Mower Kzn: Instruction Manual.

Today, the agricultural industry has become an integral part of the life of each of us since we consume its “fruits” every day.
Naturally, we are consumers who do not delve into all the issues relating to agricultural work, which is not actually about those who earn a living. It is for them that the quality and practicality of the equipment itself is essential, namely mowers, through which the crop is harvested.
This kind of mowers are called “KZN”; in fact, this article is intended for them. Here you can familiarize yourself with the device itself, as well as find out which models and manufacturers are currently enjoying not only popularity but also stunning demand.
over, your attention will also be given to the instruction manual for this type of tool. So, let’s sort this question by points. Let’s start.

Device aspects.

This tool is mounted and attached directly to the tractor itself, which moves it. This type of tool has a grip, the width of which in most models is 2.1 meters. Also in its “composition” is the cutting finger special device. If you prefer a unit of more compact size, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the mechanical manual lawn mower, which is several times smaller than this tool and can be used without a tractor.
The mower itself, through the use of a rod of traction, is attached to the frame itself, which is located on the tractor, after which it fixes with the help of a so-called Sprengel to the tractor itself.
Also, the device has the presence of a particular cutting apparatus, which produces an emphasis on both the internal and external “shoes”. They perform an essential function during operation, namely, the retention of this apparatus at the optimum and necessary distance from the soil itself.
The mower also has the so-called “fingers”. Such a name are the plates of the cutting direction, and which fulfill the primary purpose of the device.
As for the knife, which locates on the device, it consists of a specific strip, a head, as well as peculiar segments. It is worth noting that his movement is reciprocating. progressive, that is, directly from the tractor’s PTO itself, passes through the driving pulley box, eccentric-pulley, and also belt transmission, and then returns along the same axis.
It is also essential that the apparatus is lifted through the device of the tractor mounted itself, through the traction system itself, as well as with the help of unique levers.
Before you start to operate the mower with the help of the cutting apparatus, namely, his finger socks pull the cord. After that, a special gasket applies., just between the fingers and the bar. Do this until a solid straight line forms. However, due to its fixed position above the soil, the aggregate cannot be used on a landscape of different heights, therefore for working in a more complex area, it is better to choose special mowers for high grass and uneven areas.

Top models:

  • CSF 2.1

First of all, it is worth noting that this model is a “brainchild” of the Lyubertsy plant called “Selkhozmash”, which is located in Russia, namely in Moscow. The manufacturer has made it for the work of cutting directions on flat areas that have significant size.
The main focus of her work is the beveling of diverse herbal crops, and she also makes laying a cut crop.
She also intended it to perform a large number of mowings, which are located in areas with absolutely any climate conditions. It is worth noting that the device perfectly fulfills its intended purpose, the only caveat that should be taken into account is that the mower is not able to work in areas that locate in the desert and semi-desert regions.
It is also essential that in addition to the use of the tool regardless of weather conditions, it also has a significant range of positive aspects, thanks to which they are in high demand among consumers.
These advantages without a bit of doubt include a high level of performance, significant speed, an impressive width of direct capture (simultaneous) indicator of which is about two meters.
over, not a large weight category of the device is also essential, so you can easily do the work of attaching it even to small vehicles.
A small degree of ergonomics also affects, say, the popularity of the tool since this feature gives opportunity not only to reduce their financial expenses but also to significantly increase the productivity level of the hay itself, while reducing the volume of the workpiece.
Also, the fact that the mower does not need to connect a kind of hydraulics makes it possible to operate it without additional personnel, but only with the help of the operator, who sits behind the wheel of the tractor. And the most important thing is that such a device is relatively inexpensive, and its parts are completely accessible to every consumer.


  • Weight category. 190 kg;
  • Overall dimensions. 500/1800/2555;
  • Drive power is 7.5 kW;
  • The speed of labor movement. 9 km / h;
  • Productivity. 1.7 ha / h;
  • Traction. 0.6. 1.4;
  • PTO frequency. 540 rpm
  • KS-F-2.2B

First of all, I would like to point out that the process of this model itself is that when the device is in motion, it performs cutting with the help of a cutting device, after which the cut grass is placed precisely on the ground itself in the so-called swaths. The KZN mower also has a practical frame thanks to which it is attached to the tractor itself.
The very essence of the model’s work is that the grass itself between the fingers of the cutting apparatus during the cut, while the segments of the blade itself, made of high-quality steel, produce a pressing the grass against the edges of special plates and cut it.
It is also important that the manufacturer made every detail of high-quality steel, thanks to which the device can serve its owner for many years.
over the material is treated with a special mixture, which prevents the appearance of corrosion, for this reason, the tool can be used in any conditions, regardless of what weather conditions are used.
You should note that the pricing policy of the mower is quite optimal. Therefore, this kind of products can afford almost every person who engaged in the activities of such a direction.
over, this kind of device is not too “demanding”, but if necessary, almost any service that is engaged in servicing the technical direction of this kind of technology will be able to help you without problems.


  • Productivity per hour: 1.25. 2.3 ha;
  • The width of the capture: 2.1 m;
  • Speed: 6-12 km / h;
  • Shear height: 60 mm;
  • Finger step: 76.2 mm;
  • Weight: 225 kg.

User’s manual.

This device is designed specifically for the bevel, as hay and grass. It is worth noting that, in fact, before you can directly overhang the device itself, it is necessary to perform a tractor re-equipment. In this case, the width of both the rear and front wheels should not be less than 1501 mm.
As for the longitudinal hinges of the rear, in this model, they should be installed exclusively in the middle of the mounting hole. The size of the bracing itself is 491 mm, and as for the thrust of the central direction, it is equal to 591 mm.
The same mower involves longitudinal fixation of the chain. In the uppermost immediate position, it is necessary to raise the hitch itself and, through the use of lifting levers on the shaft splines, install it on the hinges, which locates in the rear. It is also vital that height must be equal to 601 mm from the surface itself.
over, to hang the mower exactly on the tractor itself, it is necessary to make an approach to it employing backing, to transfer the distribution handle, which itself should be in the floating position, then connect the rear hinges directly to the axles themselves on the device frame.
The frame axes of a two-sided character with the size of one of them equal to 29 mm, and relative to the second it should be 25 mm, then it is necessary to make their installation so that the end that is outside is not more than 28 mm. Only after this, it is possible to connect the mounted traction with the frame axles, after which they can be fixed using special checks.
It should be noted that the stop lever, which is in front, should be directly under the longitudinal direction of the tractor solely in the left side of the tractor hitch. After the longitudinal rods were fixed, the hinge located behind must be attached to the hole itself, which finds on the frame rack.
Only then can the installation itself be made on the transmission of the universal joint. As a result, you need to raise the device through the use of hydraulic cylinders.

Summing up.

After reading this article, of course, you could personally see how practical, unique and necessary this technique is today. In principle, such devices existed and were widely used by our ancestors, but the only thing is that they differed by a lesser degree of functionality and practicality. These were straightforward devices, without any “frills”.

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It is now that we have the opportunity during work to practically enjoy our work since this device does everything for us. Since this technique is available at the best prices and having bought it, you will notice how much easier it is for you to do your job, and to what extent not only your income but also the productivity of your products will increase. Undoubtedly, the KZN mower is what you need.