Which side to cut the tile

When facing work, situations arise when ceramic tiles cannot be cut with a mechanical tile cutter. Then you have to use the “angle grinder” impeller. This is not a good way. The fact is that along the edge of the cut enamel chipping occurs on the tile.

How to cut ceramic tiles around.

For cutting tiles, it is necessary to use specially designed diamond wheels for dry cutting on tiles. Usually, on such a circle there is a corresponding inscription. Also, the direction of rotation during installation is indicated by an arrow on it. What is the reason for such a requirement is difficult to say.

Which side to cut the tile

Expensive and high-quality circles for cutting tiles “angle grinder”

The quality of the circle, as always, is related to price. Good circles cost more than 20. As always, the Chinese distinguished themselves and issued an inexpensive circle on tiles within 5. At a surprisingly tolerable quality.

The quality of the cut depends on the quality of the circle. The larger the number of diamond inclusions the circle contains, the cleaner, without chips, the cut off area on the tile will be.

From this, it also depends on whether the tile will burst when cutting or not. Often when cutting in an inexpensive circle, there are moments of the appearance of hot metal at the end of the cutting disc. Manufacturers call this licking of metal and recommend cutting a little plaster or concrete. The sand grains of the plaster crush metal chips until diamond blots appear again on the surface.

When cutting porcelain, at this moment, there is a strong heating of the tile in one place. Often this leads to cracking of the tile.

The best cutting wheel for cutting ceramic tiles for 2013.

“Best” not in comparison price. quality. And simply “the best” in terms of quality and cutting speed. At one time, this place was occupied by BOSCH circles. But, at present, their price is almost two times higher than similar products of Di-Star Corporation and the quality of cut is worse. Maybe their quality remained at the same level, but better products just appeared.

cutting wheel DiStar

The products of Di-Star company have long appeared on the Ukrainian market (1998). these were cutting wheels of a subsidiary of Ukr-Diamond. It was possible to work in such a circle for more than a year. But the prices were high and other manufacturers were more popular. Currently, a cutting wheel for cutting an angle grinder with a diameter of 125 mm costs about 20, and cuts ceramic tiles with almost no chips.

Safety precautions when cutting tiles angle grinder.

The first is the work with goggles. Shards of ceramics fly out at high speed and often get stuck in the eye. It is difficult to independently pull out such a fragment.

Video: Which side to cut the tile

The second one. During cutting, it is necessary to cut the lower third circle, without burying more than half the circle below the cut. If this is not observed, often the turbine jumps. The consequences are different, from damaged tiles to hand injuries.

about the correct cutting of tiles without chips, and create holes in it using an angle grinder, more details in the book.

You can download without any "troubles" by clicking on the picture.

Disadvantages of “angle grinder” when cutting tiles.

The first drawback is increased injuries.

The second disadvantage is dust, which is formed during operation. This can be considered a major drawback. If the room is finishing work (wallpapering and painting), then it is impossible to cut tiles with a turbine.

Although, I recently saw a simple solution to such a problem. a cardboard box with a vacuum cleaner:

Questions from letters and consultations on Skype;

1. On which side do the angle grinder cut tiles?

From the front. So there will be less chips. When marking and cutting a hole (for example, under a socket) on the reverse side, the chips will be significant and the fishing line will be different. There is a danger that the case will not cover the enamel damage along the edges of the hole.

A hole for a socket cut from the back of the tile.

2. What is the power of angle grinder for cutting tiles?

For cutting tiles, power is not the main indicator. A turbine with minimum power is suitable for this. I have already talked about this “Makita GA4530 ″

For cutting tiles, the main thing is revolutions. The stronger the revs, the cleaner the cut. And, most importantly, how well the rotating shaft is made and the quality of the bearings on it. If the centering or poor-quality bearing is incorrect, vibration starts:

  • A clean cut will not work. Chips will appear on the tile.
  • Vibration will increase (especially at high speeds), which leads to destruction of the bearing.

A tool of this quality can only be manufactured with expensive equipment. And a solid company can allow it. But these are not only brands that are well-known. Confirmation of this experience with mixer modest company “Fiolent”

3. How to cut a tile angle grinder so that there are no chips?

It is difficult to cut ceramic tiles with one angle grinder, without chipping. This can be done if, first, with the help of the tile cutter roller, draw a line on which it is necessary to make a cut. A wheel cuts through the upper layer of tile. enamel, and chips do not form.

But the tile cutter does not break the narrow strip on the tile to the end (or does not break off at all). The rest has to be cut off by an angle grinder. At the same time, it is necessary to cut so that the cutting wheel almost does not touch the line drawn by the cutting roller.

Also, the turbine circle should be cut at a slight slope (and not touching the cut line).

Then the cut edge of the tile, you need to modify the bar, wrapped fine sand paper. A large “sandpaper” will make chips on enamel, and a small one will process it for a long time and it wears out quickly. Therefore, the edge of the tile cut at an angle is easier to process.

The number (grain) of the paper is selected empirically. The paper is fastened on a flat wooden block with a stapler or small nails. What is the best sandstone block? The bar is longer. Not only does it grind off the edge, but thanks to its long, even plane, it evens out the cut piece.

This bar is enough for half a year of work.

Below is a short video How to cut an angle grinder and strip the edge of the tile with “sandpaper”:

Well, and another opinion, how to process the end face of the cut tile: