Chainsaw Stihl Ms 180-14

Chainsaw Stihl Ms 180-14

Stihl MS 180-14 Reviews

January 25th update:
In the cold. 15 it started and worked without problems. Another tree is sawn and harvested for firewood.

15cm) for decoration and feng shui type. But he stocked up with sawdust for beds. I don’t know, it starts up: 3 handjob with a closed 3-5, with an open shutter. YES JUST SUPER. I bought 20 cc syringes in a pharmacy (5 pieces in a pack) for dosing an oil kit for a dropper. I put a piece of tube from the dropper on the syringe (a thin needle, thick oil, only through the tube), put 10 cubes in a bottle of oil, poured a bottle of gasoline into 0.5, cheered up. the mixture is ready. 0.5 is optimal for me, I’m not a lumberjack, Enough for a while and does not stagnate for a long time. I think you can take any oil for the chain, a friend even works out the figs, everything is OK, only about the same viscosity is desirable, otherwise they say if it is too liquid. the chain sprinkles and spoils the whole, but too thick. will not grease. Yesterday I bought the FS 55 lawn mower. Later I will share it.
overall saw saws perfectly. doesn’t fail well starts even in frost. 30. standard winding. 5 times at 1 position before flash. and 1-2 in the second position after the flash

1. The saw was purchased two months ago, was used to harvest firewood.
Currently, about 4 cubes of fresh wood (birch, aspen, pine) have been sawn. Saw showed an extremely good result. When using according to the instructions there are no problems. Sawed for several hours in a row.

2. The problem arose when the saw was first started.
I got used to working with old saws (Urals, Friendship) and out of inexperience I poured a candle (I pulled the starter too many times). When I figured it out, the saw starts from a cold state without problems.
Start-up tip: Move the lever to the extreme position, pull the starter two times slowly, and then several times quickly. The saw is almost 100% likely to misunderstand. If this does not work, move the lever to 3 position, pull the starter a few times and return to 4 and repeat to the factory. (maybe a tip from the teapot, but it helped me)
In no case do not leave gasoline in the tank leaving the saw for a couple of days. a week. It is best to work out the tank completely.

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So if anyone needs a not too expensive, but at the same time high-quality and reliable saw, then I advise everyone. Totally satisfied.

Do you want to harvest firewood, take everything that is more than 4 horses!
There is a reinforced tire, pitch 0.325-3 / 8, link thickness 1.5-1.6mm
Adjustable oil supply according to type and humidity
The more powerful the saw, the faster you will do your job, and you will have more time to relax!

170 rub Stihl chain

300 rubles, well, I myself drank 6900. Well, light weight, especially after the Huskvarna, a lightweight factory with a half heat, less creaking body.

Despite the starting problems, I still do not regret what I bought, I hope there will be no more surprises.

I used the saw in the country, on the off-road for laying roads and building them, in the forest for drinking firewood =)

It starts very simply and quickly, the only thing you need to LEARN to do is this, in this particular model not everyone will be able to start it without filling the candle.
Although if you read the instructions and act strictly on it, it starts in any weather (the lower position of the switch, we jerk sharply until the first chip-puff (2-3 jerks normally) we switch to the position above, we jerk 1-2 times and it works.

I can’t say anything about the price of spare parts, the tire is more lively than all the living ones, although I thought it would not live more than a year. The original bought the current circuits and sharpened them.

It’s not whimsical to gasoline with oil; when oil is poured into the gas mixture it starts to smoke (which is natural)

I use the version with keyless shift \ chain pull.
It is said that during severe frosts it can burst, I do not know, I did not use it below. 10.

How to buy a saw breaks more powerful with a larger tire, this is sometimes not enough when laying roads, or rather a lot of power costs.

In addition, I would like to note bought it for

7 thousand (oil for engines 1l 3-4l of branded chain oil is included), at that time it was the cheapest "branded" the lightest chainsaw in its class (huskvarna were more expensive and heavier)

Top version of a light chainsaw. Comfortable start with ErgoStart starter. Easy chain change thanks to practical quick chain tensioner. Significantly facilitates labor when harvesting firewood or erecting wooden buildings. Great for felling trees with a diameter of up to 30 cm.
Chainsaw Type: Household
Power (kW): 1.5
Power (hp): 2.0
Displacement (cc): 31.8
Tire Length (cm): 35
Chain Pitch (inches): 3/8 1.3
Fuel tank capacity (L): 0.25
Chain Lubrication Tank Capacity (L): 0.15
weight (kg): 4.2

Of the amenities. met. emphasis, easily removable cover-casing, chain tension on the outside without a key, minimum vibration. The first time did not start for a long time. Then the first time. Idle holds well.

Of the shortcomings. The curved instruction, it seems to me, was first translated from German into Chinese, and then from Chinese to Russian. Voracious enough. There is no manual pumping of gasoline. if the gas runs out. I have to twitch. In my opinion, it should cost 1-1.5 thousand. rub. cheaper.