Can I Use a Chainsaw When Collecting Felling

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Can I Use a Chainsaw When Collecting Felling

Please specify in advance

Explains the head of the Shershnevsky forestry Yuri Zolotukhin:

As you know, from January 1, 2019, you can collect deadwood for your own needs. Deputies of the Legislative Assembly adopted the relevant regional law. Depending on the territorial natural conditions and forest resources in each region of Russia, the law has its own differences.

Is it possible to use a chainsaw when collecting deadwood

But skidding of trunks with tractor equipment is prohibited.

Citizens are obliged to take measures to preserve forest crops, young growth and undergrowth in the harvesting areas of deadwood, adjacent stands; clean them, as well as the place of loading from bark, wood chips, branches, comply with fire safety rules.

– Are there any restrictions on the volumes of harvesting deadwood by a specific individual?

– Can a person, if he, say, overdid it with the collection, sell the surplus?

Is it possible to use a saw when collecting deadwood

For example, fines are introduced somewhere for the use of chainsaws, for skidding to loading places).

In the Chelyabinsk region, the Legislative Assembly in 2007 adopted a very democratic law "On the procedure and standards for the preparation of timber by citizens for their own needs." For more than 10 years, he was quite happy with everything. every villager could take up to 10 cubic meters of wood at a reasonable price at a convenient time for him in a forest on a designated site.

Now you can take out deadwood for free. But, unfortunately, violations of the new law immediately began.

For example, in the Kremenkul forestry, a resident saw a broken tree that did not fall, and began to cut it from the root. Near Dolgoderevensky, the top of the birch tree was damaged (but the tree is standing). they also began to saw. Administrative offenses established.

The deadwood tree is a part of a tree lying on the ground.

Is it possible to use a saw when collecting deadwood in 2019

Nevertheless, as I believe, are there any rules of behavior in the forest so that people do not behave there like an elephant in a china shop?

Chainsaw in law

The harvesting of dead wood is carried out manually, you can use a gasoline-powered tool.

Is it possible to use a saw when collecting deadwood in the forest

For example, in the Penza region, a regional law that defines the rules for collecting dead wood was adopted in March last year, but it began to operate on January 1. The main innovation is that residents should not use saws and loppers when collecting deadwood. All chopping tools, including hand-held, gas-powered, and electric ones, were banned.
Otherwise, a fine of up to two thousand rubles is threatened. Residents will have to be especially vigilant.

“Branches, trunks of trees and shrubs with traces of cutting, cutting, cutting, are not allowed to be collected,” the regional ministry of agriculture specified. That is, you can’t cut a fallen trunk right in the forest.

In the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, forestry gathering areas should be notified of forestry sites for citizens by posting information on special stands.

Is it possible to use a saw when collecting deadwood in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Is it possible to use a saw when collecting deadwood in the Sverdlovsk region

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So people remember because the governor (Peter Sumin) at that time elected the region for the first time in its history.

– Among our readers there are many informed people who can bring real benefits to the forest. Fire hazardous logger will be taken out, stocked up with free fuel for household needs. Spring soon. You named the main features of the new law.

But where should I go for information if in doubt?

This is the part that broke, fell, disconnected, fell off. In both cases, the broken parts were integral with the base, with the root of the tree. Such trees should be sold in accordance with regional law.

If the windbreak does not come off the root, this is not a deadwood

– Yuri Valentinovich, our countrymen will not get confused.
The network talked about the case in Buryatia, when the logger collector already in 2019 almost fell under a criminal article.

“The more we clarify the new law, the better.” There may be such a situation. Instead of felling, the zealous "procurer" cut down 3-4 such broken but not fallen trunks, causing damage to the forest worth more than 5000 rubles, and this is a criminal case. Nobody has canceled this norm.

Given these circumstances, representatives of the Russian authorities decided to allow the collection of deadwood and dead wood at the legislative level. For this, minor but extremely important amendments were made to Article 32 of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation. According to the adopted changes, deadwood was classified as non-timber resources, which Russians can freely take from the forest and use for their own purposes.

Is it possible to collect deadwood in 2019

Thanks to the changes made to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, it is possible to collect deadwood without hindrance.
This action will no longer be illegal, and you will not have to obtain any preliminary permissions.

An important point in the amended legislation is the fact that the federal authorities left the possibility for the regions to make local amendments to local regulations.

The penalty for illegal collection was 1-3 thousand rubles for citizens, 10-30 thousand for officials and 50-100 thousand for business.

In October last year, the republican parliament allowed residents of Udmurtia from January 1, 2019 to collect deadwood for their own needs for free. The amendments allow citizens to collect and harvest trees, branches and branches lying on the ground without special permission.

Residents of the Russian Federation had the right to collect in the forest for their own needs only:

If you want to know how to solve your problem in 2019, contact through the online consultant form or call:

  • Moscow: 7 (499) 110-86-72.
  • St. Petersburg: 7 (812) 245-61-57.
  • berries,
  • mushrooms,
  • nuts,
  • non-wood waste. moss, broken branches and birch bark.

However, deadwood and dead wood pose a danger to forest resources: fallen trees, not cleaned on time, negatively affect the fire situation in the forest.

Residents of villages and villages could not only clean the forest from fallen and dried trees in a timely manner, but also use them to their advantage.

Summing up the explanation, we can draw several simple conclusions:

We collect everything that has fallen so that it does not disappear. Do not touch what has not yet died. We go to the forest at any time of the year. Take a saw and an ax with us. No one can demand documents from you to collect dead wood, they are simply not needed. There are no norms for collecting deadwood. We procure exclusively for our yard, and not for sale. “Do not poach”. we do not collect deadwood for sale, we do not saw dead wood, and even more so we do not look at living trees.

According to regulatory documents, when harvesting fallen leaves, the remains of tree trunks and branches lying on the surface of the earth are collected, which are not felling residues in the places of logging, and (or) formed as a result of the natural dying off of trees, when they are damaged by harmful organisms, windbreak, snowmaking.

Under the deadwood in the document refers to fallen trees, shrubs or parts thereof, damaged due to bad weather or for other natural reasons.

The villagers of Udmurtia took this news with a bang. Every year, they only need to buy a cart with a capacity of at least 10 cubic meters of firewood for heating a house, which is about 15 thousand rubles. Plus three or four cubes. to the furnace of the bath, here are about five thousand rubles.

That is, in total, preparing for the heating season for a peasant who has no gas in his house costs about 20 thousand.

From here the whole forest is like a dump, and all sorts of diseases appear.

The relevant federal law was adopted by the State Duma and approved by the Federation Council. Starting next year, Russian citizens will receive the right to collect and harvest dry trees or parts of them lying on the ground for their own needs. For this purpose, deadwood is classified as non-timber forest resources.
Now, firewood can only be collected with the permission of local authorities. It takes up to 120 days to receive it.


Parliamentarians laid down a description of deadwood in the law. This is naturally fallen off and dead wood in the form of lying tree trunks or parts thereof. It is such after vetoled, windbreak, snowed, damage by fungal diseases and insects.

Active participation in the development of the bill was taken by State Duma deputy from the Ivanovo region Yuri Smirnov.