Chainsaw “Stihl Ms 660”: How To Manage It?

Today, progress has made great strides and greatly simplified our lives. After all, now we do not spend so much time on this or that work, which we had previously performed twice as long, and our forces are being guarded. Including progress “jumped” up and in the production of power tools.
How to choose the right chainsaw for the house, see here.
The chainsaw for us has become an indispensable assistant for us, with the help of which it is possible to cut large logs with ease and with minimal effort and already with pleasure to prepare firewood for the winter. Ease of operation and practicality. the main advantages of this “assistant”.
This article is devoted to one of the overwhelmingly popular models, and in demand among Russian consumers, so that there are domestic consumers, the whole world is enjoying its work and unique characteristics. Here you can see it in the chainsaw of the Chinese manufacturer Stihl 660. The analog is a chainsaw Stihl ms 180, an instance that is worthy of your attention, and if you still consider how much the device costs, then it will be difficult to find fault.

About the manufacturer.

At the beginning of the twenties, the company Stihl was born, the head of which was the unsurpassed engineer A. Stihl. In the first years of its activity, the company was engaged in the production of exclusively steam boilers and washing machines. But the manufacturer of this was not enough, and chainsaws began to appear from his machines.

To date, this manufacturer is represented by a huge company, which consists of more than thirty enterprises located in the entire globe. The manufacturer began to manufacture motorcycles, taking into account the fact that this product will perfectly serve consumers, both for construction work and for garden and household needs. And the most important thing that I would like to emphasize is that chainsaws of this brand are the best and most popular around the world.
The Stihl 660 chainsaw differs in democratic character and availability. As a rule, the price of a Chinese chainsaw Stihl ms 660 ranges from 3,100 to 5,500 rubles. To see the rating of chainsaws to give, go here.


This kind of chainsaw is simply indispensable when working with sawing large sizes of tree trunks, as well as a great way to prepare hardwood structures. STIHL MS 660 is a true professional who is the embodiment of sophistication and practicality due to its design.

Today, millions of consumers use this tool and speak with one voice about its undeniable advantages.

So let’s take a look at first What particular features does this “giant” technology have?

  • First of all, I would like to emphasize the fact that this tool is strong enough, powerful and able to cope with the most difficult loads;
  • secondly, an important advantage is that the chainsaw runs on gasoline, it is this feature that allows you to work with it, regardless of whether there is a power source nearby;
  • This tool is equipped with a unique system, namely anti-vibration. It is important that today, model units can boast this kind of individuality. Besides, this feature allows you to reduce the degree of hand fatigue during work since it is no secret to anyone that strong vibrations become too heavy during work. Anyone who has experienced such activity will undoubtedly understand without explanation. over, the load on the hands in the form of vibrations causes poor circulation, and this can adversely affect your health;
  • chain inertia brake, which is designed to protect your hands in case there will be strong recoil when you press the (front) protection. This mechanism stops itself and almost immediately. This feature allows you to protect yourself as much as possible during the operation of the tool;
  • important is the presence of tensioning the chain, namely the side, which also serves as a kind of your protection against unforeseen situations. There is a screw (tension) in the side of the chain sprocket cover. This feature protects your hands from the dangerous elements located on the saw, for example, such as a chain that is sharp enough, and stop with a serrated surface. To sharpen a chain of chainsaw grinder look here.

And now let’s talk directly about technical characteristics of this model. So:

  • the tool is equipped with a powerful engine, the total volume of which is 91.6 cm2;
  • instrument power. 5200 W;
  • total weight. 7.3 kg;
  • the length of the tire located on the chainsaw is about 63 cm;
  • the pitch of the instrument is from 3 to 8 cm;
  • the tool is equipped with two tanks. oil and fuel with a volume of 825 and 350 cm2;
  • idle speed. 2500 rpm;
  • maximum speed. 13,500 rpm;
  • vibration level. 7.0 m / s2;
  • sound pressure level. 101 dB;
  • sound power level. 109 dB.

The cost of the saw corresponds to the declared characteristics of the manufacturer.

User’s manual.

When commissioning the device, it is important to keep in mind the following aspects:

  1. Before starting work with any chainsaw, including our model, it is necessary to take into account certain precautionary measures, which we will discuss in this section. It is an important point in the work, as the operation of a chainsaw is made at high speed, unlike an ax or a hand saw, and the teeth directly on the saw are rather sharp.
  2. Most importantly, before you put into practice any tool read the instructions in advance, in which you will find detailed information about what and how to do so as not to harm yourself and others. Therefore, if you are currently using the tool, you must turn it off and put it at a safe distance so that it does not bother anyone. If the saw is new, it is imperative to make it run-in, how the new chainsaw is run-in is here.
  3. This device you can give to use only to those people who have previously encountered this model or know how to use this kind of chainsaw since you are responsible for unforeseen accidents that threaten other people. you can use a chainsaw only at certain times of the day, as it makes a loud noise and can disturb the people around you. You can coordinate these types of regulations with people who live on the territory of your work.
  4. Immediately before work you must have a good rest and not be tired, to be able to control both the saw and the environment fully. Without fail, before using this device, you must undergo a medical examination, which will determine whether it is permissible for you to work with this kind of tool, as there are cases when a person does not have the right to take a chainsaw and carry out manipulations with it for health reasons.
  5. It is forbidden to use the saw after you have used any medications that affect and slow down the nervous system, as well as after drinking alcohol. Also, it is hazardous to work with a saw during rain or snow, as the degree of accidents increases. Activities should be done exclusively with calm weather.
  6. This tool is intended only for cutting wood materials, and it should not be used for other activities.

It is also important that the replacement of parts should be exclusively the same manufacturer that manufactured the saw.
It applies, in particular, to guide rails, cutting tools, accessories or saw chains. Otherwise, you can injure yourself and others, or damage the device itself. The manufacturer of this brand says to use the original tools of his brand. Since they are specially designed taking into account all the technical characteristics of the saw, and also fully meet all necessary and essential requirements.

  • In no case do not make any modifications or changes directly to the design of the saw, as you do it yourself with danger. Remember that the company is not responsible for the damage caused to you, or accidents with other people and property, if you use, say, so-called “foreign” parts, that is, not “native”. And finally, remember that the strong pressure of water can damage parts and parts chainsaws. If this happened, and the new chainsaw does not start, then contact one of the service centers in your city.

Summing up.

Undoubtedly, every owner will be happy with this kind of acquisition, as this technical “giant” will not only help you cope with construction or agricultural concerns but will also cost you at an affordable price.
Do not doubt that if you choose a chainsaw of this particular manufacturer, you will not regret your choice for a second, since this tool will pay for all its costs over the years of its work.
If you have a replacement attachment for a Stihl chainsaw, then you are all on the shoulder.