Let’s consider the main options.

  1. Square toenail. There are two variations of this shape: a square and a square oval. In the first case, the end face of the nail plate is made even, and in the second, the corners are gently rounded, and the central part is left straight. Ideally, this form is suitable for those who have a narrow nail plate of an elongated shape. If the nails are short and wide, you should leave them longer so that the square shape looks harmonious on them.
  2. Oval nail. How to cut the shape of the nails in this case? This is not difficult. The upper part of the nail must be rounded off with a file so that the fishing line of the free edge repeats the shape near the cuticle. With such a manicure, the fingers seem longer, with it the girl looks restrained and elegant.
  3. Almond shaped nail. The shape of the almond nut is suitable for owners of narrow hands with long nails. On such hands, this form looks elegant, but such nails are afraid of homework. The narrow tip is easy to break.

How often do you need to file nails

If you apply varnish or gel polish to your nails, you need to file them only after removing the old layer. It will be most convenient to do this during a manicure procedure. Experts advise doing this regularly, taking into account that cuticle and nail growth occurs in different people at different speeds.

Therefore, everything is individual. If the overgrown cuticle has become noticeable and the free edge of the nail plate has gone beyond the desired limits, then it’s time to put your nails in order. How to cut them correctly, you now know. On average, this procedure is recommended once every two weeks.

Essential Nail Care

The state of nails is affected by the health of a person as a whole, as well as his nutrition. It is necessary to eat a varied and balanced food, not forgetting about fruits, fatty varieties of fish. Nails need vitamins. You can take pharmacy vitamin complexes. Drink more water.

To make your nails strong, you can do regular baths with sea salt, adding a few drops of iodine. To restore color, the nails are whitened with a slice of lemon, wiping the nail plates with it.

It is advisable to do all homework with gloves so as not to expose the nails to prolonged exposure to water and household chemicals: this dries them out. Make sure that they do not appear fungal infection, if this happens. start treatment on time.