How To Make a Homemade Protection For The Trimmer With Your Own Hands?

In the summer, to make the dacha look neat, it is necessary to mow the grass regularly. A trimmer helps quickly with this ordinary spit. an easy, handheld lawn mower in the form of a cane.
A kind of electric bobber, but instead of a blade she has a fishing line.
A well-known drawback of trimmers is that without special protection (masks and goggles) it is impossible to work with them: the grass flies at high speed in different directions, falling into the face and eyes.
The reason for this is a small flap above the rotating fishing line.

To solve this problem, I cut the “native” plastic flap, leaving only the third part attached to the bar.

Then, from an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.2 mm and a size of 250 × 250 mm, made a new one, attached it with two screws on top to the remaining part of the former shield.
Instead of aluminum, you can use a plate of rubber or linoleum, but then the shields of these materials will have to be fixed with steel wire so that the edges do not accidentally fall under the rotating fishing line.

Trimmer shield upgrade.

During the operation of an electric trimmer, there is one major drawback: the resulting herbal juice and haylage fly far to the sides and upwards, covering the grass with greens from head to toe. We have to use working clothes, a mask to protect the face and eyes, but the dust is clogged in boots, sits on the hat. After an hour of work, the mower turns out to be ” all covered with greens, absolutely all!” We have to spend a lot of time on the subsequent “sanitation”.
The reason is that the trimmers have an excessively small flap above the rotating fishing line. In my case, for example, the dashboard occupies only a sector, which on the watch face corresponds to numbers from 4 to 8, which is not enough.
To eliminate this drawback, I trimmed a plastic flap in my trimmer, leaving only the third (central) part attached to the bar. Then he made an enlarged shield of aluminum sheet 0.2 mm thick and 250 × 250 mm in size, which he attached with two screws on top of the remaining part of the former shield (see fig.).
As a result, the resulting new shield began to cover the entire semicircle of rotation of the fishing line, facing the mowers, protecting it from flying green. The effect of this upgrade turned out to be wonderful! Now even the boots do not get dirty above half of the tops.
In the absence of aluminum sheet, you can use a plate of rubber or linoleum. To prevent the edges of such material from hanging down, they will have to be reinforced from above with steel wire around the perimeter. At the same time, the peripheral parts of the material should be held in a raised state with wire. The material of the shield should be attached to the wire in these places, inaccessible to the rotating fishing line.