Bosch pbh 2100 re rotary hammer review

Bosch pbh 2100 re torch review. Conclusion

– 2. Anton Merkulov

Pros: Very light, reversible
Cons: Very weak, loud and nasty noise at high rpm, the drill chattering if pressed hard. Specifications do not match the stated.
Review: I am not a pro. Builder and bought peorator just for home. I was disappointed. First impressions. Worked a little too hard on the thick layer of plaster, but it worked fine. But to hang the cabinet on the concrete wall is not possible. The impact is very weak, drills overheat, concrete mostly just scratches. Conclusion: Only suitable for kiprich, aerated concrete and plaster, though it drills them with difficulty. Even at a low price to buy does not make sense, t.к. It’s not a tool.

– 5. tokoizh

Pros: The quality and design (and ergonomics, too), low weight, handy tool case, easy setup for different modes of operation
Cons: With the depth gauge in the additional handle socket, the depth gauge can not be fixed in every position. the limiter’s shank interferes. Sometimes the cord gets in the way. Imho, too thick and heavy.
Review: It is light weight, versatile, handy. Just what a home handyman needs. The quality of the auger and the results of work with the peorator very much depends on the quality of the drill.However, the tool has its limitations: I failed to break through a concrete slab M300 with it. Not a substitute for a jackhammer. Alas 🙂

– 1. Pushkarev Dmitry

Pros: Works so far
Cons: Out of the box. The big backlash of the auger up and down, left to right is acceptable. Weak engine. Pulls too weak in reverse mode.
Response: In the class of disposable peorator the previous PBH 2000 series seemed a bit better, but the impact is weaker. I do not recommend to buy cheap Bosch, after using budget tools from this company, there is no desire to buy any tools of their production.

– 5. Lastname Egor

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, easy to use
Cons: Not detected
Review: Bought it a week ago. Needed to hang 2 shelves, mirror, hooks. Before the Bosch, I had an inexpensive impact drill. In general, the difference is heaven and earth. 10 holes in a concrete room divider in two minutes. Like butter:)

– 3. Nikanorov Andrei

Pros: Convenient, ergonomic, nice-looking
Cons: The power is a little over zero, very expensive
Review: Power is a little over zero when compared to similar peorators. I don’t quite understand how the designers managed to make it so that the peorator drills rather than punches. It is very clearly visible in the temperature of the drill. They are not cold, of course, if you work, and here, well, literally blowing hot with a reddish glow. The drill bits are like sunflower seeds. They do not hold this kind of work. No, I’m not arguing, bricks, foam blocks, he can do it all. The drill can do the same, and it costs 3 times cheaper.

– 5. ProstoVova Vova

Pros: Relatively light. Nice, ergonomic design. Long enough wire. Inexpensive.
Cons: For Prof. No good use. I would not say that the case is too roomy, but it can hold about five small drills and grease.
Review: For home use, no more and do not need. Holes up to 12 mm. In solid walls with the same cheap Bosch drills. no worries. Knocked down the tiles in the bathroom, did not let me down either. I am amazed at those who write that it does not drill in concrete. I can make the assumption that these people bought a Chinese copy, of which there are many at Bosch now. Get it at a normal store, Rostest and everything will be OK.

– 3. Vitaliy C.

Pros: Small weight and size. Handy case. Separate cavity in the case for the drill bits so they don’t fly around the body. Comfortable cable length.
Cons: Howling spur gearbox. Directional switch is reversed from what it is used to. If you press on the right side, it spins counterclockwise. It will not be possible to fix it without collapsing, because the full stroke of the button is mechanically blocked when it is reversed. No full “gas” in Russian.
Review: Though plastic, the performance is good. Took it apart for fun. Why is it that the gears of the drilling drive hit each other with an offset, thereby reducing the width of the hook. I have no time to put it apart completely and study it in detail, but Yandex demands a review. Here’s a raw review.

– 4. Yuri Yu.

Pros: Price, reliability, weight, ergonomics, carrying case.
Cons: Small flaws in the design.
Feedback: I bought it a long time ago. I had it for 6 years and finally died. I worked with it day after day. I’ve drilled a lot of holes in a lot of different ones. Concrete, brick, aerated concrete, etc. Drills everything. True, there is one nuance. The gears of the drill drive hit each other with an offset, thus reducing the width of the hook. It is necessary to pick up a certain force. Seems to be a trifle, but adds speed to the work not a little. But it is not so good at chiseling. Concrete does not pick up at all. Anyway, now for the sad part. In this peorator it is necessary to check from time to time the bearing that is installed on the armature (the one in the back behind the manifold). So if it starts to jam, it begins to melt the body and the bearing bridge in which it is installed. If you notice it too late, it will melt away in a while and it will be hard to improve it. I advise to take it apart once every three years, then there will be no problems.

Bosch PBH 2100 RE (1).7 J) reviews

Advantages: It does the job.

Comment:It came quickly, my husband is satisfied. Worth the money

Disadvantages: I wanted a little more power, it is not fast

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: For normal use

Advantages: It works properly, has a case

Disadvantages: Weak, very weak. My husband was very happy with the drill. 700 W drill from Makita makes more noise, this one constantly beats off, bites the bit and so on

The commentary: I do not recommend to buy, it is difficult to call it a peorator.

Advantages: Convenient, lightweight, very well made. It is very quiet.

Disadvantages:Low-power, but it drills perfectly, 40 cm wall of claydite block 1.5 cm drills on hurrah!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I think the Комментарии и мнения владельцев are unnecessary. Great peorator, great reviews and high rating confirms it.

Advantages: Reliable workhorse at an attractive price

Disadvantages: Not enough power. The return mechanism does not work adequately when working in chiseling mode, you have to hand the blade back in place

Comment: Perhaps as a drill with chiseling it is super

Advantages: Price-performance ratio

Comment: A handy tool for home use.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Great product, took it for me, very handy, not heavy, easy to operate

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Good for its money peorator

Advantages:It’s a great machine for home use

Advantages:. Lightweight;- There are 2 additional modes: chiselling and drilling;- Price, at the time of purchase.

The downsides:. It has a bit of a kick, so it can be used for drilling only when you are really desperate.

Comment: You need to consider the power, for drilling outlets or beating off large amounts of plaster is definitely not suitable.

Strengths: Light weight. I planned to buy it for a long time. It is ideal for household chores. The power is not enough of course, but it does its job.

Check the warranty card is not included. I have been working for 5 months and it works fine. The quality of the product is satisfactory. Been using it for 6 months

Advantages:Bought as a gift to my dad, who is a professional in the repair, praised!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Super, light weight and drills faster than a drill, this is my first drill and I do not regret the purchase, before that I suffered with the drill, now I work only with the Pen? Only one thing I do not understand, when you switch the vario-lock does not snap back, is it supposed to be?

Strengths:Absolutely satisfied with everything. The torch has never failed.

Advantages: handy, lightweight. sturdy case

Disadvantages: It is a little noisy in my opinion

Advantages:The weight is not great. can be safely used as a drill.

Disadvantages:For such a price did not revealed

Commentary:I took it for the house. install baseboard. Make a hole for a pipe. door to put in. the tool handles it all. I took a set of spades to him immediately. The device does not drill 60 cm solid walls, if it has to. I will add a review. suitable for home use. I got it for 5k. Good luck to all ?

Advantages: handy, lightweight, drills quickly.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for chiseling is weak

Advantages:The presence of the case, the weight is normal, noiseless. Nice to hold in hands.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:A normal tool. I have a more powerful peorator, but it is also heavy). I took this one and did not regret it at all. Concrete walls of the 80s is fine to drill. Will pierce through modern houses with ease. I recommend it.

Advantages: Lightweight, compact, ideal for small repairs, 8 mm drill easy, but do not press too hard

Disadvantages: Not detected, from a household level and do not require more

Comment: it is acceptable for home use

Advantages:For the home is a great thing

bosch, 2100, hammer, review

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:In order to hang something at home and whack the walls. The tool is not professional. Do not expect anything unusualPlease do not forget about the wires in the walls. I was helped by a simple testerBe careful

Advantages:Lightweight powerfulBossChase included

Disadvantages:Can not clean itself into the case )

Comment:When this miracle appeared in my house. My motto is “not a day without a hole”. Goes into walls like a knife through butter. Lightweight. A pleasure to work with. Now you do not need to borrow a torch from anyone. Just a super purchase. 10 woken up the neighbors on a Saturday morning out of 10!

Advantages:. Lightweight and handy.- Drills brick and not the toughest concrete well with small drills.- High rpm, it is possible to drill out jacks with a diamond drill bit (I bought it just for this purpose).- Safety clutch works fine.

Comment: It is suitable for small drills and undercuts, but it is unlikely to pass through a concrete monolithic wall with a drill with a large diameter.

Advantages:Takes walls in panel apartments, chisels tile pretty well too

Disadvantages:The octagon is a chisel. Slightly crooked head. I had the same problem with the 2500re. No warranty card

Comment:I am generally satisfied with the purchase. Already tried it in use

Specifications peoratora

For quality work high power is needed. For the model in question, it is 550 watts. The Bosch percussion mechanism provides 1.7 Joules of energy per blow. Vario-Lock function offers a wide range of different chisel positions.

Max RPM per minute is 2300, max blows per minute is 5800. The maximum diameter of the hole depends on the material to be drilled. For concrete it is 20 mm, for metal. 13 mm, for wood. 30 mm.

Versatility of use

It has several operating modes, and it is used for different tasks. To make a hole in concrete or brick, you can select one of the drilling modes with or without impact. Adjust drill speed for more sensitive materials. RPM varies depending on how often the trigger is pressed.

And in order to remove old tiles, it is better to switch to chisel mode and as a jackhammer to remove it in the kitchen or bathroom. Another option is drilling grooves for subsequent installation of pipes or wiring.

When working with the device do not forget about the safety precautions. Do not work in gassy and explosive environments, in high humidity. Handle with care to avoid injury. Change modes and tools only when the appliance is off.

Top rated Bosch torches for 2022

In tenth place is the power tool for domestic and semi-professional use Bosch PBH 2000 RE. Powered by a 220V mains supply, which produces 550 watts of power. The unit can easily drill with or without a hammer. But chiseling is better to perform not very long and apply to materials with low density. Model is equipped for comfort and convenience with additional functions and options, such as reverse, chuck speed change, spindle lock and more. Excellent carrying case allows you to pack the complete set tightly and securely enough to avoid mechanical damage during transport and transportation.

  • Performs simple professional tasks;
  • The trigger of the mechanism is very sensitive, so it provides the necessary speed of rotation;
  • It works very quietly.

In ninth place is the Bosch GBH 2-28 3-mode drill, which perfectly performs the processing of any surface of any construction material. The optimal power of the unit produces excellent values and rates of rotation, impact energy, torque and other technical characteristics. There is a reverse option to change (switch) the direction of rotation of the working part of the electric tool in the opposite direction. It’s possible to lock the start button. High-quality electronics of the construction equipment allows you to control and regulate the speed of the quick-release chuck. Includes a second handle to ensure greater accuracy and reliability during operation of the peorator.

Write a review without registration Show all (not just bad) reviews of Bosch PBH 2100 RE Use current promo codes to buy cheaper!

– 2. Anton Merkulov

Pros: Very lightweight, has reverse
Cons: Very weak, loud and obnoxious noise at high speed, the auger chattering if pressed hard. Performance is not what it claims to be.
Review: I am not a pro. Builder and bought peorator only for home. I was disappointed. First impressions. Worked a little hard on thick plaster, but it worked fine. But to hang the locker on the concrete wall is not possible. Impact is very weak, drills overheat, concrete mostly just scratches. Conclusion: Only good for kiprich, aerated concrete and plaster, though it drills them with difficulty. It makes no sense to buy it even at a low price.к. This is not a tool.

– 2. Panfilov Egor

Pros: Easy to hold, not heavy, has 3 modes for different work
Cons: I paid a lot of money and can’t get anything right because of the damages: I paid a lot of money and now I cannot use it properly because of malfunctions
My feedback: The pity that I got into the reviews only after I managed to buy and break this, pardon the expression, peorator. I’m doing a small repair in the bathroom at home, that is, at a minimum tried to knock down the old tiles, and the plaster a little smooth, the dust was, yes. The first thing stopped turning on the button, in the warranty workshop changed, only warned that in the dust can not work. Had to make do with the old stocking on the body where the button. And now I have another problem, the percussion mode does not work. Will go to the service department, let them check what’s wrong. It’s not very nice to pay a lot of money for a tool and have one failure after another. Sorry, but I can not give you more than 2 grade.

– 1. Belousov Peter

My points: light weight, price
Cons: This is not a peorator. Very weak impact force. It is like a drill with a lever, but not a full-fledged puncher by impact force. Basically it is a drill with sds chuck
Review: because of weak impact force. the drill bits get warm. Must either cool down constantly or resign to constant replacement. my job requires me to drill slabs with a thin drill bit. (6-8mm) previously worked Hitachi DH24PC3 and with Makita HR2450 with them you could just drill a slab without resting to victory. And with this bosch such work leads to overheating of the drill bit(can be seen by the color). In general, to drill a couple of holes once a year. will go. Definitely not recommend for repair.

– 1. Pushkarev Dmitry

Pros: As long as it works
Cons: Out of the box. big play of the drill bit up and down, left to right is acceptable. Weak engine. Pulls very weakly in reverse mode.
Review: From the class of disposable peorator the previous PBH 2000 series seemed a bit better, but the punch is weaker. I do not recommend to buy cheap Bosch, after using budget tools from this company, there is no desire to buy any tool of their production.

– 1. Artem P.

Pros: Lightweight, handy chuck.
Cons: Power comparable to an electric screwdriver, impact. The screed, which is beaten off by a hammer and chisel, was barely pickable. Drilled through 2cm with an 8mm drill bit. In the same screed stopped and that’s it. Probably defective, but it’s not a peorator, it’s a 2 kg electric screwdriver.
Review: I returned it, they refused to take it back on the grounds that it was in use. To the explanation that it is a peorator, not a Barbie doll, and it is impossible to check it visually without using it, they mumbled nonsense. Let’s see the decision of the SC, if anything independent expertise.

– 3. kazo88

Pros: In principle, in its work is normal sort of peorator. ie.е. Works according to its name.
Cons: In essence it is a marketing toy.
Review: When my father received such a toy for his birthday, to be honest, I was a bit perplexed. I know what a normal peorator is, but so far I have not seen anyone seriously buy a parody of the tool for a pretty penny. It’s just the fact that it bombed, so I decided to write a review. I’ve had time to work with it, and, yes.- it’s a normal peorator at a pretty decent 1.Seven Joules. There are no complaints from this point of view. But man, even an Interskol p-18 with less impact force at 1.5 times cheaper made with real tools. And this is just a disposable design. There is a reason that all normal pehorators (and other tools that work in dust) have cast cases, not two-piece, including the fact that the rear bearing has to have a rubber ring (and a precise cast “seat” under it) to protect the seating against destruction in case of this bearing’s wedge. And here, of course, it does not. if it fails, the jack will be damaged, and therefore the body. both halves of the whole tool will have to be replaced. And, of course, it costs a lot of money. That’s why the green Bosch with its similar grinders and other tools are disposable toys with the maximum damage at the slightest malfunction. It will work. But in terms of vandalism, it is below the plinth, the level of a blender. And it costs more than normal tools. Think 10 times before buying if you need this “beauty”.

Not a bad lightweight peorator suitable for drilling as well as capable of active work in impact mode. Bosch pvn 2100 is equipped with a quick-clamp SDS chuck that fits drills and punching bits just fine, has a reverse and depth stop function. The light weight allows for minimum hand fatigue.

After Makita I was compelled to try out a Bosch peorator (model RVH-2100), and I was very disappointed that I have wasted my money. The engine is slightly above the plinth in terms of power, although some 5800 blows are listed. Dilling practically any, rather this drilling. The body doesn’t get warm at all, but I wouldn’t count that as a plus.к. This again points to the frailty of the machine.

There are many options, and among the domestic peov there are worthy. Being engaged in installation of the equipment for heating of houses, I already know, that better than Bosch PBH 2100 RE peoratora me not to find. It has enough power to drill big diameter holes the first time, I don’t have to spend half a day on it. And the kit that comes with it for drilling the vents is awesome!

I’m the boss of a construction crew. We do mostly plumbing, lighting, heating and installing video surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, we have a lot of broken baking machines. Over the past three months, went to rest 4 pieces, different companies. I decided to buy Bosch, I have never tried this brand before. After using it, I think this PBH 2100 RE is a good product, lightweight and powerful enough for the type of work it performs. The guys are happy, now my hands are not as tired, and it happens quite often in our profession.

I decided to do the repair myself so I don’t have to call an unknown repairman. I used the money I saved to buy all sorts of tools. Among them is the Bosch Peorator 2100. I love this company, always stood out for quality. Worked the entire repair, already a neighbor used praised.

Gets any density, no problem at all. The vibration, of course, goes, but convenient handle does not give much to feel. Pummels hard, warms up moderately.

I was very disappointed with this Bosch Pbh 2100 Re. Well here’s just believe me, I was not yet so sad, bought with the hope to work with the machine for many years but not the fate. Brought it home with joy and knocked down the tiles in the bathroom. Yeah, it’s light, yeah. Quality craftsmanship, but such a worthless power that it’s a crying shame. Didn’t feel that way when I was working at home. I went to do some repair work in the country house and couldn’t tear down a brick wall. It broke and had to be returned under warranty. Didn’t do the repair, it costs a pretty penny, but they winked at me that you’d bring me more.

I had the opportunity to work for some time with the Bosch 2100RE. In this price class, there is a lot to choose from and this model is probably the best. But for professional work is weak. I had a few things to compare it with, in terms of power this peorator is good for small jobs around the house. It is very well sharpened in hand, it is pleasant to work with. No discomfort, vibration. The drill heats up during the long work. On the whole it is not bad, but again, not for construction site, too little power.

That’s a machine! It’s just great. The lightweight PBH 2100 RE is easy to hold with one hand, and the rubber coated handle prevents slipping. The impact energy is quite powerful, and it helps to chisel even the hardest surfaces. I like the fact that I can change the chuck without a special tool being handy, I’m always stuck with it. And it’s easy to change here

I bought the Bosch 2100 for my home and I am very happy with it. I occasionally use it as a drill. Lightweight in itself, comfortable handle that changes to any angle, does not slip in the hand. The main thing is that it is a quality product. I’ve tried it under different conditions. nothing is a hindrance. Beats brick, concrete and tile. Drill goes in quickly, like clockwork. It makes noise like all torches.

Bosch PBH 2100 RE (0.603.3A9.320)

The powerful yet compact Bosch PBH 2100 RE gets the job done fast. Pneumatic impact actuator with energy 1.7 Joules allows you to work even in hard materials and with high impact force.

An important advantage over other tools is the SDS-plus system for easy tool changes. There is also a chisel function.

During drilling in wood or metal, the hammer lock engages. Comes with extra handle, depth stop, and special case.

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer: Household appliances: Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH, Karl-Weri-Straße 34, 81739 Munich, Germany; Power tools and garden equipment: Robert Bosch GmbH, 70711 Leinfelden Max-Lang-Straße 40-46, Germany
  • Importer in Belarus: “Triovist” Ltd. Minsk, Pobediteley ave., 00, office 203
bosch, 2100, hammer, review

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  • Victoria March 19, The size is small, easy to hold in your hands. Hopefully will be a great helper Pros: Size, weight Cons: No drill bits included
  • Katerina February 5, my husband loved it. Can do the job. Now actively involved in repairs, interference works great
  • Rita October 31, 2021 bought for my husband as a gift. My husband was very pleased with the drill. Soon all the repair work will be done in the house. Cons: No
  • Alexander March 30, 2021 Great motor does the job well Pros: Small, easy to operate Disadvantages: No
  • Tatiana February 18, 2021 I bought for my husband as a gift this compact drill Bosch PBH 2100 RE, which quickly performs the task at hand. Pneumatic impact force 1.7 Joules allows you to work even with hard materials with high impact force. One of the important advantages over others is the SDS-plus system for easy tool changes. It also has a chiseling function.I am happy with the product. Cons: have not yet been identified.
  • Fedor Stanislavovich January 27, 2015 For work on the house was looking for a reliable and quality peorator. Keeping an eye on Bosch. I ended up buying the Bosch PBH 2100 RE. To this day, I don’t regret that I bought it. I can do any job with this tool. Powerful, good punch, can work with hard materials. I was pleased with its light weight and ergonomic design, which makes the work very comfortable. And you can also chisel. Wonderful and versatile tool for me. Pros: Reliability, power, Bosch quality. Cons: Couldn’t find it
  • Katya September 25, 2014 I’ve been wanting to get my husband to start repairing the apartment for a long time. Didn’t know how to fit. So, I decided to give him the tool as a present. My friends advised me to get a Bosch PBH 2100 RE. That’s what I bought in your store. My husband is very pleased. Really got the job done. Plus: high quality build, easy to use, sds chuck (I don’t know what that is, but my husband really likes it). Sounds from the next room crumbles concrete walls for sure. Turns out my husband also uses it as a drill. All in all, everyone was satisfied. Recommended. Pros: Power, quality, convenience. Cons: happy with everything so far
  • Julia June 24, 2014 Quality German drill set with a case. Acceptable price. Three-year BOSH warranty. Pros: Original German quality construction. Cons: No drill set.

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Bosch pbh 2100 re torch review

I don’t think I need to comment on this. Perfect peorator, great reviews and high rating confirms it.

It is excellent, light weight and drills faster than a drill, it is my first peorator and I have no regrets about the purchase, before that I suffered with the drill and now I work only with the peorator, but I do not understand that when I switch the vario-lock does not snap back, is it supposed to be like this?

To hang something at home and tear up the walls. It’s a must. It’s not a professional tool. Do not expect anything out of the ordinary Please do not forget the wires in the walls. A simple tester helped me. Be careful

Perfect, very handy device. It works 10 out of 10, the convenience of the case and the tool itself 10 out of 10.

Bought my husband to attach the cornices to the concrete ceiling. The peorator made it. There is a storage case

Great home peorator when an impact drill is not pulling and a huge professional peorator is just not needed. This peorator is a great option. To drill, chisel, in the home. It’s logical, if you decide to punch 200 holes at a time in the concrete at 16-20, probably. Read all the way

As already written, it is not for professional work. For home use. good. I renovated my bathroom not without its help.

Bought for private use, apartment renovation, holds up for half a month and no complaints so far, hope it lasts a long time

Convenient, but not the most powerful torch. Not for professional regular work, but for home use. Works great with six, if you gradually develop the hole, you can also work with ten in the concrete on a solid wall. It’s a nice and handy suitcase, no shame to give it as a gift.

Small, lightweight and convenient. Drills well. Convenient case with many extras. There are a lot of compartments where you can cram a lot of things.For home use. No need to wait for more than what you paid for. I do not like it. For pros it is necessary to buy twice as expensive, but if you drill a few holes once a month for your home, why overpay??

So far, only that I bought a branded product with good characteristics at a minimal price for Moscow. Other impressions, hopefully positive, will emerge in the operation.

tried it as a drill. did not like it. Proven good as a peorator, but compared to the older models it lags behind in terms of power. I think that for household tasks is justified.

Price-appropriate for the given parameters. After delivery, immediately put it to work.slab monolith concrete grade 300 concrete thickness 200 hole 100. Time to punch a hole in 30 minutes.did not have time to heat up. drills well. albeit 550v.Was satisfied.

It is a great tool for home use. Somewhere for large construction is weak. But to drill a hole, to cut through something not very strong like a brick or a slab not supporting is the best.

I bought it for home. It is not a peorator, it’s just a big drill. Only then for too much money. No percussion function, but just drilling, you can drill with a drill. It was useless, after the first use it was sold. And bought a good torch.

I bought it to fix the apartment.Very satisfied.It does its job well.-RESTRICTIONS: Not found.Thank you OZON, ordered for the first time, I was not disappointed.

Gave it to my husband, he is pleased)))) I like the handy, beautiful box he was packed in. The tool is lightweight, for small repairs at home.

I bought it for my home. (previously used an impact drill) do not need anything better and, of course, I mean the price!

As already wrote bought to work on the house we have a panel house and impact drill for each hole needed a new drill bit (rarely another) and this drill not less than 15 holes over the course of a year, one drill. Read all the way

Order was shipped the next day, after registration! Delivery in Orenburg region in a week. I use the torch about a week every day. no complaints. Reaches out to the concrete and brick on HORA! I am satisfied with it! For Home Use. The very first thing!

Bought 3 days ago, hit 10-12 holes with the new drill, so far so good, all the holes penetrated 1m drill, and an impact drill, which I used before, for each hole a new drill, but then time will tell, after all, China!

Electric drill Bosch PBH 2100 RE

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The Bosch PBH 2100 RE (Bosch PBH 2100 RE) is an electric drill for household use. Can drill and chisel. This is an indispensable helper to work on the concrete. as well as in wood and metal. The tool is equipped with integrated Bosch Electronic. which adjusts the speed depending on the material you choose to work with. Rotation lock on impact for user safety. Reverse will help you use the peorator as an electric screwdriver. which is indispensable in the home. Handle with soft pads for vibration damping and shock resistance.

The advantages of the Bosch PBH 2100 RE Electric Screwdriver :

  • 4 operating modes: drilling. drilling with impact. Hammering with an electric screwdriver
  • The Bosch pneumatic hammer mechanism with a single stroke energy of 1,7 J
  • Lightweight and soft grip. Pleasant and fatigue-free working
  • SDS-Plus quick-change chuck
  • The chisel can be fixed in 36 different positions
  • Blocked impact when drilling in metal or wood
  • Bosch Electronic speed control. Acceleration function from 0 to max. With push-button switch


Bosch PBH 2100 RE electric hammer drill

Article number Model Bit retention type Power consumption Maximum impact energy RPM Blow frequency The maximum diameter of the drill Number of modes Vibration value ah (impact drilling in concrete) Accuracy factor K (percussive drilling in concrete) Vibration value ah (chiseling) Accuracy factor K (chiselling) Weight Price incl. VAT
06033A9320 Bosch PBH 2100 RE SDS-Plus 550 W 1.7 J 0. 2300 rpm 0. 5800 rpm 20 mm (concrete)30 mm (wood)13 mm (metal) 3 14,8 m/s² 1,5 m/s² 14,1 m/s² 1.5 m/s² 2.2 kg

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SDS-Plus chuck, reverse, can be used as an electric screwdriver, lightweight, handy, stylish design, three-mode. It is ideal for my home. I really like that it is so handy, practical and most importantly powerful)))

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