Benzokoskilka trimmer for grass is poorly started after the first refueling. Problems with rotation of the cutting canvas

trimmer for grass gasoline sharply stalled and does not start

In order to most accurately determine the cause of the trimmer malfunction for grass of any brand (for example, echo) and find out the possibility of eliminating it, you need to install, when performing what action the device stalls. The engine can turn off both at idle and at high speeds, heated under load or immediately after starting and t.D.

If you stalled after starting

If the technique starts and stalls immediately after starting, this indicates the wrong settings or deducting the device. As a result of this, the fuel enters the engine unevenly, which leads to significant vibration and disconnecting the trimmer for the grass. To fix the breakdown, it is necessary to reconfigure the device according to the user management.

Another probable problem is the blockage of the valve supplying the gasoline mixture. It must be cleaned.

On a note! If the trimmer for the grass starts, but immediately stalls, it may also mean that the fuel is moving to the carburetor with difficulty. Weakening the valve will help to eliminate the problem. this will provide uniform and free circulation of fuel in the device.

Another possible reason is the damaged fuel intake hose. Air can penetrate through cracks and holes into the system. To solve the problem, you need to increase the engine speed in order to get rid of air bubbles that have penetrated the device.

If you stalled after gas supply

Owners of gasoline braids often mention that the lawn mower stalls when you press the gas. Usually such a breakdown occurs due to problems in the carburetor. A failure in his work can occur due to long-term storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overload of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device during operation.

On a note! Users familiar with the repair of a car carburetor can try to restore this important node of the trimmer for the grass on their own, using the instructions for operating. Otherwise, the correct decision will be to seek help from the service center representatives.

Sometimes a trimmer for grass stalls when you give gas because the fuel valve is clogged. This interferes with the supply of gasoline. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to loosen the valve. Thus, normal supply of carburetor fuel will be restored.

Another possible reason why the lawn mower stalls when gas is supplied is pollution of the soundtress (check valve). This detail prevents the appearance of a vacuum in a gas tank. If it is clogged, the air does not flow, which means that fuel does not go to the carburetor. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to clean this element.

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Why does a trimmer for grass stall when you press the gas?

As you can see, the reasons why the trimmer for grass can stall when pressing for gas, a lot

That is why it is important to monitor the state of your assistant, to check the condition of all systems of the mechanism in time

Before you understand why any of the instruments of a summer house or a professional working with a motorcycle (benzocosa) stalls-it is worth distinguishing between two main situations when it happens. First, this is when the tool does not start after you have made the purchase, and the second. being in operation. So, we will analyze both.

  • After starting.The case stalls the case if the carburetor is incorrectly configured or it was swollen. Fuel is supplied unevenly, respectively, distinct vibrations occur.
  • When heated. The situation when the mechanism starts and works, but gradually “chokes” and stalls on the go. when gasoline boils in the carburetor, or the damper in the carburetor is not disk, but rotary view. In such cases, it is better to replace the carburetor itself. There is an air leakage option. when a coil or wire is broken in the ignition.
  • At high speeds. This also occurs from the rounding of the carburetor or clogging the lid on the gas tank. It is worth trying work with a slightly parted valve. Be sure to check the fuel intake hose. it can be a crackling or poorly attached to the base.
  • He is not gaining momentum. As the main reason why the engine is not gaining momentum. an air filter clogged. It is possible to subside a cable in a carburetor, a breakdown of a carburetor and the occurrence of problems with the motor drive mechanics.

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There are times when the detail of the mechanism requires mandatory replacement, so we are always happy to offer spare parts for the lawn mower

It is important to understand that sometimes saving on minor elements can lead to a breakdown of such global components as a carburetor or engine. Therefore, competent operation and timely replacement of the necessary particles will provide you with full work with pleasure

A gasoline trimmer for grass is not started. 10 possible reasons

Before trying without the help of others to do the work of the tool, closely study the management of its operation. Maybe the information contained in it will stumble you upon a particular idea. When working in the load, the trimmer for the grass stalled and no longer starts.There is a spark.Gasoline acts. In an unpleasant case, you will have to find the cause of the malfunction by selection. Why doesn’t the lawn mower start: floods the spark plug, after winter, under load and other reasons for the breakdown of a gasoline trimmer for grass. It may be one of the subsequent:

  • The switch on the bar has not been transferred to the “v.””. This is one of the simple actions, but from time to time the brand new are blurrying to turn on the tool before starting it.
  • Similar errors include the lack of fuel in the tank. If the fuel ends, and you forgot about it, just pour into the tank (usually placed near the motor) AI-92 gasoline.
  • Absence, inappropriate mixture or incorrect proportion of oil for engines. In the standard, less than 50 g of oil should often be added. I don’t remember a trimmer for Homelite grass, it is chasing and starts to start poorly in the time. This will serve as an additional lubricant and will support the engine of your trimmer for grass in working condition. Also consider that oil is of various types (“synthetics”, “semi-synthetics”, “mineral water”)-they all affect the operation of the mechanism differently.
  • If a trimmer mowel for grass does not start after winter, drain fuel remaining in the gas tank and change it to the freshest. This is especially burning for small low.power trimmers with malhangic engines sensitive to poor consistency. In addition, during the winter, a precipitate may form on the day of the gas tank, which is due to which the tasks with the operation of the device appear.
  • Excessive swing of fuel can also become one of the circumstances that the trimmer for the grass has not stalled and does not start. Когда воздушная заслонка перекрыта, свечу заливает топливом. It should be turned and dried, and then stick in your place and try to launch the engine, holding the gas trigger. STIHL 180 chainsaw is not started? Reasons and decision! To date, the manufacturer of STIHL has a leading place among other companies that arbitrarily. It is better to check it for the presence between the electrodes of the sparks before that. If there is no spark, the candle should be changed.
  • Conclusions with the filter. trimmer for grass but not suitable for my case. Starts and works does not gain momentum. That a trimmer for grass does not start hot and even cold. If the lawn mower is not started. If your trimmer for the grass starts poorly, remove the air filter and run the tool without it. If everything happens, the filter should be changed to a new. As an option-painfully cleaning and blowing the old one, but the substitution will still have to be done at some point.
  • trimmer for the grass stalled and does not start? Try to clean the so.called Sapun. an element designed to smooth out pressure in the gas tank. Cleaning can be done with an ordinary long needle. The clogged sapun often becomes a prerequisite for a malfunction.
  • Knives are removed from the car. some models will not work under this condition.
  • Violation of density. You can check this using a pressure gauge. If the pressure begins to fall, you should find which of the parts of the carburetor is faulty. In most cases, carburetor laying wears out.
  • From time to time after a long period of work, you can see that the trimmer for the grass has overshadowed and does not start. Benzo trimmer for STIHL FS45 grass starts up and tried to start. Or not starting, MTD STC 55 P. Author. VO-1, you need to know that you should definitely take breaks. The amount of continuous work recommended for this model should be indicated in the annotation. You bought yourself a new gasoline trimmer for grass and in this case the lawn mower will not start or. Also, an overheating failure can lie in a faulty ignition coil or in the air cooling system, which prevents overheating.

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Trimmer for grass Redverz Redverg RD-GB252 is powerful and reliable, it will cope with both dense thickets of hard grass and small shrubs. This tool will provide you with comfort and safety when working. A convenient bicycle handle will give the operator the opportunity not to get tired even during the most voluminous tasks. The system of shoulder straps will evenly distribute the weight of the equipment and practically do not pay attention to the tool. Redverg gasoline trimmer combines high technical characteristics and affordable price.

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Chain chain tips

What to do if a gasoline lawn mower is faulty?

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Restoring the performance of electrical equipment

Mowers, inside of which electric motors are located, most often begin to be capricious due to oxidation of contacts. The terminals are covered with a layer of scale from excess humidity in the room or in another place of storage. It is also worth checking the absence of a break in wires in problem areas. For this operation, a multimeter or other tester type is used.

When a set of garden equipment contains a brush engine, we identify the performance. Brushes can wear out quickly, leading to a lack of contact. The reptity of them costs relatively little, and it is easy to find it in specialized stores, where they sell spare parts for such a technique.

Asynchronous engines are also in wait for the malfunctions. They refuse capacitors. A similar situation is diagnosed at home is problematic. It can be detected by indirect symptoms:

  • The sound of a buzz is heard;
  • When starting, the case twitches slightly;
  • significant heating of the motor occurs even at a slight load;
  • Reduces are reduced.

It is worth diagnosing the condition on the tolerance/button and the voltage supply to the electric motor. Когда проведено тестирование описанных узлов, а нарушений в работоспособности не обнаружено, то вряд ли удастся исправить поломку газонокосилки своими руками. Then you will have to use the services of the corporate service.

How to extend the life of Motokos

In order for the work with the motorcycle is the most productive, and the shelf life of the motorcycles was as long as possible, it is necessary to properly operate the device, not forgetting to care. If you have never used a motorcycle, do not worry, you will definitely not have difficulties when using this device. The main task of the holder of the motorcycle is to rotate the device along the semicircle from right to left and gradually go forward.

There are many ways of mowing grass, for example, mowing vegetation from right to left, a square method of kosba, kosba in both directions, as well as other methods of using motorcycle sections. What method to use, you decide, most importantly, do not depart from the rules for applying the device and clearly follow the instructions.

Remember that during the haircut of the lawns, you can not press the fishing line for the trimmer of the device to the pumped area. By violating this rule, you risk overloading the engine and the mowing head, which will subsequently lead to melting the parts of the device or, even worse, will disable the device.

When cutting high grass, use a fishing line that copes with such tasks perfectly. During work, try to keep the string in parallel to the ground. It is unacceptable to press the motorcosa head to the ground, as there is a possibility of causing significant harm to the device.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at the operation of the lawn mower. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work contributes to the light removal of not hardened residues and dirt. You need to clean only cooled nodes. This technique contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fuel with oil recommended in the instructions. If you leave the combustible mixture in the fuel tank, the oil will float and dies on the damper when starting, worsening its adjustment. The mixture can give a sediment and score fuel supply in the carburetor.

When preserving equipment for the winter, make an audit, grease the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in the oiled rags and store in a dry place.

It is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mowing, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gearbox and the engine increases. A demolished piece of wire when separating flies at the speed of a bullet. Effective mowing can lead to a speedy wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Star” fishing line.

Diagnosis of the lawn mower and elimination of causes. video

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Cleaned, dried in the hot sun, from adjusted 1 mm gap. a candle of ignition, a braid for the grass earned like a new!

The candle has a black terry fog, after cleaning it starts and immediately stalls, the candle is flooded.

My problem is that the Hyter lawn mower starts only if I remove the muffler. At the same time, the muffler is clean and I still blew it and cleared it, it is worth putting the muffler in place, the lawn mower will not start, what is with it? Thanks a lot in advance.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at uninterrupted operation of the gasoline pump. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work facilitates the removal of unexplored residues and dirt. Clean only chilled nodes. This method contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

For refueling, you must use fuel with recommended oil in the instructions. If the fuel mixture remains in the fuel tank, the oil will swim and, when starting, land on the damper, worsening its adjustment. The mixture may besiege and clog fuel in the carburetor.

When saving the equipment for the winter, inspect, lubricate the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in a lubricated rag and store it in a dry place.

This is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mower, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gear and the engine increases. A worn piece of wire flies at the speed of a bullet during disconnection. Effective mowing can lead to the rapid wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Asterisk” line.

While leaving the personal plot, sometimes people have to face the fact that their lawn mower is not started. There are several reasons for the refusal of this tool.

The lawn mower will not start. the reasons

Incorrect storage, a long break in extreme, untimely maintenance and other factors lead to the fact that the lawn mower may stop starting.

Diagnostics of the reasons should be started with checking the main nodes. fuel tank, candles and candle canal, air and fuel filters, saopan, graduation channel. Most often, problems are associated with one of these nodes, and their thorough inspection will help to decide why the lawn mower will not start.

If you use low-quality fuel (below AI-92), this can lead to a breakdown of the cylinder-piston system, the repair of which will result in about a third of the cost

In addition, it is important to observe the correct ratio of gasoline and oil specified in the operating guide to your specific model

The operation of the engine can also prevent fuel filter pollution. If this problem is detected, you need to replace the filter. Air filter also does not hurt to check also. When contaminating it, it is necessary to dismantle it, rinse in water with detergents, dry, grease in oil and put in place. Spark plugs that do not show signs of life must be replaced with new.

Sometimes the lawn mower starts up normally, but then stalls. This is mainly due to incorrect tuning the carburetor or its reservation. Determine that the reason is precisely in this, you can by vibration that are noticeable during operation. You need to configure the fuel supply adjustment, following the instrumentation instructions.

The lawn mower is poorly started on hot

When the lawn mower worked properly, and after a short break does not want to start again, you need to press the gas trigger and sharply pull the starter cord several times in a row, until the engine starts and only then release the gas trigger.

The lawn mower is not started on a cold

At the factory, cold motorcycles are pressed for gas, on the contrary, is not recommended. It is necessary to tilt the lawn mower so that the air filter is at the top and click on the leak button 5-6 times, then install the function of switching the functions to the Start position and pull over the cord several times before the engine factory. After a few seconds of operation, braids for the grass, the start system can be turned off.

What to do if the lawn mower does not start ? In this article we will consider the main reasons for this breakdown.

Most often, the lawn mower refuses to start because the fuel fills the candle. This can happen due to the fact that worn nozzles serve too much fuel in the combustion chamber, and its excess flies a candle, which is why it cannot generate a spark. If the candle is always wet, then this may indicate the wear of the gaskets, which is why the flowing oil prevents the formation of a spark. If the candle is dry, and the lawn mower still does not start, then, first you should replace the candle itself.

Another common reason-a 4-step lawn mower refuses to start “on hot”. Here you can recommend a simple test: by clicking on the trigger, twitch the launch cord several times. If after that the engine has not started, then your tool needs a more detailed diagnosis with subsequent specialized repair.

Carburetor adjustment and configuration

The maximum and minimum engine speeds, even idle is regulated by the carburetor. The stable operation of the lawn mower depends on the amount of fuel mixture and air. The lawn mower is not started with disturbed adjustment of the carburetor. The procedure for setting up the device for supplying fuel at low speeds (L), high speeds (H) and idle (T) is regulated by the same vints:

  • The chainsaw should work for at least 10 minutes, since the adjustment is carried out in hot.
  • The screw n is flooded smoothly to maximum speed, then turning on ¼, counterclockwise, reducing the speed of rotation of the engine shaft.
  • The idle stroke is regulated by the screw T, ensuring that the braid for the grass does not rotate.
  • The screw l is regulated, first opening the throttle as much as possible, and then smoothly reducing the speed to stable minimum.

After adjustment, a proper carburetor with cleaned filters should ensure the operation of the engine. In the event of a malfunction of the carburetor, after its repair, it will again need to configure the supply system before starting the lawn mower.

Rare breakdowns that prevent the operation of the lawn mower can be:

The most important malfunction, the elimination of which is associated with the replacement of the engine may be the failure of the piston group of the engine. The cost of repair will cost about 70% of the cost of the product. To figure out the reasons why the lawn mower is not starting up will help

Benzotrimmer loves cleanliness. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the air filter and fuel. It is better to defend gasoline bought at a gas station for 2 days and pass through the simplest filter. a piece of bike matter.

We check the electrical equipment as follows:

We unscrew the candle, examine the gap between the electrodes. We set the right gap between the electrodes can be a “grandfather” way. We take a blade from a razor, scraps in half and insert a home.made probe between the electrodes. If the blades enter tightly, then the gap is perfect.

We put on a candle cap of a high.voltage wire and lean the candle against the metal surface of the engine. Twist several times by the starter. If the spark beats well at one point, then the gap is adjusted correctly. If not, the spark is weak or “wanders”, then it is necessary to re.adjust the gap between the electrodes.

Also, the ignition coil can be broken in electrical equipment. In this case, the lawn mower will not start or start and works with interruptions, and then stalls, or “hot” does not start at all.

You can check the serviceability of the coil in the same way as when checking the spark: we unscrew the candle, lean it against the trimmer body for the grass. If there is no spark with a jerk of the starter, or it appears through time. you need to change the coil.

The most frequent malfunctions of gasoline lawners

It is necessary to check the fuel. It is possible that due to its absence, the engine will not start. The reason for the refusal of the engine may be a candle. The car is removed and the engine is launched again.

Силовой агрегат завелся, но сразу заглох

The reason for the refusal of work may be an insufficient amount of oil in the motor crankcase. Because of this, the piston or crankshaft often jams. Try to hand it manually. Often such actions give a positive result. Then, before repeated start, it is necessary to add the missing oil.

To revive the unit, it may be enough only to pump up fuel with a plain in a carburetor. The speed adjustment to the maximum will help. Then pull the cord smoothly on yourself. Twenty centimeters will be enough and a sharp jerk jerk over yourself.

Often problems arise With improper location of the air damper

, when the first trial start of the motor is produced. It is recommended to completely open the damper.

can serve as an air filter. It is necessary to disconnect the wire from the spark plug on the disconnected lawn mower. Then remove the filter, having previously unscrewed the lid. Rinse it with gasoline and dry it. Put in place, carry out re.launch of the motor. If the actions are unsuccessful, replace the old filter with a new.

We remind you. the planned replacement of the air filter is carried out after 25 hours of operation of the equipment. If the lawn mower works on the battery, you need to check the level of its charging.

Can Check the safety lock

If the installation is carried out incorrectly, the lawn mower will not start. Experts advise regularly inspecting the lower surface of home appliances. Various malfunctions in this part may cause engine failure to work.

If your efforts are unsuccessful, contact the service center for the consultation and help of specialists who will be able to carry out any repair of the lawn mower, in particular it.

If the trimmer for the grass does not start, we check the serviceability of the filters

You will need to resort to checking the air filter, through which the incoming air is cleaned into the carburetor. The clogging of the cleansing element leads to the fact that the air enters in a smaller quantity or its supply to the carburetor is completely stopped. Find out whether the air filter is the reason that the trimmer for the grass is not started is in a simple way:

  • Remove the air filter and inspect it. The presence of clogging is already a reason to blame this detail in everything
  • If there are no clogs visually, then you must try to start the motor without a filter. If a trimmer for grass starts without a filter, then it is definitely necessary to replace this part
  • The air filter can be cleaned with a stream of compressed air, but if it has not changed for a long time, it is advisable to replace it with a new

It should be noted that a trimmer for grass can not start due to a blockage of an air filter, but these are extremely rare cases. Often, air filter clobs affect the stability of the engine, and also contribute to a decrease in performance.

It is interesting!If the chainsaw began without an air filter, then working as a tool without a filter element is contraindicated, since pollution will fall into the cylinder, and thereby the operational resource will decrease. The real reason why the gasoline trimmer for grass is not started is to clog the fuel filter. This part is located in the tank of the tool, and if the spit is already more than 2 years, then it is time to check the serviceability of the fuel element. If the filter is clogged, then the fuel mixture will not enter the carburetor accordingly, which means that the trimmer will not start the grass.

There are no difficulties with the replacement of the fuel filter, since for this it is enough to extract this part from the tank, and to replace it. If you are going to clean the fuel filter with a compressor, it is recommended to abandon this venture. It is better to buy a new filter for cleaning the fuel of the lawn mower, since clogs will still remain inside the old element. Below the video shows the process of replacing the fuel filter on the Oleo-Mac brand gasoline.

If you are not sure that the reason for the impossibility of launching a trimmer motor for grass is a cleansing element of fuel, then the following actions should be done:

  • Remove the fuel filter
  • Run the lawn mower
  • If she got started, and quickly, then the problem is really in the fuel filter

The filter is clogged through the following reasons:

  • With prolonged operation of the tool
  • If low.quality gas or oil is used
  • With prolonged storage of fuel in the tank of the tool
  • If you pour fuel into the tank, which was stored for a long time
  • When dust and small particles get into the tank of the tool. This usually happens during the tooling

It is interesting!If the fuel filter is working, and the lawn mower is not started, then it is worth making sure that the fuel hose is placed in the fuel. After all, there are times when the hose, along with the filter, is simply disconnected from the trunk tube, which leads to the impossibility of starting the engine engine.

Typical malfunctions

The most frequent breakdowns arising during the operation of the unit are:

  • the engine does not work, the trimmer is not started for grass;
  • The engine manages to start, after which it does not hold back and stalls sharply and for no reason;
  • The rod of the motorcycles vibrates greatly;
  • The gearbox overheats greatly;
  • Weak turnover at the cutting fishing line.

Before you start repairing, study the instructions that must be in the kit to correctly diagnose

And again the carburetor.

Well, even if after such bullying your trimmer does not start for the grass, you can’t do without disassembling the carburetor. It may very well be that everything is to blame for the gathering of the needle in it. In any case, the disassembly and washing of this capricious mechanism certainly will not hurt.

In general, when a trimmer for the grass began to be capricious and stall, it is advisable to carry out complete prevention: to completely change the fuel mixture, try another oil, and also mandatory change the candle. The gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start? Reasons and decisions on. Practice shows that in many cases, it is precisely cheap low.quality candles that are to blame.

We examined the most typical reasons why a trimmer is not started for grass. If the matter is something more “exotic”, do not pass the campaign in the service center. You will probably find smaller and obvious breakdowns yourself.

Recommendations for storage of gasoline trimmer for grass in the offseason

Placing a trimmer for storage grass, it is worth filling the gearbox with a sufficient amount of oil. Then you need to clean the air filter, partially disassemble, blow and rinse the unit engine. Having dried all the mechanisms, lubricate moving elements. To carry out the processing of the piston system with oils, it is necessary to first extract the spark plug. Then you need to move the piston to the extreme position, then pour a small amount of oil into the candle hole and make scrolling the crankshaft. If the gasoline trimmer for grass in the offseason is not planned to be stored in the house, it is recommended to tightly wrap the engine of the unit with an oiled rag. This will avoid the development of corrosion on the surface of important components of the mechanism.

If your lawn mower starts up, but does it not as easy as we would like, we suggest using the following tips:

  • Put the tool on the side so that the air filter is at the top. What will it give? The fuel mixture will fall exactly into the bottom of the carburetor. You can still remove the air filter and pour a couple of drops of the mixture into the carburetor and then install all the parts in place. The tool will start on the first attempt!
  • Perhaps the problem is in the candle, and then, unfortunately, the previous method will not help. But there is another! Twist the candle, check it for performance and dry the combustion chamber. If the part does not show signs of life, replace it with a new.
  • A universal advice that will help to start a lawn mower and a saw with a snowman. But it acts if the spark plug is working, the fuel mixture is fresh, air and fuel filters are clean. So, we close the carburetor damper and perform one movement by the starter. Next, open the damper and again twist the starter 2-3 times. We repeat the procedure, after 3-5 cycles the engine will begin to start.

How to clean and store a tool?

During the operation of the lawn mower, monitor the state of the engine cooling system. The channels available in the starter housing, as well as the cylinder ribs, should always be clean. If you ignore this requirement and continue to operate the motorcycle, then you can disable the engine due to overheating.

Competent care of gasoline scythe during operation allows you to use it for several seasons in a row without serious repair

Before cleaning, let the engine cool down. Take a brush with a soft pile and clean the outer surface from dirt. Cleaning plastic parts is carried out by solvents, including kerosene, or special detergents.

After the summer season, the lawn mower should be prepared for long.term storage. To do this, the fuel mixture is drained from the tank. Then the engine is launched in order to develop fuel residues in a carburetor. The entire tool is well cleaned of pollution and sent to “hibernation”.

As you can see, it is possible to repair the malfunctions of the household lawn mowed on their own. Service services should be contacted in case of serious breakdowns. In this case, the cost of repairs with the price of a new lawn mower should be correlated. Perhaps it will be more advisable to buy a new tool.