Cordless Angle Grinder Adjustable Speed

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Cordless Angle Grinder Adjustable Speed

When one of the significant indicators is power, a clear advantage is on the side of the network tool. And, nevertheless, among such monsters as the "angle grinder" (angle grinders), battery models are gaining more and more popularity. If the task of cutting large stones is not included, a cordless tool is more convenient than a network one.

Lightweight, gritty, able to work in the field, cordless "angle grinder" deserve special attention. Their indisputable advantages include the possibility of safe operation:

  • wet rooms; on a construction site where there is no electricity;
  • in nature away from communications.

The scope is wide.


Cordless angle grinder helps to cope with cleaning parts and structures from hard-to-remove dirt, scale, rust, grinding surfaces, as well as cutting metal profiles, pipes, plastic parts and even fragile ceramics. It turns out to cut precisely to the size, and with high performance.

Batteries without a “memory effect"

Cordless angle grinders are equipped with the most energy-intensive batteries at the moment. lithium-ion (Li-Ion). The latest lithium-ion batteries are also compact and lightweight.

In a number of modern models, a full charge takes 30 minutes, and an extra battery allows avoiding downtime. The recharging conditions of Li-Ion batteries do not affect their capacity and resource.

That is, the “memory effect" is completely excluded, and they can be recharged regardless of the degree of discharge and not necessarily to the end. The self-discharge level does not exceed 5%.

Among the disadvantages is strong heating during charging, which requires certain protective measures that increase the cost. They don’t like lithium-ion batteries of all kinds of shocks, drops and freezing temperatures. Protective measures affect their price.

When choosing a cordless angle grinder, pay attention to the following facts. The wider the ability to configure operating parameters, the more economical you can consume battery power. Multiple-mount mounts reduce the chance of the battery being disconnected during strong vibration. The brushless motor provides a high service life and high efficiency with a minimum of maintenance. Quick lock mechanisms for easy tool change.

Alternative to lithium-ion batteries

The consumer knows two more types of batteries. nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel metal hydride (NiMH). The "pluses" of nickel-cadmium batteries include: resistance to low temperature, low cost and a huge resource (up to 1500 discharge / charge cycles). But the flaws outweigh the virtues.

First of all, literally, Ni-Cd batteries are heavy. Secondly, they are charged only after they are completely discharged and always to the end, otherwise the “memory effect" just turns on, and the resource decreases. (Yes, even a completely “dead” nickel-cadmium battery can be repaired by the after-sales service, but it costs money!) Finally, for reasons of high toxicity and disposal problems, this type of battery is no longer produced in the European Union.

Substitute Nickel Cadmium nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are recyclable, and about a third are lighter and more compact. But they also greatly lose the lithium-ion in the number of cycles and recharge rate, and their self-discharge is still large.

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Selection of angle grinder according to characteristics

One indicator of the strength and life of a battery is its capacity, measured in ampere-hours. The maximum value is 4 Ah. Such an instrument is capable of producing a current of 4 A for an hour or less, but for a longer time. Compare the power characteristics of the battery is only paired: capacity

and tension. In addition, it makes sense to compare only models with batteries of the same type and design. If you multiply the capacity and voltage of the battery, then just you can get a "talking" characteristic. capacity in units of power. In principle, the higher the power, the greater the possible depth of cut (disk diameter).

Therefore, it may be more convenient to focus on the diameter of the disk. By the way, an interesting point: comparing the models with an angle grinder, we see that the battery disks have a maximum diameter of 150 mm (usually up to 125 mm), and network ones are also found with 400 mm ones.

When momentum matters

The higher the engine idle speed per minute, the easier it is to work with solid materials. Undoubtedly, this is an important indicator for an “angle grinder,” especially when paired with the possibility of stepwise or automatic adjustment of the engine shaft speed, which is not available on all models.

For grinding work, the “revving” adjustment function is very important, since for different materials the optimal values ​​of the disk rotation speed are different. It is even better to choose a model with constant electronics for grinding, which automatically maintains the optimal speed and thus ensures safe and high-quality work.

To avoid personal injury

An angle grinder is considered one of the most traumatic tools. Indeed, in the event of a disk breakdown during operation, its fragments fly apart at high speed and are capable of causing serious damage not only to the operator, but to people nearby.

Dangerous metal and other dust resulting from cutting or peeling of materials. In order to minimize possible harm, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment: glasses, a respirator, gloves and tight clothing that covers the entire body.

It is imperative to use a tooling that matches the maximum speed indicated for a particular model, as well as the landing diameter and thickness. Should carefully fix the disk, as well as the workpiece, and while working, hold the tool with both hands.

Ergonomics design cordless angle grinder

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the thickness of the protective casing, the possibility of adjusting its position. Obviously, a casing with quick adjustment of positions (without using a wrench or screwdriver)

more convenient than fixed by means of a clamp with a tightening screw and nut. Different protective covers for grinding and cutting must be included.

The design of the case and the quality of the materials of which the tool is made affect the usability, and therefore, indirectly on its safety. You can verify the ergonomics of the model only by holding the tool in your hands. And best of all, dressed in mittens. Since, according to safety precautions, the "angle grinder" works in gloves, it is important to feel contact with the tool even through the protective layer. So, slippery plastic should prefer corrugated rubberized coatings. For the same reason, it is better to take the tool with large and embossed buttons to start the engine and fix the spindle.

Features of operation angle grinder on the battery

When cutting, always use a protective cover for cutting. They work with a moderate supply corresponding to the material being processed, without exerting pressure or distorting the equipment. The tool is always driven against the direction of rotation. Otherwise, there is a danger of uncontrolled exit from the slot.

When grinding, the tool is held with an inclination from 30 ° to 40 ° to the workpiece, moved back and forth with moderate pressure. They make sure that the workpiece does not heat up much, and there are no grooves on the surface. Do not use cutting wheels for peeling.

When processing particularly hard materials, a sheaf of sparks rotating with a diamond cutting wheel unambiguously indicates overheating. In this case, the process is interrupted and the disk is allowed to cool at idle.

A significant decrease in productivity and a rotating sheaf of sparks indicate a blunting of the equipment.

A diamond cutting wheel can be sharpened with short cuts in an abrasive material, such as silicate brick.

The main thing is snap

The angle grinder is put on the working part: cutting and grinding wheels, grinding plates, flap grinding wheels (intended for grinding and cutting), as well as disk, cup and conical brushes for cleaning surfaces.

Use the equipment strictly for its intended purpose and only for the material for which it is intended. Many make the typical mistake of completing an angle grinder with circular discs, this should not be done.

To easily determine the type and purpose of the equipment, manufacturers use clear markings, and some companies even use color coding. The hardness of the disk is indicated by the Latin letter. from A to Z in increasing order, the structure. by a number from 0 to 99. The higher the number, the more open the structure, respectively, the more porous the disk. Before starting work, make sure that there are no defects on the disk.