Chain From Chainsaw To Trimmer Do It Yourself

In fact, at least some homemade chainsaw is based on its introduction as a universal drive that can be used for a large number of different devices. The scope of their use is very wide: cutting stone and metal, pumping out water, removing snow, drilling wells and holes, riding, moving various objects, swimming and, moreover, flying.

They realize the potential abilities of chainsaws using various devices and attachments. At least some alteration is based on the usual principle of motor power take-off: the device necessary for the master is connected to the output shaft. The presence of a massive motor, the small size and the relatively light weight of this tool, its autonomy and the ability to work in virtually extreme conditions make its capabilities truly endless. Of no less importance is the convenient design of the clutch, which protects the components and the set of accounting programs of the saw from breakage and overload. A tool made of a chainsaw differs in its own density, because it is used practically in every position.

Our customer remains homemade can be divided into 2.7 groups:

  • more ordinary devices (angle grinder, ice drill, pump, winch, tiller, outboard motor, large, moped);
  • more complex mechanisms and objects (sawmill, snow blower, snowmobile, snowmobile, electric station, helicopter, solid forged knife).

For the production of all available devices, different brands of chainsaws are used. When choosing them, you should take into account the required power for the usual work of the alteration. In most cases, these brands of chainsaws are used for the production of various devices: Friendship, Stihl, Ural.

Below are the different options for devices made from chainsaws. Whoever wants to be able to use such ideas in their own households. From a chainsaw with a small amount of additional materials perform:

WARNING Unsafe! Endless fishing line for TRIMMER. Experience No. 1

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Angle Grinder. The main system of such a device is a bearing assembly with a shaft. At one end, a driven pulley is mounted, which rotates by means of a V-belt. On the other, a mandrel for cutting wheels is fixed. Depending on their brand of such an angle grinder, of course, cut stone, metal, brick and other building materials.

Ice drill. For a good operation of the device, the screw speed is not desirable large, so you need to use a gearbox made in the form of a worm or V-belt drive. Such a device can be used for the construction of a foundation from helical piles and also for other earthworks.

Water pump used for watering the garden, emergency water supply, drainage of water bodies, in other words, flooded basements. Such a nozzle is a conventional centrifugal pump equipped with a bracket for attaching to a saw and a pulley driving the pump turbines.

Winch, in which chainsaw drive is used. The pulling force of such a device is directly dependent on the power of the saw motor. Using an additional block, of course, it is essential to grow it. This device is equipped with such additional parts as a tap block, hooks, belts, anchors.

Chainsaw Outboard Motor. A beautiful candidate to buy an expensive motor. To ensure movement at 20 km / h, it is enough to install a home-made outboard motor with a gearbox (2.4: 1 gear ratio) and a 3-blade propeller, 210 mm across. At the same time, fuel consumption will be equal to only 1 liter per hour of engine operation.

Ancient chain from a chainsaw.

Motor cultivator from a chainsaw can put together can say. For this purpose, a transmission system (4.5 gears) is needed. With its help, the energy of the motor is transmitted to the drive wheel, through which the working mechanism is set in motion. Naturally, such a cultivator is unsuitable for processing a large field, but to give its power is completely enough.

Chainsaw moped. For such a vehicle, a base is useful, for example, an old one is great. A chainsaw motor is reinforced on its frame. You, on such a vehicle a gear train is used. If a mountain bike is used for alteration, then a gearbox is useful to control the speed of movement.

For the production of the devices listed below, the master needs some technical knowledge and experience with different mechanisms and materials. From a chainsaw using different devices, there is an option to make such homemade products:

Chainsaw sawmill, which is done using an iron frame. A chainsaw is aggressively attached to this frame. Workpieces have the option of directing along the rail track. There will be other options for sawmills. So for a device designed for longitudinal sawing, an adapter is needed that is attached to a tire located at its base and a guide that sets the direction the adapter moves. The guide is mounted on a board attached to the sawn log. When using such a sawmill, logs can be divided into 2-4 parts.

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Portable Chainsaw Power Station It is able to provide energy in all places far from electric networks. To create it, you need such components: gear reducer, generator, iron bar, drive belt, control panel. Massive saws Druzhba and Ural are more suitable for such a device.

Homemade snow blower and possibly made of a saw, whose power is engaged exceeds 3 kW. He needs to mount a screw assembly with blades from a strong, but elastic material. The motor chain is connected to the screw assembly through a pair of gears. Of course, to attach a snow blower, both wheels and skids. For throwing away snow, every pipe of a huge diameter is used.

Homemade snowmobile from a chainsaw by its own design, it’s a little harder than a sawmill. The snowmobile consists of a frame, a motor, a caterpillar and a control. He also needs skids for movement. To create it on the steering wheel you need to make gas and clutch. You should also consider the shock-absorbing suspension system of the base frame. Because the chainsaw does not have a box, the clutch on a homemade snowmobile is centrifugal. A multi-ribbed belt and chain are also used. For the control mechanism used parts of the old is great. It is being altered so that the central axis is moved by the traction skis. To enhance traction, a traction gear is installed on the drive shaft of the track. Motor power can be in the amount of 5 hp.

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Chainsaw aerosleds make it a lot easier than a snowmobile. A large screw, rotated directly by the chainsaw engine, reports the driving force. A severe restriction on the use of these snowmobiles due to their insufficient cross-country ability is the small power of the chainsaw motor. For trips through snowy fields, an engine with a power of at least 12 hp is required.

Chainsaw Knapsack Helicopter. Such an aircraft can fly into the air only when more than 4 engines with a total power of 20 hp and operating in a coordinated mode are used in its design. You cannot make it from one chainsaw. The introduction of such a homemade device you like more unsafe for life.

Emergency generator 12-24 V from a chainsaw, in other words, trimers

Chain forged knife able to do people familiar with blacksmithing. For this purpose, you, first, divide the old chains into pieces, which are then welded into blanks. They are heated in the crucible to 850 ° C. The blanks are pressed until they get rid of the voids between the links. Further, the metal is subjected to blacksmithing until they give the workpiece the desired shape and strength.

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Chain From Chainsaw To Trimmer Do It Yourself

A grass trimmer is a useful thing on the farm. Not all owners of summer cottages are aware that it can be substantially modified with a chainsaw. A small modernization and a lawn care device will be much more efficient and easier to maintain.

We establish a chain. / Photo:

To upgrade the trimmer? you will need a drill with drills for metal, a welding machine, measuring instruments, a vise. You also need a suitable container for fixing the trimmer and the chain itself from the chainsaw. You can use the old, but valid. We begin the work by using a marker to draw a straight line on the concave washer of the trimmer, and then clamp it in a vice.

A simple solution. / Photo:

Now you need to make two holes with a drill. We recommend that you first make small holes, and then use drills of the right diameter. The size of the holes should match the thickness of the chainsaw chain. We need to make sure that our chain passes quietly.

Will work even better. / Photo:

The chain is threaded into the holes and placed in the inner wall of the washer. It is necessary to adjust the chain so that it does not in any way interfere with the leading axis of the trimmer. Otherwise, there is a risk of breaking the tool during operation. Remember that the chain must not exceed the permissible dimensions, otherwise the trim tab will be damaged immediately.

We work accurately. / Photo:

Now it remains only to take the welding machine and securely weld the chain to the washer. If everything was done correctly, then the washer with a new cutting element will be tightened without problems with the help of a fixing nut on the trimmer.

Important: when performing all of the above work, you must remember to observe safety precautions, as well as observe general caution.

Since we saw the choice of the trimmer in the previous article, now you will learn how to properly trim the trimmer with a fishing line, and what is the best option to choose based on the criteria of work.

If you purchased a trimmer and started to use it intensively, at some point the question arises of replacing the fishing line, since this is the most wearing element in the tool, then the saturated operation of the trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

A common type of fishing line that fits virtually all types of reels is a round cord. This is an ordinary fishing line, suitable for mowing juicy grass, however, it will be much more difficult to mow dead wood with it, and even more so it does not cope with the bush.

You, the diameter, which has the option of mowing young grass, does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the more coarse weed it can overcome.

Of course, fishing lines with ground edges such as an asterisk or square, this option is not just adapted to mowing dry grass precisely due to the use of available sharp edges, but its drawback is more wear and tear and is inferior in strength to round cord.

There are fishing lines with improved aerodynamics with corresponding dents, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, however, it is used only on lawn mowers, since the exit of such a thread from the reel is difficult, they are used in most cases with discs on which segments are inserted. The disadvantage of such a product is its fragility.

In most cases, in gas trimmers with an engine capacity of more than 1.5 hp. use cords with an iron cable inside. This thread is perfect for mowing dry grass and small shrubs. The presence of a core positively affects the wear resistance of this material. The drawback of such a cord is its cost, which is much more than just existing opponents.

To be able to wind the line, it will take about 10-15 minutes. What is a trimmer coil? A plastic case with a cassette inside, while busy there are a special hook for comfortable winding fishing line. All coils of trimmers have a similar principle of fastening, this is a central screw-button, when pressed, you can pull out the fishing line of the required length. The photo below shows several examples of different coils for trimmers.

The bobbins of trimmers, the motor of which is located near the ground, have a different mount to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool located on the edges that need to be pressed, otherwise the change of thread is not characterized by cassettes.

The principle of correct winding of the fishing line is identical in the numerous available cases, for example, consider the standard version with 2 antennae.