Chainsaw Ignition Oleo Mack 936

The Italian-made chainsaw Oleo Mac 936 is characterized by excellent technical characteristics. During the assembly of such a tool, only high-quality materials and advanced technologies were used, which makes it possible to use a chainsaw for many years. The saw can be used both for cutting branches, and for sawing and felling trees. It is an ideal tool for logging firewood.

Chainsaw Ignition Oleo Mack 936


During the creation of the Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw, the experience of previous developments was used, as well as new technologies and achievements in mechanical engineering were taken into account.

In the private sector, this model is considered universal and can be used:

  • to prepare firewood for the season;
  • for quick and convenient cutting of trees for construction;
  • to form a woody landscape interior;
  • for all kinds of chores that require quick sawing of various tree species of various sizes.

According to manufacturers, a chainsaw is convenient and easy to use for all, without exception. This saw is quite light and easy to use.


When buying an Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw, in addition, the buyer receives a standard set that comes with any saw.

  • the chainsaw itself;
  • user’s manual;
  • special case;
  • the tire;
  • chain;
  • universal key.

It is worth noting that with all of the above, the buyer receives a 3-year chainsaw warranty.


The elements of the cutting set Oleo Mack 936 are a 16 or 14 inch guide bar and chain. The tire is made of a special wear-resistant alloy. The chain is ordinary, but strong enough. Holds a sharpening for a long time and does not break, as on Chinese saws. The tensioning mechanism is no different from the classic.

In order for the chain to fully cool, the manufacturer has provided an automatic lubricant supply. Chain oil from the oil tank built into the body goes to the pump (dosing), and then it enters the working area through the oil line.

The Oleo-Mac 936 Saw Headset has an effective emergency brake, which is activated when the upper flap is moved slightly towards the tire.


Despite the fact that the body parts are made of special forged steel, looking at the characteristics of Oleo Mac 936 it becomes clear that the chainsaw belongs to the household class.

  1. The engine in a chainsaw with a capacity of 1.6 kW (2.2 horsepower);
  2. The volume of the cylinder is 35.2 cubic centimeters;
  3. Micro-Lite Pro Bus;
  4. The length of the tire is 41 centimeters;
  5. Chain pitch 3/8 ″ x.050 ″;
  6. Tank for oil. 0.2 liters, fuel. 0.4 liters;
  7. Weight. 4 kg (without tire and chain).
  8. The brand is home to Italy.
  9. Country of origin. Italy.

Video: Chainsaw Ignition Oleo Mack 936

The weight of the chainsaw is quite large by modern standards, but it is quite compact. Access to the tanks for refueling and oil is free, as well as to the tuning and adjustment units.

Oleo Mac 936 was made exclusively in Italy, in contrast to its counterpart Oleo Mac 937, which is now produced both in Italy and in China (China).

The chainsaw engine is made of strong alloys and is characterized by increased strength. The piston itself has two compression rings, which also increases the reliability of the tool.

The ignition is modern. electronic. To facilitate starting the saw is equipped with a primer for pumping fuel.

Pros and cons

  • vibration absorber performance;
  • good balance;
  • ergonomic shape of the handle, as well as a convenient arrangement of controls;
  • possibility of operation at high and low temperatures.

The Oleo-Mac 936 chainsaw is used for various purposes, and most importantly it can serve both professional and amateur, despite its belonging to the class of household saws.

Of the minuses in technical terms, users did not reveal anything, but most noted the high price of the saw.

Carb adjustment

It is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw depending on the conditions in which the work will be carried out. Namely: climate, fuel quality, as well as the type of oil.

The carburetor is equipped with three adjusting screws: low, high and idle. Low and high speeds are regulated by the amount of fuel supply. Idling can be adjusted by simply turning the side flap.

In each instruction for this type of chainsaw there is a detailed explanation of how to properly set up the carburetor so that it serves for a long time, and the saw works efficiently.

Instruction manual

Before starting work, the device must be checked and prepared.

Important! Any error during assembly or refueling with low-quality fuel can lead to a malfunction of the chainsaw.

Due to the heavy weight, it is recommended to hold the saw with both hands. Also, do not forget that when working you need to wear special protective clothing, a helmet and glasses.

The instruction manual reads:

  1. Before you begin, you need to check the correct installation of all elements (cutting headset).
  2. Then you need to add fuel and oil to lubricate the chain.
  3. When starting a chainsaw, you must definitely keep it right.
  4. During operation, strictly observe all safety measures.

In the manual for the Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw, there is also a repair manual that will help with troubleshooting with your own hands. From basic tire changes to sophisticated and precise carburetor adjustments.

The launch and operation of the chainsaw of the Italian brand Oleo Mac model 936 is presented in the next video.


Gregory, Vladivostok

I bought the Oleo Mac 936 saw for a long time, because I saw a really high-quality chainsaw for a good price. After 2 years of work, it was necessary to replace the tire and chain, I quickly found and replaced all the components myself. The saw is very powerful, and since I use it only in the garden, sometimes I can cut several small trees, this saw will serve for a very long time.
In general, I note the fact that when using a saw for different types of wood, the tool works equally well, without delays and does not overheat, even if it works for a rather long time.
Now I recommend such a chainsaw to all friends, because if you live in the country or in the country, it will be difficult without it. And so, an easy and easy to use saw will help in a short time to prepare firewood for the whole winter, well, or to clear the garden.

Igor, Perm

The Italian manufacturer Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw has several advantages, among which are: ease of use, efficiency and ergonomics. This is a saw that can work for a long time, while economically consuming fuel. And although the tool is considered to be household, it becomes an indispensable assistant not only to summer residents, but also to foresters when performing not difficult tasks.