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rubles in your pocket. Impressive, isn’t it? The TsM-200 multi-saw machine is designed to produce calibrated edged lumber by longitudinal sawing of a gun carriage and a wide beam. This is the only single-shaft multi-saw machine that cuts the gun carriage with a thickness of 200-205 mm. In imported machines, two shafts are used for such sawing. Thanks to the use of circular saws in the TsM-200, the roughness of the machined surfaces is significantly reduced, dimensional stability along the entire length of the resulting lumber is preserved, and the requirements for the foundation of the machine are significantly reduced. That is why the TsM-200 multi-saw machine has been produced for more than 20 years, and the demand for it and the neighboring countries does not decrease.

The trapezoidal shape of every third tooth remaining in the center of the saw sets the direction of the entire saw blade. The most difficult to execute is a wavy layout, since each subsequent tooth in the half-wave is bent by an ever-increasing value. With any type of wiring, the tooth bends not from the base, but indented by 33-67% of the tooth height. Despite the fact that each manufacturer dictates its requirements regarding indicators related to divorce, they all do not go beyond 0.3-0.7 mm. It is generally accepted to cut trees with soft wood with band saws that have a large divorce, and with hard. small.

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Do-it-yourself divorce and sharpening of band saws on wood

It is a closed tape, on the outer edge of which the teeth are located. For the manufacture of special grades of steel are used. 9HF, B2F or C75. In the manufacturing process, the teeth are treated with high-frequency currents. This increases their hardness. It is this fact that affects the separation of cutting edges and maintainability. Often, several types of steel are used in the manufacture.

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You can do this by directly contacting an Authorized Point of Sale or by using the recommendations and feedback on our website. Incorrect selection of saws, errors during setup and operation can lead to equipment malfunctions and result in low productivity in the end result. Production problems can be avoided by using Wood-Mizer saws.

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Band Saw Sharpening

Wood-Mizer Band Saws: Sharpening, Wiring. Theory and Practice

Errors when sharpening and wiring band saws

6. Too much tooth alignment.

Band Sawing In Winter

According to modern statistics, in 9 out of 10 cases of marriage in the sawmill industry occurs precisely due to poor wiring of saws! At first glance, a simple procedure, tooth alignment is actually a complex operation, which requires a special device to check. The quality of the lumber surface directly depends on the accuracy of the tooth alignment. The sharpening and adjustable machine for band saws directly affects the quality of manufactured products, which is most noticeable on the surface of lumber.

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Invalid "option for sharpening band saws

This is the most vital, rugged invention, the representatives of which were originally called rods in Russia. And therefore I am especially pleased that shortly before the New Year, Eugene sent his next work to the Methodologist, which I gladly recommend to our readers. In recent years, tape sawmills have become increasingly popular among entrepreneurs engaged in the production of lumber, and I must say that by right.

The resistance of the teeth of such saws is 30 to 40 times higher than the resistance of the teeth of saws of alloy steels. The diameter of the saws from regrinding decreases slightly. The cut width when sawing with a tool with carbide inserts is slightly greater than the cut width obtained when sawing with conventional saws, but this (especially when cutting sheet materials) does not matter much, in addition, the appropriate preparation of saws with carbide inserts (grinding of side faces plates after their soldering) allows to obtain a high quality cut surface, which compensates for the loss of wood on sawdust. The outer diameter D of circular saws is the diameter of a circle drawn along the tops of the teeth.