Chainsaw attachment for cutting metal

Kit overview and principle of operation

When installing such a device, the chainsaw receives two additional functions at once. a gas cutter and an angle grinder. This turns out to be necessary in conditions where direct connection of a conventional angle grinder to source of electrical voltage is difficult, if not impossible.

A pulley is installed on the drive shaft of the chain saw drive sprocket, which, using a belt drive, is kinematically connected to the saw blade axis, while the rotation speed of the main shaft does not change. To install the nozzle itself, studs are used that secure the chainsaw’s saw bar. In the industrial designs of the nozzles under consideration, there are holes, the size and location of which is consistent with the parameters of the chainsaw of a particular manufacturer. The size of the saw also determines the largest diameter of the saw blade that can be installed.

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Chainsaw angle grinder attachment includes:

  • Deep groove ball bearing in dustproof housing.
  • Driven pulley.
  • V-belt.
  • A mandrel to which the cut-off wheel is attached (recommended no more than 150 × 22 mm).
  • Disc tightening wrench and two studs.

Chainsaw attachment-angle grinder is equipped with a special fastening groove, with which it is attached to the main tool. Used faceplate and nut with left-hand thread.

The presence of a nozzle allows you to use the chainsaw for cutting stone, steel, building blocks and other objects, the dimensions of which allow the use of a disc with a certain diameter value. The diameter, in turn, depends on the brand of the chainsaw. STIHL saws from STIHL-180 to STIHL-250 are best suited for these purposes. This is explained by the peculiarities of turning on STIHL chainsaws: at first, when the centrifugal clutch is turned on, the number of revolutions of the crankshaft is about 4500 min 1: it is at this angular speed that the spindle works most steadily. Then the speed can be increased up to 7000 8000 min. 1.

The manufacturer of grinder attachments for chainsaws recommends using no more than 75% of the rated power of the main tool, do not work without a protective cover, and do not use wheels for cutting and grinding work, the permissible rotation speed of which is less than 10,000 minutes. 1. The presence of a roller bearing that allows significant axial loads, eliminates the skew of the saw blade and jamming of the nozzle during prolonged work.

How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw?

They often try to improve the functionality of the chainsaw by developing special attachments, and often even without being particularly interested in the conclusions of the tool developer himself. The angle grinder attachment for the chainsaw is one of the first places of this kind. Is it worth buying it, what difficulties can you face when working? Let’s find out!

Difficulties and limitations

The angle grinder attachment for the chainsaw poses a number of problems for users:

  • How to protect moving parts from fine steel or stone dust generated during cutting?
  • How to choose the characteristics of the cutting wheel?
  • Is it possible to install one nozzle on chainsaws from different manufacturers?


The availability of effective air filters for working with these types of nozzles is recognized by everyone. The fact is that when separating substances with a fine-grained structure, a significant amount of small particles of shavings are released, which standard chainsaw filters cannot cope with.

There are two kinds of filters worth considering. Chainsaws made in China (Partner brand) are equipped with standard single-stage filters that clog up very quickly. Manufacturers of a higher price category (STIHL, Husqvarna) equip their products with two- and three-stage filters, which are able to sequentially retain particles with different sizes. The durability of the chainsaw engine in such conditions increases markedly. Therefore, it is best to install an angle grinder-attachment on a chainsaw for models that have three consecutive cleaning filters in their design: foam, paper, nylon. They are difficult to damage by steel shavings, and will be able to ensure the normal operation of the device drive.

Experts advise to retrofit saws with standard air-cleaning filters from passenger cars-SUVs, which effectively cope with fine particles of any density.

The second hazard is associated with the use of saw blades that are not designed for high-speed chainsaw engines. Husqvarna saw manufacturers insist on this. Indeed, cutting discs can fly apart due to exceeding centrifugal forces, and serious injury to users is possible. The danger increases with continuous operation with this attachment: overloading the drive elements can generate vibrations for which the saw blade is not designed. Therefore, it is required:

  • Limit the number of revolutions of the chainsaw engine;
  • Use only discs designed for higher rotation speeds;
  • Work only with a protective cover;
  • Use tool models that have a kickback protection function (an inertial brake must be present in the design).

Let’s summarize. The angle grinder attachment for the chainsaw is a useful and necessary device in many cases. In the presence of the above restrictions, it is quite permissible to install such a device on chainsaws of certain characteristics, using only cutting wheels suitable for these purposes. The price of the structures is quite affordable. from 1400 1500 rubles for Husqvarna saws, up to 2200 2300 rubles for saws from STIHL.

Features of the choice of the finished nozzle

Each proprietary chainsaw angle grinder comes on sale along with detailed documentation. In it, in addition to warranty coupons and factory specifications, manufacturers attach instructions. They list the models of chainsaws on which attachments can be installed. After examining the list, the owner of the gasoline tool will be able to understand whether his saw is suitable for installing cutting equipment on it.

If, for some reason, the instructions from the manufacturer of the angle grinder attachment do not contain instructions with the listed models of chain garden equipment, then the owner of the saw can independently determine whether his tool is suitable for working with the attachment. To do this, you need to compare the factory diameter of the internal combustion engine crankshaft and the diameter of the factory bore located on the pulley from the market nozzle kit. To make this easier, you will need to remove its standard clutch from the saw structure in advance. If the diameters of the parts coincide, then the angle grinder attachment can be installed instead of the cutting attachment and use the chainsaw to cut metal products.

How to install an angle grinder attachment on a chainsaw?

Self-installation of an angle grinder for cutting metal must begin with a thorough cleaning of the chainsaw. To do this, the operator must sequentially disconnect the side plastic cover of the protective housing, the guide and the chain installed on it. After that, it is necessary to blow out the saw parts with compressed air from a can. this will help get rid of small sawdust that can accidentally get into the chainsaw clutch mechanism.

The further algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • After cleaning the parts of the chainsaw, you will need to carefully unscrew the spark plug. If necessary, the part must be cleaned of deposits of carbon deposits and resinous deposits;
  • Next, you need to lock the piston. To do this, through the standard holes for mounting the candle inside the cylinder, you need to push a coil of rope with knots tied on it;
  • Then the operator must remove the factory clutch from the engine crankshaft and replace the built-in drive sprocket with an angle grinder pulley;
  • After that, you need to install the remaining parts of the chainsaw and proceed to the installation of the metal cutting attachment;
  • To do this, you need to install an angle grinder attachment instead of the saw headset, using 2 mounting screws.

Nozzle pulleys-grinders. types and features

Today there is no definite classification of factory clutches for chainsaws and pulleys provided for in the complete set of grinder attachments. Nevertheless, it would significantly simplify the independent selection and subsequent operation of equipment for cutting metal.

To understand the difference between pulleys and clutches of different types, you need to consider the features of the elements provided for in the complete set of grinders. For example, the angle grinder pulley for attachment to the STIHL 180 is a closed all-metal bowl that allows the attachment to be installed in place of the factory saw clutch. The pulley of this device is non-separable, and its diameter exactly matches the original diameter of the factory crankshaft with a pre-installed needle, permanently lubricated bearing. This type of angle grinder attachment for the chainsaw is also suitable for mounting on the STIHL 170 and STIHL 250 models.

On sale there are also nozzles-angle grinders equipped with pulleys in the form of open cups. They are installed instead of the standard gasoline saw clutch. Pulleys of this type are available in several versions, the factory design of which depends on the sprocket pitch. Attachments-angle grinders with pulleys in the form of open cups are considered more versatile, since they can be installed on some models of the brands Husqvarna, TAIGA, Partner.

Chainsaw angle grinder

The areas of operation of a modern chainsaw have long gone beyond the garden and forest area. Nowadays, gasoline-powered tools are often used for various household purposes. For this, there are special small-sized nozzles. The most popular of them is the angle grinder, designed for cutting metal products. A nozzle of this type is easy to install, but most importantly, it is quite simple to make it from available tools.

How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw with your own hands?

To convert a household chainsaw into an angle grinder, its owner will need to prepare:

  • a working mechanism previously removed from an old angle grinder;
  • 3 metal guides from 40 to 50 cm long;
  • belt;
  • 2 drums.

To assemble an angle grinder at home, you need:

  • Lay the used belt evenly exactly parallel to the tire of the used chainsaw;
  • Attach the pulley pre-installed on the saw to the drive sprocket;
  • To grind and remove the gear wheel provided in the design of the working mechanism of the angle grinder;
  • Assemble the pulley and weld it to the base;
  • Shorten 2 of the three guides. this is necessary for the stable operation of the belt;
  • Sharpen the third tire for the installation of the previously removed working mechanism of the angle grinder;
  • Set circles for cutting metal.

Reserves for expanding functionality

The list of operational capabilities of chainsaws has been expanded and successfully implemented due to removable additional equipment. It includes attachments and attachments for a wide variety of purposes.

Most of the assortment of attachments is focused on a complete set of branded models. The possibilities of budget chainsaws in this regard are very limited.

  • Even a small set allows you to mechanize a significant part of the household work associated with special processing of wood and metal, drilling wells, caring for ornamental shrubs.
  • It is not excluded to use the saw as a boat motor, grass trimmer for lawn maintenance, a gas cutter or a household compressor.
  • The effectiveness of the use of replacement equipment is facilitated by stable traction characteristics and efficiency of power units, adaptation of branded chainsaw equipment to difficult climatic factors.

In practice, it has been proven that chainsaws of leading brands can be successfully operated in a wide temperature range.

Combination angle grinder and petrol saw

The universal angle grinder attachment is driven by the drive shaft of the drive sprocket by means of a V-belt drive. The device is attached to the saw body with studs designed to fix the saw bar.

The diameter of the emery wheel is selected depending on the engine power and the characteristics of the work to be done. Gas cutter nozzle angle grinder-1 perfectly copes with abrasive cutting of natural and artificial tile and facing materials, metals, cleaning welding joints.

angle grinder-1 works with standard and diamond wheels up to 20 cm in diameter, with a 22 mm bore. The abrasive attachment for cutting metal can be a good addition to the toolkit of a home workshop or equipment of a small car service.

Drilling and compressor equipment

The simple design and easy-to-use ice screw nozzle is used in fish farms to supply air to frozen water bodies in winter. The effectiveness of using the combined equipment has been confirmed in practice.

Lightweight, compact and efficient enough ice drill is included in the set of equipment for winter recreational fishing. As a result of natural selection, a high demand for the most successful developments has stabilized.

In particular, the MB-2 Ice motor drill is characterized by excellent operational properties. The nozzle is driven through a reduction gear that reduces the shaft speed to 150 rpm. This model differs from similar counterparts in the minimum installation time, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.

DIY Chop Saw. A Chainsaw Hack

The replaceable compressor nozzle in terms of operating parameters is inferior to many mobile household units. Nevertheless, for aeration of small stocked reservoirs, the operation of pneumatic paint saws and sprayers, its performance is sufficient with a margin.

Benefits of replaceable attachments

In the first case, there is a significant savings in the purchase of a set of household tools for various purposes.

  • The price of several attachments is 2-3 times less than the cost of a standard set. In terms of functionality, many branded models are not inferior to highly specialized household counterparts.
  • Replaceable nozzles for chainsaw equipment take up less space, prompt replacement of a standard saw bar with any replaceable equipment with the skills and the appropriate tool is carried out within a few minutes.
  • The use of attachments increases the payback of the chainsaw several times. The tool, which is most often used for logging fuel wood, can be used to solve many household and construction problems.

Chainsaw as a drive for a light boat

The popular Outboard Motor attachment is activated by a gearbox and pulley extension that mounts in place of the drive sprocket. Depending on the engine power, a boat equipped with a two or three-bladed propeller can gain speed up to 20 km / h.

Rip saws for construction timber

In the standard version, saw chains with a certain sharpening angle are used for longitudinal and diagonal cutting of wood. Special devices are no less effective and productive.

A longitudinal sawing attachment that is quite durable in operation, which copes well with sawing logs and boards, costs about 2,000 rubles. This is the approximate cost of four saw chains, which have a very limited lifespan.

Traction devices

The cable “Winch” installed on a powerful chainsaw is characterized by a wide functionality. The pulling force of the nozzle varies in the range of up to 2 tons, the radius of action is up to 30 meters.

In the operational capabilities of the traction device:

  • skidding of felled trees;
  • pulling out stuck vehicles;
  • lifting work and moving non-standard loads by dragging or using rollers;
  • plowing heavy soils on hard-to-reach land plots for tractor equipment.

Motorists living in regions with poor roads willingly equip their cars with chainsaws with winch equipment.