Commercial Lawn Mowers, ZTR, Stand-On, and Walk-Behind. Toro zero turn lawn mowers

Toro zero-turn mowers by model

Toro began in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1914 by producing engines for the Bull Tractor Company. After branching out into steam engines during World War I, Toro began a FOCUS on golf course and lawn maintenance in the 1920s. In 1986, Toro purchased lawn tractor manufacturer Wheel Horse, acquiring their full line of lawn and garden tractors, plus riding lawn mowers. In the 2000s, Toro focused production on commercial equipment, dropping residential lawn and garden tractors. In 2007, Toro began selling a re-branded line of tractors built by MTD.

Model Power Mower Deck Years
14-38Z 14 HP 38″ deck 2003. 2004
16-42Z 16 HP 42″ deck 2003. 2004
17-44ZX 16 HP 44″ deck 2003
17K-44ZX 17 HP 44″ deck 2003
17-52ZX 17 HP 52″ deck 2003
17-42Z 17 HP 42″ deck 2003. 2004
18-52ZX 18 HP 52″ deck 2003. 2004
18-44Z 18 HP 44″ deck 2004
18-44ZX 18 HP 44″ deck 2004
19-52ZX 19 HP 52″ deck 2004
616-Z 16 HP 38/42/52″ deck 1993. 1995
620-Z 20 HP 38/42/52″ deck 1993. 1995
724-Z 24 HP 50/60″ deck 1993. 1995
MX3450 16 HP 34″ deck 2015
MX4200 16 HP 42″ deck 2016. 2019
MX4250 24 HP 42″ deck 2015
MX4260 23 HP 42″ deck 2012. 2014
MX4800 21 HP 48″ deck 2015
MX4880 22 HP 48″ deck 2011. 2013
MX5050 24 HP 50″ deck 2015
MX5060 23 HP 50″ deck 2012. 2014
MX5400 23 HP 54″ deck 2014. 2015
MX5480 24 HP 54″ deck 2011. 2013
MX6000 24 HP 60″ deck 2014. 2015
MX6080 24 HP 60″ deck 2011. 2013
SS3200 15 HP 32″ deck 2011. 2014
SS3216 16 HP 32″ deck 2014
SS3225 16 HP 32″ deck 2015
SS4200 19 HP 42″ deck 2011. 2015
SS4216 16 HP 42″ deck 2013. 2014
SS4225 22 HP 42″ deck 2015
SS4235 20 HP 42″ deck 2011. 2014
SS4250 24 HP 42″ deck 2015
SS4260 22 HP 42″ deck 2011. 2014
SS5000 22 HP 50″ deck 2011. 2015
SS5060 24 HP 50″ deck 2011. 2014
SS5425 24 HP 54″ deck 2015
SW3200 16 HP 32″ deck 2015
SW4200 24 HP 42″ deck 2015
SW5000 24 HP 50″ deck 2015
SWX4250 24 HP 42″ deck 2015
SWX5050 24 HP 50″ deck 2015
Z16-44 16 HP 44″ deck 2001. 2002
Z17-44 17 HP 44″ deck 2001. 2002
Z17-52 17 HP 52″ deck 2001. 2002
Z18-52 18 HP 52″ deck 2002
Z380 14 HP 38″ deck 2005. 2006
Z420 16 HP 42″ deck 2005. 2006
Z480 18 HP 48″ deck 2005. 2006
Z4200 19 HP 42″ deck 2007. 2010
Z4220 21 HP 42″ deck 2008. 2009
Z4235 22 HP 42″ deck 2010
Z4800 22 HP 48″ deck 2007. 2008
Z4800K 23 HP 48″ deck 2008
Z5000 21 HP 50″ deck 2007. 2008
Z5020 23 HP 50″ deck 2007
Z5030 23 HP 50″ deck 2009
Z5035 24 HP 50″ deck 2010
Z5040 21 HP 50″ deck 2007. 2008
Z5060 25 HP 50″ deck 2008. 2010
Z5200 24 HP 52″ deck 2007
Z5200K 25 HP 52″ deck 2008
ZX440 18 HP 44″ deck 2006. 2008
ZX480 20 HP 48″ deck 2005. 2008
ZX525 19 HP 52″ deck 2005. 2007
ZX4800 23 HP 48″ deck 2010
ZX4800 21 HP 48″ deck 2014. 2015
ZX4820 22 HP 48″ deck 2011. 2013
ZX5000 22 HP 50″ deck 2009. 2010
ZX5020 23 HP 50″ deck 2011
ZX5400 23 HP 54″ deck 2009
ZX5400 23 HP 54″ deck 2014. 2015
ZX5420 24 HP 54″ deck 2011. 2013
ZX5450 25 HP 54″ deck 2010
ZX6000 25 HP 60″ deck 2009
ZX6000 24 HP 60″ deck 2014. 2015
ZX6020 26 HP 60″ deck 2011. 2013
ZX6030 27 HP 60″ deck 2010
ZX6050 26 HP 60″ deck 2009. 2010

Commercial Lawn Mowers, ZTR, Stand-On, and Walk-Behind

Find the perfect commercial lawn mowers for your business with the high performing, durable options from Toro. Whether you need large or small, walk-behind, stand-on, or zero-turn mowers, you’ll always get dependable, long-lasting quality in our lineup. See the Full Line Brochure here »

Find Toro commercial mowers provide top-line performance and professional-grade features like a 7/10-gauge high-strength steel deck. Browse Toro’s line of commercial-grade lawn mowers.

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Toro commercial zero turn lawn mowers are lightning fast ranging from 48 inch to 96 inch decks and offer up to 25% better fuel economy than equivalent carbureted engines. See all of Toro’s commercial-grade zero turn mowers.

Professional Stand-On Mowers

Walk-Behind Mowers

Toro’s line of commercial walk-behind mowers are made to last with 13-gauge steel deck and heavy-duty components. Refill less with the 1-gallon gas tank. Shop the series.

For all your Professional Equipment needs, including parts, pricing, attachments and accessories, see your local authorized Toro Dealer Find A Local Dealer »

60 in. (152 cm) TimeCutter Havoc MyRIDE Zero Turn Mower

54″ TITAN (75305)

Toro Revolution Electric Battery-Powered Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

The Toro Revolution Battery-Powered Zero Turn Lawn Mowers include three primary models. They include the Toro Grandstand Revolution stand-on mower, the Z Master Revolution zero-turn, and the 60V Toro HD 21 Revolution push mower. These mowers fall squarely on the commercial business side of the industry with performance, run-time, and pricing to match.

What Toro Revolution Electric Mowers Offer

Increasingly, local municipalities continue to pass laws mandating OPE equipment perform with lower noise emissions. These municipal noise restrictions have forced many commercial landscapers and lawn care professionals to consider battery-powered products for their business—if not in whole, then in part.

Toro Revolution Series electric mowers deliver on the all-day runtime needed in order to achieve commercial-level operation and expectations. Their extra-large batteries and commercial-level decks ensure that professionals have another option when looking to supplement or switch over to electric.

Toro Revolution Mower Technology

We think Toro did a few really great things with the Revolution Series electric mowers. For one, they minimized components through the use of brushless motors and removing the need for hydrostatic wheel controls. That should translate into less maintenance compared to a gasoline engine and standard transmission. Next, they mounted the battery packs as low as possible on these mowers to drop the center of gravity and help them perform more confidently on all manner of lawns—including hilly terrain.

The battery packs of the HyperCell Power System used in the Grandstand mower, for example, feature 135 cells per pack (they appear to be 21700 cells). Each pack stores and delivers roughly 2337.5Wh of energy. Multiply that by the 8 battery packs that fit within the Toro Grandstand zero-turn mower, and you have somewhere around 18.7 kilowatt-hours of available power! That’s roughly the equivalent of 18 STIHL AR 3000 backpack batteries and should give you all-day mowing capability unless you only mow uphill.

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

It goes without saying that the Toro Revolution Series mowers have incredibly robust battery systems. In fact, here’s how some of the key features compare:

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

The controls on the Z Master Revolution include hard buttons—eliminating issues with trying to use touch controls while wearing gloves. We love this and think all mowers should get away from touchscreen interfaces. They have no place on mowers. Using the Horizon interface, you can control blade tip speed and maximum drive speed. Toro also lets you see the remaining battery charge and other helpful info.

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

An adjustable deck rake gives you a pro feature that also helps increase runtime by letting more grass clippings exit the rear of the deck while mulching. You can also adjust the rake to optimize cutting performance.

Between the battery and brushless motors on this electric mower, Toro claims you get the equivalent of a 38hp engine. That should be enough to tackle even overgrown grass, though regular maintenance cuts will yield you the longest overall run times.

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

With three available models, expect to pay 35,000 for the 48-inch model and even more for the 52-inch, 60-inch, and premium 60-inch model with MyRide suspension.


Toro Grandstand Revolution Stand-on Mower

The Toro Grandstand Revolution Stand-on Mower isn’t the first battery-powered stand-on in the market. It does, however, offer some unique features worth looking into. Toro built this electric stand-on mower on the same commercial platform as their gas-powered GrandStand series.

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

The mowers feature the same strong I-beam front end and 7-gauge steel deck with bullnose bumper.

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on

Like the Z Master, the GrandStand Revolution lets you adjust the deck rake to compensate for various mowing conditions. Instead of the 10 batteries of the Z Master, this machine uses 8 Toro HyperCell batteries totaling 18.7 kWh of power. It delivers up to 7 hours or more of runtime with a maximum speed of 10 mph.

commercial, lawn, mowers, stand-on


Final Thoughts

Clearly, these electric mowers from Toro offer professional quality. They also, however, offer themselves at a professional-level price. Starting around 35,000, the Toro Z Master and Grandstand Revolution mowers aren’t for the faint of wallet. While you can certainly make the case for an eventual ROI, our calculations put that around 4-5 years. That corresponds to the time when you may need a replacement battery. Unfortunately, the battery can make up half the price of the original mower.

We can’t help but think the future of commercial battery-powered lawn mowers will fall to the leasing market. It makes too much sense and eliminates the issue of long-term ROI based on uncertainties like ongoing run-time and battery replacement.

Clint DeBoer

When he’s not playing with the latest power tool, Clint DeBoer enjoys life as a husband, father, and avid reader—especially the Bible. He loves Jesus, has a degree in recording engineering, and has been involved in multimedia and/or online publishing in one form or another since 1992.

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Toro 60” 23.5 HP 726 cc Lawnmower

Your commercial 3000 Series lawnmower by Toro comes equipped with a powerful 23.5 HP Kawasaki FX 726 cc engine and a 60” Turbo Force Deck.

THE TURBO FORCE DECK- The Turbo Force Deck can easily be fine- tuned to conquer any turf condition. The high capacity deck will always deliver a superior cut.

7- GAUGE HIGH STRENGTH STEEL- Resisting damage from the impacts and abrasions the Turbo Force Deck is 33% thicker and 32% higher in yield strength making it 75% stronger then any basic 10 gauge commercial steel used in 7/10 decks. This deck is constructed of 7- gauge high strength steel.

INDUSTRIES TOUGHEST SPINDLE ASSEMBLIES- The solid 1”in. diameter alloy steel shaft also consists of 6 mounting bolts and made of cast iron housing will absorb impacts and distribute them across a broader area of the deck shell.

(72” Deck will have tapered bearings only)

A FLAT CRISP CUT WITH PRECISION BLADES- These thick, high in strength, heat treated blades will survive most impacts and will reduce wear and tear while providing a crisp, even cut.

CONVIENCE AND COMFORT- To reduce operator fatigue and increase comfort the large 1-5/8” diameter steering controls are conveniently located. Handy storage compartment and built-in cup holder also add to the operators comfort.

RUBBER DISCHARGE CHUTE-This design with the high performance Rubber Discharge Chute will allow for ultra close trimming and clipping.

RUGGED FRAME- The cutting deck is supported by the 3”x1.5” commercial grade tubular steel frame.

FOLDING ROLLOVER PROTECTION SYSTEM (ROPS)- In case of a accidental situation such as a tip over or roll over for the operators protection this Toro is equipped with a seat belt. Loading a trailer can be easily done by temporarily unlocking the ROPS and folding down

COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY- Making this mower even better is a 5 Year or 1200 Hour Limited warranty with limited frame warranty, plus Toro’s 2 Year engine warranty.

Husqvarna MZ 48″ Kohler 725 cc 967262701 Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower w/ Fabricated Deck

Retail Price 4,799.00 Source Savings Discount:.300.00 4,499.00

Retail Price 4,999.00 Source Savings Discount:.500.00 4,499.00

Ariens Apex 60. 60″ Fabricated Deck 24 HP Kawasaki 991151 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Retail Price 5,599.00 Source Savings Discount:.800.00 4,799.00

Retail Price 5,637.00 Source Savings Discount:.338.00 5,299.00

Preferred Type of Controls

The first choice you have to make when buying a zero-turn mower is what kind of controls you want. The lap bar is the most common, but you can also choose a steering wheel or joystick. It all depends on your personal preference.

Deck size refers to the cutting area that your equipment can handle. The goal is to try to strike a balance. The deck size should be large enough to maximize productivity, but small enough for the machine to fit where it needs to go.

  • Up to one acre of land: 42” cutting deck.
  • Up to two acres of land: 42” to 46” cutting deck.
  • Up to three acres of land: 46” to 50” cutting deck.
  • Commercial jobs: 50” and above.

These are just a few of the considerations to make when buying a zero-turn mower. If you still have questions, reach out to our friendly staff at Four Brothers Outdoor Power. We are proud to serve Garland, Canton, and Greenville. We look forward to helping you pick the perfect equipment for your needs!