Briggs & Stratton 550e-550ex Small Engine Air Filter For 550e-550ex Series…

Briggs and stratton lawn mower air filter

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Briggs and stratton lawn mower air filter

briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine


briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine

briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine

briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine


briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine


briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine

briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine


briggs, stratton, 550e-550ex, small, engine


C 37 153/1 Engine Air Filter For TT 1.8L 2000-2006 VW Jetta 1999-2005 1.9L Beetle 1998-2005 2.0L Replaces A2046C 1J0129620A

Brand New Air Filter 32/925682 Air Filter Element For Heavy Duty Truck Diesel Filter Air Clearer

93260 798452 Air Filter for Lawn Mower Briggs Stratton Air Cleaner 500ex 550e 550ex 575ex 625 625ex 675exi 725exi Engine

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Briggs and stratton lawn mower air filter

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Briggs and stratton lawn mower air filter

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How to Change the Air Filter in a Lawnmower (Briggs Stratton Engines)

Performing full lawnmower maintenance at least once a year is essential to keep your mower in top running condition. This article is the second in a series of lawnmower maintenance articles that together cover complete lawnmower care. While this article focuses on changing the air filter in a push lawnmower, the basic principles can be applied to a riding mower and all other 4-cycle gas powered yard equipment (including such things as a pressure washer or chipper shredder, for instance).

We’re performing maintenance on both a Craftsman 6.5 horsepower (HP) self-propelled mower, and a lighter duty 4.5 HP Murray mower. Both push mowers are powered by Briggs Stratton 4-cycle engines.

Changing the air filter in a lawn mower is easy for even the most novice DIYer and is the most basic thing you can do to improve your mower’s fuel efficiency. Aside from the time required for a trip to the store to buy the replacement part, the entire operation can be completed in under 10 minutes. One note before we begin: These instructions are for general knowledge only and are not endorsed by the manufacturer. You should always follow the maintenance instructions that were included with your lawnmower.

How to Change a Lawnmower Air Filter

Step 1: Locate the air filter. On our Craftsman mower, the filter is located under a black plastic cover on the side of the engine, secured by a single flat-head screw to the crankcase [see picture to the right]. On the Murray, the filter is encased in a black plastic dish and cover setup, with a single screw that runs down into the crank case [not shown].

Step 2: Unscrew the filter cover and determine whether the air filter needs to be replaced. Our Craftsman lawnmower uses a standard paper type filter (shown on the left in the picture below) You can see from the picture that it is in dire need of replacement. On the Murray, the filter is a sponge material (shown on the right in the picture below). The sponge is caked with oil and should be cleaned or replaced.

Step 3: Purchase a matching filter or clean the filter for re-use.

Standard paper filters should always be replaced with a new one. You can find the right filter for your lawnmower at most home improvement and hardware stores. Remember that even if your lawnmower is a store brand, the engine is likely a known brand (e.g., Briggs and Stratton). If you can’t find the right parts searching by lawnmower model number, try using the engine brand and model #.

If a sponge filter is dirty but in otherwise good shape, it can be cleaned using a mild grease cutting detergent. Soak the sponge in warm soapy water and rub until clean. Some authors have suggested running the sponge filter through the dishwasher. In our opinion, this is overkill; and it runs the risk of getting lawnmower oil on your dishes and flatware! The picture to the right shows our Murray sponge air filter and its compartment case cleaned up using dawn dish detergent. Rinse thoroughly, and allow the sponge to dry completely before reinstalling.

Step 4: Clean the area around the air filter chamber and ensure no debris enters the engine. It is not necessary to get the area totally clean, simply wiping with a dry cloth is sufficient. Ensure debris does not enter the engine as this could damage internal parts.

Step 5: Reseat the air filter in its original compartment, ensuring it is seated corrected (paper air filters are designed to for optimal air flow in only one direction).

Step 6: Start the engine. The engine should be running at least as smooth as it was before the filter change. If something doesn’t sound right, check the filter to ensure it is seated properly.

That concludes the second article in our lawnmower maintenance series. Cheers to a healthy lawn… and lawn mower!

What do you think? Is your lawnmower’s air filter overdue for a change?

Related Questions:

How much time, skills, and tools I need to clean my lawnmower’s air filter.

Cleaning a lawnmower’s air filter sitting for a while is an easy task that can be quickly done at home in a couple of hours provided you have the right knowledge.

The tools and items needed for this job are liquid soap that cuts through grease, a paper towel, motor oil, and a replacement gasket if required. It is always suggested to refer to the owner’s manual for detailed instructions and specifications.

Can I use solvent water to clean the air filter?

In the case of a foam air filter, it is warned not to use solvent water as it causes the fibers’ breakdown that makes up the foam filter.

What types of air filters are present?

There are two basic air filters: the foam air filter and the dual-element air filter.

The dual-element air filter is regarded as the best fit because of the double layers of protection that are air-pleated and foam elements.

The other types are foam air filters, which have two different subtypes. A disposable air filter must be replaced after a specific time, and reusable foam air filters can be washed by following the steps mentioned above.

Are paper filters also cleanable?

Different lawnmowers use paper filters that can be disposed off. They are easier to handle because they can be removed and replaced without needing to clean them. Since it is hard to differentiate between paper and foam filters, one often realizes halfway through the cleaning process, the filters that your machine uses are made of paper. It is therefore recommended to ensure that spares are available when you take up the task. Air filters are available from local hardware or other online resources easily.