Lawn Mower Gasoline. User manual

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read and follow the operating instructions

RUS Operating Instructions

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Explanatory notes on the operating instructions 5

Intended use 6

Meaning of the symbols on the mower 6

Safety 7-9

Operating instructions

Lawn care and mowing 12

Maintenance and care

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You have purchased a new lawn mower.

Thank you for your trust in our quality products and wish you much joy in working with your new mower. Before you get started be sure to read the contents of this Operating Instructions! If improperly handled or used for other purposes, by inadequately trained personnel, the unit may still carry some danger. Must be observed accident prevention regulations. Please observe safety instructions, the data in these operating instructions, as well as the instructions on the unit.

Explanatory instructions for the operating instructions

To improve visibility in the warning signs, we use the following symbols (pictograms):

This symbol means imminent danger for the life and health of people. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to serious health consequences, including life-threatening injuries with and without death!

This symbol means potential danger for people.

Failure to follow these instructions can lead to serious health consequences, including life-threatening injuries.

This symbol means possible dangerous situation. Failure to follow these instructions can result in slight personal injury or property damage!

This symbol indicates that when refueling, there may be a danger of explosion!

i This symbol provides you with important instructions for proper handling with the unit. Failure to follow these instructions can result in mower defects or disturbance to those around you.

Under this symbol you are provided instructions for the user and especially useful information for technical needs! These instructions will help you optimally use all the functions of the machine.

This symbol indicates the use of protective gloves.

1 In the figures to the left of the text, instructions are given with special numbers, as in this case for Fig. 1.

Pictures for the text can be found on pages 2-4.

Pay attention to them when reading the operating instructions.

Intended use

I This lawn mower is designed exclusively for mowing grass on lawns; use for other purposes is not recommended.

It is designed for individual use on a personal plot. It is forbidden to use the mower in public gardens, parks, sports fields, as well as in forestry and agriculture.

The following are not allowed for use:

Persons not familiar with the instruction manual, children, adolescents under 16 years of age, as well as persons under the influence of AL-KOgol, drugs or medicines, not allowed to work with the unit.

The time at which the use of a gasoline mower is permitted in accordance with the Federal Republic of Germany Law on Noise Reduction:

Please also take into account local regulations regarding the permitted working hours of the mower!

1 Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. 12 p.m.

from 15.00. 19.00 hours.

2 Sundays and holidays are prohibited!

Meaning of characters on the unit

Before operating, read the operating instructions!

Unauthorized persons to leave the danger zone!

When repairing the cutting device, pull out the plug of the wire to the spark plug!

Keep the distance between the cutting mechanism, arms and legs!

1. General instructions

1.1 Read carefully the operating instructions. Familiarize yourself with the proper use of the unit.

1.2 It is forbidden to use the unit to adolescents under 16 years of age and to persons who are not familiar with the instruction manual.

1.3 It is forbidden to carry out work if unauthorized persons, especially children and animals, are in the operating area of ​​the unit.

1.4 The user is responsible for the safety of nearby people and the damage caused to their property.

1.5 Save these operating instructions for future reference.

2. Preparatory measures

2.1 When mowing grass, wear sturdy shoes and long trousers. It is forbidden to work barefoot or in open sandals.

2.2 Carefully inspect the area where the mower will be used and remove all stones, sticks, wire, bones and other foreign objects. In the process, also make sure that they do not fall into the coverage area of ​​the mower.

2.3 WARNING! Gasoline is a flammable fuel!

engine running or until it cools.

you must remove the mower from the gas-filled area. Should

refrain from trying to start the engine until gasoline has completely evaporated.

should be replaced immediately.

avoiding fuel leakage to the engine, to the mower body, or to

2.4. The exhaust pipe and the surrounding area may be heated to a temperature of 80 ° C. WARNING: Risk of burns! Damaged silencers should be replaced immediately.

2.5 Before starting work, check the condition of the knives, fixing bolts and the entire cutting unit for wear or damage. To prevent imbalance, worn or damaged knives must be replaced.

2.6 Please note that if the mower is equipped with several knives, then the movement of one knife may cause the rotation of the others.

3. Directions for use

3.1 It is forbidden to turn on the internal combustion engine in closed rooms where exhaust gases can accumulate. risk of poisoning!

3.2. Mow grass only in the daytime or in good light. Observe local regulations regarding permitted working hours.

3.3 Pay attention to a stable position when working on slopes.

3.4. The speed of the mower must not exceed the average speed of the pedestrian.

3.5 Mow always only across the slope, but in no case up or down. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to work on slopes whose steepness exceeds 15 °. Use caution when changing direction on a slope!

3.6 Take special care when changing direction or moving backwards when pulling the machine towards you.

3.7 When moving the mower in areas uncovered with grass, stop the engine to prevent stones from damaging the machine. When transporting the mower to and from work, the engine should also be turned off.

3.8 It is strictly forbidden to operate the mower with a damaged housing or with damaged or missing protective devices (for example, a reflector, a back cover, a grass collection container).

I 3.9 The motor is finely adjusted at the factory. It is forbidden to change the factory setting.

3.10 Before starting the engine, disconnect the drive mechanisms of the knives.

3.11 Starting the engine and turning off the starter should be carried out carefully in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions given in these instructions. Keep a safe distance between the cutting device and the legs.

3.12 It is forbidden to tilt the mower at the time of starting the engine. If the unit still needs to be lifted, it should be tilted to the minimum necessary angle. The mower may only be lifted from the opposite side from the user.

3.13 Do not start the engine if you are standing in front of the ejector (in mowers with side exhaust).

3.14 Make sure that your hands and feet are not in the range of the rotating knife. If the knife is working, do not stand in front of the grass ejection hole.

3.15 Do not lift or carry the mower with the engine running. Wait for the knife to stop completely and disconnect the plug of the wire to the spark plug.

3.16 Stopping the engine, stopping the rotation of the knife and removing the wire to the spark plug are required in the following cases:

a) before proceeding with the removal of the blocking mechanism of rotation and cleaning the channel for ejecting grass;

b) before checking and cleaning the mower, as well as performing other operations (for example, adjusting the cutting height of the grass);

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c) with a sharp increase in vibration of the unit; then immediately call a specialist to inspect the mower;

d) the need for consultation with a specialist is required if, for example when hitting an obstacle, the mower suddenly stopped (damage to the engine shaft, bent knives, etc.).

3.17. The engine should be stopped:

3.18 If the unit is operated with a grass collection container, be sure to stop the engine and wait until the knife stops turning completely before removing the filled container. If the mower is equipped with a rear grass ejection device, do not operate without a container or reflector (rear damper).

3.19 Maintenance work, cleaning the mower, removing protective equipment and adjusting the cutting height of the grass is permitted only after turning off the engine, stopping the knife or removing the plug for the spark plug.

IMPORTANT! Pull out the spark plug!

3.20 The safety distance set by the control stick must be maintained at all times. Work can only be started after the handle is folded down and locked, respectively fixed in the working position. The working position of the devices is achieved with an inclined position back and with the provided snap-in or fastening.

4. Maintenance and storage instructions

4.1 Maintenance operations and cleaning of the mower should be carried out only after turning off the engine, stopping the knife or removing the plug for the spark plug.

IMPORTANT! Pull out the ignition key!

4.2 Nuts, bolts and screws must be tight.

4.3 Use caution when making adjustments. Risk of injury! To prevent injury, use protective gloves and do not hold your fingers between the body and the knife.

4.4 It is strictly forbidden to store the mower with gasoline in the tank in a room where gas vapors may come into contact with an open flame or sparks. risk of explosion!

4.5 Drain gasoline from the tank only outdoors.

4.6 Before entering the mower in an enclosed area, it is necessary to wait for the engine to cool.

4.7 To avoid the possibility of fire, the engine and exhaust pipe should be cleaned of grass, leaves and grease (oil).

4.8 The condition of the grass collection container should be regularly checked.

4.9 For safety reasons, worn or damaged parts should be replaced immediately.

4.10. Installation of spare knives and accessories should only be carried out on the lawnmowers for which they are designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Only in this case is the safety and performance of your mower guaranteed.

4.11 All work on qualified maintenance, unit inspection and knife sharpening should be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions.

I 4.12 When replacing, use only the manufacturer’s original replacement knives and proceed in accordance with the instructions for replacing and sharpening the knives.

We indicate that, in accordance with the law on liability for the manufacture of products, we are not responsible for the malfunctions of your unit due to the fact that:

a) repairs were carried out unqualifiedly, without the participation of our specialists

service stations

b) when replacing parts, SPARE PARTS OF OTHER

The above applies to components.

Maintenance work is carried out by our service stations. If you have questions or when requesting spare parts, the article number and product number should be indicated.

During installation of this lawn mower, please pay your attention to the installation instructions enclosed separately.

Operating instructions

Start up the mowers only after complete installation. Before starting operation, you should fill the mower with oil and gasoline! K Only persons who have read and studied these operating instructions may be allowed to operate the mower!

Product Overview

Use the following fuels and lubricants to operate the mower:

Lead-free gasoline, normal gasoline ROZ 91

SAE 30 engine oil (A. P.I."SF" or "SG")

We were convinced that the engine is sufficiently filled with fuels and lubricants (engine oil and gasoline), only then you can start to start the engine.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual for gasoline engines!

Explosion hazard! Fill with gasoline outdoors!

It is forbidden to refuel with gas while the engine is running or before it cools!

It is strictly forbidden to smoke during refueling! Only refuel with lead-free gas!

The gas tank cap is located on the gas tank (gas station symbol on the gas tank cap).

1. Unscrew the gas tank cap and fill in lead-free gasoline.

2. Replace the gas tank cap.

The lid of the nozzle for oil filling is located on the engine block (symbol. manual grease nipple).

1. Ensure that the engine is in a horizontal position.

2. Unscrew the cap for the oil fill.

3. Engine with oil gauge:

Add oil to the mark "MAX"focusing on the oil level gauge.

Engine without oil dipstick:

Slowly fill a certain amount of oil until it reaches the top edge of the oil filler fitting.

4. The oil filler cap must be tightened again.

5. Remove spilled oil with a rag.

Manual engine start

Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which is an odorless and deadly gas. Therefore, never start the engine in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas.

Lawn Mower Gasoline. User manual

Starting the engine is only possible with the blade installed (flywheel)!

When starting the engine, the mower must not be in tall grass.

3 Set the accelerator control handle to the “Start” position (only for mowers with manual accelerator control).

4 At intervals of about 2 seconds, press the rubber button of the injection device 2-3 times.

At temperatures below 10 ° C, the button should be pressed 5 times. It is forbidden to use the button if the engine has warmed up to operating temperature.

5 Pull the engine brake lever to the upper crossbar and hold it (for mowers with a motor brake).

With the brake lever not tensioned, due to the engine brake, the engine start cable cannot be pulled out!

6 Pull out the starter handle so that you feel compression resistance, slowly release the cable, and then extend it by the length of your arm to start the engine. Holding the handle, slowly release the cable. Continuously adjust the position of the accelerator control knob.

Exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which is an odorless and deadly gas. Therefore, never start the engine in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas.

Starting the engine is only possible with the blade installed (flywheel)!

When starting the engine, the mower must not be in tall grass.

7 Set the accelerator control handle to the “Start” position (high feed).

8 At intervals of about 2 seconds, press the rubber button of the injection device 2-3 times.

At temperatures below 10 ° C, the button should be pressed 5 times. It is forbidden to use the button if the engine has warmed up to operating temperature.

9 Pull the engine brake lever to the upper bar and hold it (for mowers with a motor brake).

10 Insert the ignition key into the ignition switch. Turn the ignition key all the way to the right and after starting release it again to position "0". If the engine does not start, repeat the starting procedure again. Start up no more than 5 seconds to avoid overloading the battery. After each launch attempt, pause for 10 seconds.

Slowly moving the accelerator control knob, set it to the “Maximum fuel supply” and “Stop” positions so that the speed corresponds to the selected operating speed.

When mowing low or rare grass, it is impractical to turn on the maximum fuel supply.

Turning on the wheel drive

For wheel mowers!

Do not shift gears after stopping the engine!

At the set rotation speed dvig.ob / min. V-belt-worm gear provides a speed of about 3.7 km / h.

11 Tighten the shift lever to the handle. Hold the shift bracket; it does not lock.

Wheel Drive Shutdown

12 Release the shift bracket.

After turning off the engine, the knife continues to rotate for a few more seconds. Therefore, do not immediately perform any action under the mower!

13 Release the engine brake lever (for mowers with a motor brake).

14 Set the fuel feed lever to MIN (Stop) accordingly.

Lawn care and grass mowing

The current level of technological development makes it possible to produce garden equipment, which significantly reduces the laboriousness of working in the garden and on the lawn (lawn mowers with a container for collecting grass). If you want your lawn to be constantly green and evenly trimmed, carefully treat it, ensure normal ventilation and fertilizing.

The knife must be sharpened sharply to avoid pulling out the grass and yellowing the lawn.

Uniform mowing of the grass is achieved with the rectilinear movement of the mower. The adjacent beveled tracks should overlap a few centimeters so that there are no untreated lanes.

The frequency of processing the lawn depends solely on the growth rate of the grass. During the period of the main growth of grass (May-June), you should cut the lawn twice a week, the rest of the time. once a week. The cutting height is 4. 6 cm and before the next mowing the grass should grow by 4.5 cm.

In dry periods, the height of the grass after mowing should be 1.5 cm larger to prevent drying out of the soil.

If the grass on the lawn grows higher than usual, do not rush to mow it to a normal height, because it is harmful to the lawn. In this case, treat the lawn to half the height.

The cutoff height of the grass must be chosen so that the air stream can easily deliver the mowed mass to the container. If the cutoff height is set too low, the air flow has insufficient speed, and the container is filled unevenly; In addition, the mower housing may become clogged with grass.

Clean the grass container in a timely manner.

Only when the engine is off and when the knives stop.

1. Lift up the grass collection container.

2. Lift the grass ejection valve.

3. Remove the grass collection container backwards.

Due to the overfilled container, the grass ejection channel is clogged in the mower body and the rest of the grass remains on the lawn.

Attach empty container again and start engine. Pick grass from the lawn by moving the mower back.

Maintenance and care

Before carrying out all maintenance and servicing work, remove the spark plug!

After completing your work, clean the mower.

Never rinse with water! Water entering the ignition system or carburetor causes engine damage.

Use a rag or broom to clean dirt and grass.

Only clean the mower with the engine turned off and cool.

The mower should be stored in a dry room.

When tilting the mower to the side, make sure that the carburetor is facing up.

Special control needed

After hitting an obstacle

In case of damage to the V-belt

When the engine stops suddenly

With a bent knife (self-editing is prohibited)

When the motor shaft is bent (self-editing is prohibited)

In case of gearbox damage

All maintenance, repair and cleaning work may only be carried out after turning off and cooling the mower. The following work may be performed by the user. All other maintenance and repair work should be carried out with the participation of a service workshop.