DIY tiller chopper

Functioning principle

After starting the motor with the help of a belt drive and a pulley, rotation is transmitted from the machine motor to the gearbox of the raw material grinder. Further, raw materials must be fed into a specially designed hopper. The knives, which rotate, begin to guide the branches into the compartment, after which they are crushed in the chopping compartment. The final stage is the pouring out of waste through a special hopper. The result of the work is the receipt of crushed shavings, sawdust.

The classification of grinders for tiller distinguishes the following types of nozzles.

  • By types of power plants.
  • According to the performance capabilities of the motor. There are options for gasoline and electric type.
  • According to the characteristics of the knives. There are shredders that have from 15 to 30 circular saws that are fixed on the shafts. The second option is jointer knives with grooves, the number of which can vary from 2 to 6. The third option is shafts with knives that rotate synchronously. In turn, knives can have one or more blades.

How to choose?

Before making a purchase of a branch shredder for a tiller, it is worth clarifying the purpose of crushing the remains of grass and branches. It is this factor that will be decisive when choosing the type and size of the device. A nozzle of this type may differ in the following characteristics:

  • the principle and type of operation of the grinding unit;
  • type and power of the engine;
  • type of motor (gasoline or electricity).

A gasoline agricultural device will be the best option for processing large branches. It is mobile and does not need electricity. It is better to purchase an electric type unit if you need attachments for a tractor or tiller. This type is simple and easy to use.

Also, when buying, you should not ignore the knife design, since it is it that has a direct impact on the quality of chopping. For example, the ability of some wood shredders includes crushing raw materials no more than ten centimeters in size, and others smaller or larger.

Popular models

On the market, you can choose a good off-the-shelf wood shredder for your budget. The most popular models are the following.

  • “Premium”. This device is made of high quality steel. It has a cutting capacity of up to 50 millimeters. The device weighs 75 kilograms, while it does not have a wood splitter. The shredder is equipped with a knife cutting mechanism. Includes a pulley for a mini tractor.
  • Shredder of branches “Premium” type-2, with a wood splitter. The material for creating the nozzle is steel. The device is characterized by a cutting capacity of 50 millimeters. The knives are 12 millimeters thick. The cutting system is equipped with a knife type. Crusher weight. over 90 kilograms.
  • Volodar RM-90D is made of high quality hardened steel. The device weighs 160 kilograms and has a capacity of 5 cubic meters of branches per hour. The external receiving hopper measures 47 by 42 centimeters. The attachment is equipped with 6 knives that are 8 millimeters thick.
  • Chipper for tillers “RM. 90D”. The mini tractor attachment works with hard and soft wood; at the exit, firewood has a length of 80 to 170 millimeters. When using the unit, you can count on a productivity of 5 cubic meters of branches in 60 minutes. The device weighs about 140 kilograms.


The attachment for the tiller. the wood shredder. is one of the most necessary things in the household. Using this attachment, you can perform the following types of work:

  • to clear the yard and garden from branches and debris;
  • chop straw, hay, corn stalks, corn residues, grass, potato tops, which can then be used to prepare mulch and compost;
  • elimination of old stumps that are uprooted from the root system.

The garden drum shredder is a useful new attachment that is automatically powered by an internal combustion engine. Nozzle design:

  • engine;
  • metal frame;
  • compartment where raw materials are received;
  • working shaft that is equipped with blades;
  • safety cover.

Choosing a shredder for a tiller

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  • Do-it-yourself collection
tiller, chopper

Often in the yard you can find a lot of wood scraps and twigs. In this case, the best option would be to use a tiller chopper. This way of disposal will save time and effort.

Do-it-yourself collection

Setting up a tiller wood shredder at home is possible, but worth the effort. The collection of a homemade nozzle should be carried out strictly according to the instructions, only then there will be no problems with its performance. A self-made shredder is an opportunity to save a family budget, as well as the following benefits:

  • independent choice of device power;
  • equipping the nozzle with the number of knives required by the owner;
  • personal determination of the diameter of the raw material that will be processed;
  • low cost of necessary parts, as well as the use of available tools.

A homemade device is an indispensable and useful agricultural technique in housekeeping and agriculture. Of course, self-made knives cannot grind large logs, but they can easily cope with any other small raw materials.

Feedback from users of the branch shredder that is installed on the tiller indicates the need for this device, its high performance and long service life. In order to simplify household chores, it is worth becoming the owner of such a nozzle for a mini tractor, which will save you from unnecessary raw materials, turning it into sawdust, compost or mulch.

How the tiller shredder works, see the video below.

Materials we need

We will not convince you that a homemade shredder will be completely free. Naturally, some details will be used to make it, which will cost money. However, on average, a home-made unit will cost you 2 times less than a ready-made shredder of a promoted brand. Judge for yourself, for a shredder you will need:

  • Circular saws. 15-25 pieces
  • Motor. gasoline or electric
  • Stud (rod) M20, washers and nuts to it
  • Pulley (for example, from a VAZ generator) and a dense belt
  • Bearings
  • Metal tubes for frame
  • Hopper sheet metal
  • Washers made of plastic 14-24 pieces

What else can you make a shredder

There are many different options for creating garden shredders with your own hands: from the simplest ones, which only allow you to grind the grass, to more structurally complex, powerful units designed for wood up to 10 cm thick. Accordingly, for the practical implementation of the conceived, different details, different costs of time and money will be required.

To collect equipment for processing plant waste, in addition to the considered options for old or unnecessary tools or equipment, you can use the following devices:

  • drill or hammer drill;
  • an old working vacuum cleaner;
  • an unnecessary saw;
  • motor from the pump;
  • gasoline or electric tiller;
  • any electric motor of suitable power.

A drill with a perforator, if you use them to grind the grass, does not need to be altered at all. It is enough to make only the attachment with the blades. The created device will work as a blender, crushing soft plant stems in a container in small portions.

Preparatory activities

A lawn mower cutter is made in a number of stages. Initially, they are prepared in a container where the grass and branches will be ground:

tiller, chopper
  • markings are made at the bottom (along the perimeter) for four trapezoidal holes with rounded corners;
  • drilled in each drawn segment of the hole with a cross section of 1 cm;
  • a jigsaw file is inserted into them and trapezoids are cut out;
  • process the sections with a file or sandpaper;
  • a hole is drilled in the center of the bottom for the chopper shaft;
  • a circle is cut out of a steel mesh with dimensions along the diameter of the bottom;
  • with the help of small scraps of boards or blocks, the prepared mesh fragment is fixed to the bottom of the container;
  • legs are made of metal tubes for the container, attaching them to the tank with bolts.
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Wooden pieces are fixed with self-tapping screws, twisting them from the inside of the tank into metal jumpers between the cut-out trapezoids. In this way, the net is securely attached to the bottom of the container.

Legs are made in the following way:

  • bend the tubes in a vise or with a pipe bender in the form of the letter “P”;
  • the ends of future supports are flattened with a hammer;
  • 2 holes are drilled in them on each side (6.5 or 8.5 mm in cross section);
  • fit the workpieces to the bottom of the container and mark the points of the bolted joints;
  • drilled at the hole mark;
  • using bolts with washers and nuts, attach to the footrest cover.

After preparing the casing, in order to reduce the dimensions of the created mechanism, perform the following operations:

  • disassemble the trimmer by disconnecting the motor, bar and cutting attachment from each other;
  • a fragment of about 20-40 centimeters in length is cut off from the bar with a cable;
  • collect the lawn mower;
  • check the performance of equipment.

Grass cutter from trimmer

A garden shredder can be made using a gasoline or electric trimmer. This will cause the tool to work upside down. To create equipment designed to chop grass and thin twigs, you will need, in addition to lawn mowers with cutting nozzles, the following materials:

  • a plastic or metal container with a volume of at least 50 liters;
  • about 1 sq. steel mesh with a small mesh size;
  • about 3 meters of metal tube (aluminum or steel) half an inch in diameter;
  • a piece of board or moisture-resistant chipboard, plywood of such a width that a trimmer fits on it;
  • clamps that will attach the lawn mower to the wooden base;
  • self-tapping screws, bolts, nuts, washers;
  • wooden blocks (5 x 5 cm is enough).

To assemble the chopping mechanism from the trimmer, you will need to use the following tools and devices:

  • a screwdriver or a screwdriver with bits;
  • electric drill with a set of drills for wood and metal;
  • an electric jigsaw with files for cutting metal or its manual analog;
  • hammer;
  • open-end or socket wrenches;
  • punch;
  • anvil or flat iron plate.

A punch is needed so that it is convenient to drill holes with an electric drill. This tool is pointed at the point where you want to drill through the metal. Then they hit him with a hammer. The drill does not slip out of the obtained recess during the process of drilling a metal part.

Hole punch set

Homemade grass chopper from an angle grinder

A grass chopper from an angle grinder is a fairly simple and quickly implemented option. To implement the project, you will need to stock up on the following details and materials:

  • steel corners;
  • metal container (conventional boiling);
  • homemade or ready-made knives (for example, from a lawn mower);
  • fasteners;
  • sheet metal.
tiller, chopper

Of the tools you will need:
  • electric drill;
  • welding machine and electrodes to it;
  • angle grinder to cut corners;
  • spanners.

To assemble a shredder with your own hands on the basis of an angle grinder, capable of grinding not only grass, but also branches up to 4 cm thick, it is recommended to use an electric tool with a power of over 3 kW.

The creation of a grinding unit is carried out in the following sequence:

  • cut the angle grinder into pieces;
  • a frame resembling a chair is welded from them;
  • weld on a shelf from a piece of sheet metal;
  • an angle grinder is attached to the made frame (on a stand) with clamps, placing it with the shaft to the top;
  • cut a hole about 10 by 10 cm on the side of the boil;
  • a sleeve, for example, made of tin, is attached to the slot, through which the ground plant mass will be dispensed from the container;
  • make a hole in the center at the bottom of the boil;
  • install the container on the angle grinder shaft and attach it with bolts or self-tapping screws to the metal frame;
  • put a knife or disc on an angle grinder.

As a result, you get the design shown in the photo below.

The dimensions of the corners are selected individually so that it is convenient to handle the mechanism.

It should be remembered that the frame must be stable. The safety of working with the device will depend on this.

A bucket or other container is placed under the pipe for dispensing chopped grass with branches while working with the unit so that the processed plants do not scatter.

The created device can be improved. To do this, you need an attachment on the shaft of an angle grinder about 15 cm long with two knives: at the upper end and in the middle. The blades are separated by a mesh fixed to the wall of the casing.

Chopper assembly

If the trimmer works well after assembly, then a grass trimmer is created from it.

  • Lawn mowers attach the engine to the board with clamps.
  • Fix the bar on the wooden base using clamps and a lawn mower handle.
  • Connect the cutting attachment to the end of the bar, previously inserted into the hole in the bottom of the casing.
  • They start the mechanism and test it in operation.

After the actions taken, you will get an assembly, a photo of which is presented below.

If the trimmer used to assemble the shredder is equipped with a gasoline engine, then the motor is positioned on the base so that it is convenient to fill in fuel, start the device and adjust its operation (speed).

Cutting attachments are equipped with knives or fishing line. it depends on the thickness of the plant stems to be chopped.

Do-it-yourself branch shredder, garden crusher schemes for summer cottages

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  • Homemade grass chopper from an angle grinder
  • Grass cutter from trimmer
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  • How to make a DIY garden shredder
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  • Garden shredder device. we will determine the most important parts of the unit
  • Step by step instructions and nuances of work
  • The advantages of a homemade option
  • Video example of using this unit
  • How to make a wood and branch chipper
  • How to make a DIY wood shredder?
  • Features of homemade models
  • Materials and tools
  • How to make a chopper with your own hands?
  • From the washing machine
  • From circular saws
  • From Tiller

A garden shredder is a mechanism designed for the processing of plant waste generated by mowing the grass cover, sanitary or annual pruning of trees, grapes and various shrubs. The resulting small pieces of grass or branches can be used as livestock feed or fertilizer. The use of this unit allows gardeners, owners of summer cottages and lovers of beautiful lawns to get rid of organic waste faster and with less labor. The device is relatively easy to set up, for this reason it can be assembled with your own hands without special financial costs from old parts and scrap materials. This allows you to save money on buying a finished factory device.

The advantages of a homemade option

Unlike factory models, a homemade shredder does not require undue care. He will become a universal assistant in the household and will help not only chop branches and other household waste, but also crush fruits (apples, pears, plums), and together with seeds. This is very convenient when you need to make jam, mashed potatoes or homemade wine, when the fruits are crushed to a pasty state.

Garden shredder in action

The circular saws that form the blade of the unit are capable of processing fairly large pieces of wood. Of course, we are not talking about logs, but branches with a diameter of 10 cm will be quite “in the teeth” for him. This makes a homemade shredder compares favorably with a factory product, the body of which simply does not allow large pieces of material to pass through. Accordingly, you will significantly save your time, because you do not have to sort the branches by size and think about where to put too large fragments. Also, you will not need to monitor the moisture content of the material, while the purchased shredder requires adjusting the degree of moisture content of the feedstock. The fact is that in most modern ready-made shredders, the electric motor is located at the bottom of the structure, therefore, when processing wet stems, moisture will inevitably get into the engine, and this will lead to breakdown. In a homemade product, you are free to decide where to install the engine, in the above version it is located horizontally, on the same level with the knives.

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You should also pay attention to the cost savings when using a homemade shredder. Firstly, manufacturing will initially be cheaper than buying a factory device, and secondly, “homemade” will not need to purchase expensive parts in case of breakdown. all its elements are not expensive.

Homemade garden shredder is able to crush even large branches, turning them into chips

In addition, the homemade garden shredder is highly efficient. Any waste that is loaded into the hopper will be sucked in by the circular saws and disappear at an incredible speed. Thus, a home-made device can be no worse than an expensive and modern garden tool. In a word, if the chopper is really needed, but there is no money to buy it, there is only one way out. to make it yourself!

DIY chipper for tiller

A crusher for a tiller is a very necessary thing in any farm, but it is very expensive to purchase. However, there is a way out in this situation, namely to do it yourself. The work, of course, is not easy, but the result will please you very much.

The advantages of a homemade prefix for this type of tiller are as follows:

  • any number of knives can be set;
  • equipment power;
  • low cost.

The shredder design is not complicated and consists of the following elements:

  • Metal frame;
  • Gasoline or electric motor;
  • Cutting mechanism;
  • Hopper for feeding and unloading material;
  • main gear.

A self-made tiller wood cutter looks like a cutting mechanism attached to a frame. The photo of the equipment is shown below.

Materials required for manufacturing: knives, pulley, bearings, sheet metal, shaft, channel, fastening material.

Essential tools: hammer, drill, welding machine, angle grinder, tool kit, pliers.

The sequence of work on the manufacture of a branch shredder:

  • we take a channel, a corner and a pipe and make a base for the frame. Then we weld the frame;
  • a package of saws and washers must be put on the shaft of the cutting unit;
  • then we put on the bearings on both sides of the shaft;
  • we fasten the pulley on the longer end of the shaft;
  • using bolts and nuts, we attach the shaft to the frame;
  • a small-diameter pulley must be installed at the end of the shaft;
  • then it is necessary to attach the motor to the frame in such a way that the pulleys are located on one side;
  • we put on a belt on the pulleys, the tension of which can be adjusted by moving the motor;
  • it is necessary to make blanks from steel to protect the casing and the bunker;
  • we weld the obtained blanks;
  • using fasteners, the casing and the hopper must be attached to the frame;
  • we connect the resulting product to the motor and check its performance.

How to choose a chipper for a tiller and not regret buying?

A branch chopper, or a wood splitter, is a special functional attachment for processing grassy vegetation and branches. Recycled material will serve as a good fertilizer for the garden.

The purchase of a shredder should be well thought out, since the cost of this equipment is by no means small.

Criteria for choosing a branch shredder for a tiller:

  • Engine type. It is electric and gasoline;
  • The power of the wood shredder is very important;
  • Funnel diameter;
  • Type of crushing system;
  • Garden waste recycling methods;
  • Equipment weight;
  • Functionality of the attachment.

Electric tiller crushers are quieter than gasoline-powered crushers and are also easy to maintain. However, their work is affected by voltage surges in the network, and the maximum diameter of the branches that they are able to process is 45 mm. Gasoline wood chippers differ from the first ones in greater power, which allows them to recycle almost any waste.

Tiller chopper: which one to choose and how to do it yourself

A well-groomed area always attracts the attention of strangers with its cleanliness and order. However, not everyone thinks about how much time and effort it takes to bring a large territory to idyll. An important role in this matter is played by various nozzles on the tiller, and in particular the branch shredder. We will talk about him today.

Diagram of a homemade garden shredder.

Self-made shredder of grass and branches for the tiller Neva will become an indispensable assistant in cleaning the local area and vegetable garden. In addition, the recycled material can be used as fertilizer and as heating for the home.

Hay and straw chopper device

All straw choppers are similar in design, have the same set of elements, and the same principle of operation. The only difference is in the size of the equipment. there are industrial shredders required for processing a large amount of raw materials, and there are compact ones that are used in small farms. The straw chopper design includes the following elements.

  • The electric motor is the main part that drives the entire apparatus. Its power depends on the size of the straw chopper.
  • Box (hopper) for loading raw materials, the dimensions of which also depend on the size of the grinder.
  • Metal frame on which the engine is located.
  • Bracket that fixes the motor and absorbs its vibrations.
  • Tripod supports to keep the structure stationary. Height depends on engine size.
  • Knives (from 2 to 4) and a shaft that carry out the grinding process itself.
  • Unloading mechanism. a lateral structural element used for unloading crushed raw materials.

Some models are equipped with a hammer crusher, so they not only crush bales and rolls, but also grind the finished product.

The straw chopper is an indispensable tool in agriculture. It can be used to compress raw materials into bales or rolls so that they take up less space during storage.

How to make a crusher from a washing machine?

A straw cutter is a device that is not cheap. In general, its design is rather primitive, so the device can be made independently, spending some effort on it. In addition, most people have old equipment idle. You just need to find the parts necessary to create a crusher and spend some time to assemble it.

Any model of a Soviet washing machine with a cylindrical tank is suitable for the manufacture of a straw chopper. The design will be very simple and will work on the same principle as the coffee grinder. Here’s what you need to make such a straw chopper:

  • tank and engine from a washing machine;
  • wire with a plug;
  • container for waste (you can use a regular bucket);
  • button to start;
  • metal corners for the frame;
  • an old hacksaw that will be used to make knives;
  • bolts, nuts and bushings for connecting parts.

Instead of an activator, knives are installed in the washing machine, which will process crops. If necessary, cut the body to the desired height. Outside, a bunker and a raw material catcher are attached (it will be useful to fix a bag on it so that the raw material does not scatter). It is better to make them from plastic buckets, as they do not rust. Then, using a welding machine, it is necessary to build a tool frame where all other elements will be fixed. The frame is the most important structural detail. After that, it is placed on the legs.

Next, you need to run an empty straw chopper to check if the blades and the engine are working. If everything works, you can safely start using the device.

Apart from periodically sharpening the knives, the crusher does not require any maintenance.

How to make a straw chopper with your own hands?

  • Hay and straw chopper device
  • How to make a crusher from a washing machine?
  • Homemade option from an angle grinder
  • We use available means

The straw chopper is an irreplaceable assistant in agriculture. With the help of this equipment, not only straw is shredded, but also other crops, as well as feed products for animals. Chopped straw can be used right away, and storage problems do not arise, unlike untreated straw.

Homemade option from an angle grinder

an angle grinder is a necessary tool that even the smallest farm has. You can also make a straw chopper from it yourself. In addition to the angle grinder, you will also need:

  • bolts and nuts, steel corners;
  • knives or cutting discs;
  • grid;
  • vessel for ground raw materials;
  • frame.
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To make a straw chopper, the cut corners are turned into a frame with the help of a welding machine, on which the angle grinder is immediately fixed with the shaft up. After that, a welded casing with an outlet on the side is attached to the saw body, on which it is recommended to put on a bag so that the crushing waste does not scatter in all directions.

This option is suitable for the home to grind a small amount of raw materials.

In some science and technology magazines, you can find a lot of tips on how and what to make a straw chopper. There are also drawings and assembly diagrams.

We use the means at hand

You can make your own very popular rotary straw choppers, which have many advantages:

  • the device itself throws out the processed raw materials;
  • it can be used not only outdoors, but also in any room;
  • easy to assemble and disassemble.

There are several of the most common ways. It is worthwhile to study all possible options in advance, and then only decide how to make such a structure.

You can make a straw chopper using an electric trimmer. Any container is placed on the legs, in which the raw material will be crushed. A hole is cut at the bottom and a bar with a chopping knife is connected. The other end of the bar attaches to the trimmer.

Previously, the method of making a crusher from a hand scythe was widely used. They made a box open from above and from the sides, fastened it on legs, and a regular scythe served as a knife, thanks to the curved shape of which the straw from the box could be easily grabbed and chopped. The pedal was fixed on the legs and, by pressing on it, the mechanism was set in motion.

In both cases, a container for recycled materials can be made from an ordinary barrel.

A straw cutter can even be made from a gas cylinder. To do this, cut off its upper and lower parts. A hole is cut on the side through which the crushed raw material will come out. The whole structure is fixed on metal legs, and the engine is attached below.

If you have all the necessary tools and parts, making a straw chopper with your own hands in one day, especially if you have locksmith and welding skills, will not be difficult. But even if it takes much longer to work, this will allow you not to spend a lot of money on buying a straw chopper, which is a big plus.

How to make a straw chopper with your own hands, see in the video below.


To carry out assembly and installation work, you will need:

  • Hacksaw and circular knife.
  • Extension cable, not less than 5 meters in length.
  • Metal corners, as well as other fasteners.
  • Locksmith set.
  • Drill as well as angle grinder.

If you have experience working with a welding machine, it is worth preparing it.

Homemade chopper

The creation of such a product is carried out in stages in several steps:

  • First, the type of unit is determined and a drawing is formed.
  • Next comes the selection of all parts, as well as the preparation of tools.
  • After that, installation takes place according to the drawing of the entire unit, followed by its testing.

It is important to clearly foresee the dimensions of all components and assemblies in such a design. Otherwise, it will be impossible to assemble the future device or it will be necessary to additionally adjust various parts.

How to make a grass chopper with your own hands

Even a small farm requires a sufficient number of mechanized equipment to facilitate this or that action. This can significantly reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. One of these units is a grass shredder. It allows you to create good fertilizers from grass, replacing the purchase of expensive chemicals. There are a large number of types of such equipment on the market today, however, you can make a grass chopper with your own hands. But first, in order to understand how to do it, you need to disassemble what it consists of.

engine’s type

You can assemble a grass chopper for chickens or other animals using an electric or gasoline power plant.

Of angle grinder

Another option involves creating a grass cutter from an angle grinder with your own hands. For this purpose, you will need to prepare in advance:

  • Angle Grinder.
  • A metal container where the material will be fed.
  • Lawnmower knives.
  • Steel corners required for platform mounting.

The process of creating such an aggregate is as follows:

  • First, the frame is welded, for which corners are used. It is important at this stage to lay the weight of all the main elements. How well the frame will be made largely determines the safety of using the grinder.
  • Next, the angle grinder is mounted to the frame so that the shaft is located on top.
  • Now a container is installed on top of the shaft, where the crushing itself will be carried out.
  • In order to keep the grass in the tank, metal frames are mounted in it.
  • Then the knives are connected to the shaft.
  • To make it more convenient to take out the crushed mass in the future, a metal sleeve is created in the structure, through which the grass will move into the collection container.

From the washing machine

To create such an aggregate, you first need to prepare drawings. A do-it-yourself grass chopper from a washing machine is also partially assembled from parts from a vacuum cleaner. But from it you only need to take the case if it is metal. Additionally, to design a homemade unit, you will need:

  • Power plant from washing machine.
  • Knives taken from a lawn mower.
  • The container where the chopped grass will be collected.
  • Steel corners used for mounting the frame.
  • Fasteners: bolts and screws.

In order for a homemade shredder to be completely safe for operation, it is important to properly approach the creation of a durable body, high-quality fastening of the knives, and also impart stability to the entire structure. The step-by-step process of installing the unit is as follows:

  • First, it is worth preparing the main working container, which should be metal. In this case, this is a body from a vacuum cleaner, where a hole is made in the bottom for attaching the power plant. Additionally, it is worth making a window through which the processed grass will come out.
  • The motor from the washer must be firmly mounted on the shaft, where the knives will be attached in the future. Some craftsmen make it on their own using steel sheet for this.
  • A container is attached to the top, through which the grass will be fed.
  • A frame formed from metal corners. It is worthwhile to carefully approach the creation of a stable and strong structure.

How to make poultry feed by mini chaff cutter machine

In order for all the steps to be performed correctly, and also not to miss various small details, you must always have working drawings in front of you. The power of the finished device will allow you to crush large volumes of grass. In addition, it can also be used for processing hay.

From a drill

A very simple machine for crushing small amounts of grass. To assemble the unit you will need:

  • Drill with a power of 1 kW.
  • Metal knives.
  • Fasteners (bolts as well as nuts).
  • Working capacity.

First of all, the knives are sharpened, which should be in the shape of a diamond. In this case, the sharp side should be directed downward to prevent grass from wrapping around it. After that, the drill is mounted in the container in such a way as to cover the inlet as much as possible. Then, to get started, you just need to connect it to the network.

Types of shredders

Such units for processing grass are divided according to only 2 main criteria:

  • Type, as well as the power of the power plant.
  • Knife system used.

It is worth disassembling each of the points in detail.