Chainsaw Carver Won’T Start


Chainsaw Carver Won'T Start

Do-it-yourself repair of the Carver chainsaw can be done after disassembling the tool. If we are talking about a cylinder-piston group, then first you need to Unscrew the 4 bolts that fix the cylinder head. Then the latter is removed from the block and the piston is checked for its appearance. Spare parts for chainsaws “Carver” Must be original, this also applies if you notice seizures, and the piston must be replaced. Sometimes the cylinder changes with the piston.

User’s manual

During the operation of the equipment, the chain must be maintained in a sharpened condition, otherwise the operating time will increase and the vibration level will increase. If the chainsaw components are loose, vibration will interfere with operation. Pay attention to kickback, which is the upward thrust of the tire. It occurs the moment the chain touches the second object. This could cause the operator to lose control and be seriously injured.

Chainsaw “Carver”, the instructions for the use of which you should study before using the tool, and should not be used at the first stage in the area of ​​the end of the tire, this can cause kickback. The end of the tire must be constantly monitored, if you accidentally touch objects on this part, a kickback is possible, as well as the risk of injury. The manufacturer recommends that you be careful when continuing with the cuts you have started, you should start cutting with only the moving chain. The latter must be sharpened correctly. Several branches should not be cut at the same time, when pruning is necessary Make sure that the saw does NOT touch the second branches.

Chainsaw of which class to choose

Chainsaws “Carver” can be amateur, they anticipate occasional use, and their power does NOT exceed 2 kW. Low-profile chains are installed on such equipment, which can significantly reduce the level of vibration. However, in these cases, one cannot count on high performance, but it is safe to say that amateur-class instruments are lightweight, do not give a strong load on the hands, and are also convenient to use. With their help, you can carry out minor construction work, cut trees and harvest firewood.

Chainsaws “Carver”, which belong to the semi-professional class, will be able to withstand construction. They are powerful enough, and can be used for felling. Their only drawback is that they are NOT designed for long-term use. If you need dust for 10 hours in a row every day, then it is best to choose a professional model. Semi-professional options can have a power in the range from 2 to 3 kW, but mainly this parameter is kept within 2.5 kW. The barrel diameter does not exceed 40 cm, and the weight of such tools is approximately 6 kg.

Model Description RSG-38-16K

This version of the chainsaw costs 5690 rubles. And it is a household tool that can be used for small construction work and in the garden. The tool is easy to use and ergonomic, equipped with a two-stroke engine, and its power is 2 Horsepower. The manufacturer has equipped the equipment with an easy start system with which it is possible to reduce the forces applied when starting the engine. Working comfort is also ensured by an anti-vibration system. The air filter is protected by a casing and can be easily opened with a swivel wheel.

The device can be used for felling trees, because the equipment is equipped with a high-performance chain, a cover and a saw bar. According to buyers, the model is characterized by low vibration, easy start-up and a high degree of safety. Due to the presence of a fuel pump, it is possible to use the equipment at low temperatures. Professionals say that the porous chrome plating technology guarantees high wear resistance of the engine cylinder. The air filter is easily accessible by just turning the wheel on the casing.

The choice for professionals

Chainsaws “Carver” can be represented by professional models. They have a high power, which reaches 6 kW, and such tools are designed for daily multi-hour loads. Chainsaws of this type are NOT justified for personal use, unless you are planning to build a log house and a bathhouse. Professional models are most often purchased by organizations that are involved in AL-KOi forests. Such equipment is designed for 2000 hours of work with thick trees.


The model is intended for domestic use. The power of the unit is 1.8 kW, the length of the bus is 45 cm. Its advantages include:

  • Engine designed to save up to 20% fuel.
  • Integrated metal spike for increased cutting precision.
  • High strength and performance chain.
  • Metal crankcase that improves heat dissipation and increases bearing wear resistance.
  • A primer for easy starting after a long break in work. The value of this device is especially important because There is no quick start system in this model of the chainsaw.

The best representatives of the Carver budget chainsaw range

Chainsaw Carver. An inexpensive, effective and reliable tool that is gaining increasing popularity among users in all parts of Russia.


The semi-professional chainsaw Carver RSG-252 has more powerful technical characteristics and can be used both for work in the garden, and in construction, during repairs, for logging. A set of adaptations for working conditions at low temperatures. Metal crankcase extends saw life.

Design features allow for maintenance and repair of the tool without the help of a specialist: easy access to all parts and assemblies allows you to easily adjust the operation of mechanisms, flush them or replace worn parts. Additional assistance in saw maintenance is provided by a large selection of screwdrivers and spare parts included in the package.

The engine has a power of 2 kW and a volume of 52 cm³. The length of the bar is 50 cm, the weight of the unit is in the equipment. 7.4 kg.


The Carver Promo PSG-52-18 model, like the previous model, belongs to the household class, but is a more powerful tool: its power is 1.9 kW, the engine volume is 52 cm³, and the tire is 450 mm long. This modification is able to cope with more complex types of work. Model Promo 52-18 is equipped with a number of options that increase the comfort and safety of operation:

  • A quick start system that ensures uninterrupted start at any temperature;
  • Automatic chain lubrication system;
  • Vibration damping system;
  • Automatic emergency chain braking system;
  • Serrated stop for precise cutting process.

RSG 238

The Carver RSG-238 chainsaw is lightweight and powerful. The engine of the model is equipped with devices that reduce fuel consumption by 20% while simultaneously increasing power by 5% (up to 1.5 kW) and increasing torque by 15%. The inner surfaces of the cylinder are chrome-plated, which increases their wear resistance. The quick start system makes starting the unit as easy as possible, and the fuel pump helps to bring it into operation after a long break or at low temperatures.

The chainsaw is equipped with a semi-automatic carburetor, multi-point anti-vibration system and an emergency chain brake system. The design features a high level of safety and ergonomics, and the included suede gloves make the process of work even more comfortable.

How to adjust the carburetor

If the chainsaw does not start, or starts but stalls immediately, then one of the reasons for this phenomenon may be a poorly adjusted carburetor. But the reason may be different, so it is better to contact the service center. However, during operation, you can adjust the carburetor yourself: the process is so simplified that a beginner can also handle it.

On the body of the unit there are 3 screws, marked with the letters L, H, T or S, which are used to adjust the carburetor. By means of screw L, they regulate the operation of the engine at low speeds, by means of screw N. At high speeds, by means of screw T (S). Idling.

Before adjusting the chainsaw, the engine must be warmed up (let it run for 10 minutes), rinse the filter and turn the screw T (S) clockwise until it stops, fix the chain.

Now you need to adjust the acceleration. The engine should pick up speed easily and quickly with light pressure on the accelerator. If this does not happen, then it is necessary to slowly turn the screw L counterclockwise (no more than 1/8 of a circle).

By turning the screw H clockwise or counterclockwise, you can respectively increase or decrease the number of revolutions, which does not have to exceed 15,000 per minute, otherwise the engine will quickly wear out. The correct number of revolutions is at which the ignition system works flawlessly.

Consequences of running on a rich and lean mixture

  • Due to the operation of the engine on an over-enriched mixture, a layer of conductive carbon deposits forms on the insulator of the central electrode, which can cause interruptions in sparking.
  • The white or gray color of the center electrode insulator is indicative of the high temperature combustion characteristic of a lean mixture. Both options have a negative impact on the traction performance and durability of the power drive.
  • Setting the carburetor to a lean mixture may become a prerequisite for the phenomenon when the chainsaw does not start hot, in another version. Grabs, but won’t start.

A confirmation of the normal, in a ratio of 16: 1, quality of the air-fuel mixture is the brown color of the insulator and the absence of carbon deposits.

Carburetor adjustment

NOT correct carburetor adjustment will be a prerequisite for the chainsaw to develop at full power. It will not start well, or will not start at all. The carburetor setting directly affects the quality of the air-fuel mixture, which is necessary for normal starting and further engine operation.

An excess of gasoline in the mixture is called overflow. A characteristic sign of overflow is a wet spark plug, after several unsuccessful attempts to start the chainsaw.

Chainsaw Won’t start hot

In cases where the chainsaw does not start up hot, you need to conduct a visual inspection of all the main units of the chainsaw. Inspection should start with the spark plug. Check the spark, inspect the spark plug electrode surface, these steps will help establish the direction in which to look for the problem.

Condition of the air intake and muffler

The cause of a problem start may be a clogged air cleaner filter with sawdust. If the engine starts with the air intake removed, special attention should be paid to cleaning the filter. A large amount of carbon deposits in the muffler affects the power and thrust of the power unit, but the engine should start without much effort.

Ignition coil

The reason that a new chainsaw does NOT start, or does not start well, may be the ignition coil. Modern chainsaws are equipped with electronic ignition coils. This part cannot be repaired, and, as a rule, if there is a defect, it changes completely.

Reduced compression

One of the frequent cases of difficult starting of a chainsaw is wear of the CPG (cylinder-piston group).

As you know, for the normal start of a chainsaw, compression must be present in its engine. It is necessary for the normal compression of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinder, it also affects the operation of the fuel pump.

The reasons for the absence of compression, or its reduction, may be natural, because. The engine wears out during operation. Also, problems can be caused by a serious breakdown, for example, a scuffed CPG, or a broken piston ring.

A sign of reduced compression is a weak resistance of the starter when starting. With reduced compression, a decrease in the power of the chainsaw is observed, which negatively affects its performance. The problem is eliminated by replacing the piston rings, or completely by the CPG.

Chinese chainsaw does not work

First of all, what I would like to note is that Chinese devices are quite reliable and powerful, at least as practice shows. And the reasons for its breakdowns are not much different from all other models of second manufacturers. But there is one feature that does NOT tolerate the negligence of Chinese chainsaws, namely the fuel that is poured directly into it.

Since many “smart people” believe that the main thing is to fill, and what to fill does not matter, and so it will do. And then they wonder why the device does not work.

Therefore, special efforts in eliminating this problem are not necessary, just use oil and gasoline from that manufacturer, who “created” your chainsaw and everything will be fine. Look in more detail at:

It starts badly on a cold

The answer to this question is unequivocal. There is no compression. This happens. The rings, most likely, through long-term use, are simply worn out, therefore, when you try to start the device directly in a cold state, there is not enough compression to start directly.

But given the fact that most of the “literate” people begin to systematically pull the handle, while the rings produce friction in the sleeve, therefore, oil and gasoline get on them, the degree of compression rises and the engine starts. And when the chainsaw is already warmed up, then of course it will start to start.

But this kind of manipulation is quite harmful for the device, since several times you will achieve the desired effect through such actions, but the time will come when the chainsaw can finally break down. Therefore, the best you can do is change the rings that are already worn out. This is not a complicated process, so you can completely deal with it yourself without using the services of the service.

Causes and remedies

Undoubtedly, you read this heading, you keep reading this point and it is NOT surprising.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons for this kind of failures in the operation of the tool, and now we will try to deal with the main ones. So let’s get started:

Why does not it run hot

Before starting to solve this problem, it should be noted that the productive and correct operation of the engine depends primarily on the speed through the use of a starter mechanism. In most models, this “minimum” level is 800 rpm. An important fact is that in the main “not factory “chainsaw is a normal engine fill.

In order to eliminate this problem, it is first of all necessary to put the damper (air) in the middle position. After that, blow it a couple of times to start the chainsaw. After the process has started, warm it up within ten seconds, then put it into running (idle) mode. After carrying out these manipulations, you can fully open the damper (air).

After that, it is worth noting that before starting the direct implementation of actions according to the “prescribed recommendations”, try to start the device directly in the idle position. To do this, simply pulling the “rope”. Since if the engine is not hot, then the plant will be produced without any problems.

But if this does not help, in this case, you should directly turn the cold-running screw, directly clockwise.

Remember that the higher the RPM level in your device, the easier it will be for you to start the device. And remember that the cold chain must be stationary.

There is a spark, the candle is wet

First of all, it is necessary to remove the muffler and carefully inspect the piston, since this is where the problem may be hiding. In addition, most owners ask themselves: why the chainsaw starts and stalls, while there are allegedly problems with candles?

But this is an erroneous opinion and you do not need to be so sure in this case, as there are situations when the candle sparkles perfectly in air, but does not work directly in the cylinder.

The reason for this may be a direct violation of a kind of seal in the channel area (impulsively). Or so where there is a kind of development of crankshaft oil seals, but this feature is found in very rare cases.

But if you notice a similar malfunction of your chainsaw, it is not postponing the repair indefinitely and it is best if it is done by professionals. Otherwise, you simply cannot simply “below” the piston.

Chainsaw Stihl ms 660 is the most economical of the entire line of Stihl chainsaws. Its price ranges from 3100 to 5500 rubles.

Plant device

The first and almost basic element of the chainsaw is the engine, namely the carburetor two-stroke (see Adjusting the carburetor). Its immediate power is varied, it all depends on the model of the device and its direct purpose. For example, the power of the Ural chainsaw is 3.68 kW.

The second equally important part of the tool is the headset (saw), which consists of a chain (cutting), a tire, a sprocket, a wheel (chain). It should be added to this that completely different manufacturers provide their own specific range of this headset.

It is important that it always needs to be matched directly to the specific characteristic data of the engine. Since the larger the pitch of this kind of headset, the deeper the cut of the chainsaw will be, one might even say that the more powerful and productive it will be. But do not forget that for the full operation of the device, the engine must not be inferior to it in power.

It is lubricated by means of special oil directly from the second tank, which is located on the hand unit. It is worth noting that the mass of this kind of tank has such features that oil and fuel, which is intended for the engine, run out at the same time.

We figured out the general outlines of the device, and most likely with its basis, and now it’s time to start figuring out why the chainsaw stopped working, what kind of volume might be the cause and how to fix them.