Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo Mac 941s

About electrical manufacturer Oleo. Mac

This legendary company began its activities forty years ago. In addition, it is worth noting that the manufacturer produces Italian products, including chainsaws, lawn mowers, cultivators, trimmers and other equipment. over, for its customers, the manufacturer produces tools of both professional and domestic nature.

At the moment, the Emak concern is operating. It came about through the cohesion of Oleo-Mac and the same kind of organization Efco. But it is worth noting that even after the companies began their joint work, the manufacturer we are talking about today still managed to directly preserve its historical brand. And also its products also fill the markets of the whole world.

Today, the manufacturer is world famous, as there is not a single country or even a small town on the globe who would not hear about this kind of company. It is worth noting that the company has earned such a level of popularity due to the highest quality standards, a huge range of products, fairly reasonable prices and, importantly, the environmental impact on it is minimal.

The best modern models

As we said earlier, the manufacturer provides a huge variety of its products, including among its chainsaws. But in this paragraph, only the most unique and best chainsaws of this company will be presented to your attention. In addition, there are no analogues in the world. So, let’s take a look at each of them one by one.

Oleo-Mac 936 Saw Instruction Manual

First of all, it is worth noting that today, this model occupies a leading place, the harm of such a pleased tool. And this feature is not at all surprising since even taking into account the fact that the tool is for domestic use, its functional data is in no way inferior to chainsaws called “pros”. The device is fully equipped with the best programs.

over, the manufacturer equipped this model two piston rings. So that you understand the difference, in almost all chainsaws only one ring is used, and if there are two of them, this already indicates the power and versatility of the tool. As for the advantages of this kind of “additives”, they are quite significant. First of all, through such a solution, the quality of compression was significantly increased, and, consequently, the power, reliability and resources of the tool increased.

In addition, the chainsaw is equipped with a high-quality primer. That made it possible to forgive as much as possible the direct start of the engine when it is in the so-called “cold” state.

Now there is no need to suffer with such a process and endlessly try to start a chainsaw, and then wait for it to heat up. Today, everything is much simpler, but only in this model. Which has a button that you need to press a couple of times, pull the rope and voila the chainsaw is ready to go.

Any owner of a chainsaw, before starting to operate it, needs to familiarize themselves with the information on why a chainsaw may stall when gas is supplied.

Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo Mac 941s

Also, it will be important to find out what is the running of a chainsaw and why it is needed.

After that, you can read the instructions for setting up the carburetor of the chainsaw and start working with the tool.


  • Such a model is semi-professional;
  • It has engines with a power of 1.7 kW;
  • The cylindrical volume is 39.0 cubic meters. cm.;
  • Equipped with a chainsaw Micro-Lite Pro tire, in which you can replace the sprocket;
  • Its length is 41 cm.;
  • The chain step refers to the Micro Chisel program and is 0.325 inches;
  • The oil tank has a mass of 0.2 liters, and the fuel tank has 0.4 liters;
  • The overall size of the model is 4.0 kg.

Instruction manual

Do not forget that before you start working with this model, it must be carefully checked and prepared.

Since the slightest error in the collection or fuel mixture can directly lead to a malfunction of the device. In addition, the chainsaw has a fairly heavy weight, so you need to operate it by holding it with both hands.

And do not forget that you should be behind the device and dressed in special clothes with a helmet and glasses.

Video: Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo Mac 941s

Also, the instruction manual for the device reads:

  • Before starting work, it is necessary to make sure that all the elements are fastened correctly and tighten the chain;
  • After chain lubrication, pump up fuel (see chain lubrication oil);
  • Before the factory, you need to make sure that you have taken the correct position and hold the unit securely;
  • Work with the saw must comply with all safety rules.

Oleo-Mac 937

This model is a universal tool and relates directly to the domestic area of ​​work. She perfectly copes with pruning branches, harvesting firewood, sawing small trees, etc. In general, this tool is just a real find for those who have summer cottages.

over, it is worth noting that this device is the manufacturer manufactured using unique technologies which he uses to produce exclusively high-class models. The chainsaw has high-performance characteristics, has the highest level of performance.

It is the latter feature that fully allows you to perform large volumes of work for a short period of time. At the same time, not only the comfortable operation of the device is ensured, but also the ease of operation.


  • The chainsaw oleo mack 937, whose price is about 17,000 rubles, has incredible power, as it has an engine with a power of 1.6 kW;
  • The oil tank installed in the device has a mass of 0.22 liters, and the fuel tank has 032 liters;
  • The tire length is 35 cm;
  • The cylindrical volume has an indicator of 35.2 cubic meters. cm;
  • The weight category of the chainsaw is 4.1 kilograms.

Instruction manual

It is important that this model "does not tolerate" when a mixture of low quality is poured into it. Remember that the oil-gasoline mixture must be of high quality, as otherwise the tool may fail. It is best if you use oil from the same manufacturer. Then your chainsaw will be able to perform a large amount of work without interruption.

Oleo Poppy 941s

This model will serve as an excellent assistant for you, not only in household work, but also in the construction direction. She has a powerful motor. over, the manufacturer has equipped the device in such a way that it can easily provide a high level of direct performance. Washes to work with any kind of wood. In addition, the chainsaw has an anti-vibration system, a noise-proof casing and an inertial brake.


  • The power of the device’s engine directly is 1800 W;
  • The tire length has an indicator of 400 mm;
  • The weight category of the chainsaw is 4.2 kg;
  • It has an automatic circuit lubrication, and the power button is equipped with a lock.

Instruction manual

Do not forget that the chainsaw is a rather dangerous tool, therefore, when working with it, you must stand firmly on a solid surface in order to be able to control not only the tool, but also your movements. Hold the device firmly with both hands and only then operate it. And in no case do not work with a chainsaw at a height.

Oleo-Mac 941cx Chainsaw

An unsurpassed chainsaw with a wide range of functionality. With its help, you can not only carry out work in the country, but, as well as its widespread use in the activity of tree felling. In addition, the manufacturer equipped the model with an anti-vibration system, which will maximize the ability to protect you from occupational diseases.


  • It belongs to the type of manual chainsaw;
  • It has an engine with a power of 1800 watts;
  • The chain pitch is 0.325 inches;
  • The tire length is 41 cm;
  • The mass of the direct engine is 39 cc;
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 0.32 liters, and the oil. 0.22 liters;
  • The weight category of the chainsaw is 4.2 kg.

Instruction manual

Do not forget that this model is quite powerful, so you need to work with it very carefully. To do this, turn off the device if you need to switch to work in another area. Before operating, always check the condition of the tool. And also do not forget to use a mixture prepared exclusively from the "ingredients" of the highest quality.

Oleo-Mac 937 16

This model is equipped with a special system that locates the chain directly (see how to sharpen the chain in other models). In just five seconds, the circuit on your device will be as good as new. It is intended for work in the domestic direction. With its help, you can easily prepare firewood, cut branches and cut down trees of small sizes.

In addition, this chainsaw is made through the use of special technologies that provide it with the ability to quickly and efficiently carry out its work in any conditions. over, this tool has an anti-vibration system, due to which vibration waves are dulled to the maximum extent during operation.


  • The chainsaw has an engine with a power of 1.6 kW;
  • The cylindrical volume is 35.2 cubic meters. cm;
  • The tire length is 40 cm;
  • The oil tank has a mass of 0.220 liters, and the gas tank has 0.320 liters;
  • The weight category of the saw is 4.1 kilograms.

Instruction manual

The most important thing about working with a delivered device is caution. Since the slightest inattention can lead to disastrous results. Always operate the chainsaw in special clothing, glasses and a helmet. And also are at an optimum distance from the tool. In addition, it is very important to remember that you need to hold the device while working with both hands.


If you are still interested in Oleo Mac chainsaws, the official website will help you find the best deal. Since these unsurpassed models are a small part of the products manufactured by the manufacturer.

Directly going to the company’s website, you can get acquainted with other models that are not much inferior to these chainsaws.