Chainsaw Stihl-361 Stalls

Hello, I have such a problem: a friend gave the old Stihl-361, but he does not want to start. As it starts, it stalls immediately. Candle twisted, it is wet. What does it mean?

Short work Stihl-361 after launch has characteristic signs. The following describes the possible causes of faults and how to eliminate them.


If its volume in the tank is insufficient, then the chainsaw will be most likely deaf. It is easy to determine: the unit stops working in an inclined position because the fuel pickup tube is in space. Add a mixture of gasoline and oil to at least one-third of the total volume. The second reason related to fuel is its low quality, which is most often caused by improper adherence to proportions. Drain the mixture that was in the tank and fill it with a new one following the instructions.

Spark plug.

It may just be old and therefore give a spark “through time.” Therefore, it is better to put a known new part. Another reason related to the spark plug is the poor contact of its central electrode and the high-voltage wire. Clean the candle and tightly put the cap on it (it should be forced onto the electrode).

Breather and muffler.

The first item may be clogged. This kind of “breathing” hole in the fuel tank. You can clean the breather with a regular needle. Also, a muffler may be clogged with carbon products. It must be removed, washed with household detergent, rinsed in running water and dried.


The reason for the sudden stop of the chainsaw may be an incorrect adjustment of this device. On the carburetor of your Stihl 361, there are three special screws. The first of these is denoted by H (it sets the maximum revolutions), the second is L (adjusts the idle speed) and the third S or LA (idling mode). Before starting, unscrew the third screw counterclockwise by 1-1.5 turns and start up the saw. If the engine does not stall, then look at the circuit: it should remain stationary. If this is not the case, turn the screw in the opposite direction until the chain stops. If, when you press the accelerator, the saw is too slowly gaining momentum, then this can be adjusted while the engine is running with screw L.

Check adjustments and adjust if necessary.

Other reasons.

The simplest of these is the air filter blockage. It should be removed, rinsed in clean gasoline and dried. Another option. wear a cylinder-piston group. It can be determined with a pressure meter (normal pressure is 8-9 kg / sq. Cm.) Here, at least, you will have to replace the rings, in the worst case, the cylinder assembly with the piston.

After reviewing the main problems, you can handle most of the issues yourself.