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Commercial Vs. Residential Riding Lawn Mower Differences

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is essential for any property’s aesthetic appeal and value. A riding lawn mower can make cutting grass much more manageable, especially for those with large properties.

Lawnmowers come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from small push mowers to large riding mowers. Riding lawnmowers are designed for cutting grass in large areas, such as parks, sports fields, and residential or commercial properties.

However, there are different types of riding lawnmowers, and understanding the differences between commercial and residential models is crucial when looking for a new riding lawnmower for sale. This article will discuss the key differences between commercial and residential riding lawnmowers.

Commercial Riding Lawn Mowers

A commercial riding mower is a lawn mower designed for use in large areas such as parks, golf courses, and sports fields. It is a heavy-duty, high-capacity machine capable of cutting grass and other vegetation quickly and efficiently.

Commercial riding mowers usually have a zero-turn radius, meaning they can turn on a dime without leaving uncut grass. They are also equipped with powerful engines, wide cutting decks, and durable blades that can handle the tough job of cutting thick grass and weeds.

These mowers are typically operated by professional landscapers, golf course maintenance crews, and other commercial lawn care professionals who need to maintain large areas of grass and vegetation.

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Here are some of the key features of commercial riding lawnmowers:

Larger Engines

Commercial riding lawn mowers typically have larger engines than their residential counterparts. Commercial riding lawn mowers need to be more powerful to handle the demands of commercial use. Most commercial riding lawn mowers have engines ranging from 25 to 35 horsepower. This power is required to handle large areas, thick grass, and frequent use.

Wider Cutting Decks

Commercial riding lawn mowers also have wider cutting decks than residential models. The cutting decks on commercial mowers can range from 48 to 72 inches, allowing them to cover more ground in less time. Large cutting decks are an essential feature for commercial properties with large grass areas that need to be cut frequently.

Durable Construction

Commercial riding lawn mowers are built to be more durable than residential models. They are constructed with heavy-duty materials such as steel and have thicker gauge decks to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Commercial riding lawn mowers are designed to last longer than residential models, which makes them a good investment for commercial property owners.

Comfort Features

Commercial riding lawn mowers often come with more comfort features than residential models. They may have adjustable seats, armrests, and suspension systems to provide a smoother ride for the operator. Comfort is essential for commercial property owners who must use the mower for long hours. Comfort features can help reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.

best, lawn, mowers, 2023, heavy

Residential Riding Lawn Mowers

A residential riding lawn mower is a type of lawn mower designed for use on residential properties. It is a motorized machine with a seat, steering wheel or handles, and cutting blades typically underneath the mower.

Unlike push mowers, which require physical effort to push, riding mowers are designed to be driven like a small vehicle. A gasoline engine powers them and can be either rear-wheel or front-wheel drive.

Residential riding mowers are typically smaller and less powerful than commercial-grade models and are intended for use on lawns up to several acres in size. They may have additional features such as headlights, cup holders, and adjustable seating for added comfort.

Here are some of the key features of residential riding lawnmowers:

Smaller Engines

Residential riding lawnmowers typically have smaller engines than commercial models. Most residential models have 12 to 25-horsepower engines, sufficient for cutting grass in small to medium-sized properties. Smaller engines make residential riding lawnmowers more affordable and easier to maintain.

Narrower Cutting Decks

Residential riding lawn mowers also have narrower cutting decks than commercial models. The cutting decks on residential mowers typically range from 30 to 48 inches. Narrower cutting decks are sufficient for cutting grass in small to medium-sized properties.

Lighter Construction

Residential riding lawn mowers are built to be lighter and more maneuverable than commercial models. They are made with lightweight materials, such as aluminum, and have thinner gauge decks. Lighter lawnmowers make them easier to handle for homeowners who may not have as much experience operating a riding lawnmower.

Simple Controls

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Residential riding lawn mowers often have more straightforward controls than commercial models. They may have basic features such as adjustable cutting heights and a single-lever control for engaging the blades.

Find the Best Riding Lawn Mower for Sale

When choosing between a commercial and residential riding lawn mower, it is essential to consider your specific needs. Commercial riding lawn mowers are more expensive but are built to handle heavy-duty use in commercial settings. Residential riding lawn mowers are more affordable and designed for smaller properties.

Understanding the differences between these two types of mowers will help you make an informed decision when shopping for a new lawn mower.

When looking for a riding lawn mower for sale. visiting a reputable riding lawn mower dealer is recommended. They can provide guidance on which type of mower is best suited for your needs and offer a range of models from different manufacturers. Whether you are in the market for commercial or residential lawn mowers. a reputable dealer will help you find the right mower for your property.

When shopping for a riding lawn mower, it’s important to consider your specific needs and choose between a commercial or residential model. Finding reputable riding lawn mower dealers can help you make an informed decision by providing guidance and offering a range of models from different manufacturers.

Diamond B Tractors Equipment is one such dealer, serving South Texas as an authorized Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower, STIHL, and Mahindra dealership. With a large selection of the latest inventory, our friendly and knowledgeable sales, financing, service, and parts departments are prepared to make your experience outstanding when investing in a new mower, chainsaw, or tractor. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


Q: What is the main difference between a commercial and residential riding lawn mower?

A: The main difference is the level of durability and power. Commercial mowers are built to withstand heavy use and have more powerful engines than residential mowers.

Q: Can I use a residential riding lawn mower for commercial use?

A: It is not recommended to use a residential mower for commercial use as they are not built to withstand the heavy usage of commercial mowing.

Q: What are the benefits of using a commercial riding lawn mower over a residential one?

A: Commercial mowers are built to last longer and have more power, allowing quicker and more efficient mowing. They also typically have a wider cutting deck and can handle larger mowing jobs.

Q: What should I consider when choosing between a commercial and residential riding lawn mower?

A: You should consider the size of your lawn or business and the frequency of use. A residential mower may be sufficient if you have a small lawn or only use the mower occasionally. If you have a large lawn or use the mower frequently for commercial purposes, a commercial mower would be a better choice.

Q: Is there a price difference between commercial and residential riding lawn mowers?

A: Commercial mowers are generally more expensive than residential mowers due to their increased durability and power.

Q: Can a commercial riding lawn mower be used for residential use?

A: Yes, a commercial mower can be used for residential use, but it may only be necessary or cost-effective if you have a large lawn or need to mow frequently.

Best lawn mowers to buy in 2023

best, lawn, mowers, 2023, heavy

Our round up of the best lawn mowers, as tested by our experts.

Choosing the best lawn mower can be a tricky task, with so many models on the market and such a wide range of brands. There are five main types of mower available at hugely varying and all with different features that need to be considered.

To make things easier, we FOCUS on some of the key points to look for when choosing a lawn mower and explain some of the benefits and drawbacks of the different types.

We’ve also listed our best lawn mowers across the board, as tested by our experts. There are a range of styles on the list including corded, cordless, robotic, and push mowers, all of which offer various functions and additional features.

All the models on our list have been awarded Best Buy status after being thoroughly put through their paces. Every one of them has scored a minimum of 4.5 out of 5 overall, so you can be assured that you’re looking at one of the best machines in its category. To make things as clear as possible, we’ve included a list of pros and cons for each model, so you can make an informed choice on the best lawn mower for you. For more detail, take a look at our full list of individual lawn mower reviews.

Best lawn mowers at a glance

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing the right lawn mower for you. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want a corded electric, petrol, battery-powered cordless or push mower.

Husqvarna Power Riding Lawn Mowers TS 354XD

best, lawn, mowers, 2023, heavy

Heavy duty garden tractor with unbeaten capabilities in its class. Versatile ClearCut cutting deck and powerful, reliable engine mean fast mowing anytime, anywhere – with a perfect result every time. Commercial grade ground-engaging transmission with dash operated differential lock works with large, wide rear tires to enable tough usage without overheating, plus great traction and less damage to the lawn. Improved quality, comfort and ergonomics for an optimal driving and ownership experience.

Electronic locking differential

The standard electronic locking differential locks the rear wheels for increased traction when needed.

ClearCut fabricated cutting deck

The new fabricated design features welded 10 gauge steel construction with additional welded reinforcement strips for maximum durability

High back seat with armrests for added comfort and support while mowing.

An oversized and extra thick steering wheel for less steering effort. Soft touch inner surface guarantees reduced effort and better ergonomics

Hood in solid steel construction, guarantees reduced paint fade compared to plastic.

Heavy cast front axle provides superior balance and stability, even with a collector. Pivoting action helps smooth out rough terrain.

Refueling doesn’t require engine hood to be opened.

Cast Iron Spindle Housings

Rugged cast iron blade housings are built for durability and feature ball bearing spindle support.

11 gauge bolted steel designed to endure rougher use. Edipped paint for rust prevention

Tough, rugged looking brushguard protects the hood of the tractor.

Fully pressure-lubricated, two-cylinder Kawasaki engine with oil pump and oil filter. Powerful and quiet.

Ammeter and Hour meter Gauges allow for charging system status and hours used

The cutting deck is equipped with anti-scalp wheels, which reduce the risk of scalping when cutting uneven lawns.

Allows the tractor to maintain consistent speed, even in rough terrain.

Gives over 50% larger lighted area compared to traditional incandescent lights. For safer operation in darker conditions.

Toro 60V 21-inch Commercial Heavy-Duty Mower

best, lawn, mowers, 2023, heavy

With the new Toro 60V 21-inch Commercial Heavy-Duty Mower, professionals can be ready to transition to an emission-free lawncare fleet of mowers and tools in the years ahead.

The new 60V mower features an on-board power meter with 4 LEDs so you always know how much power you have left. With spare interchangeable batteries, you can run all day long.

At the same time, you’ll begin to realize an immediate return on your investment (ROI), including:

  • Zero downtime due to changing oil, air filters and other mechanical maintenance. The battery powerhead is easy to use and doesn’t require regular maintenance like a gas mower.
  • Easy-to-change 60V batteries – when battery runs out of power, just pop in a spare.
  • Zero exhaust.
  • Reduced sound – significantly reduced sound compared to a typical 21-inch gas walk behind mower

The Toro 60V is built with a variable-speed self-propelled rear-wheel drive and a brushless DC motor. The brushless motor delivers a blade speed of up to15,309 feet per minute (at 2800 RPM) with our 21-inch steel-forged razor-sharp blades.

Toro 60V 21-Inch Heavy-Duty walk-behind mower is available only at more than 3,000 authorized independent Toro dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The manufacturer’s suggested promo price is 450,499 USD. To learn more about the all-new Toro 60V 21-Inch Heavy-Duty Mower visit the Toro website.

Welded assembly, constructed with specially cold rolled 5 mm steel frame members.

3 mm formed plate, welded into one piece for unique strength and grass flow.

3 mm thick pressed steel round blade carrier, incorporating 3 easily replaceable, hardened and tempered swingback blades; mounted on a 30 mm diameter, axle steel cutter shaft running on heavy duty, sealed ball bearings. Bearing housing has ‘antiwind’ covers, both top and bottom.

CUTTER: Heavy duty ‘wedge’ section V-belt drive from engine crankshaft to cutter spindle.

WHEELS: V-belt drive from engine crankshaft to fully enclosed oil bath gearbox, incorporating hardened gears and shafts running on heavy duty ball bearings. Chain drive from gearbox to heavy duty differential mounted on 3 flanged ball bearings.

‘Over-centre’ action belt tensioner clutch.

‘Over-centre’ action to slide-mounted cutter housing.

Gives complete belt coverage. Easy removal – no bolts, only 4 rubber bonnet straps.

REAR: Solid rubber, 305 mm x 90 mm mounted on split, pressed steel rims, bolted to solid steel wheel hubs.

FRONT: Solid rubber with molded-in steel bearing housing running on twin sealed ball bearings. Mounted in swivel wheel castors.

GEARBOX: 2-speed – 3,3 6 kph.

HEIGHT OF CUT: 12 mm – 75 mm. 4-position, adjusted by handlebar mounted lever.