Can Lee Drill Tighten Screws

Inventiveness helps to get out of difficult situations associated with a lack of tools. A drill can replace a screwdriver. Knowing and following safety rules is the first condition for working with this tool. Therefore, to the question “is it possible to make a screwdriver out of a drill?” there will be a positive response. We will talk about the intricacies and secrets of the process in the article.

is it possible to tighten screws with a drill

What is the best drill or screwdriver?

The principle of operation of a drill and a screwdriver is similar. The devices differ in that the first tool is equipped with a cartridge rotation limiter when the resistance reaches its highest point. If you screw the screws with a drill, it is important not to miss this moment. then the surface will not be damaged, and the bolt corners will not be smoothed (this will significantly reduce the adhesion of surfaces).

The drill is designed to drill holes, and a screwdriver to screw in screws, but they can be replaced with one another. There are nozzles for a drill that turn it into a screwdriver. Nozzles are:

The limiter does not allow the self-tapping screw to go too deep into the surface. This effect is provided by the restrictive rim present on the nozzle.

It is impossible to say which is preferable. a drill or a screwdriver. since the two tools perform different functions.

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Using a drill as a screwdriver

In the absence of nozzles (and the ability to purchase them), it is recommended to use the following strategy. The drill does not have a splitting clutch, which leads to unpleasant consequences. Using this tool as a screwdriver without the necessary nozzles can lead to:

  • breaking the screw head;
  • broken bits;
  • combustion drill.

Tighten the screws or bolts with a drill not to the victorious end, but leave at least half a centimeter outside the surface. It is optimal to generally screw the remainder of the screw into the surface by hand. Yes, you take the time, but keep the drill safe.

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The drill can also be used for its intended purpose (drilling surfaces). Drill a hole in the surface of the material used, then carefully screw the screw. This will be much faster than screwing the screw in with your hands. In addition, you definitely will not damage the surface, creating a more delicate fastening without delamination of the material. Useful if you need to drive a screw into the wood.

Is it really possible to tighten screws with a drill? You can, but do not overlook, one feature of a screwdriver. This is a kind of symbiosis of a Phillips screwdriver and drill. A tool with speed control will be especially appropriate. The slower it runs, the lower the risk of an unsuccessful result. With skill and a good reaction, furniture assembly (and other construction work) will go even faster with a drill.

Based on the above information, we can conclude that there are three ways to get a high-quality result when using a drill instead of a screwdriver:

1. Use special nozzles with a limiting rim;

2. Screw the screws to the surface not completely, making the last few turns by hand;

3. Drill the surface in advance, and then screw the bolts into the hole made.

Just always be careful and follow safety precautions when working with tools.
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