How to Remove a Cover From a Lawn Mower

How to Remove a Cover From a Lawn Mower

A reliable and simple tool for cutting grass in the garden. a lawn mower, is extremely popular. However, it may break. Need repair. As a rule, electric mowers are repaired at service centers.

In order not to transport a sufficiently voluminous apparatus to the workshop, a number of malfunctions can be eliminated with your own hands.

Types of malfunctions of electric mowers

Why don’t lawn mowers start?

To answer the question, you need to understand that all breakdowns are divided into mechanical and electrical. The first include malfunctions:

The second is everything related to the engine, whether it is electric or gasoline.

It is not difficult to repair dull knives on their own, since they are removable and can be sharpened with ordinary emery, withstanding a sharpening angle of 30 degrees. In case of malfunctions of the remaining parts, i.e. cases, wheels, handles they will also need repair or replacement.

In battery devices, battery failure is added to this problem. It is more difficult to cope with the repair of a lawn mower equipped with a motor, i.e. gasoline and electric lawn mower.

In the first case, the problem of overheating and overload, as well as a malfunction in the oil and fuel supply circuit, is added to possible breakdowns. In electrical failure, it can also be caused by overheating or overload, since not all models are equipped with protection.

Overheating leads to prolonged operation of the device with an air filter in poor condition, which makes it difficult for a sufficient amount of air to pass through.

It is necessary to cool the electric motor by disconnecting it from the power supply and replace the filter. In the future, in order to avoid repair of the electrical apparatus, it must be cleaned at least once every three months.

The appearance of extraneous noise or smell indicates that repair of the electric lawn mower is necessary. Not everyone will do it with their own hands, because it will be necessary to replace the drive.

The electric mower does not start or stalls

Sooner or later, many are faced with the failure of a lawn mower. This happens, as a rule, after 3-4 years of active use or after the device was stored in an unheated room during the winter period.

The mower is out of order if:

  • does not start;
  • the mower stalls shortly after it starts up;
  • engine does not work at full power or intermittently

Problems with the engine arise over time in all devices, regardless of whether a simple "Chinese" or an expensive "Japanese" stand on it. The moment is unpleasant, but you should not be upset, as there is no need to rush to the service center. You can try to repair yourself.

How to identify the cause of the breakdown?

Repair must begin, guided by the principle of "from simple to complex", i.e. repair is recommended to start by checking for gas in the tank. If the gasoline engine stops after wintering, replace the fuel.

After all, fuel, unfortunately, is not always of decent quality. Therefore, during prolonged inactivity of the device, it may delaminate or form a precipitate. And motors are sometimes very sensitive to fuel quality.

If there is no doubt as the latter, but the mower does not start, it is necessary to check the spark by removing the wire with the cap from the candle, unscrewing it with the key supplied in the kit.

Attach a candle to a clean metal surface (without paint) of the engine, first having thrown a cap on it and asking someone to pull the starter.

If a blue spark does not appear, the candle must be replaced.

If an unstable and weak spark appears, the candle will need to be cleaned with a file or sandpaper.

They change it in the case of detection of black soot on the surface, regardless of whether it was formed due to poor fuel quality or an incorrectly tuned carburetor.

Another problem that can be easily repaired is a clogged fuel hose. They check this by disconnecting it: if the fuel does not flow, then the filter or the saloon is clogged. The filter will have to be replaced, the saloon can be cleaned with a needle.

Well, if after that the mower will work. However, the cause of the malfunction in 90% of cases lies in another. failure of the carburetor, which will need repairs. You can handle the repair with enough experience. In its absence, you will need the help of a service center.

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How to clean the carburetor?

Begin by checking that there are no open sources of fire nearby. Do not carry out repairs indoors. This is fraught with a gas leak.


Unscrew the screws with a flat screwdriver to remove the plastic cover of the air filter from the motor. Check the clogged filter, remove it with a vacuum cleaner or replace it with a new one (if the condition is unsatisfactory).

You must also remove the inner filter cover, which is located under the casing. This, having unscrewed the bolts, is easier to do with a ring wrench. An air hose is attached to its inside, which also has to be removed.

Finally, we got to the carburetor of the device, which can be dismantled. Having disconnected the fuel hose going to it from the tank, i.e. having removed the clamp, the hose is turned, trying to remove it from the nozzle. Do the work carefully. After all, if there is fuel in the tank, it will certainly spill.

The carburetor is mounted on the engine with two bolts, for unscrewing of which a coupling head is required. Unscrewing the second bolt, try not to drop the carburetor, so as not to damage the spring suspension.

In the next step, the return spring is removed. It is more convenient to carry out the operation from the side where it is attached to the motor. Now you can remove the cable responsible for the position of the flapper by gently turning the carburetor counterclockwise.

After removing the carburetor, unscrew the bolt that secures the fuel chamber cap.

Cleaning is carried out with a special liquid or WD-40 and a copper wire, from which the insulation is stripped.

Finally, you can remove the plastic float located under the lid of the chamber, which regulates the level of gasoline, for which the hairpin is first removed.

The camera must be cleaned of plaque. The inside of the carburetor is abundantly moistened with WD-40 (or an analog), wiped dry. After repeating the operation several times, they clean the fuel channels of the copper core and purge them, since their pollution is the main reason why the engine stalls or does not start.

After completing all the steps described, assemble the carburetor in the reverse order.

Having established it in place, having connected a hose, air is expelled from the fuel chamber. On this repair is completed.

After the described manipulations, the technician will start up easily and work stably.

Faulty Electric Lawnmowers

If the electric mower is silent, the cause may be a blackout and a break in the cord. To check if there is current in the network, use another electric device plugged into the outlet. The cord must be inspected and replaced when a break is detected. Disconnect it with a hexagon, and check for an open with a multimeter.

As in the case with gasoline lawnmowers, the cause of a non-functioning electric motor may be overheating and overload (blocking the element with a foreign object). The troubleshooting procedure is the same as described above.

Repair malfunctions of an electric mower

Longer grass wound around them can lead to jamming of knives. For repair, you need to disconnect the device from the network and turn the cylinder in the opposite direction.

If the electrical device is silent, the drive belt breaks as a result of wear and requires repair: it can be stretched or torn off. This means that you cannot do without replacement, for which you need to remove the protective cover.

A new belt is first installed on the small gear of the electric apparatus, then put on a large pulley, and turning it.

To replace the power cable of this electrical device, it is necessary to disconnect the device from power and unscrew the cover.

To disconnect the cord, insert the hex wrench into the hole with the wires, releasing the clamp.

The new power cord is installed in the reverse order.

The reason may also lie in the faulty power switch, which is simply replaced with a new one.

Repair an unexpectedly stopped electric motor

If the engine worked, but suddenly stalled, you need to check the crankshaft and piston. perhaps they are stuck. This happens due to the lack of oil in the crankcase. With this breakdown, it is better to contact specialists, as in the case when the electric motor of the lawn mower requires repair.

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Maintenance work

For trouble-free operation of the lawn mower, the owner must carry out its regular maintenance after the end of the working season, i.e. before its placement in winter storage. It will cost less than repairing or buying a new electrical device.

Among the main measures ensuring the reliable operation of the electric mower is its cleanliness. Mowed grass accumulated under the deck causes erosion of metal parts. A compressor or blower will help remove trash weed residues.

The electric motor of the mower is air-cooled, therefore it also requires keeping it clean, which is the key to effective functioning. A soft brush and compressed air are suitable for cleaning cooling fins.

Timely oil changes specified in the instructions for use will be the key to long-term uptime, as well as periodic cleaning of the air filter.

If you have some experience, it’s easy to repair the mowers yourself. The video below will help with this.

Video: How to repair a lawnmower engine

Where to repair a lawn mower?

If the owner of an electric mower does not have sufficient knowledge, repair of your favorite equipment, which allows you to maintain the proper area around the house, will help make service centers, learn more about which you can on the sites: