Corner grinder Bosch Original how to distinguish from a fake. How to check the original Bosch candles?

How to check Bosch for originality?

You can also check the authenticity of the product on the Protect website.Bosch.COM, manually entering the protective code from the KeySecure sticker. Based on the results of the audit, the user will receive information indicating the authenticity of the product. In this case, one of the color indicators will be displayed in the mobile application.

  • Faore ivory insulator (slightly yellowish shade).
  • Cat sealing ring from the body is not removed.
  • Nickelic case has a matte shade.
  • The labeling on the case was squeezed deeply and clearly
  • The lateral electrode is welded to the body with a reliable and neat seam.

How to distinguish a fake angular grinder Bosch?

On a fake tool, the logo is usually made of glued letters. Frame. The original tool has a blue-black case, the fake is blue-blue. Also on the body of fakes there are usually irregularities, “burrs” from casting, backlash and large gaps.

On real suppositories of the ignition on one of the 6-faces, a code indicating the number of the batch is affixed. The fake of such a code does not have; Insulator. original products have a very smooth insulator (a visual effect is created as from glaze coating). The fake has a rough coating to the touch.

) for information. Fuel fuel nozzles Bosch!

Good day, dear reader!Nowadays there are a lot of fakes for various spare parts. Now the conversation about fuel nozzles. Maybe some (and maybe many) know how to distinguish a fake from the original, but there are probably those who do not know this. So I would like to convey information in order to warn the buyer from acquiring counterfeit.I planned to replace my fuel nozzles (Bosch 0 280 158 107). Ordered on all the well.known EMEX resource. He waited, such a joyful took them, I wanted to put them, but something shouted, some kind of they weren’t like that First I will post a photo description of the original nozzles bought in a Gazovo store:

Each nozzle should be delivered in individual packaging. The colors are bright, the text without any lubricants. There must be a sticker with a code and a hologram.

Now, several photos of the fakes that came to me through EMEX:

An individual package is slightly different to the touch, without any icons and stubborn in another way.On the nozzles QR the code is slightly blurred.Protective caps are ordinary smooth, without numbers and holes.So, here, from his experience, appreciated the fake and the original fuel nozzles Bosch 0 280 158 107. Surely others are faked. Be carefull!P.With. The fake from the emex cost 745r per pcs.(for them there from 732r to 1885 rub per pcs.), in the store price: 1329 r. a piece.

Corner grinder Bosch Original how to distinguish from a fake

Fake screwdrivers, drills, peorators, corner grinder, saws with Avito 4.

Tips Bosch Original vs Fake | HomeMade Pinoy

A lot of fake tools are sold on Avito. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they are given trifles that are immediately visible.

1) Bosch GSB-13re drill in the case fake

It is immediately clear that this is a fake according to the case, rubber pads, nameplate, etc.

2) Makita Electric Right Model MT191 Fake

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The original rubbish should be red in general https: //

3) Electric rubbish makita kp0800 fake

The original can be distinguished by clumsy inscriptions, the color of the handle of the other, it is made not in Japan but in China

Fake screwdrivers, drills, peorators, corner grinder, saws with Avito 3.

A lot of fake tools are sold on Avito. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they are given trifles that are immediately visible.

1) Battery angular grinder Makita DGA404RME Fake

This is clear again in terms of voltage of 68 volts, charged from the laptop and fake batteries

They fake very well, not to distinguish in appearance, but it fails as always a nameplate

The original corner grinder is made only in Romania and not Japan as if

Spindle threads in the original M14, not M12 like a fake

Fake screwdrivers, drills, peorators, corner grinder, saws with Avito 2.

A lot of fake tools are sold on Avito. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they are given trifles that are immediately visible.

1) Gaykowert Makita Makita DTW285RME/2 68V, Makita DTW285RME Fake

The fact that the fake is immediately clear by a voltage of 68 volts on the nameplate (Makita does not have such a voltage), the charger is generally from the laptop, but the Gaikovert looks like the original Makita DTW285RME

The fake is sold for Aliexpress for 100

Full overview and disassembly of the Gaikorte Makita DTW285RME can be viewed here: http: //

corner, grinder, bosch, original, distinguish

2) Circular saw Makita 5900b fake

The fact that the fake is clear by the nameplate should be 2000W and is made at the Chinese Makita factory, plus there should be a saw makita disc

There are such manufacturers who do not bother at all. Their fakes are clearly different from the original. For example, Bosch tools in black.

The case of a real professional tool is made in blue-black color, the falsifier is dressed in black or gray-blue. In addition, the “impostor” building is full of irregularities, large gaps and a zazubrin from casting.

The switch is painlessly painted. There may be no button in the fake. a latch, on the original it is. All details of the original Bosch tools are painlessly painted. The fake of misses and uneven coloring is striking.

The manufacturer is indicated on the original label. There may not be a fake on the label, but hieroglyphs flaunt on it. The ten.digit code of the tool must comply with the code indicated in the Bosch catalog to the original tool must be attached to a warranty card in the format from the A4 pink color. There is a translation in Russian.Some sellers sell entire Bosch sets, such as a grinding machine and a drill or a lobby and a grinding machine. In fact, such sets have nothing to do with Bosch.

Fortunately, such fakes are rare. But not everything is so rosy: fakes take root on the market, which are very difficult to distinguish from the original. But with a careful study of the difference, you can find. Take 2-26 dFR as a sample.

Real German Bosch tools have a brand designation with cast, volumetric letters. In fakes, these letters are also made convex, but here they are no longer alloy, but glued. The glued logo is easy to pick up and tear off.

Original Bosch tools are characterized by the ideal quality of the case and casting. In fake tools, the quality of the case and plastic leaves much to be desired, and traces of casting on the face.

All components, including rubber of branded tools. real German quality. Between the fake and the original, the difference is obvious. You do not need to be an expert to determine the low quality of the rubber inherent in a copy.

The brand logo is knocked out on the handle of original Bosch tools.

The color of the tool, the bolt hats, the stitching of the fasteners, the paint on the buttons and other details can not always declassify the true origin of the tool. The fact is that there are such fakes that are almost impossible to expose.

In fake you can observe large and uneven gaps. In the present Bosch, they are the same along the entire length.

How not to get on a fake? A few tips:

We remind you that from February 25 to February 28, the annual construction exhibition Uzbuild will be held. So this year, as part of the exhibition, you can see, touch and even experience Bosch tools in work. Get professional advice. participate in promotions, draws organized by official representatives of Bosch in Uzbekistan, and even receive gifts.

How to distinguish a fake tool from Bosch?

Despite the raids of the tax inspectorate and police inspections, counterfeit products do not disappear from the shelves of outlets. In order not to get into a prosak, you need to learn how to distinguish original branded products from fakes. The proposed recommendations will prompt the correctness of the choice of Bosch power tool, saving consumers from disappointments and cash losses.

Which power tool is most often faked?

Construction specialists often use Bosch brand tools. High.quality technical characteristics and high price of products of this trademark have become the basis for creating falsifications. Professional power tool is often the object of fakes. The most common falsifications of drifts, pea, milling mills, universal cutters and saw discs, since this power tool is in high demand. Create fakes not only by handmade, but also some foreign manufacturers who deliver not certified goods illegally.

The non-original Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR peorator was easily exposed by experienced customers. The first thing that caught my eye is an unsuccessful copy of the design. In the corporate product, the name of the brand is spilled on the case and is represented by convex letters.

The manufacturer of fakes was limited only to a cheap sticker. The case of the infantry is made with inaccuracies, which are presented in the form of a heterogeneous structure of plastic with the presence of burrs and surfaces in the joints.

Drinks, peorators and disk saws have a rubber handle, which reduces vibration levels and improves the ergonomic of the tool. In fake copies, rubber inserts are replaced by plastic. The non.original Bosch GSB 13 Re was made in a different color scheme. The tool case should be blue-black, and the falsifier is made in blue-blue tones. The color of the case in the fake turned out to be green, instead of a blue original, and the cable had a pungent smell of rubber.

Removable cartridge

As a rule, fakes are equipped with ordinary plastic, Chinese removable cartridges. However, if you saw a metal cartridge, this is not a sign that the original is before you. Metal cartridges are sometimes found in fakes. The main thing is to pay attention to which company ammunition.

The cartridge in the original Bosch GBH 2-26 should be Röhm.

Plastic casting

The original castle is very neat, there are no burrs.

The gaps between the buildings are small in the original, the rubber is nowhere to end.

Spare parts are painted evenly, without dreams.

The gap between the body of the fake is not uniform, the rubber is puffing.

The spare parts of the fakes are painted clumsy: somewhere they are not painted, somewhere there are dreams.

How to check the authenticity of Bosch?

You can also check the authenticity of the product on the Protect website.Bosch.COM, manually entering the protective code from the KeySecure sticker. Based on the results of the audit, the user will receive information indicating the authenticity of the product. In this case, one of the color indicators will be displayed in the mobile application.

The main differences that need to be paid attention to: the color of the case and the case of a professional tool. Blue, and for home craftsman and garden instruments. green color. Bosch branded logo on the case and case. embossed and has a rich red color. On fakes, the logo is usually made of glued letters.

That the angular grinder Makita or Bosch is better?

When comparing the weight, it is clear that the angular grinder Makita is a little heavier, but for comfort, she clearly wins when working. She has an anti.vibration system installed. As a result, we get: less vibration level during cleaning (2.5 versus 3.5 at Bosch) and when grinding (6 versus 7.5 at Bosch);

  • The box of this “intercola” has matte lamination, fake. glossy (on the left of the fake), the picture on the box is shifted, there are no some inscriptions.
  • The case of this Drill “Interskol” is made of gray plastic, fake gray-green plastic.

How to distinguish a fake Bosch

Hello all readers! Today I want to tell about Bosch tools. how to distinguish a fake.

The problem of counterfeit products in the market is serious. Often people buy copies instead of the original. over, they are given for genuine devices.

Bosch deserved confidence. These are quality, reliability, as well as efficiency and long service life. But the fakes of Bosch are not capable of this. It is important to identify Bosch counterfeit, and not allow yourself to deceive.

What threatens to buy a fake

Before distinguishing the original from a fake Bosch, I want to say a few words about fake tools.

Not all remarks are terrible, as well as low.quality. There are good parodies for the original. But even if good fakes pass for real devices, this is fraud and deception. This should not be.

Personal experience, as well as the experience of other people suggests. Buying fake tools entails the following consequences:

  • In vain spent money. If you do not know how to distinguish a fake Bosch, you will spend money on a cheap Chinese parody. You cannot get the same opportunities from him from the original Bosch;
  • Low assembly quality. It pulls the rest of the problems;
  • Unpleasant sensations during work. The tool glides, and also does not fulfill its tasks. It is impossible to do work with qualitatively and quickly;
  • Fast failure. For a long time, such a tool is not capable of. Some replicas break during the first application. Others work longer;
  • Weak characteristics. Fake Bosch screwdrivers do not drill, the peorators do not hammer, and the vacuum cleaner does not pull dust from the floor. And so on on the list;
  • Health risk. Battery and network devices can hit the current. Nozzles fly out, saws break, and short circuits and current shock occur. It is dangerous to work with fakes.

As in the case of Stihl chainsaws. Copies of Bosch devices look like genuine devices. But are cheap and low.grade Chinese consumer goods. The bulk of the fakes is collected in the Celestial. But there are also fakes from other countries. Among them are Bosch peorators

Prior to this, contrastal angular grinder under the 230th disks has repeatedly brought. At the same time, the power of the motor of this angular grinder was enough only to twist itself without a disk. The disk did not master. And even twisted in the opposite direction Well, okay. On YouTube is the appearance of Alexander from Brest (Alexander-M.Brest) about how to distinguish a fake GBH 2-26 from the original.Well, other copies have come to come across recently. And distinguishing them is almost not realistic. And if one stand out at least in size, then the other two are not distinguishable!

Bosch Grinder Fake vs Real

Alas, I forgot to take a picture of the original. But that would give little, The tools were dirty. It seemed to me that the motor body is lighter than usual. Yes it is dark blue, but the shade is still lighter.Another second de Hea Wu. there is also no red protrusion, for which you cling to your fingers when switching a reverse. That is, she herself jumped out and was lost. This does not happen in the original! He is always in place. The nameplate is also slightly different in the font size and it is matte. In Origigal Shildik glossy and the numbers are smaller. Well, most importantly.Pierced the instrument according to the service program. You see the result in the photo. the article is taken in the general tool. If I am not mistaken, the GBH 2. 20D model has a similar housing, and here is the article of not even the European sales market I didn’t climb further.1) When ordering spare parts by eye, the risk of mistake is 70%.2) the quality of the fake is very low. Put the original expensive spare parts in low.quality counterfeit stupid.

How to avoid buying counterfeit?one. Do not buy a tool from hand or market.2. If you decide to do it, demand a warranty card with the seal of an authorized dealer.3. All Bosch blue instruments have 10 digest artists. over, on the package, the article always begins from scratch, and on the instrument more often from the number 3. The chip is that according to the article of the tool on the box, you can see how it should look in the original. (Serial number 9 digits) well, something like that. If I find something curious, I will post here)