DIY headlight on the tiller

Connecting the headlight to the tiller generator

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Installing the light on the tiller with your own hands is quite simple if you use a standard electric generator of an agricultural machine for this. Especially for this, many equipment manufacturers produce tillers with generators, the power reserve of which is slightly increased specifically for mounting lighting. Thus, the power of the node is quite enough for uninterrupted power supply of lighting devices and for giving a sound signal.

To install the headlights on the tiller, and connect them to the generator, you need to proceed in this order:

  • Connect the generator by means of a wire to the switch, which must be fixed near the steering wheel or in another place convenient for the operator;
  • Dissolve the wiring from the switch and connect to the headlamp, then check the operation of the lighting device;
  • Then disconnect the wires and place them in a dense corrugation that protects the wiring from moisture and mechanical damage.

If the generator has a sufficient power reserve, then the headlight will shine uninterruptedly and brightly. If the unit is not powerful enough, the headlamp will flash every time the engine goes into operation at low rpm. In this case, it is best to change the standard tiller generator to a unit from MTZ tractors. It should be remembered that to install a new generator in the tiller structure, additional support frames will need to be welded, and a lighting coil must be used to connect the node.

After connecting, regularly check the integrity of the wiring contacts, otherwise, if moisture gets on them, a short circuit may occur in the tiller’s power supply.

Lighting without generator

When installing the light on the tiller, you can do without a generator by means of a 12 volt battery and LED strip. First of all, you need to choose a place for attaching the battery. Most often, the battery device is located between the engine and the gearbox. For the reliable placement of the device, it is necessary to do a number of preparatory steps:

  • metal corners are welded to the frame of the mini-tractor, they form a small stand;
  • the battery is installed inside, reinforced with a steel plate with bolts;
  • wires are laid from the battery to the LED headlight;
  • all connections are fixed by soldering and insulated with thermal tape.

The rechargeable battery gives an even and bright light flux, allowing you to carry out any agricultural process.

Attention! The capacity of the battery will not be enough for many hours of operation of the machine; after a certain period, the battery will have to be charged. This nuance must be taken into account when choosing a backlight.

Tiller wiring diagram

Before installing lighting on a tiller, it is worth considering its class. These medium and heavy units are equipped with a generator, which serves as source of charge for the battery and power for the headlight. On these variants of the mechanism, it is possible to connect several headlights (front and rear for the trailer to the tiller), as well as direction indicators.

The launch of the tiller is provoked by an electric starter and a storage battery, which is installed in a special pallet and firmly fixed to the frame of the mechanism. The battery is powered by a generator. The power of the generator is sufficient to engage all the necessary electrical devices of the mechanism and connect the headlights to the tiller. The manufacturers themselves have foreseen the desire of users to figure out how to make light on a tiller, using generators on constantly rotating magnets with an automatic voltage regulator with a power reserve of about 30%. To connect all sources of electrical power to the generator, it is worth collecting them in a single circuit with double insulated wires. The diagram described above is an ideal picture, but sometimes you have to modify something or figure out how to connect a headlight.

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Connection by means of an electric generator

The best way to turn on the light on the trailer is to use the generator supplied with the machine. As a rule, standard electric generators for all models of this special equipment have excess power that can be used to operate the lighting fixture. The headlamp is connected to the energy source according to the following algorithm:

  • using wiring, the lighting element is connected to the generator;
  • one of the wires is equipped with a toggle switch, which it is desirable to place at the steering wheel or in another place convenient for the driver;
  • after checking the functionality, the electrical wiring is placed in a protective corrugation and fixed on the body of the mini-machine.

If the standard generator has sufficient power, then the lighting will be bright and stable. When, with an increase in the load on the device, the lamp starts blinking and turns off, it makes sense to think about replacing the standard electric generator with a device from any tractor model.

Caution! When using equipment designed for other equipment, it is necessary to provide the tiller with additional support frames that increase the strength of the fastening.

How to make a light on a tiller without a generator?

There is another way that allows you to connect the light on the tiller without a generator. It requires a 12-volt battery and LED strip. It is not necessary to buy a new battery. an old gel cell from an electric scooter will work fine.

In addition to the materials, you will need to determine in advance the location of the battery installation. Since it has a small size, it is best to place it between the engine and the tiller’s gearbox. The further work plan is as follows:

  • From a steel corner, make a mount that will match the size of the battery used;
  • Position and fix the bracket on the frame of the unit;
  • Install the battery inside the mount, fix it with a steel plate and two bolts;
  • Route the wiring from the battery to the switch and headlight. Fix the connection points with soldering and insulate with tape. To get acquainted in more detail with connecting the headlight on a trailer without a generator, the video will help.

The light from the battery-powered headlight is intense and bright enough. However, this method has one significant drawback. the battery capacity will last no more than a few hours of continuous operation, after which the power source will need to be charged.

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In this case, you can make a light on the tiller from the ignition. To do this, one end of the wiring must be connected to the ignition system of the unit, the other end to the switch, and from it to the headlight. The lighting device connected in this way will work only when the ignition of the tiller is turned on.

All of the above methods of manufacturing and connecting the headlight are suitable for Neva, MTZ and agricultural vehicles produced by other domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Without generator

Another method of connecting lighting is widespread among operators. Here it will be possible to do without using a generator. You will need a 12 volt battery and LED strip.

There is no need to specially purchase a new battery. For this purpose, you can use an old electric scooter battery.

In addition to the source code, you must think in advance where this device will be mounted. If you are the owner of a large vehicle, then the ideal solution would be to install a battery between the gearbox and the engine.

Step-by-step actions:

  • Using welding and an iron angle, you need to make a stand for your gel battery. It is attached to the frame of the mini tractor.
  • A battery is installed from the inside, which is clamped by a pair of bolts and a metal insert.
  • Wires are laid from the battery to the power button. All joints must be sealed and insulated with heat-shrinkable tape.

This kind of lighting will turn out to be very bright. However, this method of installing headlights has one negative side: a full charge of the battery is enough for literally a couple of hours of operation, after which it will need to be recharged again. This is a very significant disadvantage for those who work intensively with a mini tractor.

How to connect a headlight to a tiller with your own hands

Many Tillers are sold without factory connection of headlights. But do not be upset about this, because even an inexperienced master will be able to understand how to make a headlight for this agricultural unit.


Headlight for tiller


Magneto circuit

With closed contacts 1 and 2 of the breaker under the action of e. etc. with. a current flows in the primary winding, which creates its own magnetic flux around the transformer core. At the moment of opening the contacts, the current in the primary circuit disappears and the magnetic field is sharply reduced. In this case, e is induced in the secondary winding. d. with reaching 10-25 thousand volts. Since at this moment the movable electrode of the distributor is opposite one of the fixed electrodes, a high voltage current will flow in the secondary circuit along the following path: the secondary winding of the transformer 13, the spring contact 12 of the distributor, the air spark gap between the movable 11 and the fixed 10 electrodes of the distributor, the high voltage 9, the electrode of the spark plug 8 and the spark gap of the spark plug, the mass of the engine and magneto, the primary winding 14, the secondary winding.

At the moment the breaker contacts open, the magnetic power of the mowing line also intersects the primary winding of the transformer, and therefore ei is induced in the pei. etc. with. self-induction. Its voltage (200-300 V) turns out to be sufficient to break through the air gap between the opening contacts, therefore, a self-induction current can pass in the primary circuit for some time. It slows down the disappearance of the magnetic field, and, consequently, reduces the e. etc. with. in the secondary circuit. In addition, sparking in the contacts of the breaker leads to their burning. To avoid this, a capacitor 16 is connected in parallel to the contacts of the breaker, thanks to which, at the moment of opening the contacts, the self-induction current does not pass in the form of a spark between the contacts, but goes to charge the capacitor.

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The current passing in the primary circuit will reach its greatest value when the rotor turns from neutral to a certain angle. It was at this moment to get the greatest e. etc. with. in the secondary circuit, the breaker must open the primary circuit. The angle of rotation of the rotor from the neutral position to the moment the breaker contacts open is called the magneto outline. Its value for various types of magneto ranges from 8 to 18 °.

Magneto device and principle of operation

Magneto is source and distributor of high voltage current used in carburetor engines to ignite the working mixture. Its principle of operation is shown in Figure 59. When the pole pieces of the rotating magnet (rotor) 5 are located against the shoes of the magnetic circuits 4, almost all magnetic power mowing lines are closed through the core of the transformer 15. If the rotor turns 90 ° (neutral position), the magnetic power mowing lines closed through an air gap between pole pieces and shoes.

When the rotor turns to the neutral position, the magnetic power of the mowing line crosses the turns of the primary 14 and secondary 13 windings of the transformer, as a result of which an electromotive force (e.m.f.) is induced in them.

Types of tractor engine magneto

Depending on the direction of rotation of the rotor, magneto are distinguished:

How to Clean Headlights With Toothpaste. Headlight Restoration DIY Myth of Fact?

According to the number of sparks that a magneto can give in one revolution of the rotor, magneto are:

  • single spark
  • two-spark.

By size, magneto is usually divided into two groups:

  • small-sized
  • with normal dimensions.

Tractor magneto with normal dimensions is intended for engines with at least four cylinders. Temporarily this type of magneto was used on the D-14 and D-24 engines.