Stihl 170 and 180 what is the difference

Proprietary technologies

Concern STIHL keeps the brand of the manufacturer with a worldwide reputation

It is the custom of reputable brands to announce various technologies and “gadgets” that make it easier to work with the saw, making it more productive and safer. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that such a large-scale development is not always hidden under colorful weighty words. Sometimes this is some trifle, which, however, gives the legal right to talk about know-how.

Such developments are used in the “hundred and seventy”:

  • Braking system QuickStop

In fact, it is a regular band brake of the chain. Yes, it is made with high quality and reliable, then it works, but there is nothing super-innovative in the system. Here is the QuickStop Super technology. yes, there the chain is braked when the throttle is released. But only more advanced chainsaws are equipped with it. All that remains for the MS 170 is the proven bounce-action front stick.

The handles of the model are attached to the body and crankcase through rubber damper pads. It makes no sense to argue about which is more effective. springs or rubber inserts, everyone perceives it differently. Yes, a 1.7-horsepower engine is unlikely to give out such a vibration from which your hands fall off.

  • Compensator in the carburetor

MS 170, MS180 лучшие малыши компании STIHL

Another mysterious “lotion” of Calm. It is positioned as a part that regulates the operation of the engine, and, accordingly, the fuel consumption in such a way that clogging of the air filter does not lead to problems with starting and running at idle or under load. However, not a single site has the ability to find information about the device of this part. It can be assumed that this is an additional channel that allows, if necessary, to increase the flow from the air filter, making the suction more efficient.

  • Chain lubrication Ematic

The company’s marketing savvy advertisers presented the lubrication system as unique. The chain itself, the tire, the oil pump and a special bypass are working to reduce oil consumption. Everything is clear with the oil pump. even without a regulator, it works in automatic mode from the crankshaft speed through the gear system. The chain has grooves configured with a lubrication nozzle. Well, the tire has a special bearing that loses less oil and gets dirty less often.

STIHL MS 170. the little brother of the 180: slightly weaker, but more accurate

STIHL MS 170. one of the most inexpensive and compact saws on the market. In appearance, it resembles other products of the German brand, in particular, the legendary 180-ku. Let’s figure out what are the advantages of this unit and why the manufacturer brought to the market a “weakened” model of a popular version.

Stihl ms170 vs ms250 vs ms291 comparison review

Differences from 180 MS

Even the tires they come with are the same length. Although 40 cm for the older model comes in the basic configuration, and in the younger model it is considered the maximum allowable size. However, the motor, even with all the reliability, is clearly weak for a tire over 35 cm.You should pay attention not to the width of the groove. the chain is thinner for the 170, 1.1 mm, and for the 180, 1.3.

The MS 180 engine itself is more powerful. 0.3 l. from. not such a big difference, but it still affects the cutting speed. As a result, we get a model the same as the one known for a long time to both amateurs and professionals, but weaker in almost all parameters and at the same time almost the same in weight.

It seems that this does not do without the laws of modern market trade: the more models a company puts on sale, the more profit it will receive. In addition, manufacturers of expensive branded products have completely different methods than factories of cheap products. If in Chinese chainsaws we often see a rich package. two chains, a container for mixing fuel, and sometimes an additional starter ratchet, then well-known models are distinguished by an extremely simple design and a very meager set of additional accessories. We are glad that at least the branded chain is still being put.

In addition, STIHL (and Husqvarna) constantly insist that a large “power” for household files is a completely unnecessary and even overhead feature. A purely European approach. We think about it according to the principle: I’ll take more. what if it comes in handy someday. In an economical and expedient Europe, they think more about the high cost of consumables and how to minimize fuel and oil gluttony. And the light STIHL 170 pulls off the hands much less.

So the main trump card of a saw that is weak at first glance is efficiency. Well, there is no point in using it for felling wood, and the manufacturer speaks about this quite clearly.


The saw pattern can surprise users accustomed to Soviet or Chinese saws with its simplicity and thoughtfulness.

The saw body has a characteristic coloring and angular design, which is the hallmark of the calm tool.

  • The body is plastic, the crankcase is combined of metal and plastic. Both of these materials are solid, the only disappointing thing is the absence of any thermal insulation between the muffler and the plastic of the front end. Although the saw has no tendency to melt due to the low-powered motor, protection would still be helpful. The metal of the cylinder itself is durable and reliable.
  • The volume of the cylinder is only 30 cubes, while it develops 1.7 liters. with., that is, the compression ratio of the engine is very good, which is facilitated by the precision machining of the cylinder and piston. The company does not declare any special technologies in this unit, however, there are enough German quality standards even without them.
  • The Zama chainsaw carburetor has only one adjusting screw, which is enough for it. Made in China, however, STIHL controls the quality well, there are practically no user complaints about this site. There is an air filter in front of it, which just tends to be called primitive. this is an ordinary felt pad, it is cleaned a couple of times, and then must be replaced.
  • The top cover is attached very conveniently. there are no plastic lambs, like the Chinese, and even more so three screws, like Husqvarna. Convenient and secure latch slides with a click to the side, revealing access to the candle and filter.
  • The throttle grip and controls are made in such a way as to work without lifting your right hand. The trigger with the accidental pressing blocker is the same as for everyone, but the air damper control and the electronic ignition button are made in the form of a single lever. It has four positions. In the lowermost one, the air damper is closed to reduce the enrichment of the mixture when starting to cold. In order to move the flag to this point, you must press the gas, otherwise it will not work.
  • The second position from the bottom is an open flap, used when the saw characteristically sneezes after a few vigorous tugging on the string. After the factory, you should “gas”, and the lever automatically slides into the working position. You can drown the saw by moving it to the uppermost position with the “0” icon. German engineers really did a great job on ergonomics: with proper skill, all operations are really done with one right hand. And so that life “does not seem like raspberries”, there is no primer here. pull the cord, gentlemen, but more energetically.
  • On the right side of the saw there is a starter cover and two filler necks. Covers with internal thread and slot for a regular screwdriver. Thanks to this design, debris and sawdust are less likely to end up in oil or gasoline. There are transparent windows on the tanks, for which more than one thousand owners said thanks to the designers.
  • There is no oil supply regulator. it is squeezed onto the chain automatically. However, when using regulated fluids, there are no problems with this.
  • The right side of the saw just shines with two huge nuts, to which a spark plug wrench fits. STIHL products are also recognized by these nuts, especially since they do not fade over time. After removing them, we see another plus. a clutch block, the cup of which is put on with a bell inside, and only an asterisk is outside. This makes it much easier to install the chain, and the clutch is less prone to clogging and wear. The chain tension adjustment screw in the basic configuration is located on the side of the body, the screwdriver is kept along the bar. far from the most convenient option. However, as additional options, it is possible to install a side tensioner or even a keyless adjustment unit.


As with many other STIHL models. the MS 170 saw has a direct competitor from Husqvarna, the 120 Mark II, which replaces the 236 series. The Swede, with a similar tire length and field of application, has a gain in engine power, a loss in weight and almost complete parity in price. This is really a reason for adherents to arrange a holivar on the topic of which is better. The discreet, but no less reliable Oleo-Mac GS 35 C-14 will cost a little more, but below there is a number of Chinese saws from AL-KO BKS 38/35 to Bison PBC-380 35p. Here, the build quality is already worse, although the engines are also slightly more powerful.

Fuel and oil tank caps

Copies of the lids are very accurate, except that they do not have the inscription “STIHL“.

The original saw has the “STIHL” lettering on the fuel tank cap

STIHL MS 661-20

Reliable chainsaw with an ergonomic handle that can withstand heavy loads. Suitable not only for experienced users, but also for beginners.

The protective cover ensures the safety of use, and the anti-vibration system makes the work convenient. Heated carburetor makes using the tool in winter as comfortable as possible.

During operation, noise is less than 120 dB.

  • power. 5400 W;
  • bus length. 50 cm;
  • engine displacement. 91.1 cubic meters. cm;
  • oil tank. 0.7 l;
  • weight. 7.4 kg.
  • thoughtful design;
  • power;
  • fits comfortably in the hand;
  • productive.
  • high price;
  • expensive spare parts.

Professional-grade chainsaws are powerful. They are suitable for those who need to care for a large amount of plantation and process a large amount of wood in building construction and carpentry work. The equipment is designed for heavy loads. The ranking presents the best high power chainsaws from a reliable German brand.


Pay attention to the screws. in the original chainsaw they are made with an “asterisk”. In fakes, most often the screws go under a flat screwdriver or hexagon

In fakes, most often the screws go under a flat screwdriver or hexagon.

However, our copy is very close to the original, so its screws are also made to match the “asterisk”.

In the compared fake, the screws are also made under the “asterisk”, but there is no inscription “STIHL” on the gas tank cap

Husqvarna pros and cons

One of the advantages of Husqvarna chainsaws is their cost, as a rule, it is slightly lower than that of STIHL tools, although the difference in some cases is insignificant. You can also note the build quality of tools and materials from which they are made.

Husqvarna chainsaws are produced in many countries, including at a plant in the Moscow region city of Khimki.

The most popular model, for example, the Husqvarna 135, has a slightly lower price than its competitor STIHL MC 180. We will compare these models in more detail a little later, but for now I would like to note that the European standard of environmental friendliness is clearly traced in the technical solutions of Husqvarna. This means that the company primarily cares about the quality of the exhaust of the tool, which in some cases makes it sacrifice the maximum power of chainsaws. A striking example of such a company policy is the X-Torq system. For the Russian Federation, this system is useless, since in our country there are no strict standards for the quality of exhaust.

Comparison of the most common STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws

If we compare the popular STIHL and Husqvarna tools in terms of power, then the main competitor of the STIHL 180 at Husqvarna is the Husqvarna 135.

The power of both is 1.5 kW. At the moment, Husqvarna loses not only in cost, because its price is slightly higher, but also in the volume of the cylinder, which is 40.9 cm³, while that of Calm, the volume is 31.8 cm³. If we consider this difference from the technical point of view, we can conclude that the Husqvarna engine, with such a volume, should consume more fuel, since the consumption of the fuel mixture is directly related to the cylinder volume.

The second point where Husqvarna falls short of the STIHL 180 is weight. STIHL weighs 3.9 kg, while Husqvarna weighs half a kilo more. Not much difference, but still.

The advantage of the Husqvarna 135 over the STIHL 180 is a quick-detachable filter that can be washed and used after multiple cleaning. Calm does not have this, but it is possible to choose an additional set of tools, for example, to purchase STIHL 180C or 180C-BE, which have an easy start, as well as the ability to adjust the chain tension, without the help of additional tools.

Thus, when choosing between STIHL 180 or Husqvarna 135, it is wiser and more profitable to buy STIHL 180, since it has long been the most popular chainsaw in the Russian Federation, unlike Husqvarna.

stihl, difference

Now let’s compare the 180 with the budget version of Husqvarna, model 236.

Its power is 1.4 kW, which is already lower than that of the STIHL 180 chainsaw, and the working volume is higher and amounts to 38.2 cm³. The price is slightly lower than that of the STIHL 180, but is it worth the savings, while losing power and, accordingly, performance.

Another Husqvarna model with which the 180 can be compared is the Husqvarna 240.

Their price and engine power are the same, but Husqvarna loses out in terms of weight and cylinder volume. Its weight is 4.7 kg, which is almost a whole kilogram more than that of the STIHL 180, and its volume is 38.2 cm³.

Muffler cover

The original muffler cover is engraved with “STIHL” and the model number. The copy muffler is absolutely smooth.

Original chainsaw muffler cover

Warranty and equipment.

The warranty period for the STIHL MC 170 chainsaw is 1 year from the date of purchase. Before purchasing, it is advisable that the seller start the saw with you and check its performance. In addition to the mechanism itself, the package includes:

  • Chain and saw blade (50 links, groove thickness 1.1, pitch 3/8).
  • Universal original key and special screwdriver for adjustment.
  • Protective tire cover.
  • Instruction and warranty card.

Counterfeits and original

The more popular the techniques on the international market, the more often you can find Chinese counterfeits that have a similar look and a more affordable price. The original STIHL MS-170 chain saw should have a price within 10 thousand rubles, everything that is much lower is a fake.

Experienced owners of equipment have learned to recognize a fake, even visually:

  • casting of the body is rough, porous, low quality;
  • dimmer than the original chain saw;
  • in the original, the air filter screw is located at the end of the tool, in Chinese fakes. in the upper part, etc.

To view detailed information on how to identify a fake chainsaw “STIHL” MC-170 we offer in this

Operating your STIHL chainsaw 170 ms

Basic tips for maintaining your chain saw and using the STIHL 170 ms correctly:

stihl, difference
  • when working with a chainsaw, always think about safety. protect the respiratory system with a respirator, and protect your eyes from chips with a mask, to reduce the impact of vibration, wear tight gloves, hold the saw firmly with both hands;
  • perform maintenance according to the schedule recommended in the instructions or once a month, tighten the chain as necessary, clean / replace filters;
  • lubricated chain and bar. a guarantee of high-quality sawing;
  • do not change the angle of the direction of the bar to the surface of the log or board being cut, hold the tool so that the saw blade plunges into it from top to bottom or strictly parallel to the edge.

Pros and cons of STIHL MS 170.

Let’s group and once again list all the pros and cons of this model.

Time-tested reliability is what STIHL is famous for. The mechanism is made so reliable that the saw with proper care and active use will last 10 years or more.

Lightweight and comfortable. one of the best in this component, second only to the prototype MC 180, which, with all other indicators, will be more powerful.

High build quality: all parts are docked perfectly, the body is not made of cheap plastic, but made of strong polyamide, rubber connections have a high resource.

The STIHL service base is the best in our country, in the category of garden equipment, of course. You will find a service center, spare parts and an experienced repairman not only in a large city, but also in the outback.

The low cost of the STIHL 170 is often a key buying factor. This is not only the cheapest chainsaw from a German manufacturer, but also among all premium brands.

The saw headset is of very good quality. A branded chain and tire with proper care will last a very long time and clearly outperform the competition.

Insufficient power for serious and aggressive sawing. Otherwise, the saw will heat up, which is fraught with engine breakdown.

Expensive original spare parts can unpleasantly surprise the owner of the MC 170 in the event of a major repair. By the way, top-end consumables. a chain and a bus with a 1.1 groove do not have cheap substitutes and will have to fork out in any case.

The air filter, like that of the 180, is a simple felt filter, which needs to be monitored more often and replaced with a new one according to the degree of wear.

The variability of the MC 170 configuration is worse than that of the MC 180 model, where you can choose a configuration with a long tire or an easy start and keyless chain tension. This disadvantage is relative and is revealed only in comparison with the “older brother”.

The STIHL MS-170 chainsaw is manufactured by the famous German brand STIHL, founded in 1921 in Germany. The newly-minted company of Andreas Stihl was engaged in the production of steam boilers and washing machines. A little later, in 1929, the company released its first “STIHL” chainsaw, which is characterized by a large weight (48 kg) and therefore served by not one, but two operators.

Development continued, design changes were made, and today we see the quietest and most widely bought STIHL chainsaw in the world, the weight of which rarely exceeds 6 kg. The reason for this popularity is the high quality of assembly and components of the unit, increased safety during operation, and innovative technologies used. The assembly of STIHL chainsaws is carried out in Germany and the USA.

stihl, difference

Advantages and disadvantages

  • compactness;
  • the presence of a compensator;
  • light weight;
  • easy start;
  • lateral chain tension;
  • the air filter is universal, easy access to it;
  • automatic chain lubrication system;
  • the ability to install tires at 14 and 16 inches;
  • “QuickStop”. chain brake.

The disadvantage is the high cost of the STIHL MS-170 chainsaw.

STIHL standard equipment 170 ms

The STIHL 170 ms chainsaw is equipped with the following elements:

  • tire, sprocket, chain;
  • working part to which the assembled bus is connected;
  • key used for assembly;
  • instruction (manual) for the tool;
  • 12 months warranty.

Copy makers: Romania, China, Poland.

Why buy the STIHL MS 180

I have been using the chainsaw for several years, all this time she has only been capricious a couple of times and that’s it. I solved the problem by cleaning the air filter and candle. I work as a saw on a construction site and saw a little old trash at home. She saws boards and pillars flawlessly. Compared to an electric saw, the STIHL 180 is noticeably more powerful, especially when sawing round timber. Considering that the saw can be cut for no more than a minute, STIHL is completely out of competition.

Recently it was revealed that the saw can come with two options of tires, I was told this when I was buying a spare chain and it did not fit me. Before this calm, I had several instruments bought from gypsies for cheap. STIHL type and Husqvarna type. Forgeries, practically without working on sawing, were ordered to live long. As a result, I just wasted my money and still had to go and buy STIHL 180 from an authorized dealer, which I do not regret to this day.

Now STIHL costs a little more than I bought it, but you still shouldn’t buy instruments from “gray” traders. You will definitely not win anything, but only lose money. I am completely satisfied with my instrument and recommend it to all my friends, its price and power are perfectly balanced.

Starts up quickly, cuts mediocre, oil does not pour out like on the last saw when the saw is not working, there is no vibration when he saw for the first time, figured it out quickly (good instruction). The tool is assembled with high quality.

It gets dirty quickly, very often pulling up the chain (it probably hasn’t worked in yet). Really lacking power when working with fat chocks.

I use the saw for gardening, sawing and felling bad trees. I cut them for firewood, I also saw old boards for lighting the barbecue, I cut out small bushes, for these needs it is quite enough, but something serious can no longer be cut. In principle, I am satisfied with the saw, but I would like the best, I had to take more powerful ones. The gasoline consumption seems to be high, but this is probably due to the low power, you have to constantly gas, or perhaps just running in is.

Comparison of characteristics

If you compare the main technical characteristics, then these two saws have the same volume of fuel and oil tanks. The weight of the instruments is 3.9 kg. Chainsaws come with completely identical tires.

The main difference between the tools is in the power of the motors. The STIHL ms 180 has an engine capacity of 31.8 cubic meters. cm while its power is 2 liters. from. The 170th is equipped with a 30.1 cc engine. cm and at the same time produces a maximum power of 1.7 liters. from. Whether this difference will be critical, it is impossible to say unequivocally. We can only assume that with a larger power reserve, the ms 180 chainsaw will be a little more reliable.

External differences

In appearance, it is almost impossible to distinguish chainsaws, since they are completely identical. Housing parts, crankcase, muffler and carburetor mounted on saws are interchangeable and have the same factory part numbers.

Differences of the cylinder. piston group

The main difference is hidden inside the cylinders. The inner diameter of the STIHL CPG for ms 170 is 37 mm, while for ms it is 180–38 mm. But oddly enough, the crankcase trays of the tools are the same.

Both units have comfortable modifications with STIHL ElastoStart technology, which makes it easier to start the STIHL chainsaw, and a quick chain tensioning system, which allows you to adjust the chain without the use of keys.

Differences between STIHL chainsaws ms 170 and 180

Dear readers, in this article we will consider the answer to the question: STIHL 170 and STIHL 180 is the difference critical, since this is one of the most popular questions that buyers have when choosing a chainsaw for work in a garden. And let’s start by comparing the technical characteristics.

A comparative analysis of chainsaws has shown that, despite the price, most buyers choose the STIHL MS 180 because of its reliability and practicality. A large selection of spare parts also affects comfortable operation, since repair is an integral part of the operation of any equipment. Choosing 180 is the right choice.