Choosing a Lawn Mower

Choosing a Lawn Mower

Gardena PowerMax 37 E is a modern, powerful lawn mower ideal for mowing grass or grass in the area near your home. Light weight and large rear wheels create high maneuverability and make it possible to mow grass near various obstacles and edges of the lawn. The mower has five mowing height modes that can be set with a single lever. The handle can be easily folded, thereby ensuring ease of storage and transportation. Having bought this lawn mower, you can feel that the process of mowing the lawn can be a pleasant pastime. Advantages: hardened knife; high power wide window for determining the fill level of the grass catcher.

Do you need a reliable tool that will make grass mowing a pleasure? Electric lawn mower Gardena PowerMax 1100/32. for you! So what are the benefits of the Gardena PowerMax 1100/32 electric mower? Powerful engine. increased to 1100 W power compared to the previous model. Reliable electric motor. It has double winding insulation, which is not afraid of heavy loads. It is convenient to mow an uneven surface. enlarged rear wheels provide ease of movement on bumps in the area. Central bevel height adjustment. allows you to change the height of the cut of grass in one motion. Comfort at work. low engine noise, as well as low tool weight. What are the key technical specifications for the Gardena PowerMax 1100/32? The Gardena PowerMax 1100/32 electric lawnmower has a sturdy plastic case and weighs just 7.5 kg. A working width of 32 cm and an adjustable cutting height from 2 to 6.5 cm, together with a plastic grass catcher of 29 l, will provide greater productivity. An engine with a power of 1100 W and large rear wheels will allow you to comfortably carry out all the scheduled work on the site

Lawn mowers are commonly called manual or motorized tools designed to mechanize mowing dwarf vegetation.

Structurally motorized lawn mowers are a housing in which an engine is mounted on the frame, which drives the grass-cutting knives. The whole structure is equipped with wheels for movement on the ground and is controlled by man. Mechanical (manual) engine models do not have a design. the user who moves the "grass mowing" plays its role.

What drives them?

The energy source for the engine can be:

  • High power lead or lithium-ion batteries. Lawn mowers with such a power source do not require complicated maintenance and are easy to operate, and most importantly, they are very mobile and highly manoeuvrable. The charger required to keep the battery in good working order is usually included with the mower. The disadvantage is the relatively low power of such grass cutters.
  • Gasoline internal combustion engine. Such lawn mowers are mobile, powerful and efficient. but require complex maintenance and consume a lot of gasoline during operation.
  • Electric network. mowers with such a power source have a minimum weight and are almost silent during operation, however they are connected to the network with an electric cord of a sufficiently large, but still finite length. Correspondingly, the limits of the cultivated area are limited by the length of this cord.

Mechanical lawn mowers, due to the lack of an engine in their design, do not require a power source during operation. when moving them around the site by a person, the rotation from the wheels is transmitted to the knives through the gearbox. These are the lightest, simplest and most mobile mowers. but they require quite a lot of physical effort and are suitable for processing only small areas with a relatively flat surface.

They go themselves, they mow.

All models of lawn mowers can be divided into two types: self-propelled and with manual movement. In the first case, the power of a gasoline or electric engine is transmitted not only to the cutting plates, but also to the wheels of the unit; in the second. only knives work from the engine.

Both gasoline and electric mowers of high power can have both front- and rear-wheel drive designs.

The grass cutting device may be cylindrical or rotary. In the first case, several identical small-sized knives are fixed on the motor shaft, in the second, a knife with two blades (“propeller”) is used to mow grass. Cylindrical devices allow you to cut the vegetation very cleanly and accurately, but rotary knives do much better with tall plants and thick stems.

Simple in their design, lawn mowers simply throw the cut grass to the sides, more complex structures are more functional. For example, they can grind mowed vegetation into mulch or collect “cuttings” into a grass collector of a sufficiently large volume. however, it is necessary to clean it as it is filled by hand.

What can they do?

The main technical characteristics of lawn mowers include:

  • Engine power. in models with an electric motor, this parameter rarely exceeds 2 kW, for gas mowers it can be more than 5.5 kW. The coarser and higher the mowed vegetation, the more powerful the mower should be.
  • Cutting strip width: the larger it is, the more difficult it is to control the unit, the smaller it is, the lower the mower performance. The optimal value is 0.3. 0.4 m.
  • Cutting height of vegetation is a characteristic that affects the correct care of lawn grass.
  • Case material. steel products have the greatest strength, but they are also the heaviest. In addition, metal is susceptible to corrosion and is relatively expensive. Plastic cases do not have these drawbacks, but are not very reliable during intensive use of the mower.

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Choosing a lawn mower

The lawn is an important, if not the main part of the house landscape design and, in a certain sense, an indicator of the prestige of home ownership. This applies not only to the “facade” lawn, but also to the paths between the utility buildings, free land and even some flower beds. What their appearance will be, to a large extent depends on the mower with which the lawn is trimmed, and therefore, its choice should be approached with great care.

What haircut we will do.

First of all, the selection of the model is determined by the area of ​​the cultivated area. the larger its size, the greater the power the lawn mower should have. The device’s characteristics such as the width and height of mowing the vegetation are somewhat less important, although the height of the haircut is of paramount importance for the formation of a beautiful cover.

To date, only a lawn mower allows you to cut grass at a given height over the entire area of ​​the area to be mowed. a trimmer or, especially, a manual scythe do not give such an opportunity.

The optimal cutting height depends on the type of lawn. for the stalls, for example, it is about 4-5 cm. If this value is less than 2 cm. the grass grows too weak and the lawn simply dies; if it is more than 6 cm, the lawn grows with broad-leaved weeds and acquires an untidy appearance. For meadow or Moorish lawns, the cutting height should be greater; for the first shoot, less.

Quick and easy

Another advantage of the mower is its speed. The site that she worked in just an hour will have to be mowed out with a trimmer for half a day. and even with high professionalism! In addition, the lawnmower does not have to be carried around, and it is not necessary to move the self-propelled mower, it is enough to set the direction of movement for it.

Devices with a built-in grass catcher eliminate the need to rake the cut grass. Models with a grinder turn mowed vegetation into mulch. an excellent organic fertilizer.

There are, of course, disadvantages to lawn mowers. a four-wheeled unit cannot mow grass along the edges of the lawn close to the fence, near shrubs and tree trunks, and “ignores” small pits. Just in such cases it is much more convenient to use an electric or gas trimmer. Therefore, the question of which is preferable. a lawn mower or a lawn mow. the answer is unequivocal: for proper care of the lawn both tools are needed!

How to choose her.

Before choosing a specific model of a lawn mower, you need to understand: this unit greatly facilitates the work of mowing grass, but is most effective on flat areas of a relatively large area. To mow them between rows between beds. to shoot from a cannon at sparrows.

First of all, you need to decide on the choice of energy source for a lawn mower. electricity, gasoline or a manual drive.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electrical units are very popular due to their inherent price / performance ratio. However, they have a significant drawback. freedom of movement is limited by the length of the cable for connecting to an electric power source and does not exceed 60 m. Due to this, this technique will be effective only in small areas. no more than 12 hundred parts.

In practice, this area is usually even smaller. about 8 acres. It is in such areas that the cable transfer does not cause any particular difficulties, and the risk of damage to the working device is minimized.

The electric lawn mower has no other significant drawbacks. it is easy to operate, light and compact, quiet and reliable in operation.

Gas mowers

Gasoline devices have the greatest power among vehicles of this kind. They are "tough" with the highest and densest vegetation, including small branches or twigs, so gas mowers are often purchased not only for lawn care, but simply for mowing large volumes of grass. Frontal lawn mowers can generally be used for harvesting hay. Mowers of this type are an indispensable device for public utilities.

The high performance of this tool is ensured not only by its increased power, but also by the large width of the mowing zone. up to 60 cm. Self-propelled mowers with a gasoline engine perfectly cope with areas of a very large area. Of course, they are of little use for small lawns, although relatively compact models of such devices are also produced.

A gasoline tool has all the features inherent in ICE technology: periodic refueling and rather complicated maintenance are required. In addition, they are not suitable for operation on slopes with a slope of more than 20 degrees for a four-stroke and 30 degrees for a two-stroke engine. with a larger angle of inclination, the motor simply stalls.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers are a fairly rare occurrence on the market for tools for this purpose. According to their user qualities, they are completely similar to electrical devices, but are not limited in movement by the length of the cable. Ideal for caring for grass growing in small areas with a lot of obstacles in the form of trees, buildings, garden furniture. cordless lawn mowers are manoeuvrable and go around them easily.

The main disadvantage of such a tool is the need for periodic recharging of batteries, which requires a 220 V network. However, the capacity of a charged battery is enough for a long time and is quite enough for mowing grass in the area with no power supply.

Mechanical lawn mowers

Apart are mechanical (manual) lawn mowers that do not need any energy sources and are virtually silent during operation. Their main purpose is high-quality grass mowing on ground grass, the angle of the plot does not matter.

However, such mowers are hardly an ideal choice. the operation of the mechanism requires the lawn mower to apply great physical effort for a long time, especially in the case of wet or tall grass. The optimal area for processing with such a mechanism is approximately 70. 80 sq. M. m, more than 150 square meters. it is simply impossible to mow down with it. in addition, the maximum cutting height of grass for mechanical mowers is less than for models with an engine.

Proper storage

When choosing a model of a lawn mower, you should not forget that in winter you need to store it somewhere: this tool is quite expensive, and you just can’t leave it in the country.

The main problems usually arise with gasoline and battery mowers. the former smell strongly of fuel and are unsuitable for storage in a residential area. In addition, gasoline units usually have quite large dimensions and weight, so the optimal storage place for them is a garage or a barn. The second type of mower, on the contrary, requires heat, because in the cold their battery quickly fails.

Is it always more expensive. is it better?

After determining the required technical characteristics of the lawn mower, you should think about choosing a manufacturer, since the price of seemingly identical products from different companies can vary several times!

Professional and semi-professional models from companies specializing in the production of exclusively equipment for gardening and landscape work, such as, for example, Al-ko, Gardena, Partner, Yard-man, usually “sin”. Such equipment withstands long-term daily operation and has a long (up to 3 years!) Warranty period.

A lawn in a private household is mowed about once a week, so buying a super-expensive professional model designed for almost round-the-clock work does not make much sense. It is quite possible to do with a lawn mower from an inexpensive price category, but with suitable technical characteristics.