Compact tractor finish mower. Compact tractor finish mower



Finishing mower 4ft – KATANA Machinery

Best mower for fine cut of well kept lawns, sports pitches, parks etc.

Heavy DutyFlail Mower EFGC- 105cm (3,5ft)- KATANA Machinery

Regular flail mower for a compact tractor

Finishing mower 180cm / 6ft – KATANA Machinery

6ft finishing mower for 30-45 HP compact tractors

Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFGC-165cm 5ft 5″ – KATANA Machinery

5’5 heavy duty flail mower designed for 35-55 HP tractors. Perfect for pastures, roadsides and other neglected areas with bushes, brushes and lots of weeds. PTO shaft worth 100€ for FREE!

Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFGC-145cm 5ft – KATANA Machinery

4’9 heavy duty flail mower designed for 25-35 HP tractors. Perfect for Massey Ferguson 35 135 tractors. PTO shaft worth 100€ for FREE!

Finishing mower FGM-150cm 5ft – KATANA Machinery

Best mower for fine cut of well kept lawns, sports pitches, parks etc.

Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFGC-125cm 4ft – KATANA Machinery

Strongest flail mower on the market

We have a broad range of attachments suitable for Japanese mini tractors from brands like Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki, Mitsubishi, Shibaura and Hinomoto. One of the most popular implements for compact tractors are mowers including: – flail mowers – finishing mowers – topper mowers – collector flail mowers – verge flail mowers – drum mowers

Finish mower

A finishing mower or finish mower is a perfect substitute for a ride on mower. It is equipped with 3 rotary blades providing a very fine and even cut. Thanks to 4 wheels installed on a mower the grass is always cut at the same height throughout the mowed area. Wheels are not only used for setting cutting height but are also stabilizing mower. Thanks to that finish mowers also have higher ratio of working width to tractor’s horse power and weight than flail or topper mowers.

Finish mowers are designed to provide clean, manicured appearance of lawn. Therefore they will not perform well on neglected land with a lot of weeds, brushes and bushes. Finishing mowers should be used on lawns, sports pitches, parks and other well kept green areas.

A small tractor with four wheel drive, agricultural tyres and a finishing mower will perform much better than a ride-on mower. The latter has huge problems after rain and on uneven surfaces – its wheels slide on wet grass and often have problems riding up the slopes even on dry ground. A compact tractor with agricultural tyres will perform perfectly well in these conditions and with proper operation will not leave any marks on the ground. Another advantage of such solution is that cutting width of finish mower may reach even up to 6 feet which is almost twice the cutting width of most ride on mowers. This means you’ll finish mowing your land in half the time you would with ride-on mower every single time.

Flail mower

Flail mower is used wherever it is necessary to care for green areas, such as lawns in city parks, private properties and football fields. This type of mower is especially recommended for neglected grounds like pastures and roadsides with lots of weeds, bushes and brushes. During work, the flail mower mulches clippings that are afterwards scattered across the lawn. Thanks to the use of this machine, there is no need to collect clippings after mowing. The equipment is diversified in terms of mowing width and additional functionalities such as a basket for collecting clippings or a hydraulic arm that allows mowing at various angles. We highly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. All of our tractor attachments are high quality equipment produced by carefully selected suppliers. Thanks to many years of cooperation with the best manufacturers, we offer top quality mowers that ensure maximum efficiency and long life.

Flail mower – universal and solid

Japanese tractors are known for their versatility. They are excellent in all activities related to setting up and taking care of lawns and green areas. Flail mower is the most popular piece of equipment in our offer. and more people learn about its advantages, because it turns out to be much more efficient than many other mowing systems used by professionals and individuals. Mulchers offer very fine quality of cut similar to the finishing mowers and at the same time they very well replace topper mowers seamlessly dealing with thick weeds or shrubs. Users also praise the safety of flail mowers because thanks to their design there is almost no danger of stones, debris or other objects being thrown with high speed from beneath the mower.

If you are looking for a high quality, proven lawn mower for your tractor, please contact us and we will choose the perfect equipment for your tractor. Our offer also includes more functional flail mowers:

  • collector flail mower – ensures mowing quality very close to finishing mowers and has a basket for clippings, so the lawn is clean right after mowing. Collector is opened with hydraulic cylinder that is controlled with spool valve. It makes emptying collector easy, convenient and does not require getting off the tractor or any effort.
  • verge flail mower – mounted on a hydraulically controlled arm has all the advantages of a traditional flail mower, while offering mowing in hard-to-reach places. It has 145° mowing angle range from 90 ° vertically to 55 ° below the level of the tractor. This allows efficient mowing of ditches and verges, as well as trimming short hedges. The arm also allows you to move the mower away from the tractor. This is very useful when mowing grass between trees or poles, where you will not be able to drive through with tractor and a standard mower.

Daily practice will quickly convince even skeptics that Japanese mini tractors are a great alternative to many other machines and tools. Thanks to properly selected equipment, you can perform a series of tasks that previously required investment in separate equipment. It is worth appreciating the ingenuity of engineers from the Land of the Rising Sun, who created small, agile vehicles with such a huge potential. Tractor mower will help in the work of municipal services, gardeners, farmers, fruit farmers and many others.

Making the Cut – Which Compact Tractor Mower Is Right for You?

At Farm Tech Supplies, we stock three main types of mower, namely finishing, topper and flail mowers. All three types we stock are generally designed to attach to the back of a compact tractor via. the 3-point linkage and are powered using the tractor’s PTO. There are also sub-types within these categories, so it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Your questions will be answered here.

Wessex CMT Finishing Mowers

Finishing Mowers – The Lawncare Specialist

As the name would suggest, finishing mowers, such as those from Winton or Agrint, provide a close and fine finish. They are ideal for regularly maintained grass such as sports pitches and golf courses. Finishing mowers can also be used on paddocks or pastures that have been recently topped.

There are three long flat blades, which spin on a spindle hub assembly through the centre of the blade. The length of the blades depends on the size of the machine and our finishing mowers have 3 belt driven blades on each. For this reason, the land you are cutting must be level. If you have lots of lumps and bumps where you are cutting this may be better suited to a topper mower or flail mower with a raised cut.

Topper Mowers – The Paddock Slasher

Toppers are useful not only as a general use mower, but also for preparing scrub and long grass for cultivation. It cannot achieve the fine finish of a finishing mower, but can tackle overgrown areas with weeds and brambles making it perfect for paddocks. Unlike the finishing mower, the topper has two long flat blades attached at each end to the blade shaft in the centre of the machine. It cuts with a rotary action, like the finishing mower. The grass and weeds are sliced or ‘topped’ by the mower which is where the name topper comes from. Most cuttings are thrown to the sides of the machine and left in rows along the skids rather than spread out and mulched up like a flail mower.

Farm Tech Supplies currently stocks both Winton and Fleming Topper Mowers. These are typical PTO-driven topper mowers, but we also have the Wessex ATV Topper Mower, which has its own powered petrol engine. This means it does not require a PTO connection to function so can be towed on a traditional ball hitch by an ATV quad bike, 4×4 vehicle or UTV rather than a tractor.

Flail Mowers – The All-Rounder

Flail mowers are a great all-rounder, as they can maintain shorter grass, though not as finely as a finishing mower, but are also capable of cutting through tougher plant material. The cuttings are finer than with the other machines so they can easily be repurposed as mulch. The flail blades are attached to a cylinder rotor shaft in a spiral formation, which spins in a and creates the flail motion. Most flails have heavy hammer flail blades fitted and some flails, like the Winton Hedge Cutter. may instead use lighter Y-blades.

Flail mowers are our most popular compact tractor attachment and so you will find the greatest variety of brands, pricing and offset options when looking at the machines, so it can be tricky to decide! We stock standard flail mowers from Winton and FTS as well as compact flail mowers from Winton and Agrint for smaller or low horse-power tractors. As with the topper mowers, the flail has an option which does not require a tractor, the FTS ATV Flail Mower. Side-shift flail mowers, such as those from Winton and Agrint, offer greater dexterity compared to a standard flail. This is because they can be offset to the side, manually in the case of the Agrint ranges, and using the hydraulics of the tractor with the Winton. Arguably the most versatile is the Winton Verge Flail Mower, which can be offset like a side-shift flail, but also tilted to mow ditches, verges and even the sides of small hedges.

In our blog, Flail Mowers – How, Where and Why? we took an in-depth look at the flail mowers available from us, so if you have further questions about flail mowers you may find them there.

New! 3 Point Intermediate Embankment Flail Mower (56″, 64″, 70″)

New! 6HP Reversible Plate Compactor (PC150)

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It’s hard to get good service from many companies. Rigs 4 Less has great customer service! They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. They are very knowledgeable about what they sell. And lots of attachments to pick from. I’ve already bought two, a grapple bucket and a snow plow. I will purchase more from them in the future.

Ed has been great to deal with, I purchased a Stout stump bucket from him when I first started my business and it was an absolute brute for a great value. I recently purchased a Prime brush mower and couldn’t be more satisfied. When talking with Ed discussing different options he was very knowledgeable and helpful with helping me choose the right mower for what I’m using it for. I had a small issue the first time using it, which ended up being a small pressure adjustment, and on a Saturday afternoon Ed took my call and got me in contact with the owner of Prime attachments to solve my issue. That same weekend I had 2 blade bolts spin, very small and common problem on mowers, and Ed stood behind that and got me some new bolts to keep going. Without a doubt I will be purchasing more attatchments from Ed in the future. 10/10 recommend

I’ve been buying attachments from Ed for a few years now and he’s always taken care of me. Ed knows his attachments and will make sure that the attachment you’re interested in will be a good fit for your machine and give his honest opinion about if it’s the right attachment for the job. Ed has the best selection around with just about every attachment you can think of. With his huge inventory and big variety of attachments he is able to offer attachments to fit anyones budget. If you want knowledgeable staff and great customer service then you won’t be let down shopping with Rigs4Less! Thanks Ed and staff!

Did plenty of research on stump grinders and decided to purchase one to be powered by my skid steer. Found a couple different types that would work. One company made a type that seemed more complicated than what was needed to grind a stump having extra hydraulic arms and a necessary 12V electric connection. Also, would have had to wait 12 weeks to get it as well as pay 400 for shipping. Fortunately did more research and found Rigs 4 Less close to home. Researched what they carried for a skid steer stump grinder and found the one they carry to be very good price, (50% less), heavy duty and practical without the extra hydraulic arms and electrical so in short less issues to come up. After buying and trying Rigs 4 Less stump grinder it blasted through the stump in my yard far better than I thought it would. I was impressed! I give Rigs 4 Less, the stump grinder, and their web site an A rating. I used to dig out the stumps with my backhoe and that will be no more. A set of replacement teeth from Rigs was 1/3rd the price compared to the other company that was selling the high-priced stump grinder. Another plus with Rigs for less is they stock many of the attachments. No waiting. Definitely will be purchasing again from Rigs 4 Less in the future.

Ed is always fantastic to work with. I have purchased 6 attachments from him over the last 6 months. He is a man of his word. Fair pricing. Service is always top notch. They will even deliver for a very reasonable fee. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for skid steer attachments.

If I could rate Rigs 4 Less higher then a 5 star I would! I highly recommend Rigs 4 Less for all your skid loader attachments needs. Ed is one hell of a salesman and he puts the customers needs first. He’s very knowledgeable in the products he sells and has many different attachment options for small to large frame skid loaders. My buddy did business with him first purchasing a grapple bucket and that’s how I found out about them and went up there today and bought some heavy duty pallet forks and a heavy duty stout bucket. So far I cannot be more pleased with both attachments as I’ve already put them to work. I will be back in the fall for a grapple bucket, a snow bucket and possibly a snow pusher. Thanks Ed and your team of awesome employees for the wonderful experience. Keep up the excellent work! Justin Pietsch

The entire team at Rigs4Less are the best I have ever worked with. I have bought multiple attachments from them and there knowledge and willingness to help in any way is unheard of. Very high quality equipment as well, huge variety for the novice to a seasoned pro. Thanks again and see you very soon. Dave P.

Ed has been awesome to deal with!! He help me decide on multiple attachments that I have purchased over the last year. They all worked out perfectly, Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I also want to mention they have the best prices. I would definitely recommend this business and I will be back in the future. Thanks Ed!!

Ed and the boys did a fantastic job. Ed really helped me solve some issues with business equipment. There was now pressure to buy only helpful input. I would highly recommend them and will always be the first place I call for attachments. Great group of hardworking friendly staff.

Great company. Fair rates and quality products! Bought an grapple from Ed today. Talk to him around 1 said he closed at 2. I was hour and half away. He stayed open for me to come and choose the right one that works for my machine. Very happy. Thanks Ed! Will be coming back for more of my needs

These guys mean business. Ed will try and set you up with what is right for you specifically.I drove 2 hrs as his selection and justifies it. I arrived a little late but they made sure I left with what I wanted. Stop by the Dallas resteraunt just down the road 4 an awesome burger. After u set yourself up with some labor saving. Equip. Ed also has options on hand to make sure u get what meets your requirements.

compact, tractor, finish, mower

Ed is very knowledgeable And got me into the right attachments for the Skid steer i own. The pricing was right the customer service was awesome I have bought five attachments from Ed and will be going there for more thanks so much!

compact, tractor, finish, mower

How Fast is a Tractor Finish Mower

Ed knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable about skidies and attachments. Was a little worried about the weight of the brush cutter but, took his suggestion. Awesome machine. Thanks Ed. Will be back.

Ed at Rigs For Less was great to work with. I purchased the Prime root grapple and, the Prime Brush mower attachment. Both of these attachments are absolute beasts!! We use are attachments mostly in extreme conditions. They are holding up very nicely. Couldn’t be happier. Word of advice’. Check these guys out first before you buy from a big name dealer. You’ll save thousands!!

Rigs4less is the best. So far, I have purchased an auger and attachment plate to adapt my bale spear from my tractor to my skid steer. Ed provides great product knowledge, the largest inventory I’ve seen and is patient and helpful while you ponder your options. The are great and I’ll continue to grow my arsenal of skid steer attachments at Rigs4less.

Went to see Ed to purchase a brush mower, very professional, mower is great! I have Many other attatchements to purchase and Ed will be my go to for everything I need as far as skid steer attachments. Highly recommend!

Ed has excellent and even better customer service. I bought a flail mower from him last Fall and ended up damaging the hose (pinched it) and it was leaking badly. I didn’t have time to stop in to purchase a new hose until this Fall and when I came in, Ed grabbed a new hose from inventory and said this one was on him. I was astonished. Nobody has customer service like Ed. I’ll also add that he has a HUGE selection of accessories at the St. Croix Falls location, awesome.

These guys are great! Bought a grapple bucket and Ed was more than helpful getting me loaded and on the road. There are so many options for attachments on his lot it isn’t even funny. He even topped off the air in my tires before I hit the road. Thanks Ed! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Ed has been great to work with. I have bought multiple (4) attachments from him over the past 2 years. Good and GREAT service. He has bent over backwards to get me what I needed, when I need it. And even opened up shop on sunday so that I could pick up the attachment I needed before the job began the following monday. His commitment to excellent customer service stands above every other dealer I have been to. I wont go anywhere else for my skid steer attachments. He has earned this customers loyalty for life.

Ed is great to work with. I had a hydraulic hose problem on a new attachment, and he helped me out. He had someone deliver the new hose to me, even though my shop is about an hour away from him. I will certainly buy more attachments from him in the future.

I got box sweeper at 3 pm. realized the hydraulic hoses were to short for my JCB skid loader. Called Ed and by 4:30 he had longer hoses in the mail. Great service, easy to talk to and knows his product.

I recently purchased an attachment over the phone from Ed Hendrickson at Rigs 4 Less. When I arrived to pick up the attachment it was exactly the correct item and Ed and his team were very proficient in getting the item carefully in my truck and secured down. They were cautious, quick, and very professional. I would highly recommend this company and team of professionals.

Very helpful. Professional knowledgeable. But most importantly they are very prompt and communicate well. You are updated in a timely manner. Will definitely use this company again in the very near future!

Ed helped me out when I had a problem. Was polite and very helpful. Great deals also. Took the time to make sure I got what I needed.

Worked with Ed, very helpful and knowledgeable. Was smooth transition and I was very satisfied with my experience. Price were very reasonable also.

Called Rigs 4 Less off a Craigslist add, looking for a pto chipper, Ed responded right away, answered questions right away, and was currently out of the chipper I had wanted, but offered to put me on the list for the next one coming in. Came in a few weeks later, he shipped it speedy so I didnt even have to travel to get it, and the product actually exceeded my expectations so far! Seems well built, came in a darn nice angle iron cage, and it self feeds even though its not labled as such. Item I bought was the TMGWC42. Staff kept me informed of shipping progress also.

My dad recently purchased a Brush Mower with Rigs 4 Less, Inc. The service was excellent and we received the mower the next day. We will be purchasing more equipment for our business, Hesse’s Landscaping, in the near future. Thank you!

Thank you Ed for the great service. I bought three pieces in the last ten months. Nothing but great customer service. For a guy like me not knowing much about the attachments, you helped me thru the process. Your new St. Croix Falls location is convenient and looks great.

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