Chainsaw Partner 350 Does Not Work

Partner 350 chainsaw: DIY repair, Design features of the Partner 350 chainsaw. Major malfunctions of the ignition system, muffler, fuel system, cylinder-piston group of the chainsaw. DIY repair.

The main malfunctions of the Partner 350 chainsaw

Most often, the cause of a tool breakdown is associated with interruptions in the operation of the engine or other components and systems. Disassembly is required to eliminate any faults. To do everything right, you need to know the design features of the chainsaw and the main reasons for its breakdown.

Cleaning the muffler

In some cases engine starts to stall and smoke at high speeds. At the same time, at low speeds, it works normally. Most likely the reason is that the muffler is clogged with combustion products.

To eliminate this malfunction, the muffler is removed, disassembled and cleaned of carbon deposits using detergents. After that, it must be dried with a hairdryer and installed in place.

While the muffler is removed, cover the saw outlet with a clean cloth.

Checking the ignition system

First of all, if any chainsaw malfunctions, you should inspect the spark plug. To do this, the wire is first disconnected, and then the candle itself is turned out using a special key. By her appearance you can understand the cause of the problem:

  1. A carbon-coated chainsaw candle indicates the use of low-quality oil, an incorrect ratio of oil and gasoline when preparing fuel, or a poorly adjusted carburetor. In this case, the candle must be cleaned of carbon deposits with a needle or an awl, and the electrodes must be washed and wiped with a sandpaper.
  2. If the spark plug is heavily splashed with fuel, then most likely the carburetor is incorrectly adjusted or the rules for starting the tool have been violated. To remove excess fuel, it is necessary to shut off the fuel supply, turn on the starter and check the combustion chamber. After that, the candle is wiped, screwed into place, and the mechanism starts again.
  3. A completely dry candle indicates that the fuel mixture does not get into the cylinder of the chainsaw. In this case, the cause of the breakdown is not in the ignition system, so the plug is put back.

To check the spark plug is working, you need to put on the ignition cable, connect the cylinder and the plug nut with pliers, and start the starter. If the spark is missing, then the plug must be replaced.


chainsaw Partner 350 does not work

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the Partner 350 chainsaw:

  • The tool is a household device.
  • The chainsaw is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine.
  • Specific system power 1.3 kW or 1.8 HP
  • Engine volume 36 cm 3.
  • The tool has a manual start.
  • Maximum fuel volume 400 ml.
  • Maximum oil volume 200 ml.
  • Air cooling system.
  • The maximum idle speed is 4000 rpm. Per minute.
  • Chain step 3/8.
  • The working length of the bus is 40 cm.
  • The chainsaw runs on oil and gasoline.
  • The weight of the device is 4.6 kg.

If you are familiar with the technical characteristics of various chainsaws, then you can easily determine that the Partner 350 will be an indispensable item in the household. This model has a decent tire length and a fairly powerful engine. Unfortunately, the Partner 350 is not suitable for professional use (eg felling).

Possible malfunctions

All popular malfunctions of the unit are indicated in the instructions for the Partner 350 chainsaw. Below are the main problems and their solutions:

  1. The engine stalls periodically or does not increase power when the load increases. In this case, it is necessary to clean the muffler or adjust the carburetor. The Partner 350 chainsaw, or rather its carburetor, is adjusted with special adjusting screws.
  2. The engine will not start. In this situation, it is necessary to check the width of the gap between the spark plug electrodes. It should be exactly 0.5 millimeters. Deviation of the gap width up or down is not allowed. Next, you need to clean the carbon deposits from the electrodes. This is usually enough for the engine to start again. If the engine does not start, then it is worth checking the carburetor, as well as the air and fuel filters. After flushing the listed elements, the engine should start working.
  3. Open circuit. Usually, an open circuit occurs due to overheating of the chainsaw. Overheating can be caused by dirty oil passages or interrupted lubrication. First of all, you need to clean all oil passages. Remove any accumulated debris and sawdust from the inside of the chainsaw in the area of ​​the tire groove and drive sprocket. After you have completed all the preliminary work, install a new chain.
  4. Starter cord breakage. This malfunction is quite common with chainsaws. The Partner 350 chainsaw is no exception to this rule. It is very easy to fix this fault yourself. How to fix the problem is described in detail.
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Chainsaw device

The Partner 350 chainsaw is simple. Hence it follows that it is reliable and easy to use.

Below is a diagram of the chainsaw device.

Let’s take a closer look at its device:

  • Electronic ignition ensures reliability and ease of starting the engine. The primer (fuel priming pump) plays a major role in starting the engine.
  • The air filter is equipped with a double air purification system.
  • The impeller, which the starter drum is equipped with, prevents large particles from entering the chainsaw. Some debris doesn’t even reach the filter. Thanks to the impeller, the service life of the engine and the filter of the chainsaw increases significantly. over, the degree of air purification is increased.
  • The chain brake operates in two modes, automatic and manual. Thanks to the brake, complete safety is ensured when working with the unit.
  • The chainsaw lubrication system works in automatic mode, since the oil pump starts its work only during the sawing process.
  • Saw chains. The following chains are available for the Partner 350 chainsaw: Stihl 39970000052с or Husqvarna 5776151-22. Factory installed Oregon 91P052E 3/8 ″ 1.3mm 52 links. What to consider when choosing a chain for a Partner 350 chainsaw? Pay attention to the number of links. There should be no more than 52 or no less than 46, since the chain pitch. 3/8 "and 1.3mm slot width.
  • Anti-vibration system. It works satisfactorily on this chainsaw, since the unit is not intended for professional use. The work of the anti-vibration system on subsequent models of the chainsaw can be considered good. For example, on the Partner 350 s chainsaw model, the anti-vibration system works many times better.

It is worth considering that parts, assemblies, fuels and lubricants and mechanisms cannot be replaced with analogues in the event of a breakdown.

Partner saw breakages common: home diagnostics

The Partner gasoline saw is not unreliable. For many users, it works without problems in winter and summer, for many years. But others complain about the same common problems:

  1. Chainsaw will not start.
  2. The chainsaw starts but stalls.
  3. Fuel does not enter the cylinder.

All these problems have internal reasons in the parts and assemblies of the tool. This means that in order to get to the point and fix the breakdown, you will have to disassemble the saw. This is not as difficult as it might seem, because manufacturers always consider this possibility.

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For self diagnosis malfunctions at home, you need to understand that common chainsaw problems in the vast majority of cases are caused by the same reasons. Therefore, by the symptoms alone, you can guess where the source of the problem is.

For example, if the chainsaw won’t start, then the reason most likely lies in the ignition system, namely in the spark plug. If air leaks into the cylinder, then you need to look for a defect in the fuel system. A dirty filter causes the engine to stall and smoke, and so on. Let’s look at these cases in detail so that you feel confident when doing your Partner chainsaw repairs yourself.

Problem: the chainsaw stalls after starting

Common situation: The Partner chainsaw stalls at high speeds, although it starts up before that and runs without problems on medium gas. Sometimes on average it also works intermittently, but at full throttle it immediately stalls. This problem is faced by many users who save on quality fuel.

Low quality gasoline easily contaminates parts with carbon deposits. In this case, it will not hurt to check the filters (air and fuel). over, the muffler suffers from poor fuel and carbon deposits.

Combustion products of dirty fuel simply clog it, forming an impenetrable plug of burning. This plug greatly reduces engine power. At the same time, gasoline is consumed in large quantities, but there is no result in power. Check and clean the muffler:

Fixing the fuel system of the chainsaw

When the fuel supply is interrupted, it is not surprising that the chainsaw is not working. over, there is only one problem in this case: no fuel enters the cylinder. There may be several reasons for this problem, and you have to find the very reason.

First try disconnecting fuel hose and observe the fuel flow. A weak, interrupted flow indicates a clogged filter. Take it out, rinse and dry, and if possible, replace with a new filter. Also clean the breather (valve) from blockages.

Check filter condition carburetor and, if necessary, thoroughly rinse it, dry it and reinstall it. We talked about setting up the carburetor in detail above, and these actions in this case will not be superfluous either.

If the reason is not the breather and not in the carburetor, then everything can be trivial. Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank.

There may also be malfunctions in the cylinder-piston group. (abbreviated CPG) chainsaws Partner. This damage can be considered serious because the cylinder and piston are the heart of the engine. Therefore, the CPG is an expensive component, the cost of which reaches half the cost of the entire tool.

From the well-coordinated work of the cylinder and the piston directly depends on the power of the chainsaw. During operation, especially if the operating rules are violated, the cylinder, piston and rings can wear out. In this case, only the replacement of parts will help.

Details of the CPG can be damaged mechanically. These defects can be diagnosed independently. Remove the muffler. You can see the CPG in the hole. Scratches and scuffs on the cylinder surface, located chaotically, arise when debris, fragments, solid foreign particles enter.

If the cylinder is darkened, and this defect is observed on its entire surface, then, in all likelihood, you refueled the chainsaw with low-quality fuel. Bad gasoline also affects the oil scraper rings.
The worn surface of the cylinder on the side of the muffler is a sign of critical overheating of the chainsaw during operation.

Minor mechanical damage can be corrected by replacing bearings, rings, etc. But in case of deep seizure, the CPG will have to be completely replaced by contacting a Partner chainsaw repair shop.

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Find out more about ageratum care here.

Replacing the connecting rod mechanism

The connecting rod mechanism is quite complex for the Partner 350 chainsaw. Its malfunctions are often accompanied by loud operation of the motor. It should also be noted that if the connecting rod mechanism breaks down, the carburetor often fails. In this case, it is more advisable to start repairing the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands by inspecting the ignition module. You will also need to fully check the coupling. In particular, the state of the centrifugal clutch deserves attention.

In order to inspect it, you must remove the top cover. Directly the clutch for this model is located near the carburetor. To reach the centrifugal clutch in the saw, the flywheel is removed. Next, the carburetor head is disconnected. In this case, it is important not to damage the fuel system. Bolted centrifugal clutch. You can disconnect this part with a key. If cracks are visible under the cylinder, then the clutch will have to be changed. However, some experts advise not to rush this. If the cracks are shallow, you can try to grind off the surface a little with a file.

Chain problems

To control the chain, a special catcher is used, which the Partner 350 chainsaw also has. Malfunctions of this type are the result of improper operation of the device. As a result, the chain may sag after a while. In such a situation, the repair of the saw should begin with an inspection of the sprocket. It is located near the handle. It is not necessary to remove it in this case. If the sprocket teeth are not deformed, you can simply try to lubricate them with machine oil.

Next, it is important to inspect the trap. In the device, it is quite simple and is a set of clips. When the trap fails, they are knocked out of the chain. It is impossible to correct them on your own. The only option is to install a new trap. A screwdriver is used to do this. It is fixed with three nuts. When installing the catcher, pay attention to the fact that the rollers are located in the upper part and must be near the chain.

Drum repair

The breakage of a ram in the saw is accompanied by a loud sound when turned on. In this case, do-it-yourself repair of the Partner 350 chainsaw should be started first of all with an inspection of the fuel system. The problem may be a broken carburetor. In some cases, the drum will fly out due to the crank that comes out of the grooves. In order to inspect it, you need to open the protective cover. Next, the throttle is removed and the fuel system is checked.

All tubes must be connected. After that, you need to inspect the crank, which is located above the carburetor. If it flew off the grooves, you can correct it yourself. However, if it is badly deformed, it will have to be replaced. The drum in this saw is located near the air damper. When it hits the clutch, its protective ring is damaged. If it is completely frayed, then the drum will have to be completely replaced. In this case, you need to know the product labeling. The installation of the drum is quite simple, and you can handle the installation yourself. In this case, it is only important not to damage the fuel system during repairs.