Trimmer “Stihl Fs 55”: Reviews, Specifications, Instruction Manual And Repair

If you often encounter the need to mow the grass on the plot, then you can use modern devices like trimmers or lawn mowers, especially for this. Among other solutions in the contemporary market are trimmers, with which you can maintain the surrounding area in a tidy condition.
One of the essential advantages of the gas mowers is the fact that it is not tied to a power source on the principle of electrical units. But to use such equipment can be even on uneven areas and in hard-to-reach places, this should include areas under shrubs.

The arrangement of the trimmer.

The arrangement of the trimmer “Stihl FS 55” you should be aware if you plan to operate the equipment, and even more so to repair it. The internal combustion engine in this unit is almost the same as in the chainsaw. However, the latter tire is fixed to the engine reducer by a long tubular barbell. Inside the shaft is located, which transmits torque from the motor to the working tool. This design is suspended on a belt that spreads over the shoulder. It allows you to keep the device on the weight, which is important for a sensitive mass of chainsaws.
The handle is fixed to the unit bar, with the help of it, you can move the end of the bar with the working tool. Trimmer “Stihl FS 55”, repair instructions for which are presented in the article, on the part of the person has a protective shield in the form of a casing, which excludes injuries during the operation. The instrument itself is a round drum, on both sides of which a thick fishing line comes out of the holes. When the drum spins, the line under the action of centrifugal force stretches and hits the grass, chopping it.
Trimmer “Stihl FS 55” has a fast-wearing nylon fishing line. It is periodically updated by unwinding the reel, which is located inside the drum.

Model description.

The above equipment is a premium device. With it, you can take care of the territory on a large suburban area. The equipment is amenable to young and old grass, reeds and weeds, as well as young shrub growth.

Why it is worth choosing FS 55?

Buyers also like the bicycle grip, which improves handling. When working hands are placed widely, so the unit is easier to manage, he is very maneuverable — buyers like the handle and belt to be adjusted to the needs of the operator.
The tool can be easily configured for easy use. The controls are on the same handle. Dragging is not necessary, everything is under the palm of your hand. According to consumers, the Stihl FS 55 trimmer is also convenient because it has a pair of protective covers, one of which is installed for a knife, while the other is for a fishing line. The casing for the latter has a narrowing at the bar.

Operating Instructions: Security Measures.

The equipment described above should be used when wearing special clothes and using the equipment. Clothing should not interfere with work. Should choose the one that fits well with the body. It is necessary to exclude wide sleeves that could catch on shrubs, wood or moving parts of the unit.
It is necessary to remove the ties and scarves. This also applies to jewelry. Before you start the bender mop “Stihl FS 55”, you must wear protective boots that have a rough sole. It is important to use a special protective helmet and goggles that prevent damage to the organs of vision.

Starting the engine.

The engine started at a distance of 3 m and more from the place where the device is filled with fuel. To carry out these works cannot be indoors. Before you start, you need to take a stable reliable position. The motor device is kept as tight as possible. The cutting tool should not touch the ground or objects, because it can rotate at the start.
The unit is serviced by only one person, with no unauthorized persons in a zone with a radius of up to 15 m. Otherwise, you may be injured due to the dropped objects. Starting the engine of the mowing machine “Stihl FS 55”, the characteristics of which are presented in the article, should not be done by hand. Cutting tool after releasing the gas lever will move for some time by inertia. Flammable materials must be kept away from hot gases and the surface of the hot silencer, as this may cause a fire.


Works trimmer due to gasoline, which is easily flammable. Therefore, during refuelling, do not smoke near. Before refuelling, the engine turns off. Such manipulations should not be carried out until the engine has cooled, as fuel may overflow and begin to pose a fire hazard.
The fuel tank lock opens with extreme caution because excessive pressure can cause fuel to splash. The mowing machine “Calm FS 55”, the instruction manual of which should be studied by you before using the device, is charged in well ventilated places. If fuel is spilled, the device should be immediately cleaned so that it does not fall onto clothing. Otherwise, the latter should be changed immediately.
After the completion of refuelling, tighten the fuel tank locking screw. It will reduce the likelihood of its unscrewing due to motor vibration. If this is not foreseen, there will be a danger of fuel leakage. It is important to pay attention to leaks. If the fuel is spilled, the engine should not be started. Otherwise, there may be a risk of burns.

Repair instructions.

The trimmer “Stihl FS 55”, the instruction manual of which is supplied in the kit and should be studied by you before starting work, is high-tech equipment that is not difficult to maintain. You can independently carry out repairs and adjustments. As for the carburetor, this is 5 minutes.
The main problems of the failure of the carburetor can become breakage and clogging. To find out the cause, unscrew the fuel filter cap and remove the screen filter. If dirt has accumulated on it, then purging or flushing in gasoline will help. If you find visible changes on the filter, then it should be replaced with a new one.
Fuel supply pipes may also be damaged. Failure to operate the carburetor starting device may occur due to gaps. Gasoline or acetone is used for flushing. The carburetor can be blown through with compressed air; convenient repair practices can be used for this. Exhaust or intake piping, as well as the throttle body and those parts of the carburetor can be unsealed. If you are faced with the problem mentioned above, then you can verify it with the help of a soap solution that is applied to the desired area.

Adjusting the carburetor.

Carburetor for trimmer “Stihl FS 55” can be adjusted independently. To do this, the filter should be cleaned, following the rules of maintenance prescribed in the instructions.

The carburettor is adjusted using adjustment screws, there are three of them:

  • lower
  • right
  • left

The latter regulates the fuel mixture for low revs. You need to find the maximum speed at idle. To do this, the right screw is rotated in both directions. To make adjustments, the screw must be turned counterclockwise by a quarter turn.
When the adjustment of the gas pan “Stihl FS 55” is carried out, you should also use the lower screw, which is responsible for adjusting the engine. If you turn it clockwise, you can achieve an increase. For correct adjustment of idling characteristic normal revolutions of a hot engine, regular operation of a cold motor and a large stock of revolutions for a trimmer head are characteristic. The engine at the same time continues to work steadily, even when changing position.
Adjusting the carburetor trimmer “Stihl FS 55” provides for the engagement of the left screw. It regulates the mixture at high speeds. It is necessary to tackle this screw in the last place because it determines the adjustment of maximum speed, flow and temperature of the gasoline, as well as engine power.

Recommendations for the retention and maintenance of the device.

The trimmer should be held securely with both hands. The operator should take a stable position in this. You need to grab the handles with both hands. For sale are presented tillers with a round handle, while the left hand should be on a hill, and the right hand on the working handle. If there is a danger of an accident, the motor must be switched off immediately. At idle the engine should work flawlessly. Cutting tool after releasing the throttle lever should not rotate.
The idle setting from time to time should be monitored and adjusted. If the cutting tool idling continues to rotate, the unit must be returned for repair. When maintaining a scythe, it is necessary to pay attention to obstacles in the form of tree roots and stumps. Work is necessary standing on the ground. Do not use a side ladder or elevated work platform.


The model of a trimmer described above is intended for work on a personal plot. It is great for lawn mowing. If you install a special knife on it, the equipment will be able to cope with coarse grass, nettles and dried off shoots. Quite often, the described version of the equipment is compared with FS 38. These trimmers differ in power.
As for the model described in the article, it has an ergonomic handle and a straight shaft. During operation, you will be able to use the manual fuel suction feature, which allows starting in cold engine mode much faster.
Before making a purchase, it is necessary to estimate not only the cost, but also some other features of the gas mowers. Among them, especially should be allocated power, which will determine the performance of work. An important factor is the device handle.