Correct mixture for a Husqvarna grass trimmer. If you break the ratio

trimmer for Husqvarna 128 grass what gasoline is to fill

After starting, do not rush to immediately run the trimmer for the grass. Let the engine idle for 5 minutes. While heating is going on, adjust the air supply to the air damper with a lever so that the rogue with a fishing line or with a knife does not rotate. As soon as the tool warmed up, we completely open the air supply to the corresponding lever to the “ON” position and squeeze the gas trigger for 1/2 and hold the seconds of seconds 30. Then we drop the gas, let the trimmer work on xx 30.40 seconds. In this mode we continue 10 minutes 15. Then we mock and let it rest for 15 20 minutes.

Having cooled the lawn mower, we continue to run the engine according to the previous scheme. Start a hot, a trimmer for grass should already be with an open air damper. Try not to hold the gas for a long time, since the movable details of the tool only rubbing each other. And do not let the engine work at idle for a long time as it can overheat.

The next stage is the a gas reducer gearbox for grass. To do this, select a plot with soft young grass. Kosim 5 10 minutes with 1/2 2/3 from full gas. After we take a break for 20 25 minutes. Repeat the cycle 3 4 times.

In general, therapist for the lawn mowing according to the described algorithm is carried out until the fuel mixture in the tank is fully generated. After which the tool is ready for long.term work. In the process, follow the temperature regime of the gearbox and the motor. They should not overheat.

Standard proportions

Often with the proportions of oil and fuel for reliable operation of motorcycles, problems arise. The reason for everything is absolutely different information in the sources. You may encounter the difference in data in terms of a dozen units, but it happens half. Therefore, you involuntarily think about how many oils per 1 liter of gasoline are needed: 20 ml or all 40. But for this there is a technical passport for the product that you purchase in the store. There should be a description of the device, instructions for its operation and instructions on the rules for preparing the fuel mixture.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the information that the manufacturer recommends, since in the case of failure of the motorcycles, you can make your claims to him, and not a source. If there is no instructions in the passport, and even more so if the passport is missing, then we recommend looking for another trimmer model for grass at a more reliable seller.

For all other cases when you have a lawn mower model in your hands and there is no way to find out its technical features, there are standard proportions of the most likely components of the fuel mixture for a two.stroke engine. Basically, these units use AI-92 gasoline and special synthetic oil, which contains a solvent for better mixing with fuel. Such oil evaporates slowly and has the ability to completely burn in the cylinder, without leaving a car.

The standard attitude of synthetic oil to gasoline is 1: 50. This means that 100 ml of oil needs 5 liters of gasoline, and in accordance with this, oil consumption per 1 liter of gasoline is 20 ml. Knowing the amount of oil required to dilute 1 liter of fuel, you can easily calculate any norms when preparing fuel for a trimmer for grass. When using mineral oils, the ratio of 1: 40 is most often standard. Therefore, 1 liter of fuel will require 25 ml of such oil, and 125 ml per 5-liter canister.

When the lawn mower is working, it will not be difficult to determine and adjust the actual amount of oil, the right of a particular model, who has a little experience in the operation of such a technique

You should only pay attention to exhaust gases (their color, toxicity of the smell), stability of the cycles, engine heating and developed power. about what consequences from the incorrect proportions of mixing gasoline and oil can be expected is lit in another section of the article

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There are motorcycles operating on gasoline AI-95 brand gasoline. It should also be taken into account.

If the manufacturer recommends fuel with such an octane number, then you need to follow the requirements so as not to reduce the working resource of technology.

The proportions of the fuel mixture

If the mixture is diluted correctly, for example, in compliance with the instructions below, then the technique will last you for more than one year without serious technical breakdowns. In this case, fuel consumption will be low, and the result of the work is high. The process of making fuel should always be the same and constant. Ingredients are always better to use the same, without changing the brand indicated by the manufacturer.

Do not add a lot of oil, it can damage the engine to work, but you should not save on it either. To comply with the correct proportions, always use one and the same measuring container so as not to make mistakes with the quantity. To measure the oil, you can use medical syringes, but some manufacturers, together with the oil, provide a measuring container with risks.

The most correct ratio of oil and gasoline is 1 to 50, where 50 is the amount of gasoline, and the amount of oil is 1. For a better understanding, let’s explain that 1 liter is 1000 ml. So, in order to get a proportion of 1 to 50, 1000 ml, we divide into 50, it turns out 20 ml. As a result, only 20 milliliters of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. For dilution of 5 liters of gasoline, you will need 100 ml of oil.

In addition to compliance with the correct proportion, it is necessary to observe the technology of mixing ingredients. In no case can you just add oil to the gas tank. It is better to follow the next instruction.

  • To dilute the mixture, you need to prepare a container in advance in which you will mix gasoline and oil. It can be a pure metal or plastic canister with volumes of 3, 5 or 10 liters, so that it is easier to calculate the amount of oil. Do not use drinking water bottles for this purpose-they are made of thin plastic, which can dissolve from gasoline. To measure the oil, use special measuring containers. But if this is not, then, as already noted, medical syringes with a large dosage are suitable.
  • Pour gasoline into the canister, not adding a couple of centimeters to full. In order not to pour gasoline, take the watering can or in the neck of the canister insert the funnel. Then, in a syringe or in a measured device, dial the desired amount of oil and pour into a container with gasoline. It is not recommended to do the opposite. to pour gasoline into the oil.
  • Close the lid tightly with a bottle and stir the resulting mixture. If, in the process of preparing the mixture or mixing, part of the fuel spilled, you must immediately wipe the canister with a dry rag.
  • Be sure to follow fire safety measures. Dilute the mixture away from the fire and in no case leave the remaining fuel and the materials used in free access for children.

And one more important point: it is better to prepare the mixture exactly the amount that fuels in your motorcycle fuel tank. It is undesirable to leave the remnants of the mixture.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaws

The proportion of oil and gasoline for refueling two.stroke engines of chainsaws of different brands is from 40 to one or 50 to 1. This ratio is standard, which is used not only by beginners, and experienced pilals. Specifically this is the ratio for the manufacture of fuel consistency close to the impeccable and provides lubrication of the rubbing parts, a crooked mechanism and a piston.

How much oil should be poured into gasoline in milliliters? Designed for ml, a fraction of oil and gasoline from one to 50 is 20 ml per l. To prepare the correct mixture, pour one liter of gasoline into a plastic bottle and dilute it 20 ml of oil. In order to correctly measure the amount of oil, you should take a special measuring container and fill it to the corresponding mark. If you plan to immediately prepare two liters of fuel, then this amount of gasoline must be added 40 ml of oil.

There are other relationships that different manufacturers offer. These values ​​of the coefficients are incorrect, but if you have taken other values ​​in the tool passport, then you must adhere to them for you. The value of one by 50 or 40 standardized. Pour fifteen ml of oil into one liter of fuel in the summer, and add more than 20-25 ml in winter. Knowing the recipe for the manufacture of consistency, you should also realize the question of which gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

Some important nuances

It is important to remember that you can not store the resulting mixture for a long time. The storage itself is carried out only in a dark cool room without direct sunlight

Even if it is supposed to leave the mixture for several days before using it, you should put the canister on the ground to remove the effect. Tara for the mixture should only be iron, storage in plastic is not allowed.

In no case should you use a container from under the drinks (water, juices or lemonades) for storing gasoline and oils). The basis of polyethylene.ethnication, on which a bottle for food is based, does not have resistance to petroleum products and additives included in them.

Proportions for Swedish chainsawsopil Husqvarna

What an accurate rate of the lubricant is required for the preparation of the combustible mixture necessary for the normal operation of a two.stroke gasoline internal combustion engine? Buyers will learn about this from the applied instructions to the goods. But documentation is often lost among papers. In this regard, information will not be superfluous reminders. manufacturers for mixing gasoline use transmission grease. The Swedish company is known on all continents of the planet delivered to trade markets with reliable goods. Husqvarna chainsaw oil is used strictly recommended by the manufacturer.

Depending on what power it is required to obtain from the units, the corresponding component dilution is chosen:

Along the way, we report that only unhealthy gasoline of the AI-92 or AI-95 grades is used. Ethylated combustible product is considered an unsuccessful choice for the internal combustion engine, since it shortens the operational resource of the engine.

Husqvarna HP structural company

The brand structure of the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna HP includes a company that produces mechanized manual tools and lubricants to them, effective chemical additives.

The manufacturer for the chainsaw Partner has developed an original ratio of the proportion of fuel and oil for two.stroke power plants:

There are moments of non.compliance with a standard approach to diluting the company’s own production of own production by a lubricant. This is when the ICE passes the stage of the A combustible mixture in the value of 1:40 is allowed for the engine.

Advantages of branded oils

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers specialize in the production of special motor oils, but the highest rating indicators in STIHL, Husqvarna and Makita branded products.

Only in separate parameters are the company’s proprietary motor oils of the LUKOIL trademark.

In the list of advantages of branded engine oils:

  • economical consumption;
  • the stability of the working characteristics in difficult operating conditions and with long.term storage;
  • the minimum amount of toxic compounds in exhaust gases;
  • almost complete absence of soot.

According to the American classification, to work in household and professional models, you can use API-TB category oils. Japanese analogue-JASO-FB and JASO FD. The preparation of a combustible mixture using oil for 4-stroke engines is categorically excluded.

Red, green or any other oil color determines the product belonging to the assortment of a particular manufacturer, therefore, when determining the characteristics of the material, it is not taken into account

Extremely carefully approached the choice of motor oil of an unknown composition and origin

Before receiving additional information about quality and operational parameters, it is better to temporarily refuse to use such material.

It is allowed to mix the same type in composition and purpose of motor oils produced by the quality of their assortment of brands. Under no circumstances, mixing oils of mineral and synthetic.

Correct ratios and cooking for popular manufacturers

Different manufacturers recommend different proportions for their chainsaws

Their observance is followed with attention. The lack of lubrication leads to the failure of the internal combustion engine

An excess. to the loss of power, smoke, the formation of soot with all the above problems.

How to dilute for StiHL, in particular for the MS 180 model

The manufacturer recommends for motors of its chainsaws, including the STIHL 180 ms HP Ultra oil in a proportion of 1:50. It provides the highest capacity, service life and cleanliness of the ICE. It is also recommended to use motor oils in cans with the inscription STIHL

It is important to purchase original, but not counterfeit products here

In the case of a mix of oil and gasoline, not so. The mixture can be stored up to 2 years. After long storage, the container must be shaken to mix the possible precipitate.

Motomix is ​​a ready.made fuel mixture from Stihl, very comfortable when there is no time or the opportunity to mix liquids in place

correct, mixture, husqvarna, grass, trimmer, break

How to dilute for a Husqvarna saw

The manufacturer in the operating instructions recommends using special oil for Husqvarna. It is adapted to the engines of this manufacturer, provides a long service life and quality work. Poured in a ratio of 1:50.

It is allowed to use oils for two.stroke air.cooled ICE from other manufacturers. If a proportion is not indicated on the canister, the manufacturer of the chainsaw of Husqvarna recommends pouring an increased dose in the proportion of 1:33.

Thus, for 1 liter of gasoline for the chainsaw, Husqvarna is flooded:

  • 20 ml (in the colloquiality of grams) Husqvarna oil (1:50).
  • 20 ml of other acceptable oil, if 1:50 is indicated on the canister.
  • 30 ml per 1 liter of gasoline, 1:33, if another proportion is not indicated.

Husqvarna does not recommend storing the cooked mixture longer than 30 days. Before pouring a defended mixture, it is necessary to shake.

The ratio of oil and gasoline for Partner chainsaws, in particular Partner 350

For its saws, including model 350, Partner recommends using Talon branded oil in 1:40, that is, 1 part for 40 parts of gasoline.

In order to calculate the need for 1 liter (1000 ml), 1000 should be divided into 40. Result. 25 ml per 1 liter (1000 ml) of gasoline.

In the instructions of this manufacturer there is no information about the permissible replacement of the recommended Talon oil with others. In practice, oils for two.stroke engines with air cooling and other brands are used. In this case, the proportions are recommended already by oil manufacturers and are indicated on the canister.

Pay attention to the canister, the inscription 1:40, this once again confirms that each oil has its own recommended mixing proportions with gasoline

How to breed gasoline with oil huter

The manufacturer Huter does not release any one brand for his chainsaws for his chainsaw. There are recommendations for a general type. JASO FC classification oil or others: API TV, API TS, JASO FB for two.stroke ICE of air cooling.

In the operating instructions, Huter himself does not call proportions, but indicates that the mixture is compiled in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer of the oil.

For example, if the canister indicates 1:50. 20 ml per 1 liter of gasoline is poured. If indicated 1:40. 25 ml per 1 liter.

Husqvarna 525LS Bog Repair

How much oil per liter of gasoline is poured into champion chainsaws

For its chainsaws, Champion recommends using Champion oil for two.stroke high.speed air.cooled ICE. Proportion 1:50, that is, for 1 liter of gasoline 20 ml.

In addition to the CHAMPION proprietary, the use of oils for the same engines of other brands is allowed. over, it must comply with the standards of the API TV/C or JASO FC/D, which should be indicated on the label of the canister.

How many grams of oil per 1 liter of gasoline are needed for makita saws

Makita, recommends for its gasoline saws, Makita oil for high.performance two.stroke engines

Makita pays attention to environmental protection. Oils of this brand have a minimum of polluting exhaust

Recommended proportions 1:50, 1 liter is poured 20 ml. It is allowed to replace with analogues of other brands, provided that they meet the international standard TS-3. At the same time, it is recommended to add more oil in the instructions, 1:40, for 1 liter 25 ml.

Gasoline trimmers for grass with a two.stroke engine

Motorimmers equipped with a two.stroke engine do not have a separate oil supply system to lubricate rubbing parts. Therefore, they need to be seasoned not with clean gasoline, but by its mixture with engine oil. Remember that the oil should be special, designed for two.stroke engines. Using automobile motor oil can disable the tool.

Trammers for grass with a two-stroke engine should be seasoned with AI-92 brand gasoline. Of course, he will be able to work on gasoline with a higher octane number. But when refueling AI-95 gasoline, the engine will overheat and work uneven.

Mix oil and gasoline in the correct proportion. If there is too little lubrication, there will be outlets on the surface of the piston and walls of the cylinder, then the piston ring will collapse, and the engine jams. An excess of oil is not so critical, but will also lead to unpleasant consequences. So far will form on the piston, and the piston ring will be hair, which will lead to a drop in power.

Typically, the proportions of gasoline and oil are indicated in the instructions for the tool. Many manufacturers prescribe a ratio of 50: 1. One part of the oil is poured into 50 parts of fuel. Therefore, 20 ml of oil should have 20 ml of oil per liter of fuel. If the engine is worn out, or the tool works with a high load, the amount of lubricant can be brought to 25: 1, filling 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

Gasoline trimmers for grass with a four.stroke engine

Trammers for grass driven by a four.stroke engine have a more complex device. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers, from where they are then supplied to the engine. In such models, you can not use a lubricant designed for two.stroke engines.Gasoline for a trimmer for grass with such a motor should be AI-92 or AI-95 brand. It is not recommended to use fuel with a lower octane number. This will lead to unstable engine operation.

Many manufacturers of trimmers persistently advise using fuel and lubricants manufactured under their own logo. Often they cost more than analogues sold under other names. Is it worth overpaying for branded oil?Monitoring gasoline tools do not produce combustible materials. They purchase these products from firms engaged in the production of oils, and then put grease in containers with their symbols. Therefore, you can safely buy the right oil of any manufacturer. The main thing is that it corresponds to the parameters of the engine.

When choosing a means for caring for grass on a garden or summer cottage, the owner has a choice. what to buy. a lawn mower (electrocos) or a wheelbreaks. The abundance of information on the Internet and sellers’ advice arrange a perfect porridge in the head of a potential buyer, based not only on experience (including negative), but also on prejudices and outright ignorance.

The lawn mower is only for strong men! (like Schwarzeneger).

The lawn mower is a two-stroke gasoline motor with a capacity of 1-2 liters.With., pipe. And at the other end. a cutting element, a disk or a reel with a fishing line. The total weight of this device is a few kilograms. And the suspension point is made so that even a fragile girl will manage with a gas station. The braid for the grass is very well balanced.

The refueling of two.stroke engines and the preparation of the fuel mixture are miracles of alchemy, inaccessible to the simple mortal

Two.stroke engines require not just gasoline for their nutrition, but a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil (special, for two.stroke engines). This is completely not a deficit, oil for two.stroke engines is sold in any auto parts store and anywhere where these same lawmakers are sold Ask the seller and he will bring you to the shelf with these oils. Eyes will scatter from choice.

And preparing a mixture “gasoline-maslo” is no more difficult than filling the salad with mayonnaise. As a rule, the ratio of oil and gasoline in the mixture is indicated on the spit (or chainsaw) (1:32. 1:35). This is a ratio for mineral oils. And now they are now for two.stroke engines. to search, except among oils for motorcycle engines. For oils in fine packaging for garden equipment. almost synthetic oils. And they have a ratio of 1:50 (as usually indicated on the package). Should adhere to the recommendations precisely from oil packaging!

For the preparation of the fuel mixture, take the canister, for example, 5 liters of gasoline and add 100 ml of oil into it. That’s the whole secret. You will be provided with a mixture for the whole season. Not enough. repeat the procedure Pour this mixture in a gas tank and no more problems.

For the Husqvarna lawners, you need to buy oil only “Husqvarna”

correct, mixture, husqvarna, grass, trimmer, break

Husqvarna does not have its oil refineries. This is a completely different business. Therefore, she buys oil for two-strokes at the oil refinery in tanks, faces small jars and glues the Husqvarna tag and lugs from the ignorant extra 2-3 dollars for this tag. Another company, for example, “STIHL”, buys the same oil at the same plant and glues the Stihl tag on the bottles and also beats its 2-3 bucks from fools Any two-stroke oil is suitable for any two-stroke engines!

Wheel lawn mowers. only for perfectly even lawns.

Nothing of the kind I also thought so on my completely unplanned area. It turned out that the wheeled benzo.cobber is perfectly enveloping the relief. The obstacle to her is except that the anthills that are removed by a shovel. And the irregularities of the landscape, the wheeled lawn mowing processes perfectly. Especially if it has an adjustment in height of mowing. Install the maximum. and “check” the site. Where the knife clings to the ground. there you can work there and work.

The performance of a wheelbanger is several times higher than a manual lawn mower. And managing it is no more difficult than rolling a baby stroller. Just go and direct it. Especially if the lawn mower is self.propelled. Even children will manage with her.

Wheel lawn mowers have a 4-stroke and their maintenance is difficult like a car.

Wheel lawn mowers usually have four.stroke engines. The fundamental difference between four.stroke engines and two.stroke. the presence of a crankcase in which the oil lubrication is located. Therefore, for the normal operation of the 4-stroke engine, you do not need to prepare a fuel mixture of oil and gasoline, it is enough to fill only gasoline into a gas tank. This circumstance is presented by some dishonest sellers as a dignity. “they say, do not mess with the preparation of the fuel mixture”. At the same time, they “sweetly” miss such a detail as the need for at least annual oil replacement in a wheelhouse of a wheeled lawn. The procedure is not complicated, it is much simpler than that of the change of oil in the car, but more complicated than the preparation of the fuel mixture. Generally speaking, the oil in the crankcase of the wheeled lawn mower must be changed about every 50 hours of its operating. The lawn mower is not an oil filter and therefore the oil is not cleaned there. This determines the rapid oil replacement mode. On the other hand. 50 hours of operation of the lawn mower in the season. this is a very big developing.

The process of replacing the oil in a wheeled lawn mower is simple. Before replacing the oil, it is advisable to give the lawnapers to work for 10-15 minutes, so that the oil warms up and becomes more liquid.

In the design of any lawn mower there is a special screw covering the drain hole from the motor crankcase. Usually it is located under the filled and measured neck of the crankcase. (in the photo. indicated by an arrow).

The lawn mower is installed with a slope towards the drain hole, placing wooden churbak or brick under the casing from the opposite side. After that, unscrew the screw. cork. So that the oil does not spill on the casing of the lawn mower, a gutter is cut out of a plastic bottle, according to which the oil will flow into a substituted container. It is advisable to produce gasoline before replacing the oil from the gas tank.

The handling of fuel, fuel mixture, refueling

At high speeds, it is recommended to use gasoline with a higher octane number.

To get the best results use

Husqvarna two.stroke engines specially designed for reference and chain saws. The ratio of the components of the mixture 1:50 (2%).

If oil for a two.stroke Husqvarna engine

No, you can use other high.quality oil for two.stroke air cooling engines. When choosing oil, contact your

Do not use oil for a two.stroke

water.cooled engine, the so.called

Do not use oil for four.stroke

Should always mix gasoline with butter in a clean

You should always start by filling half

estimated for using the volume of gasoline. Then add all the required amount of oil.

Mix (shake) fuel mixture.

Add the remaining amount of gasoline.

Mix thoroughly (shaking) fuel

The mixture before pouring it into the fuel tank of the tool.

Do not prepare a fuel supply more than a monthly

If you do not use the tool for a long time, then

fuel from the tank should be drained, and the tank itself. clean.

WARNING!The muffler of the catalytic neutralizer is very heated during operation and after work for some time remains hot. This happens in idle mode. Remember the probability of a fire, especially when operating a saw next to fire hazardous substances and pairs.

WARNING!The following precautions can reduce the risk of fire: do not smoke and do not place any heat sources next to the fuel. Do not make refueling with a fuel with a running engine. Be sure to turn off the engine and give it to it

Cool down for several minutes before seasoning with fuel. At

refueling fuel carefully open the lid so as to slowly drop the pressure. After refueling

Features of refueling motorcycles

When the mixture is prepared and ready for use, it must be carefully poured into the fuel tank. Since gasoline is toxic fluid, when working with it, it is necessary to observe safety measures. Work must be carried out in calm weather and far from extraneous. And also to fill the fuel into the tank, you need to use a watering can or a funnel with which you previously bred a mixture. Otherwise, the mixture can be flooded, unnoticed, and when heated by the engine, ignite.

The fuel bank itself must be cleaned of external contaminants and only then unscrew its lid to season with the prepared fuel. After the fuel is flooded, the tank should not be left open, since insects or earth can get into it, as a result of which the fuel filter will occur. It is necessary to pour fuel into the tank to the indicated mark or less, and then add during work.

As noted above, you should not prepare the mixture more than necessary for work, it is better to prepare less and, if necessary, repeat the process, mixing gas with oil again. If unused fuel remains, then it must be used in 2 weeks.

During storage, the container should be tightly closed by the lid. It is necessary to store fuel in a cool room, in a place where the sun’s rays do not penetrate. It is worth remembering that with prolonged storage of the mixture, the oil lifts and loses its properties.

Read Husqvarna or Stihl that is better than a trimmer for grass

Whatever brand your technique is, it requires careful attitude and high.quality fuel. If you follow all the recommendations and economically use fuel, your lawn mower will last you more than one season, and the land will always be in perfect order, without weeds and dense thickets of grass.

Husqvarna HP

This is a Swedish manufacturer, which includes several famous brands, including Partner (Partner), known for its garden technology for semi.professional and professional use. Husqvarna produces not only technology, but also high.quality lubricants used on almost all brands of benzo.tool.

The photo below shows the 2-stroke oil Husqvarna HP, which includes special additives that can compensate for the poor quality of fuel, which in our country is not uncommon. After all, not always the octane number of gasoline bought at gas stations corresponds to the declared.

This lubricant has a green color and contains a semi.synthetic basis. Can be bend both in 10 liter containers and liter. The mixture is diluted in a standard proportion of 1:50 (20 g per 1 liter of gasoline). But when the engine is not yet driven, or they will have to work in the cold, the proportion can be increased to 1:40.

Husqvarna oil for air filters

The assortment is represented by one product Air Filter Oil. This is a pale yellow liquid with a characteristic smell. Supplied in opaque cans of white color with a capacity of 1 liter. The product guarantees the effective capture of particles balanced in the air, and prevents them from entering the combustion chamber.

In the photo on the right, oil for the air filter of the chainsaw Husqvarna

How to prepare a fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

But such results are real if you know exactly how much oil is added to gasoline for a garden trimmer for grass. The fact is that two.stroke engines operate on a mixture of gasoline with butter. Fuel enters the cylinder, burns there, creating a working effort on the piston, and that part of the oil that did not have time to ignite, lubricates the moving parts of the piston group. When preparing a mixture for a trimmer for grass to a liter of gasoline, it is necessary to add a strictly defined amount of oil. If there is too little lubrication, then the friction force will become too large and the motor will jam, and in the case of too much, the oil will fill the candle and the engine will staller. Also, with excess oil, the engine power will decrease, it will not develop the required revolutions and smoke much.

When compiling a fuel mixture, it is necessary to calculate how much oil is needed per liter of gasoline, based not only from the standard proportion, but also from which brand of gasoline and oil is used. In the case of two.stroke engines, it is very important.


For trimmers, a special two.stroke oil is made, on the package of which there should be a note “2t”. Car, and even more so, transmission oil is strictly prohibited. Two.stroke oil in three types is produced:

It all depends on what substances make up the oil base. Mineral oil is the cheapest and unreliable. Its use is justified only in household class trimmers, which work for 30-60 minutes a day with large interruptions. Most manufacturers of motorcycles of this level indicate that TS-W3 class oil is suitable for the engine. This means that you can use mineral, synthetic and semi.synthetic oil 2t.

It is advisable to buy only those grades of oil that the manufacturer recommends for a professional class motorcycle. This is usually semi.synthetics and synthetics with special additives. Manufacturers mark the oil in letters:

  • That. for two.stroke engines with a volume of up to 50 cubic centimeters;
  • TV. for engines 50. 200 cubic centimeters;
  • TS. for engines of motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.D.

In motorcycles, if the type of oil is not indicated in the instructions, you can fill in all three modifications. How much oil is added to the fuel of the trimmer for grass depends on the brand of the tool and the quality of gasoline. Also, on the packaging with butter, the letters FA, FB, FC, etc. may occur.D. They show the level of smoke. The closer the second letter to the beginning of the alphabet, the more smoke stands out during combustion. As a rule, high.quality oil has very little. This indicator does not affect the choice of oil. important than the inscriptions “Self Mix” and “Pre Mix”. The first phrase means that the oil dissolves independently, and the container with the second mixture must be shaken several times. The best oils in the market are Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Champion.

The algorithm of actions

The quality of fuel increases with proper mixing of the components of the mixture. The question arises before Kosz, how to breed, in what sequence. Starting to mix the components, pay attention to whether the capacity is cleaned. An insignificant suspension is capable of stalling the fuel supply to the carburetor. The fuel tank should be tucked with a special container with a filter device.

Husqvarna String Trimmers. Fuel & Lubrication

The order is. Half of existing gasoline is stirred with the volume of a specific amount of lubricant fluid. After the mixing process follows.

Когда компоненты приобретут однородную консистенцию, в частично разбавленный бензин, вливают 50% оставшегося топлива. So it is recommended to dilute fuel for a trimmer for grass.

An important feature

Prepared a combustible mixture for a trimmer for grass, falls into the combustion chamber of the cylinder in the form of a whitish fog. Oil liquid integrated into gasoline lubricates the crankshaft, cylinder walls. Infoliasis of oil fluid in the fuel is fraught with premature wear of the parts and nodes of a trimmer for grass. Exceeding the norm leads to a breeder that settles on working details, which is also fraught with premature technical wear of motorcycles.

The gasoline mower will serve the owner for a long time, provided that in the fuel tank, they will not be any kind of gasoline, but high.quality prepared fuel.