Which Electric Saw Is Better For Home

Which Electric Saw Is Better For Home

An alternative to a wood saw on gasoline is a chain saw, it is suitable for domestic and professional use. It can be used to care for the garden, for carpentry, when harvesting firewood, etc.

But, like any tool, it has its pros and cons regarding gasoline.

Pros: ease of operation, environmental friendliness and lower price. Cons: binding to the electrical network and losing power. The assortment of saws from different manufacturers on the markets is very large. Below we compare the two models and find out which chain saw is better.

saws can be divided into two groups. professional (for industrial scale) and household (for household purposes), the differences are characterized by the size of the life and duration of continuous operation.

So, a professional-class tool has a higher cost, which is up to 2 times higher than the cost of a household-level tool. The service life of household saws, as a rule, is up to 5 years, we advise to give preference to leading manufacturers of power tools. This article will help you choose a chain saw for a summer residence.

Comparison of Makita and Bosch saws by criteria

Compare the famous models Makita UC3520A and Bosch AKE35S.

Both models are manufactured by leading manufacturers that are known around the world. When buying any of these models, you can be completely confident in its reliability and quality. Both models have a transverse engine and classic design, but differ in most technical indicators to identify the best chain saw, compare them in more detail.

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The power indicator has both superiority and disadvantages. A high-power engine will not withstand any wiring, but it allows you to perform a certain job with high speed. With voltage fluctuations, the powerful engine does not feel small jumps, but if the wiring is weak, safety plugs may trip. In the models we compare, the engines have a power of 1.8 kW.

Chain and tire length

Both models are the best chain saws and equipped with 35 cm tires, the chain at the Bosch saw has a link thickness of 1.1 mm, and the Makita has a thickness of 1.3 mm. The strength of the chain and its speed depends on the thickness of the link, the speed is higher for a thicker chain, respectively, and the performance is also higher.

Chain speed

The chain speed directly depends on the link design and engine power, in our case Makita has complete superiority with a speed of 13.3 m / s. Bosch, accordingly, lags behind with a speed of 9.0 m / s.


The power tool in question is traumatic, and manufacturers provide protection systems in their products that increase safety during their operation. In these models, as in all the best saws, there is a lock against accidental starting, there is an auto-braking system when turned off and a special emergency chain brake.

Additional properties

The Bosch model in question is equipped with a system that allows tool replacement of the chain. The Makita model has a system of special auto-braking circuit.

Both models can take their rightful place in the economy of summer residents and residents of the private sector, they are compact and relatively inexpensive.

Saw reviews

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