Field mowers brush cutters. 5 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters 2023 – Reviews Top Picks

You stare out at your property from the back porch and there is nothing but brush, tall grass, and weeds as far as the eye can see. It would take hours, maybe days to clear. You might think the only option is to hire a professional landscaper. Wrong. There is a machine, the walk behind brush cutter, that will get the job done over and over for the price you would pay to have the service done once.

Walk behind brush cutters have become extremely strong and durable, yet they can be used with little effort, saving wear and tear on the operator. Unfortunately, there have been so many innovative advancements in walk behind brush cutters that you might not know which way to look. No problem, we have done the looking for you in the reviews below.

The 5 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters – Reviews 2023

Remington RM1159 High-Wheeled String Trimmer – Best Overall

The Remington High Wheeled String Trimmer is the best overall walk behind brush cutter this year and here’s why: This trimmer has the best of both worlds in terms of being powerful and easy to use. Even the toughest brush on your property is no match for its 4-cycle gas engine. Remington states that this string trimmer is “battle tested and battle ready” and we agree.

Along with a powerful engine, the trimmer has a large 22-inch cutting swath for clearing brush in hard to reach places such as around fences and border walls. The RM1159 is also easy to use. Fill up the tank with gas and an easy-pull handle will get you trimming in no time. Once you are done knocking out the brush, you can fold up this machine by the handle for easy storage. The one slight drawback is the two-wheel design can get a little shaky on uneven terrain. Despite this, we think it is the best walk behind brush mower on the market this year.

  • Powerful engine
  • Gets into hard to reach areas
  • Easy to start and use
  • Folds up for convenient storage

Southland Outdoor SWFT15022 Power Equipment – Best Value

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment is the best walk behind brush cutters for the money. This is another powerful brush cutting machine with a 150cc engine. Despite its power, it also has great balance thanks to its 12-inch wheels. The cutting range is 22 inches and can hit a depth of 1.4 inches. This easy-start walk behind brush cutter has an anti-vibration handle for comfort when in use.

When the job is finished, you can fold up this brush cutter and store it easily in your shed or garage. On the downside, the cut depth level is not adjustable, but for the price, it is an excellent brush cutter.

Billy Goat 26-Inch Outback Brush Mower – Premium Choice

The Billy Goat 26 Inch Outback Brush Mower is one of the more high-end walk behind brush cutters, and the price fits for what this machine can do. First, the cutter runs on a 13-horsepower Honda engine, which makes it a strong candidate to tackle thick brush, weeds, and grass. The power is even more pronounced with its 26-inch wide cut deck. This helps improve both the speed and the quality of the cuts. What can be better than making great cuts quickly and doing it in less time?

And it gets better, with a caveat. The Billy Goat has an electric start and user-friendly controls so there’s little effort to shift from forward to reverse. Unfortunately, this cutter has an equally powerful vibration that you will feel in the handles.

EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Viper Engine

The EARTHQUAKE M205 Viper Engine is a maneuverable walk behind brush cutter iwith 14-inch never-go-flat wheels that keep the machine stable on tough and uneven terrain. This cutter can take on light brush, weeds, and taller grass with the help of its 150cc 4-cycle engine. Its one-piece is durable and helps to distribute vibrations easily so they can barely be felt. The M205 Viper Engine also comes with one of the longer warranties, 5 years. Buyers should take notice of stalling issues when taking on taller projects and thicker grass.

Swisher Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower

The Swisher Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower utilizes an 11.5-horsepower Briggs Stratton engine with a 4-speed transmission and includes reverse. This machine has a 24-inch curing deck that helps speed up the brush clearing process. The self-propel feature is super convenient and this machine is light, which makes it easy to use, but general wear and tear is no match for the durable construction.

A really nice feature of the Swisher mower is the ability to adjust cut depth. On the other hand, the self-propulsion system can get very choppy, especially in thicker brush, which is why it’s this far down the list. Other models run much smoother and with better predictability.

Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Walk Behind Brush Mower

Now that you know what models are out there, let’s look at some key factors to consider before spending your hard-earned money.

Ease of Use

A major key factor in buying any tool is how easy it is to use. This becomes an even bigger question when you start looking into large machines that run around 11 horsepower and their sole purpose is to destroy (plant) life.


When looking at brush cutters, you must start at the start, as in: How do you start the machine? Many models have a pull-start, which is simple enough; but over time, can be less reliable. Electric start cutters require less effort and time but they’re also prone to failure after prolonged periods of use.

Terrain Conditions

You’re likely to be using your cutter in tough terrain – bumpy fields, sloped ditches, and other problem areas. Users should select the machine that best matches the property they want to use it for. This means if you’re looking to cut more sloped land, a lighter model with less of a tipping risk would be ideal.

For uneven terrain you probably want something with larger tires to offset the bumps.

What Can It Cut?

Stronger motors equate to more destruction. Harder woods like smaller trees and saplings need to be attacked with a powerful motor while tall grasses and weeds can be attacked with less power. Most walk behind brush cutters will get through just about anything, but fall prey to the wear and tear issue. You should always use a cutter only on materials that are recommended by the manufacturer.


You’re buying this machine for a reason, to knockout anything in its path. However, before you buy, you should know if it’s strong enough to knock out everything in its path. Make sure your walk behind brush cutter has the power to perform the job you want done.


Speed is a factor to look at in two ways when buying a walk behind brush cutter. The first factor is how fast does the machine cut. To estimate the speed of cuts, consider the acreage speed combined with the blade speed. This is the true efficiency rating of the machine.

The second speed factor is how quick your machine actually moves. Most walk behind brush cutters move at slow speed, genrerally 3-5 mph, but they do vary so it is important to remember if you have a large flat area you can look into a faster machine, areas that have uneven, slopped, or hilly terrain should look for a slightly slower top-end speed.


The best brush cutters are composed of steel to protect from the wear and tear these machines take. The tires should be sturdy and large because they roll over rough ground and need to support the machine. The cutting deck should be sturdy enough to inspire confidence.

You must also consider who will be using the walk behind brush cutter. Users should select a machine that is easy and convenient for them to use. Remember, these are large and powerful cutters. Users need to let the machine do the work and should not struggle and be sore after operating the equipment.


Walk-behind brush cutters are powerful tools to use in the fight to keep your property brush and weed free. With the advancements in technology there are now many options to select from.

Based on our testing, the clear winner of being the overall best brush cutter is the Remington High Wheeled String Trimmer. It combines strength, durability, and speed in all aspects, and it is fun to use. If you’re willing to spend a bit more the Billy Goat 26 Inch Outback Brush Mower is also a great choice. It cuts a wider path and is stable through bumpy ground. If you’re not looking to spend too much or if you have a smaller area to cut through the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment is the machine for you as it is strong in getting the job done, yet slightly smaller and won’t break the bank. Hopefully, the reviews provided give you an insight as to which brush destroying model best fits your needs.

Featured Image: Southland Outdoor Power Equipment, Amazon

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Clear Your Path with Ease: The Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best Walk Behind Brush Cutter for the money? Read on as we review all the top options with Pros Cons.

By Robin Watson June 5, 2023

Affiliate Disclosure: We independently test research all products reviewed on the site. We may earn a small commission if you buy through one of our links. This does not affect our reviews or placement of products on the site.

Clearing long grass in overgrown areas of your property requires the right tool for the job. If you’re an estate manager or landscaper, you know the importance of having a trimmer and lawnmower in your toolshed. These machines are essential for maintaining every size property.

Top 5 Best Brush Cutter in 2023

However, if you service homes and large estates, the chances are there are overgrown areas on the property that require clearing. Getting through this kind of garden debris with a standard mower or trimmer isn’t possible.

Don’t attempt to cut the debris using these tools. It results in damage to the motor internals and a severe reduction in the machine’s service life. When it comes to tough clearing tasks, we recommend you go with a brush cutter specifically designed to clear the toughest garden materials.

The walk-behind brush cutter is like a line trimmer. However, it features a gas-powered motor and higher operating torque than a standard trimmer.

With a walk-behind brush cutter, you get a powerful machine capable of cutting through brambles, long grass, and weeds with ease. These machines come with wide-swath cutting decks, allowing you to clear large areas faster than using a traditional trimmer.

In this review, we’ll look at the best walk-behind brushcutter models for your yard work. Whether you’re an estate manager, landscaper, or homeowner, we have the right model to suit your needs.

Our Top Picks

We scoured dozens of listings looking for the best walk behind brush cutter. We settled on the choices in this review for the best models available. From those choices, we narrowed it down to our top picks.

We have a model for the best overall, premium, and budget categories. There’s a model in these top three picks to suit any size budget or yard.

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  • The Best Pick: SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk BehindTheSuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind is our top choice for the best overall walk-behind brush cutter in this review. Remington is a leading brand in lawn care tools, and they make some of the best engines in the industry. This model features a 144cc 4-cycle engine with a cast-iron block. You get outstanding performance from the machine, with a 21-inch cutting swath clearing your yard fast.
  • The Premium Pick: Earthquake 28463The Earthquake walk-behind brush cutter wins our award for the best premium model in this review. The Earthquake features a 150cc OHV 4-cycle Viper motor, providing top performance to this machine. You get a steel cutting deck with a 22-inch swath and compatibility with most brands of 0.155″ trimmer wire.
  • The Budget Pick: BlackDecker 3-in-1 Brush Cutter and TrimmerHomeowners looking for an alternative to their lawnmower and trimmer will get the best value from this BlackDecker model. You get an outstanding hybrid design with 3-in-1 functionality. This model acts as a lawnmower, trimmer, and edger, all in one machine. There is an extendable handle with easy switching between modes on the twisting shaft switch.

Walk Behind Brush Cutter Reviews

After reading through our top picks, let’s unpack them in further detail. We’ll also look at other models that qualify for the best walk-behind brush cutter.

After reading through the reviews, check out our buyer’s guide and FAQ section. We’ll give you more information on choosing the right walk-behind brush cutter for your application.

SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind

This SuperHandy model wins our award for the best overall walk-behind brush cutter in this review. This brush-cutter is ideal for trimming work and for cutting through tall grass and weeds.

This model comes with a 144cc gas-powered 4-stroke engine. SuperHandy has a reputation for producing some of the best gas-powered motors in the lawn care industry. They offer a level of quality and workmanship that lasts a lifetime with all their products.

The coated steel cutting deck features a 21-inch swath, making it ideal for the largest cutting jobs. The cutting head’s unique shape makes it easy to maneuver this model into tight spaces where a lawnmower can’t go.

  • PROFESSIONAL SPECIFICATIONS. This Walk Behind String Trimmer has a powerful 144cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine. Performing at a Max Output Power of 2.5kW (which 5X the power of handheld trimmers), a High Max Rotation Speed of 3600RPMs. Trimmer line size: 0.12 x 0.12 x 19.7 with a Trimmer Line Dia. of: 21 Diameter (Cutting Swath)
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN. Our one-piece, seamless deck offset frame design allows for upright trimming against foundations, fence lines/stiles easily reach underneath shrubs with precise control reduced vibration. Great for Outdoor Landscaping in: lawn/garden, walkways, field brush, tall grass weeds. Includes: a tool-less handlebar (with adjustment knobs) for easy compact storage transportation, with our All-Terrain High-Wheel design has uncanny maneuverability
  • BEST USE AREA;Great for Outdoor Landscaping in: lawn/garden, walkways, field brush, tall grass weeds. Includes: a tool-less handlebar (with adjustment knobs) for easy compact storage transportation, with our All-Terrain High-Wheel design has uncanny maneuverability
  • SAFETY. The engine is designed to ensure the operator’s safety. Always operate machine according to directions in the user manual, always wear the appropriate ANSI standard hand eye protection
  • PROPER USE. (ENGINE OIL NOT INCLUDED, MUST ADD UPON UN-BOXING). The engine runs on Unleaded 87 octane Gasoline (10%

Last update on 2023-07-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

You get a large 13.5-inch wheel running on ball-bearings for smooth pushing and easy movement. The rubber treaded tires have enough traction to help push the brush cutter over rocky and wet terrain. We like the user-friendly offset trimmer head on this model, helping you get to the hard-to-reach spots.

This model is a good choice for homeowners and estate managers looking for an alternative to their mower or trimmer. You get a combination machine that does it all in one with the SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind. This machine offers the best all-around performance, and it comes with an operator’s manual and a 2-year limited warranty.

  • 144cc gas-powered OHV motor
  • 21-inch cutting swath
  • Offset trimmer head for reaching tight spaces
  • 13.5-inch wheels for easy movement
  • Folding handle for compact storage
  • 2-year warranty

Earthquake 28463

This Earthquake model takes our recommendation for the best premium walk-behind brush cutter in this review. Earthquake and Ardisamis built a powerful machine suitable for clearing the toughest brush and brambles. When the lawnmower and trimmer fail, bring out the Earthquake to level the area.

The Earthquake walk-behind brush cutter features a powerful, robust 4-cycle Viper gas-powered engine. The Viper motor puts out plenty of torque, spinning the cutting lines at high-speeds for efficient and clean cutting on long grass, brambles, and other yard debris in your way.

  • POWERFUL. Powered by a strong, yet quiet, 150cc 4-Cycle Viper engine. The Earthquake M205 walk behind string mower chops down your unsightly weeds and stubborn brush with ease. The large 14-inch wheels allow you to float through thick grass, weeds, brush, nettles, and other foliage too difficult for push mowers to overcome.
  • DURABLE. Our one-piece steel deck provides strength and stability while reducing vibration. Super tough nylon line has a cutting swath of 22” to get the job done quickly.
  • NEVER KILL ENGINE: Unlike many competitive units, our engine will continue to run when the cutting head is disengaged so you can safely and easily remove sticks, branches or other obstacles without having to re-start the engine, saving time and frustration.
  • CONVENIENT- Tool-less handlebar adjustment knobs provide compact storage and easy transportation. Never-go-flat wheels ensure that your equipment is ready to go when you are.
  • OUT-OF-THE-BOX: The setup is super simple with virtually zero assembly required. Simply unfold and tighten the handlebar knobs. Also included in the box are starter strings for the mower head and 4 cycle engine oil.

Last update on 2023-07-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This model includes a coated steel cutting deck that’s durable and weatherproof. The cutting head offers a swath of 22-inches, making it suitable for the largest clearing tasks in your yard or on the estate. You get compatibility with most 0.155″ trimmer line brands and an offset design for getting into tight spots.

This model comes with a never-kill engine. The engine never stops running, even when you disengage the cutting head to adjust the cutting line. As a result, you don’t have to worry about stopping/starting the machine during use.

The collapsible handlebars provide excellent control over the machine in use, and they fold away for compact storage in your garden shed. You get 14-inch never-flat rubber wheels with tread for traction on rough and uneven terrain.

The Earthquake is a powerful machine with user-friendly operation and a fast-starting ignition. The seamless deck also reduces vibration through the handlebars, mitigating operator fatigue in your hands.

This model offers surprisingly quiet operation, thanks to the 4-stroke motor design, and we’re sure your neighbors or guest will barely notice the noise while you’re clearing the yard.

  • 150cc 4-stroke Viper motor
  • Large 14-inch wheels
  • 22-inch cutting swath
  • Never-kill operation
  • Tool-less handlebar adjustment
  • Offset cutting head
  • 5-year warranty

BlackDecker 3-in-1 Brush Cutter and Trimmer

Homeowners with smaller to mid-sized yards will get the best value from this BlackDecker model. You get a hybrid design with a 3-in-1 function that’s versatile for various cutting and clearing tasks around the yard.

If you have a small garden, you don’t need the power in this review’s top two models – it’s overkill for your needs. However, as a homeowner, your garden might overgrow easily, or you have certain sections that need the assistance of a trimmer when clearing.

A hybrid walk-behind brush cutter is a great choice for this application. These models offer you the benefit of a lawnmower, trimmer, and edger all in one product. As a result, you save on storage space in your tool shed, and you get one machine for all your garden maintenance tasks.

  • 3 tools in 1, easily converts from mower to trimmer to edger
  • AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop. Ideal property size 750 square feet
  • Power drive transmission prevents bogging down. Cutting heights: 1.6 2.4 inches
  • Adjustable height deck trimmer and pivoting handle. Charge time at 60 percent 2.5 hours
  • Includes (2) batteries for extended run time

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The BlackDecker comes with an adjustable, ergonomic handle that resembles a line trimmer. You get a locking trigger, and your control setting mounted into the handle for easy reference during use.

This BlackDecker model converts into an edger or trimmer with a twist of the handle-mounted selector. The machine’s shaft also comes with adjustable length to suit your height and easy control. There’s a flexible height cutting deck allowing trimming lengths between 1.6″ to 2.4″.

This model includes an electric motor with enough power to cover 750-square feet on a single charge. The gear drive power transmission prevents the engine from bogging down in tougher grass for a consistent cut. BlackDecker includes all charger accessories with your purchase, and it takes 2.5-hours to charge the battery from dead flat.

  • 3-in-1 design
  • Adjustable handle length
  • Battery-powered operation
  • Gear-drive motor
  • Charger kit and battery included
  • Affordable

Tazz 35258

The Tazz is another fantastic machine in this review and a close competitor to the Earthquake model we covered earlier. If you’re a homeowner or estate manager with long grass and brambles on your property, toss out the trimmer for a walk-behind brush cutter.

This Tazz model can cut through the toughest grass, brambles, and garden debris with ease. The 22-inch cutting swatch covers a decent area, with braided lines 0.155″ included as standard with the machine. The coated steel deck comes in a bright green color for easy identification in the yard, and you get an offset cutting head for convenient use in those hard-to-reach spaces around your property.

  • FAST AND FRIENDLY: Perfect for mowing and trimming around your yard and property. Easily muscle through the toughest weeds and most stubborn brush without having to carry your equipment or strap it to your back.
  • POWERFUL VERSATILITY: Our 160cc engine has plenty of power to easily clear thick grass, weeds and other foliage around fence lines, tree lines and shorelines. This mower is also great for cleaning-up the edges of your yard in hard to reach corners where your mower doesn’t fit.
  • HEAVY DUTY DECK AND LINE: Our one-piece steel deck provides strength and stability while reducing vibration. Super Tough. 155” diameter nylon line and has a cutting swath of 22” to get the job done quickly.
  • LARGE WHEELS, EASY STORAGE: Large 14 diameter wheels provide ample clearance and allow you to float over rugged terrain and through the densest of vegetation. Handlebars fold down easily for convenient storage.
  • NEVER KILL ENGINE: Unlike many competitive units, our engine will continue to run when the cutting head is disengaged so you can easily remove sticks branches or other obstacles without having to re-start the engine saving time and frustration.

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The Tazz comes with large 14-inch rubber tires on its low-profile wheels. The treaded tires make it easy to move over rough terrain and up hills. This model includes a collapsing handle with an easy throttle bar for convenient use and compact storage.

The Tazz gets its cutting power from a 150cc gas-powered 4-cycle engine, with plenty of power for cutting through the toughest garden debris. It features a never-kill engine, ensuring the motor stays running while you change the line.

This model offers a fast, smooth cutting operation, with excellent consistency on grass, brambles, and other garden debris. It also comes with a fantastic price tag that makes it a solid competitor to this review’s top models. You also get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty with this model.

  • 150cc gas-powered engine
  • 22-inch cutting swath
  • 14-inch wheels for maneuverability
  • Adjustable handle angle
  • Continuous running

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022

If your estate or property is overgrown and requires heavy-duty maintenance, you need to rely on a heavy-duty machine. The Southland walk-behind brush cutter is another excellent example of a top-quality machine available at an affordable price point.

This model is a great choice for clearing brambles, long grass, and another rugged garden debrides around your property. You get a 150cc gas-powered engine pushing out 5.75-ft/lbs of torque, making it easy to slice through the most robust garden materials.

This Southland Outdoor model comes with the coveted “Carb-Compliant” certification for emissions, making it suitable for sale in California. You get a manual recoil fuel delivery system providing easy starts to your brush cutter and a collapsible handle for compact storage in your tool shed after use.

  • Metal frame and blade guard for increased durability
  • Product dimensions – 30.31” L x 19.29” W x 18.5” H | Weight – 60 lbs. | RPM – 3600 RPM | Engine – 4 Stroke OHV / 79cc | Blade Size – 9-Inch, 3 point | Cut depths – 0-2.5 inches | Start type – Easy Pull recoil system
  • Adjustable to 5 depth positions up to 2 ½-inch deep
  • Fuel the stabilizer if the edger is kept unused for 30 dayS
  • Blade angle adjusts /- 15 degrees for bevel edging capabilities

Last update on 2023-06-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Southlands machine comes with a steel cutting deck featuring a powder-coated finish and a 22-inch cutting swath. There’s no offset design on the cutting head, but you get a streamlined design that’s easy to c0ontrol in tight spaces.

The Southland comes with large 12-inch wheels featuring rubber tread for optimal traction on rugged terrain. The anti-vibration frame also reduces noise during operation while saving your hands from fatigue.

  • 150cc gas-powered motor
  • Easy-start fuel delivery system
  • 22-inch cutting swatch
  • 12-inch wheels
  • Folding foam grip handle to reduce vibration

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWSTM4317

We come to the end of our review with another top-quality model from Southland Outdoor. This walk-behind brush cutter comes with a hybrid design, allowing you to switch between trimming and edging tasks. This model is ideal for contractors who need a versatile, lightweight machine to maneuver around the job site.

With the Southland wheeled string trimmer, you get large 12-inch never-flat tires making it easy to wheel the machine around rough terrain. There’s a steel powder-coated frame for strength and corrosion resistance and an adjustable, collapsible handle allowing compact storage after use.

  • The southland wheeled string trimmer features a 20°. 30° trimmer head swivel to trim along a wall or fence in a straight line.
  • It also has a 5°. 10° trimmer head bevel feature for precise edge trimming along an obstacle
  • This wheeled string trimmer provides over 35% more torque vs. A typical 25cc hand held string trimmer
  • Multi-streaming trimmer head accepts 0. 095 in. And 0. 105 in. Trimmer string. you choose the string that is right for your task.
  • The onboard trimmer string storage keeps your extra string handy at all times. EPA and CARB Compliant

Last update on 2023-06-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This model includes a powerful 43cc, 2-cycle gas-powered engine, producing enough torque to power through any garden debris. The cutting head features a 17-inch swath and is compatible with most brands of 0.155″ cutting line.

With the Southland hybrid brush cutter, you get a 5° – 10° trimmer head bevel for versatile use when edging or trimming a lawn or more delicate areas of the yard. There’s an adjustable height ergonomic loop-handle, reducing operator fatigue, and a spring-loaded thumb actuated throttle control system.

  • A good choice for professional landscapers
  • Reduces fatigue in hands
  • 43cc gas-powered motor
  • 5 to 10-degree head swivel
  • Efficient cutting
  • 17-inch cutting swath
  • Adjustable-height ergonomic handle
  • Actuated throttle for better cutting control

Walk Behind Brush Cutter Buyer’s Guide

A walk-behind brush cutter reduces your garden maintenance responsibilities. If you’re a contractor, it helps with landscaping and clearing large areas in new construction projects.

For homeowners with large properties, a walk-behind brush cutter helps you deal with the long grass and brambles around the property perimeter.

After reading through our reviews of the best walk-behind brush cutters, you’re probably wondering which one is the right choice for your maintenance application. In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the features and functions of the best walk-behind brushcutter models.

What are the Types of Walk-Behind Brush Cutters?


These models use a gasoline engine to run the motor. They often feature engine capacities between 125cc to 150cc, with around 5-ft/lbs of torque. Gas-powered motors require maintenance, especially with frequent use.

The carburetor needs cleaning, and the motor requires general maintenance to keep it running efficiently. Gas-powered models allow continuous running, provided you have enough fuel on-hand. The powerful engines also offer a consistent operation, without any bogging down if you encounter robust materials.


These walk-behind brush cutters are an alternative to gas-powered models. They offer no-emissions, making them a good choice for eco-conscious garden maintenance. The electric motor also makes next to no noise.

However, battery-powered models lack the cutting speed consistency of gas-powered models. As a result, battery-powered walk-behind brush cutters are only suitable for use in smaller yards where the demands of clearing rough garden debris are minimal.

Most models come with replaceable battery packs that take around 2.5-hours to charge. If you have multiple battery packs, your machine has an indefinite run time. Electric models require less maintenance than gas-powered engines.

However, they also have less tolerance for heavy-duty use. Running the machine in demanding conditions might lead to a reduction in service life and premature burnout.

What are the Design functions of Walk-Behind Brush Cutters?

  • Single-Function Walk-Behind Brush Cutters – These models operate with a single trimming function. The cutting head typically has a larger swath than multi-functional models and better performance.
  • Hybrid Design Walk-Behind Brush Cutters – These models come with multi-functional design, allowing you to use them as a trimmer, edger, or lawnmower.

What Do I Look for In a Walk Behind Brush Cutter?

Motor Power

The motor power of your walk-behind brush cutter determines its performance. Most models in this review come with gas-powered engines, featuring a 150cc capacity. According to the experts on landscaping forums, a 150cc capacity offers you the best power for trimming tough garden debris.

A 150cc engine produces around 5-ft/lbs of torque, sufficient for slicing through long grass, brambles, and weeds with ease. Choose a 4-stroke motor for the best service life and consistent performance.

Some of the hybrid models, like the Southlands SWSTM4317, offer you a smaller motor. While they might not have the larger dedicated machines’ heavy-duty capacity, they still have plenty of performance for edging and trimming tasks.

Never-Kill Engine

When the machine accidentally runs over a bramble, it might catch in the cutting head and cause a jam. When this occurs, the never-kill gearbox comes into use, preventing the motor from stalling.

As a result, you can clear the jam by disengaging the cutting head, but the motor stays running. After removing the obstruction, you get back to work. This never-kill design prevents unnecessary wear-and-tear on the engine due to the motor’s stop/start during operation.

Cutting Width

The cutting swath defines the width of the cutting path ads the machine moves forward. The top models in this review come with a 22-inch swatch. That means they clear 22-inches in front of you with each pass of the machine.

Smaller models like the Southlands SWSTM4317might have a lower cutting swath of around 17-inches, but that’s still wider than most handheld trimmers. The 22-inch swatch on the larger model in this review, like the Earthquake, is on-par, if not larger, than the leading lawnmower brands.

Frame Materials

When shopping for the best walk-behind brush cutter, we recommend checking on the frame materials. The best models come with powder-coated steel frames for durability. A steel frame resists damage from any knocks on stones of rocks during your clearing duties.

Is this Brush Mower really built farm/trail tough? Let’s beat it up!!

Easy Starting

Look for walk-behind brush cutters that offer easy starting of the machine. The last thing you need is to flood the carburetor while you pull on the ripcord in frustration. We recommend looking for models with a recoil fuel delivery system for easy starting.

Collapsible Handle

A collapsible handle with a locking throttle bar is a must-have feature on your walk-behind brush cutter. A collapsing handle provides compact storage out of the way in your tool shed or garage. A trigger lock and a padded handle also help to reduce operator fatigue during use.


Your walk-behind brush cutter needs large wheels to help it traverse rough terrain. Look for models featuring 12-inch or 14-inch wheels.

This size wheel won’t jam up on rocks, and you get easy maneuverability on various surfaces. Ensure the wheels feature a never-flat design and tread to help you gain traction on gravel and slick surfaces, like wet grass.

What Kind of Wire Do I Use in My Brush Cutter?

Your brushcutter works with 0.155″ cutting wire. The wire makes for efficient cutting, replacing the blades in a traditional lawnmower system. If you’re cutting in rough terrain using a lawnmower, you’ll destroy the edges.

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The primary advantage of using the brush cutters is its flexible cutting line. While it’s not impervious to breaking on stones and rocks, it won’t cause the same destruction as mower blades.

Cutting wire for your brush cutter comes in a variety of materials to suit your trimming needs.

Nylon – This wire is affordable and a popular choice for landscapers. It’s a durable material and available in a variety of wired shapes to suit your cutting application.

Wire reinforced – Titanium-reinforced cutting line is another popular choice with landscaping professionals. While it might be more expensive than traditional nylon, it offers high-performance and wear-resistance.

What are the Different Trimmer Wire Shapes?

Trimmer wire comes in various shapes for different applications.

  • Round – The best all-around option. It’s affordable and aerodynamic.
  • Square – Another great choice. This wire offers your four cutting edges, allowing for optimal performance in various heavy-duty cutting and trimming applications.
  • Hexagonal – Your get six cutting sides on this line, giving you extra performance and consistent cutting.
  • Octagonal – This line is suitable for the golf course and other aesthetic applications where you need a clean cut.
  • Twisted – Twisted line offers multiple cutting surfaces and outstanding performance on robust garden debris.

Walk Behind Brush Cutter FAQs

Should I rent or buy a brush cutter?

It depends. If you own a large property or an estate, adding a brush cutter to your tool shed makes sense. However, if you’re a homeowner moving into a new property, you might only need a brush cutter once. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to purchase the machine. However, homeowners might benefit from a hybrid device, like the BlackDecker, for their yard maintenance duties.

Can I use my brush cutter in the rain?

No, we recommend avoiding using your brush cutter in the rain. The water causes more friction on the cutting line, and you’ll find yourself changing it frequently. The rain can also damage components in electrical models. Wait until the rain clears and the grass dries out before operating your walk-behind brush cutter.

What safety gear do I need when operating my brush cutter?

PPE is essential when operating a brush cutter. You’ll be cutting robust materials, and there might be loose stones or pebbles that kick up with the cutting line. Therefore, you’ll need eye protection when operating the machine. If you’re working in a dusty area, wear a respirator to prevent breathing in too much dust. Gloves are also a suggestion to protect your hands when removing brambles from the cutting head.

Where can I buy the best walk behind brush cutter?

We recommend buying your walk-behind brush cutter from amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. Amazon offers you the widest selection of models and the best online.

With Amazon, you get buyer protection on your order, and Prime members get fast free shipping. The free shipping is a bonus, considering the weight of the machine. If there’s anything wrong with your walk-behind brush cutter, Amazon offers hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Walk Behind Brush Cutters – The Verdict

A walk-behind brush cutter is an ideal machine for trimming those tougher areas of your property. Long grass, brambles, and weeds are no match for the powerful trimming action of a walk-behind brush cutter. After reading through the reviews and our buyer’s guide, you should have an idea of the right brush cutter to suit your lawn care needs.

However, if you’re struggling with your purchase decision, why not go with one of our top picks? We have walk-behind brush cutters available to suit any size yard or budget.

  • The YardMax YL 2500 wins our top award for the best overall model in this review. You get a class-leading 159cc gas-powered 4-cycle motor. YardMax has a reputation for building some of the best engines in the lawn care industry, and this machine benefits from that legacy. The YardMax also includes large 14-inch never-flat tires and a detachable cutting head with a 22-inch swatch.
  • The Earthquake 28463is our top choice for the best premium model in this review. You get a 150cc 4-stroke Viper motor included with this model, producing high-torque for your cutting tasks. This model features a powder-coated frame and a 22-inch cutting swath with an offset trimmer head to get into those tight spaces around your property.
  • Homeowners looking for a combination machine will get the best value from this hybrid BlackDecker model. The BlackDecker 3-in-1 Brush Cutter and Trimmer offer you a lawnmower, trimmer, and edger, all in one machine. This model comes with a user-friendly design, allowing for fast changes between modes, thanks to the swivel switch on the adjustable shaft. This model includes an adjustable-height cutting deck and an ergonomic loop handle with a trigger lock to reduce operator fatigue.

Robin owns his own Landscape Gardening company based in the UK and has over 10 years professional experience working outdoors, creating beautiful landscapes for his clients in the UK. He is also a keen garden-grower and maintains his own fruit and vegetable gardens. He also has a level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture from The Royal Horticultural Society and is currently working on his first book about gardening. Contact him at

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For many years, folks asked me: “Don’t you have a company logo?” And we really didn’t, as I just never took the time to come up with one…we just had “Earth Tools” written out in a blocky font, and that passed for a logo.

Finally, though, I decided to put some effort into it, and I hired my sister-in-law Trina Peiffer (my wife’s twin sister) to make a line drawing of the Earth Tools sign we have here at the shop. This sign is made out of a 4-foot length of Eastern Red Cedar log; the letters are carved with a chain saw.

I made this sign about 15 years ago (below is a photo). I figured this was a logo with some “meaning”…not just some arbitrary design. Hope you like it!



The supply chain issues / delays caused by Covid are pretty much worked out now, BUT.- we STILL get VERY busy in the late Winter Spring, and assembling/shipping wait times increase, just because of the log-jam of Tractor / Implement orders coming in all at once at the last minute. So.- DON’T wait until the last minute to order! If you want equipment for this upcoming growing season, ORDER EARLY! Keep in mind that we ship orders on a first-paid, first-shipped basis. we do NOT offer expidited assembling/shipping of tractor implement orders for an extra charge. We appreciate your business and your patience, and we work as hard as we can to get orders out as fast as possible, WITHOUT cutting corners on the proper equipment setup, prep checkout that we are famous for.

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We are now offering a “regional” delivery service for tractor implement orders within a 400-road-mile radius of our location in Owenton KY. Earth Tools’ owner’s Father-in-law (Charles) will be doing the deliveries. Charges for this service will be a bit more than for shipping by truck freight (call for a quote to your specific location), but delivery will be with a pickup truck (and trailer, if needed) that can get to most any location – unlike a semi-truck. Also, scheduling of the delivery will be more flexible, to better meet your needs. “perks” of this service are that the equipment will be FULLY assembled, and Charlie will show you basic operation of the tractor. Minimum merchandise order for this service: 6500. Call for a delivery quote!

Why are new BCS tractors BLACK or SILVER?

Beginning in late 2017, the BCS factory started a new “paint scheme” for their tractors and implements: The tractors are just painted BLACK, and the BCS-branded implements are painted SILVER. (and in 2023, the tractor bodies started coming through SILVER as well) So, on the tractors, the only blue parts are now the plastic “beauty” shrouds for the handlebars.


Because the BCS factory in Italy produces 3 brands of walk-behind tractors on the same assembly line: BCS, Ferrari, and Pasquali (BCS purchased these other 2 companies in the 1990s…and no, this is NOT the automotive “Ferrari!”). Historically, they had different paint-lines for each tractor and implement line (Blue for BCS, Green for Ferrari, and Yellow for Pasquali)…but sometime in 2017, they decided to optimize efficiency by painting all the tractors and implements “neutral” colors and just letting the plastic shrouds and decals delineate what brand tractor it would be. Hence, non-blue BCS tractors started appearing in the USA in early 2018. (We have told BCS that we think this is a bad idea. the blue was a color most people associated with BCS, and now, if the plastic beauty shrouds are discarded or lost, there is no color for brand recognition, and that would hurt them more in the long run than the few bucks a tractor they’re saving by not having separate paint lines in their factory. We’ll see if they ever bring the Blue back. )

Bellon, Del Morino (BCS) and Zanon Brush Mowers

Their design being a miniature version of a full-size “bush-hog” on a full-size tractor, these mowers will handle heavy material and are built to take some punishment. All brands models feature blades mounted on heavy duty pivots so that blades can “fold back” when encountering a solid object such as a rock, stump, etc., and not damage the gearbox. These mowers are essentially rotary axes that will take down weeds, brush and up to 2” softwood/1.5” hardwood saplings. There is no “lift” to the blades (such as with a lawn mower), so material is not necessarily chopped up as fine as would be by a flail mower, and cut material is somewhat “windrowed” to one side of the mower due to the blade rotation. So, although these mowers are great for general-purpose brush mowing, they are not the best for cover-crop mowing. The different brands of Brush mowers we offer have a few different features, so here is an overview:

Del Morino Brand: Steel-reinforced aluminum gearbox cases; hardened steel gears and ball bearings in oil bath. Input shaft housings are designed with an oscillating swivel so that deck “floats”, or follows the contour of the ground, independent of the tractor axle. Cut material comes out under a reinforced rubber flap in the rear of mower. NOTE: BCS private-labels the Del Morino mowers, so a ‘BCS brand’ 21”, 26 or 32” brush mower is actually a Del Morino. Del Morino in under contract with BCS America for sales in the USA, so for us to purchase Del Morino mowers to fit BCS, we have to buy them through BCS America. When we buy them to fit Grillo, we can buy directly from Del Morino. This is why our for Del Morino mowers to fit Grillo are less than to fit BCS: You are paying BCS’s extra mark-up. (NOTE: BCS also offers a “30 inch ‘Combo’ mower”, which we do not stock because it does not perform well as a brush mower OR a lawn mower, and has serious design issues. For what we feel is a better option in a “crossover” mower, see our Zanon brand side-discharge Lawn Mowers in the Lawn Mower section.)

Bellon Super-Duty Brush Moweron BCS 853 Diesel tractor

Bellon Brand: This is our “Super-Duty” brush mower, due to the following features: Cast-Iron gearbox housing with hardened steel gears and ball bearings in oil bath. Input shaft housing is designed with an oscillating swivel so that deck “floats”, or follows the contour of the ground, independent of the tractor axle, and also has “leveling springs” to help offset the torque of the PTO shaft through this swivel. Cut material comes out under series of hanging chains (just like a BIG bush-hog — chains never dry-rot or need replacement!) in the rear of mower. Cutting height adjustable from 2.5 to 4” by moving the skids up or down with 4 nuts. (Although, to meet current safety standards for brush mowers, the blades must cut at 4” high. So, if you adjust for a lower cutting height, it is at your own risk!!) Blades are designed to be flipped over, for more life. Blade carrier disk even comes with 2 extra blade-mounting holes, so if you bash into enough rocks enough to deform the original set of holes, you can just move to the “spare” holes. Available in one size: 28” cutting width.

Click here for a video showing features / setup / basic maintenance of the Bellon Brush Mowers

ALL BRANDS of brush mowers we carry also have a feature which allows the input shaft angle to be adjusted to allow the deck to be parallel with the ground regardless of tractor wheel height (this is covered in the “setup” video above).

Still, using a brush mower requires minimum of 5x10x20” wheels (or larger) on tractor, for good ground clearance under the tractor engine… larger wheels are better in rough ground conditions. (Ask us for our recommendations on wheel size to best suit all your implement needs)

Del Morino (BCS) 21” Brush Mower

  • Item 921.91225 (fits BCS 620. 853 [not 660 or 750]) MSRP: 1699Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1614
  • Item BM21-G (fits Grillo G85. G107) MSRP: 1300Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1235
  • Implement weights and/or PTO extension may be required for proper balance and/or wheel clearance
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required for proper engine ground clearance
  • Debris screen (for engine cooling air intake) recommended

Del Morino (BCS) 26” Brush Mower

  • Item 921.91226 (fits BCS 732. 853) MSRP: 1799Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1709
  • Item BM26-G (fits Grillo G85 9hp. G110) MSRP: 1449Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1375
  • Implement weights and/or PTO extension may be required for proper balance and/or wheel clearance
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on some tractor models for proper engine ground clearance
  • Debris screen (for engine cooling air intake) recommended
  • Additional accessory required to fit BCS 660 or 750

Bellon 28” Super-Duty Brush Mower

  • Item MDS700-B (fits BCS 739. 853) MSRP: 1699Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1595
  • Item MDS700-G (fits Grillo G110) MSRP: 1699Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1595
  • BCS type Requires additional accessory to fit BCS 750 or 948
  • Debris screen (for engine cooling air intake) recommended
  • Additional accessory required to fit BCS 660 or 750

Del Morino / BCS 32” Brush Mower

  • Item 921.91229 (fits BCS 749. 948 Except for 770 779) MSRP: 1999Earth Tools Regular Sale price: 1899
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required for proper engine ground clearance
  • Debris screen (for engine cooling air intake) recommended
  • Additional accessory required to fit BCS 660 or 750

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Annual Winter vacation: closed from Christmas Eve until the first Business Day of New Year (in 2024, re-opening Jan 2nd).

Also closed Martin Luther King day, Memorial Day, USA Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day and the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving in Nov. (USA).

Is a DR Field and Brush Mower Right for Me?

When considering ways to take care of your overgrown weeds and brush, you want to know not only the features and specs of any specific brush mower or brush cutter, but also whether buying one is the best option for you. There are other ways you could go – hiring the work out or renting the machine a few times a year, for example – and you owe it to yourself to consider your particular needs and the costs of each option before making a decision.

Whatchya cuttin’?

If you’re cutting non-woody weeds and tall grass, you might not even need a brush mower. For this type of relatively light task, especially for smaller properties, consider the less expensive and more maneuverable DR Trimmer/Mower. However, if you have woody brush, saplings, and heavy weed cover, you know you’re in brush mower territory.

How much land and how often?

If you know that the overgrowth you have requires a brush mower, the most important thing to consider is how much land you need cleared and how often it will need mowing. Brush mowing services typically charge anywhere from 35 to 200 per acre, or 80 to 100 per hour of work. A lot depends on the roughness of the terrain, heaviness of the brush cover, and where in the country you are located. Renting a machine to use yourself can run as much as 200 a day, depending on the type of machine and, again, your location. At those – multiplied by several visits per year – your cost could easily add up to the price of purchasing your own DR Field and Brush Mower.

Put simply, the more often you need to mow, the more sense it makes to own your own machine and do the work yourself. Plus, with your own machine you can do the work whenever you’d like, instead of getting it done on someone else’s schedule.

For relatively small spaces, self-propelled DR Field and Brush Mowers are ideal. The exact size area really depends on the user, and how much mowing they can handle. Even the most affordable walk-behind DR Field and Brush Mowers are self-propelled, though, so no matter what model you choose, the workload is manageable for most people. For bigger spaces, the tow-behind Field and Brush Mower is a better choice. Customers have reported doing spaces as large as 20 acres with the tow-behind machines, saving them hours of work on their feet.

What kind of terrain?

Brush cutting services will generally charge more for rough, hilly terrain than for flat, open spaces. If you opt for hiring the work out, be sure to be accurate with the service about the type of terrain you have to avoid any surprises on your bill. If you’re considering purchasing a DR Field and Brush Mower, remember that some models have a splash lubrication system and others have a full pressure pump system. Whether you choose a self-propelled or a tow-behind model, those with a splash lubrication system are going to be better for flatter areas, while the full pressure pumps are better suited to hillier, rougher terrain.

field, mowers, brush, cutters

Keeping the above in mind, you should be able to make a sensible decision about how to take care of your brush mowing needs. If you’re considering purchasing a DR Field and Brush Mower, remember that every one of our machines comes with our 6 Month Hands-On Trial. Try a brush mower out on your property for a full 6 months and if you decide it’s not the right machine for you, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.