10 Best Circular Saws.

Those who had to work with a hacksaw for several hours do not need to explain the advantages of the circular saw. it can cut sheet material or thick boards directly and evenly in such a time that the hacksaw can start drinking. However, such a tool will be useful not only in professional practice, and the demand for amateur circular saws confirms this: a good inexpensive tool will not burden the budget, but it will always help in the work. It is also important that hand-held circular saws are safer than conventional circular saws, the safety technique in the operation of which you need to know your seven fingers.

Main applications of circular saws:

  • Finishing and carpentry work: cutting sheet materials (laminate, chipboard, OSB, plywood) and thin boards (platbands, wall paneling, block house, parquet).
  • Carpentry construction work: cross-cutting and longitudinal sawing of boards and cant up to 100 mm.
  • Heavy work (construction of a house from a bar, preparation of firewood): cross-cutting and longitudinal sawing of a bar and log with a thickness of 100. 200 mm.

Rating the best circular saws in 2018.

Top compact circular saws:

  • DIOLD DP-0.55 MF
  • BOSCH PKS 16 Multi
  • Einhell TC-CS 860

The best circular saw blades for discs up to 190 mm in diameter:

  • Makita HS7601
  • BOSCH GKS 190
  • Metabo KS 55 FS

The best circular saws for large diameter disc:

  • Makita 5143R

Best cordless circular saws:

  • BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box
  • DeWALT DCS576N