CHANGE MOORE Lawn Tractor Leaf 900D Grass Catcher Bag Fits for Most 2 Bag Material…

CHANGE MOORE Lawn Tractor Leaf 900D Grass Catcher Bag Fits for Most 2 Bag Material Collection Systems, Big Capacity 54 Cubit Feet

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If so, look no further than a CHANGE MOORE leaf bag: the fast and most convenient option for increasing your lawn tractor leaf collection capability.

Made from durable fabric, these leaf bags provide you with an impressive 54 cubic feet (43 bu.) capacity for seasons to come. That’s six times more capacity than the 6 1/2-bushel bags found on most 2-bag collection systems!

it’s a lifesaver allowing you NOT to have to manually rake them into a tarp and haul them away into your wooded area. Just a few hours of relaxing mower ride to pick up all the fall debris. E ffectively h as your labor reduced by 70%-80%.

It’s such an excellent tool for clearing the yard of leaves! If you have to rake leaves and have a riding mower, GET THIS.

Air-vent Mesh. No Dust On Your Back

Suffering the nuisance associated with leaf dust will become a distant memory because it has an air-vented mesh design. It increases air circulation and emits leaf dust through the mesh at the back of the bag away from you. Minimizes incidents of leaves and dust blowing on the driver.

Compared with other lawnmower bags on the market, It is so thick and durable that it be specially designed for long-lasting use. The grass catcher can prevent the bag from ripping by sticks or even on rough terrain, ready for being reusable season and season.

Side Zipper Design. Faster and Easier Empty Mode

wherever you desire to dump leaves, just unzip the side of the bag, and dump its load on your own effortlessly. Thanks to the zipper design, it is faster and easier without loosening the bag from the collection system. Cut leaf collection and disposal time in half.

Two Buckle Straps. Anti-drop From Lawn Mower

Besides the elastic cords, we also add two additional adjustable buckle straps to hold the leaf bag tight to your lawn tractor, prevent you from stopping to adjust the bag, keep your fall cleanup smooth.

Little to no maintenance. Can be folded into a small bag. It takes so little room to be stored in the corner of the home, storage room or warehouse. It’s a reusable yard leaf bag for every fall cleanup.

No Raking and Lifesaver

change, moore, lawn, tractor, leaf

change, moore, lawn, tractor, leaf

change, moore, lawn, tractor, leaf

EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower Bagger Kit

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The EGO POWER Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower Bagging Kit is designed to deliver the bagging performance of premium gas.


The EGO POWER Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower Bagging Kit is designed to deliver the bagging performance of premium gas. The included zero turn mower bagger, bagging blades, and counterweights are specifically created for use with the EGO POWER 42” Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mowers. The durable, mesh double-bin bagger quickly attaches to the Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower and easily detaches for disposal. The 21-inch all-steel Bagging Blades create a higher-lifting airflow to improve bagging performance. The Counterweights balance the weight of the bagger to maintain a smooth, stable ride. The full bag indicator lets you know when the bag is full. The Z6 3-in-1 function offers a mulching, bagging, and side discharge solution to replace premium gas riding lawn mowers for good. EGO parts are designed to offer the highest quality, performance, and value.

Tech Specs

EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower Bagger Kit

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change, moore, lawn, tractor, leaf

Find the grass catcher that’s right for your machine and join the family today!

Leaf catcher for riding mower

Order your Big Leaf Bag Attachment today, so you will have a smooth leaf clean up every Fall and Spring from now on!

The Universal Big Leaf Bag attachment for any rear discharge Lawn Mower


Are you tired of making multiple trips to the waste dispenser to dispose leafs and grass from your lawnmower? Do you constantly live in fear that your lawn bag will give way anytime soon? Does your grass and leaf collection seem to take all day? Those have been challenging for gardeners and homeowners since the lawnmower was invented.

Well now there’s a great solution to these problems.

Introducing our Newly Universal Big Leaf Bag Version-3 replacing our original Version for the best!

Why waste your precious time doing yard work all morning on a beautiful fall day? You may not have a choice because these leaves need to be picked up, and your old factory-fitted lawn bag only holds that much. So that means you have to do multiple emptying runs to clean up a fair sized lawn. Each trip adds to the time you could easily spend with friends and family, or simply relaxing. Instead, you spend it emptying lawn bags!

But with the Big Leaf Bag you can end all of that right now! Imagine the opportunities you have if you could eliminate as many as two-thirds of those multiple trips just by switching to the Big Leaf Bag And its size is not all that will thrill you:

  • Own The Universal Big Leaf Bag convert your lawnmower into a leaf vacuum to cut 70% of your time for leaf clean up in the Fall and Spring every single time!
  • This Big Guy is 3 times the size of regular lawn bags, which means 3 times more leaves, grass and other particles are picked up before you have to empty it!
  • Produced from ultra-durable polyester, which means it is rugged and tough and lasts longer!
  • Built from weather-resistant material, which means it can be easily washed and quickly dried!
  • Custom built to be easily fitted on any rear discharge lawnmowers
  • Built-in protective features that prevent small particles from blowing back and disturbing the operator
  • The funnel shape and zipper opening makes it simple and easy to empty – it’s as quick as 1, 2, 3: Detach from its support. Stand and unzip the Big Leaf Bag insert into yard-waste bag and empty out contents. You’re all done! No fuss. No mess!

With so many reasons to go BIG, why would anyone still want to stick with factory-fitted lawn bags?

Throw away your rake!

The professional design, expert manufacturing and easy installation instructions that come with the Big Leaf Bag will make it an ideal companion for your lawnmower. While other leaf bags will wear off in no time, ours is a completely Made In U.S.A solution that will last you many years.

Get the ingenious solution that will speed up your leaf and grass collection and leave you more time to relax and enjoy your free time.

Official Craftsman grass catcher attachment parts

Craftsman is a leading manufacturer of grass catcher attachments for mowers. Craftsman grass catcher attachments are versatile and rugged components that fit many different types of mowers. When parts wear out or get damaged on your mower’s grass catcher attachment, find the Craftsman grass catcher parts you need at Sears PartsDirect.

Most common Craftsman riding mower bagger parts that need replacement

  • Collection bag or bin. The collection bag or bin stores grass clipping for disposal or recycling.
  • Collection chute. The collection chute carries grass clippings from the discharge port of the mower deck to the collection bag or bin on the grass catcher attachment.
  • Grass catcher cover. The grass catcher cover seals the top openings to the collection bags or bins and opens to allow you to remove and empty the grass catchers then they’re full.
  • Full bagger indicator. The full bagger indicator lets you know when the containers are full so that you can empty the bins or bags.
  • Raise the seat on the lawn tractor to access the mounting location.
  • With the grass catcher cover closed, lift the grass catcher assembly and place the support post inside the mounting bracket. Allow the grass cater assembly to rest on lanced tabs of the mounting bracket.
  • Line up the holes in the mounting bracket with holes in the support post and insert the bracket support pin. Secure the support pin with the retainer spring.
  • Unlatch and open the grass catcher cover. Install the tubing end caps onto the container support. Tap each end cap on to the container support to seat them securely.

Zero Turn Mowers

Model Name S120 S200XT
Mulcher Kit Optional Optional
Double Bag Hard Top TURBO-PRO 52″ Deck N/A
Triple Bag Soft Top N/A TURBO-PRO MAX FAST-VAC 61″ Deck
Triple Bag Hard Top TURBO-PRO FAST-VAC 52″ / 61″ Deck TURBO-PRO MAX 61″ Deck
Electric DFS TURBO-PRO MAX FAST-VAC †† 52″ / 61″ Deck TURBO-PRO MAX FAST-VAC 61″ Deck
Trailer Hitch Kit Optional Optional
Service Jack Optional Optional
Flat-Free Caster Tires Optional Optional
Professional Stripe Kit Optional Optional
LED Light Kit Optional Optional

†† Only works with 3-bag cloth systems. Note: Attachments for previous year models and additional attachments through allied equipment manufacturers not show shown may be available. Some attachments require additional installation components (i.e. front weights for catchers). See a dealer for details. Contact your local Snapper dealer for more information and installation assistance.

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