Connecting the compressor to the battery sequence. Varieties

Swear the wheels of the car: classic and strange ways

Even Germany cannot boast of the roads of ideal quality throughout the territory. the only country on the autobahns of which there is no speed restriction. Car tires almost constantly experience variable loads, lose air and should be controlled by sufficient pressure. We must not forget about the lovers of off.road. Therefore, we can safely say. the automobile compressor is the desired part of the equipment of any vehicle, regardless of how often troubles are in the form of a puncture of the wheel.

A car compressor for pumping the wheels is an electric motor with a piston and cylinder. To supply power to the electric pump engine, a long wire with a plug is used. The design of the fork is designed for a quick connection with a cigarette lighter socket. Just turn on the fork in a cigarette lighter, and then press the cupcaster on the compressor. Everything should work.

And what to do if the cigarette lighter does not work? New trouble appears due to fuse burning out. You can open a block with fuses and check the elements for the integrity of the threads. If the reason was in this, then this is easily eliminated by installing a new fuse.

The cigarette lighter continues to refuse to work, and there is no time to search for the causes of a problem. I will have to connect the compressor to the battery directly. To do this, cut off the plug from the cable. Next, clean the tips of the wires so that the residential can be made a loop around the finger. These will be terminals. We dress impromptu terminals on the battery (red wire “”, black “-“). Turn on the compressor. If the battery is old, it is recommended to download the wheels with the engine of the engine. In the future, after repairing the cigarette lighter, the cut plug must be connected to the cable, and the twisting of the wires is insulated.

Installation of a cigarette lighter in a socket

Two types of lighters for the secondary market are available: with an incandescent lamp (A) and without (b). Many useful accessories are simply connected to the cigarette lighter. Thus, you can use a vacuum cleaner (C), a control lamp under the hood (D) installed on the dashboard a cooling fan (E) and a card reading lamp (F).

Although you cannot smoke, install the cigarette lighter in the car can be more useful than you think.Auto accessories stores are now selling many useful, practical electrical accessories, which are designed especially for work from a cigarette lighter.

Examples include lamps for reading cards, control lamps, car vacuum vehicles and personal cooling fans. All this is simply connected to a cigarette lighter and you can wish you such a lighter just to eat these accessories.

The installation of a cigarette lighter has another advantage: the number of holes that need to be drilled in the instrument panel or central console to correspond to accessories, since a number of different accessories can be launched from the same cigaretteent room

Methods of fitting

On many cars, if the lighter is not included in the standard equipment, you can well find that the dashboard already has a hole designed for one.

You will probably find that the hole was closed by a plug. to install the lighter, all you need to do is pull the fork and install the lighter in your place. the necessary wiring for the lighter will usually be built around the rear of the hole.

old cars, however, may not have a special hole ready to take a cigarette easier. In this case, you will have to cut your own hole, or in the dashboard or in the central console, install the cigarette lighter nest and connect it.


You will find a wide range of lighters for the secondary market in auto accessories stores. When buying, you should pay attention to the fact that some have light, often a small ring around the base of the lighter.You may be useful in the dark, especially if you install a lighter in the rear of the cabin. Otherwise, there is little choice between different after.sales lighters.

Installation of a cigarette lighter nest

If there is no finished hole, find the right position on the dashboard or central console. Make sure the cigarette lighter will not interfere when installing.It is best to find a place in the center of the dashboard to provide easy access to both the driver and the passenger.

Cover the selected area with adhesive tape to protect the surface. Use a pair of compasses to draw a circle on a painting tape, a slightly smaller diameter of the gear housing for a lighter. This is done so that you fit well to the lighter.

Start by drilling the pilot hole in the center of the marked circle.Use a slightly large drill to open the hole further. Continue this process until the size of the hole becomes equal to the size of the circle. If you do not have a large enough drill to completely disperse the hole, use a file with a rat tail to open a hole.

Remove the adhesive tape from the dashboard or central console. Remove the ignition element and the case from the nest housing. Insert the outlet into the hole from the front panel.Make sure the decorative ring (if installed) is under the head of the nest. If necessary, open the hole a little more with the file.

Working behind the dashboard or under the console, insert a body or threaded ring into the nest housing. The case is screwed to the back of the nest. Tighten the case on the connector, making sure that it will be tightened, and there is no chance that it will weaken, which can cause a short circuit.

Disconnect the battery for security. Expand the wire from constant live food to the central terminal on the outlet. Install a linear fuse on this wire (35 a). Connect the wire to the ground terminal on the case and draw it to a convenient point on the case. Connect the battery and check the lighter.

The outflow outlet

Some lighters are equipped with their own lighting light.To do this, connect the lighting wire to the side lamp. scheme. Use the Scotchlok connector to connect the wire. As an alternative, the wire can be connected directly to the side lamp. Terminal fuse on its output side. Only a socket if you want, you can only buy a socket and a case without a lighter itself. They are usually sold as service replacements if your original outlet is faulty. The adjustment procedure is exactly the same. ,

Instructions for use

In fact, it is not at all difficult to use a car compressor, for this it is enough to know the whole process and not forget the recommendations.

The process of pumping tires

The compressor has a food wire. If this is a cheap model, then it will have a light connector. On more expensive devices, this wire is bifurcated, with terminals for connecting to the battery. Thanks to this, the power increases. Of course, when it comes to a quality battery. You can choose this on https: //, where a wide range of batteries is presented.

  • First you need to connect the wire so that the electric pump is to be covered with something.
  • Then you need to tightly fasten the compressor hose to the wheel nipple. At this stage, you can see the tire pressure on the pressure gauge and understand how much it needs to be raised.
  • Now the last stage. It is necessary to convert the device switch to operating mode. The tire pumping will begin. Here the main thing is not to overdo it and pump up the wheel to the required volume. it can be traced on the pressure gauge.

Also, do not forget about a very important rule of operation. To pump the wheels or simply checking the pressure in the tires is necessary in a place where the conditions are the same as when operating the car. Also, tires should not be cooled after the trip.

In order for the tires to become normal temperature, after operation it is necessary to wait about half an hour, depending on the weather. If this rule is not observed, then the pressure will be incorrect, and besides, in each wheel it may vary. If the wheels are pumped up in the cold, then when changing the temperature to the positive pressure will rise, and this can lead to sad consequences.

How to connect a battery to a machine

In modern cars, batteries can be located under the hood, in the trunk or placed in the cabin. The car’s battery is called starter, since its main function is the engine launching. Znsnergia is also consumed to maintain in working condition onboard consumers, and communication tools such as the winch. An important condition for maintaining the on.board system and the battery itself is in which sequence to connect the battery to the machine.

How to connect a battery in the machine: plus or minus

Before connecting the battery to the machine, you need to make sure that it is completely charged. It is necessary to make sure that the body of the battery is intact, without cracks and bloating. Before installation, the battery must be wiped with a solution of baking soda, neutralizing acid microdoses and creating an insulating layer. If the battery terminals are covered with plaque, they need to be cleaned with a toothbrush and soda solution. In places of contact of the conclusions, conductive grease is applied.

The nest in which the battery is installed must correspond to the form of the battery factor. It is necessary to use additional latches and brackets so that the case stands on the basis of a glove. This will protect from the battery overwhelming when driving on bumps, the electrolyte will not spill.

The battery has 2 conclusions, positive and negative. Connect the battery in the machine carefully. How to assemble a diagram correctly, in what sequence? It is safe to first combine plus contacts, a red wire is used standardly. But each time you need to check the contacts additionally, by terminal marking. True, the manufacturers insistence, they make contacts different in the cross section so that the wrong terminal is not worn.

Minus contact is always connected by the latter, but removed first so as not to organize a closure to the mass. It is important to tighten the fasteners to the stop with fixation. Any weakening of contacts will lead to heating the place due to resistance. During the launch period of the motor through the line, a starting current passes, many times higher than the numerical value of the capacity. At the time of connecting the battery, all on.board consumers must be turned off, and the ignition key is taken out of the nest.

Whether the car starts if the battery is incorrectly connected

We ask ourselves what will happen if the battery is still connected to the car, on the contrary? The consequences will be different if you confuse the connection on the operating engine and on the ignition. If the engine is in operation, the diode bridge and other electronics burn out. Modern cars have protection “from a fool”.

It happened, the repolration on the disconnected engine, the radio, amplifier and other secondary consumers burned out. Sometimes blocked fuses help out. If the battery is incorrectly connected, the less troubles, the faster the connection of the machine with the energy source is torn.

Now many are using a portable zh. In this case, the battery is recharged without removing from the car. It is important to connect the charging to the battery correctly without allowing the reinforcement. It is much easier to make a mistake here in the connection. contacts in the form of “crocodiles” are suitable for any exit. How the devices will react?

Futhers are installed in the Zavodskoye manufacturing, which will not allow you to make an error. During the connection, an unprotected POU form a transformer pair with the battery, the incorrect connection will be accompanied by a rumble. If you do not stop the charging, the battery renovation will occur. To correct the situation, you need to discharge the battery to zero as soon as possible and charge correctly. In order not to solve man.made problems, you need to know how to connect the charging to the battery of the machine.

If the charger works from the network, the battery from the car has to be dismantled. Charging lasts 8-12 hours, in a cool ventilated room. Before connecting charging, you need to make sure that the level of electrolyte and its density correspond to the norm. Remove traffic jams on the serviced battery. Install a charging current.

How to connect an amplifier in the machine to the battery

For some time for some time has become a mandatory component. For optimal power, the device is connected directly to the battery. This allows you to listen to music when the motor is turned off. But you need to understand if a leak occurs, the radio can discharge the battery to zero.

For a powerful and pure music sound, an amplifier is used, which uses the battery energy, increasing it to the desired parameters. The power of the amplifier is connected to the battery through a copper cable with a fuse designed for current strength.

Wires to the place of deployment (usually in the trunk) are laid in a corrugated tube. The fuse is mounted to the plus wire, and minus contact is closed to the mass. Radio and amplifier are connected by interlock cable.

In what sequence to connect the battery to the machine

Starter batteries (AKB) provides the start of the engine and are the main source of power supply systems of the car with the engine disconnected. The battery sometimes has to be removed for replacement or charging. The process is not very complicated, and the motorist can cope himself without contacting the maintenance station. But at the same time you need to correctly connect the battery in the machine.

Preparation for the removal of the battery

The need to remove and install the battery may arise for several reasons: replacing with a new battery, the need to charge, install a new electrical equipment, repair of nodes to which access is difficult if the battery is difficult. When replacing the old battery with a new one, you need to pay attention to the location of the terminals. It differs in different types of machines. You should choose a new battery with the same location of the poles as the old one, otherwise the wires may not reach the terminals.

Before starting work, the following tool should be prepared:

  • a 10 mm clab key;
  • a 12 or 13 mm end key with a gate (depending on the car model);
  • protective glasses;
  • rubber gloves;
  • Body soda solution.

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Before removing, you need to carefully inspect the battery for violation of the tightness of plugs, cracks or driving on the surface. The electrolyte, which is in the battery, contains a solution of sulfuric acid in its composition and, if it enters the skin, causes burns.

When working with damaged batteries, you need to wear rubber gloves, and if the skin is affected, neutralize acid with a solution of drinking soda.

The procedure for removing the battery

There are many electronic devices in modern machines. When the battery is turned off, a failure may occur in the on.board computer system. To avoid this, you can connect a portable charger before removing the battery, which will provide a side network with power. The sequence of actions should be this:

  • Remove the key from the ignition lock.
  • Paise for 10-15 minutes. This is the time during which the airbags are still in active condition.
  • Loosen the nut with a 10 mm key and remove the wire from the minus terminal. This is usually a black wire.
  • Remove the red plus wire.
  • Unscrew with a 12 or 13 mm end key on the rods that hold the clamping plate and remove it.
  • Gently remove the battery.

Now you can start installing a new battery. Before connecting the battery to the machine, you need to remove the garbage from the shelf and clean the contacts that were oxidized during the operation of the battery.

Connecting the battery

When installing the battery, you need to check the condition of the wires leading to it, clean the clamps of corrosion and grease the fitting screws. To correctly connect the battery in the car, you first need to make sure that there is no one in the cabin, since when connected, airbags can be activated. All actions must be performed in the reverse order of what was when removing. The sequence of connection of the battery terminals should be as follows:

  • The first to put on the red wire on the plus terminal of the battery.
  • The next attach a negative black wire.
  • Tighten the nuts with a 10 mm key.
  • Fix the battery, throw a clamping plate, fasten the bolts.

We recommend: how to put the battery in the car correctly

When the ignition is first turned on after installing the battery, you must be outside the machine. After installing the battery, check the operation of lighting devices. This is required, without launching the engine, check the inclusion of the near and highlight of the headlights, the operation of windshield wipers, an alarm. If you connect the battery correctly, then everything should work properly in the car. To configure the on.board computer after connecting the power, you need to take the following steps:

  • Warm the engine at idle.
  • Increase speed to 2–2.5 thousand. and keep two or three minutes.
  • Make a test trip using a sharp acceleration, driving at low and high speed.

Test trip should be at least 10 kilometers.

To correctly connect the battery to the Volvo car, you need to follow some rules:

  • The ignition should be turned off at least 5 minutes before turning off the battery so as not to lose information of the control modules.
  • You need to connect the battery in the second position of the ignition key, because this will avoid errors when you turn on the modules.

If the car has a distance launch system, then when the power is turned off, there will be a discharge to the factory settings of the access password.

Battery care

Proper care and operation extend the service life of the battery. To serve the battery, you need to wipe its body with a dry clean rag to remove moisture and remove dirt and dust from the ventilation holes. If the battery is served, then regularly measured the level of electrolyte and its density. Monitor the state of contacts, clean the terminals and treat them with a special anti.corrosion composition.

Installation sequence. very important when installing batteries. The main thing is to remember that you must first connect a plus, and then minus. If everything is done correctly, and the on.board computer is configured, then you can count on the operation of the car. Also with a transformer device.

Answers@: where is the cigarette lighter and where

The center is even safer, since the cigarette lighter is not entirely intended for devices if installed incorrectly in the nest.a short circuit occurs with all the ensuing consequences

Plus in the center, minus from the edges. You can directly connect, by the polarity observing.

Only start the engine, otherwise you can plant a stage.

center. It is possible, many do so, crocodiles, there is only the danger of an battery explosion from a spark, cling to. more reliable, then the mass on the body, not on the battery and that’s it

Can! Boldly! The battery will not have time to discharge from pumping one wheel. The engine can not be started. It’s not scary to confuse polarity either. Only if you confuse, then the compressor will download much worse. You will feel right away,

Buy this device and connect to the battery without problems

Features of the operation of different compressors

If you have a membrane compressor, then you must adhere to the following recommendations:

In the cold, they can fail. As mentioned above, this is due to the fact that the rubber membrane at low temperatures begins to harden and then crack. The protective layer of wires also suffers, which is why the wires themselves close. Ultimately, because of this, the fuse in the cigarette light.

Compressors of piston type have no such problems. They work without problems in any conditions, both in the cold and in the heat. However, they cannot be operated without interruptions, since a large load occurs due to the piston.

In fact, the device of compressors is the simplest, so understand how it works and learn how to use it correctly, everyone can. It is only necessary to learn about the main points and listen to the recommendations, then the device will last a long time and will not cause problems.

One of the frequently encountered problems of all drivers is a lowered wheel. This difficulty can happen to everyone, so you need to know all the subtleties of pumping tires. Experienced car owners can do this quickly and without any problems, especially if there are necessary devices on their hands. But beginners often ask the question: how to download the wheels in the car correctly? After all, if you do something wrong, then this can lead to a lot of problems.

How to use a tire compressor, instructions

Recently, the tire compressor has become more than popular among motorists. He replaced the pump not so long ago. The main advantage of the compressors is that the tire pumping takes a little time, besides, you do not need to apply forces for this. But it is advisable to first find out how to use the compressor correctly to get the maximum return and not reduce its working resource.

Compressors are piston and membrane. They have a different principle of work, but they perform the same task.

The membranes are cheaper, but basically they are not advised for conditions, since the membrane is made of rubber, and in conditions of winter and low temperatures it cracks, passing air. Ultimately, such an electric pump can only be thrown away. The resource of piston analogues is much larger.

When you need to pump up the wheels

Do not wait for a complete leakage of air from the wheels. It is recommended to check the sufficiency of tire pressure once every two weeks. This will reduce rubber wear, since even minus 0.5 atm., reduce the resource of tires, especially the lateral profile. In addition, weak tires entail an increase in fuel consumption, as they are worse to resist the rolling resistance. Along with this, unnecessary tires are subject to hernia. And also, the weak wheel harms the suspension, not to mention the deterioration of the exchange rate stability of the car on the highway.

How to wire a trailer 7round plug

Tool yourself to monitor the condition of the tires. A simple operation to inspect the wheels and measure pressure by the manometer, is able to delay the purchase of new wheels for a couple of seasons. And this is a significant savings in the personal budget.

Characteristics for selection

The main part of the design of a particular compressor, directly working with air, is far from the main thing in the context of ease of use and the functional suitability of the device model. Control and auxiliary systems also play an important role. Therefore, in the store, choosing an unit to pump tires or inflate your favorite boat, you should pay attention to all structural elements.


Manometer. the main device for control of the compressor work. It is important to evaluate how small the price of its division. This will allow:

  • correctly pump up tires, accurately observing the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding optimal pressure indicators;
  • accurately monitor the process during work.
connecting, compressor, battery, sequence

At the last paragraph, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail. During operation of the compressor, especially the productive and powerful, the arrow of the manometer ranges over widely. Therefore, the lower the division price, the more accurately the pressure indicator can be observed.

It is worth paying attention to another characteristic of the manometer. Those motorists who buy a compressor model with a high maximum pressure indicator can be limited in the possibilities of pressure control. The fact is that the course of the arrow on the scale of the device is final, the higher the boundary indicator of the measurement, the lower the division price.

Advice! Therefore, to those users who are interested in high pumping pressure, it is useful to purchase a compressor, the minimum indicator of the control of the pressure gauge is not zero. For example, starts with 4 and ends with 10 atmospheres.

Useful functionality that can have a manometer of the pump-compressor-the ability to measure pressure only in tires, in the conditions of isolation of the device from the main network of the air exchange of the injection device. Excellent characteristics of convenience are different models with digital pressure gauges showing the value of pressure during work with fluctuations smoothing.

Cable and power supply

Most compressors are designed for one power source. It can be a single.phase 220 volt network or 12 volts from the battery. When purchasing a model of this type, it is worth paying attention to the length of the supply cable. It should be convenient for the average use of use.

The most convenient compressors with the voltage transformation system are. Such a device can eat both from the battery of the car and the 220V network. In this case, the compressor may have two power cables.


When choosing a compressor of one type or another, you should not save on performance indicator. This is especially true for piston models.

Advice! For a passenger car, the optimal indicator of this parameter is from 40 to 60 liters. For a truck or SUV, it is worth buying a more productive model.

The time for which the car tires are produced depends on how much air supplies the compressor. This immediately affects the ease of use. The closer performance to the optimal value, the less the battery will plant the battery, the less the piston model will heat up. For membrane superchargers, everything is easier. The lower their performance, the longer wait for the end of pumping.


The proposed complete pumping hose should be chosen by the usual methods of using the compressor. For example, if the pump is planned to be installed in the garage or I do not want to get it out of the trunk, it is recommended to purchase a model with a long bend. And if we are talking about a compact membrane compressor that does not seem difficult even to a woman, it is worth minimizing the hose for compact placement.

Safety and automatic control devices

It is recommended not to buy a compressor, the power system of which does not offer protection against overload and short circuit. Such a device can cause a fire that in a car is especially scary. Each automobile compressor must have a protection system, fuse and load control circuits.

For piston models, the presence of a system of automatic shutdown when overheating is desirable. Designed for a limited working time used in the heat, a compressor can easily fail without such protection.

To the most useful system of automated control for a motorist is auto shutdown when the established pressure is reached. Such functionality is extremely convenient. The compressor must once be configured for optimal tire pressure indicators, and then minimally monitor the pumping parameters. The device will turn off on its own when you reach a configured value.

Additional nozzles and devices

How are most people annoying numerous advertising phrases of consultants about the presence of numerous nozzles, adapters, even a flashlight in the compressor configuration. However, these things protruded by marketers can be extremely useful.

  • Tsang compounds and valves-debters installed on the hose for a car compressor provide simplicity of fixation and do not allow temperature (deformation and clamping) in the compound zone. The same elements will protect their hands from burns and other troubles.
  • Adapters for different valve systems (nipple, spool) will make the compressor quite universal. It can be used for wheels of a car, a baby bicycle, strollers, boats, even download football balls.
  • Power adapters or voltage converting units will allow you to power the compressor from almost any energy source, starting from the cigarette lighter, ending with non.standard sockets.
  • The backlight system will distinguish the testimony of the pressure gauge and find the desired switch at any time of the day. Similar convenience is provided by the inscriptions of scales made by luminous colors in the dark.
  • The flashlight on the remote cable will easily find the point of connection of the air supply hose to the tire, evaluate the condition of the wheel, if necessary, carry out operational valve repairs.

Advice! Do not neglect other features of convenience. For example, a special frame of the bag and non.slip overlays to its bottom will allow you to carefully place the compressor in the trunk. Disconnected cables and a hose folded by the spring will allow you to compactly place the device and conveniently take care of its cleanliness.

How to connect to the battery?

Most of the battery auto.compressors are connected through the cigarette lighter and equipped with special forks. However, often car owners have to deal with situations when the cigarette lighter failed. One way to solve the problem will be replaced by the appropriate fuse. But if such manipulations do not give the desired result, then you should choose an alternative way to connect the pump.

We are talking about connecting the device to the battery directly. This will require special adapters, the people called “crocodiles”. It is worth noting that some models of compressors are originally designed for a similar method of connecting. It is important to remember that red and black wires are connected to the plus and minus of the battery, respectively. After that, it remains only to start the pump. If an old battery is installed on the car, then it is recommended to switch with an established engine.

How to pump the wheel?

Putting into practice the described pumping equipment is the most simple process. However, it is important to remember the basic rules for pumping and swinging the car wheels. This procedure includes the following steps:

  • extracting a compressor from a cover, bag or case if there are such;
  • installation of the device next to the vehicle wheel;
  • removal of a protective cap from the nipple;
  • Installing the fitting of the hose tip;
  • compressor connection to power;
  • launch of the device;
  • directly pumping the wheel during pressure control;
  • Disconnecting the device from the electric network of the car and the wheel.

It is important to consider that the tip of the hose is equipped with a special latch. In an upright position, the valve will be closed, and in this state you can connect the hose to the nipple. After that, the latch should be transferred to a horizontal position.

As a result, the tip itself will be fixed and air access to the tire is opened in parallel.

Technology of pumping

Restoring tire pressure is quite easy. Before the start of these works, real indicators should be measured. You need to do this only on cold rubber. If the car has already traveled a certain distance, this will lead to heating the air inside the chamber and increasing pressure.

The tire can be pumped in a few simple ways:

  • hand pump. Often, such devices are used for small and infrequent pumping. Today there are foot models, but the principle of action remains the same. To pump up, place the nozzle of the pump on the wheel nipple. The air is supplied by the method of exposure to a specific lever. If the device is not equipped with a manometer, then it is necessary to periodically remove the nozzle and check the pressure level;
  • Compressors. These mechanisms make it possible to greatly simplify this process. Tire pumping technology using a compressor is similar to the previously described. Initially, you need to put on the nipple a nozzle from the hose, and then start the compressed air supply mechanism. The pressure is also periodically checked here.

When pumping the wheels, many motorists try to pump the tire a little. But this approach is not always useful and justifies itself only when it is necessary to maintain pressure for a longer time or in winter with severe frosts.

How to connect a car compressor to 220 volts

Comuschi moderators deleted the topic on the blog with the same m, I don’t know why. If you can, explain 🙂 The question is what. How to connect a car compressor on a 12V to a household network (at home) 220V. Tried through the computer’s power supply, the relics are not enough (maybe the BP is old. This question is not only I am puzzled)

And what is written on the compressor? What a current of consumption

So you need a power source of 12 volts and 12 amperes of current. And he needs it at home in a fig?

It is needed at home in order to pump up the wheels in a stroller, inflate the mattress for guests, as well as for a small airbrush)

So you need a power source of 12 volts and 12 amperes of current. And he needs it at home in a fig?

Make it easy. We collect in the search engine. a rectifier of 12 volts 12 amperes and do. And at home it is better to use a compressor from the refrigerator, it works from 220 volts and finding a refrigerator on a landfill is not a problem

If you need a compressor from the refrigerator, you can pump the wheels, though for a long time

I will answer evasively. and x knows him, but the wheels for the Volga rolled properly

at twenty kilograms breaks himself.

aleks5050 absolutely everything is correctly written about a power supply of 14 V, 12 A.

12 and a rather large current. Not every BP will pull it. Here, for example, a power supply that satisfies www’s the price.

I would try to take a powerful computer BP. at least 400 watts. He has 12 in outputs should pull almost 20 A. And be sure to 5v, you need to hang some load, so that there is no distort on the current, for example, a car lamp 12V, 40-60 W.

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In general, aleks5050 is right, it’s easier to find another compressor than to fence the garden.

Thanks to. We just look for a way, packed, began to try, but it is in no way)

I turned on from the charger. I have a charging device for 18a.

How to connect an auto compressor with a network in 220V?

I would like to use an auto.compressor in the apartment, namely, pumping the wheels at the baby stroller how it can be done?

They simply said to buy an adapter who has an entrance from a cigarette lighter on one side, and on the other hand a fork to a socket (this device serves for cell phones)

How to pump car wheels

If you do not know which indicators are inherent in a particular car, then you can make a lot of problems. Professionals recommend starting the pumping procedure before the trip, that is, on the “cold” wheels. In this state, the pressure in them is optimal and atmospheric indicators are quite clear.

And if pumping is planned after the trip, then in warmed tires the pressure will be higher, this is an obstacle to achieving the correct indicators. Also, some motorists claim that the wheel is not worth pumping up to the recommended parameters. This is due to a decrease in the load on the suspension and comfortable driving. But there are also disadvantages of this method, for example, a higher fuel consumption and rapid wear of the external edges of the tread.

When not.down, the braking distance of the car is much reduced, and this is a good safety indicator. But the overall handling of the machine in this case suffers. It is also not worth pumping the wheels, as this is detrimental to the suspension. During movement, she receives more blows, and thus her details fail. And traveling to such tires is very inconvenient, there is no comfort.

The larger the weight load, the higher the pressure should be, otherwise the tire will perform too much work, it will overheat and wear out faster, there will be increased rolling resistance. If you plan to load into a car, then the wheels should be a little pump. This will help maintain good handling, as well as ensure fuel savings and extend the service life.

Rules for pumping the wheels

If there is a compressor, but there is no experience of pumping the wheels, then the exercises should be carried out. To do this, it is enough to know the rules that will help act in a certain sequence:

  • We take the compressor and free it from the protective cover;
  • Install next to the lowered wheel;
  • We unscrew the nipple cap and put the tip of the hose onto the fitting;
  • We take Shtepsel and connect it to the cigarette lighter;
  • Return to the wheel and turn on the toggle switch on the compressor;
  • After pumping the required pressure, turn off the toggle switch;
  • We remove the compressor in the reverse order.

The tip of the pump hose, has a fixer. In an upright position, the valve is closed and the tip is ready for a nozzle on the wheel fittings. After the lever is transferred to a horizontal position, the tip is fixed on the fittings, opening the nipple for air supply.

Working and non.working methods in the absence of a compressor

Remember that you can pump tires on a vehicle without a pump. We will figure out how workers such options are.


For example, you can use turbocharging, the essence of which is to join the hose to the air tract after a turbocharger. The network says that for emergency, it will go, but in the fact of the pressure pressure between the compressor and the intake valves of the engines are completely insufficient to pump the tire.

In skillful hands, turbocharges can be used to swing the wheels

Aerosol cylinder

You can also use an aerosol spray. Lose are usually available among masters engaged in iron gadgets. Such devices are used to clean systems and dust boards. The procedure looks similar: you need to attach a spray can with liquid to the nipple and press it. In this way you can pump up a wheel, only you need a lot of cans. Impractical and expensive.