Can I Use A Polishing Machine As An Angle Grinder

angle grinder. the colloquial name of a power tool designed for abrasive processing of metal or other varieties of material.

The most important parameter when choosing an angle grinder is disk size. The diameter of the disk determines how deep the device will cut the material. Also, do not forget that during operation the disc is gradually erased and becomes smaller, thereby reducing the cutting depth.

Can I Use A Polishing Machine As An Angle Grinder

Popular Functions Angle Grinder

  1. Soft start function. Devices that have this feature are very convenient to use, due to the fact that the device starts working at lower speeds, gradually gaining power.
  2. Balancing. This feature is present only on the highest quality models.
  3. Self shut off brushes. This function is also present only on high-quality devices. The brushes themselves automatically turn off in the event of a power outage.

angle grinder in action


A grinder is a type of power tool for grinding and polishing surfaces of various materials such as plastic, metal, wood.

Many types of grinding machines have the function of collecting sawdust, shavings, in a word waste from the work performed. The vacuum cleaner can be either built-in or optionally connected.

Types of grinders

Belt sander. It is a tool where grinding of the surface takes place unidirectionally, with the help of a grinding sandpaper-tape, which is located on the rollers provided for rotation. This type of tool is suitable for polishing large surfaces.

Belt sander

Vibratory grinding machine. This type of machine is also called a surface grinder. It is a tool with a flat sole, hence the name. Surface grinding occurs with the help of reciprocating skin movements. It is this action that is vibrational in nature. This type of machine also has vacuum cleaners for collecting building dust.

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Vibratory grinding machine

To work on the protrusions and in the corners, there is another kind of vibrating type machines, this is a delta grinder. The sole of this type of tool has a triangular shape, which allows you to perform work in hard to reach places.

Eccentric sander. This kind is commonly called orbital. The name is again formed due to the appearance of the grinding sole. It resembles an orbit, or, more simply, a circle.

Eccentric sander

Angle grinder. This type of machine rotates around its axis. In addition to grinding, an angle grinder can cut metal, concrete and other materials.

Angle grinder

Polishing machine. The functions of this tool are polishing metal and painted surfaces.

Polishing machine

Brush grinding machine. The brush performs the functions of a grinder, spinning along its axis.

Brush grinding machine

How to choose a grinding machine?

Before you start buying, you need to decide which particular device you need and what functions it should perform. The tape machine is designed to work instead of a planer. That is, the work of the tool is a rough peeling of the paint and leveling the surface. For vibration, work on wood, plastic and metal is more common. Such a machine produces high-quality cleaning and polishing of the material. Orbital sander is designed to work with convex and curved surfaces. Thus, before purchasing this kind of tool, it is important to decide on what surface you will work on and what requirements the appliance should meet.

Comparative analysis of electrical appliances

As can be seen from the above description of electrical appliances, the functions of these tools 98% identical. Both devices are used for cutting, grinding and polishing materials from metal, wood, plastic and other materials.

Grinding machines have a wider assortment of separation of areas of work (flat surface, angular). Also, many models have a vacuum cleaner function, which is not the case with an angle grinder.

Often, an angle grinder is used as a tool for cutting various materials, and the grinder is more suitable for cleaning surfaces and subsequent polishing.