Chainsaw Is Not Gaining Momentum: A Review Of The Reasons And Repair Instructions.

Malfunctions occur in expensive German or American versions of chainsaws, as well as in their cheap Chinese fakes. It is nice when the starting moment of the power tool runs smoothly: the saw warms up and gradually goes to the rated power declared by the manufacturer, which is issued throughout the entire working cycle. Things are worse if they ate everything the other way round: after pulling the gas cable over the cable, the unit starts to slip, jerks after short pauses, stalls, and restarts from the pusher.

The causes of this phenomenon can be many, as well as scenarios. Let us consider in detail each work situation and breakdowns that preceded them.

What if the chainsaw does not keep idle?

Problems with idle are considered constant companions of chainsaws.

There may be several prerequisites that could lead to malfunctions at the time of launching and scrolling of the chain when idling, the main ones are:

  • littering the air and gasoline filter;
  • poor-quality fuel mixture or its improper preparation;
  • incendiary module malfunctions;
  • carburetor, the settings of which have ceased to correspond to the load on the saw;
  • motor elements deformed or rusted.

Consistently perform a series of actions:

  • wash the fuel hose or replace it with a new one,
  • they clean the air filter, which could be clogged with sawdust and dirt particles. Modern air filters are reusable. They can be washed with the addition of detergent, completely withdrawing from the body of the saw;
  • check gasoline and motor oil, which may be of poor quality or simply not suitable for use with this saw;
  • test candles and carburetor.

Removing one or more possible faults usually returns the saw to its former strength.

Why is the chainsaw not gaining momentum?

Starting is a complex multi-level process in which almost all life support systems of the saw are involved. That is why the fact that the chain saw is losing momentum, turns on intermittently and confidently feels sole at idle should be viewed from different sides.

To this could result in such factors:

  • a faulty motor — its lifespan could develop, and the piston rings and cylinder — could wear out, deform, or even succumb to corrosion;
  • a failed spark plug or the coil itself. as a result, the spark needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture is not produced;
  • the imbalance of the screws of the carburetor, as well as some reasons that could disable it.

The chainsaw does not develop momentum: we test the device for malfunctions

The ignition module can be diagnosed visually. For this you need:

  • turn out the candle;
  • evaluate its appearance (it should not be filled with gasoline or contain a black patina);
  • check the distance between the coil and the magnets (up to 0.2 mm);
  • if necessary, examine the spark plug arcing block using a working mains wire.

If after checking the defects have not been established, it is worthwhile to proceed to checking the carburetor unit.
This work unit is one of the most vulnerable in modern chainsaws. New tools that go on sale from the factory have basic settings. for low and high revolutions, which after running in and running in all the parts must be reinstalled. Similar actions are performed if the saw does not develop thrust corresponding to the maximum torque according to the instructions.
In this case, you need to reconfigure one of them. a pearl “H”, the responsible work of the saw under load. To do this, it is enough to adjust the fuel supply when the engine is turned on at the highest speed of rotation of the circuit, using a tachometer and instruction manual.

Other troubleshooting chainsaws.

A lot of users are faced with a nuisance when the chainsaw does not take off their turns. The device, in a matter of seconds, goes to the maximum power that can not be reduced.

It may be because:

  • the throttle valve is not functioning. its spring or thrust element has weakened;
  • power switch toggles poorly;
  • the throttle shaft has lost a corkscrew.

But maybe the opposite situation. when the saw is gaining power uncontrollably.

The reasons why the chainsaw itself is gaining momentum should be sought in:

  • carburetor. it must be cleaned or reconfigured;
  • fuel supply system. gas filter, fuel hose;
  • malfunctions of cylinder pistons or nozzles connecting them with the carburetor.

There are a lot of failures that manifest themselves through atypical for a specific part of the working cycle revolutions. But the attentive attitude to the tool will help diagnose them in time and return it to normal operation.