What Is Trimmer? Trimmer Types.

Do you own a cottage or garden, or both? But the time to care for him is sorely lacking, and there is no longer enough power to deal with weeds and other types of unnecessary vegetation? The trimmer will come to the aid of the owner.

Trimmer: definition, device.

Trimmer is an innovative tool used to mow grass in both accessible and hard-to-reach places. It is an indispensable device in the household, which contributes to increasing the level of productivity and maintaining the land plot, garden, lawn, flower bed in good form.
The trimmer device: a long rod, on the edge of which the engine and the cutting part (shaft of mowers) are fixed. The diameter of the cutting mechanism may be different.

Trimmers classification.

Depending on the source of an operation, trimmers are:

  • rechargeable
  • electrical
  • gasoline

The cordless trimmer is a wireless device for eliminating vegetation that operates autonomously by charging the battery. Advantages: low weight, mobility. Disadvantages: limited time of operation, which depends on the capacity of the battery.
To operate the electric trimmer, you need to connect to a power source. Advantages: easy to use, has low energy consumption. Disadvantages: the impossibility of functioning without connecting to the mains, the distance at which you can work is limited by the length of the cable.
The gas trimmer is a grass mowing device that uses gasoline as a power source. Advantages: high power, high performance. Disadvantages: a lot of weight, noise.

Electric trimmer features.

The range of electrical appliances for mowing grass includes trimmers with upper and lower engine arrangements.
If the motor is located in the lower part of the trimmer, then such a device is ideal for eliminating soft and dry grass on lawns. The peculiarity of the considered trimmer model is the short mode of operation, which makes it impossible to perform significant amounts of work.

Petrol trimmer: types and principle of operation.

Petrol trimmers, depending on the application, are divided into:

  • household;
  • professional;
  • universal;
  • motokosy.

The trimmer of the first type is used exclusively to meet domestic needs; that is, it is in the household of a summer resident. Advantages: light weight, small size, the presence of a two-stroke motor, maneuverability, which provides a flexible shaft. Disadvantages: impractical, inconvenience of operation due to the wrong location of the control panel and buttons, designed to perform small amounts of work, the minimum period of continuous operation.
The professional trimmer is the device possessing as much as possible improved technical characteristics. Advantages: reliability; high rates of engine power; can mow grass, bushes, thick weeds; equipped with anti-vibration system, which reduces the load on the hands; as a rule, a shoulder strap is included; convenience in operation. Disadvantages: high consumption of fuel and lubricants, requires careful maintenance. It is a trimmer, the price of which varies from 4-5 to 10 thousand rubles.
The universal trimmer is ideally suited for working in summer cottages, and its technical characteristics are between household and professional types of devices. It is the golden mean. Advantages: average price, the versatility of use (removal of grass cover, mowing the grass to a certain level). Disadvantages: requires a high level of service; short time continuous work.
The best trimmer in the range of gasoline. trimmer. It can perfectly cope with even the most serious tasks: to eliminate shrubs or shoots of young trees. Advantages: high-performance power (from 3 “horses”), the presence of several nozzles, ease of operation, long uninterrupted work time, equipped with an anti-vibration system and a shoulder belt.

Basic rules for the operation of the gasoline trimmer.

Instructions for using the device:

  1. Run to produce in the supine position of the trimmer. To press a motor part a knee, and the handle to extend.
  2. Before you lubricate all components of the engine, you need to pull out the starter handle several times.
  3. The first 5 minutes after the launch of the device to operate it for its intended purpose is strictly prohibited.
  4. Petrol trimmer should be refilled only in a ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight and exposure to fire.
  5. A new device needs to be run in.
  6. When working with a trimmer in hot weather, one of the requirements are frequent breaks in work.
  7. When using the trimmer, you must strictly follow the rules of operation indicated in the instructions. Grass trimmer can only be used for grass mowing, and in no case for the elimination of, for example, unnecessary shrubs or tree roots.