DIY Petrol Trimmer Repair.

The presence of the gas trimmer significantly simplifies the life of those who often have to mow the grass around the house or in the garden, and also to harvest hay for animals. However, the simplicity of operation does not exclude the occurrence of faults; moreover, the complexity of the mechanism entails the complexity of the repair. And the service imposes additional costs on the tool.

To extend the life of the machine, preventive measures are necessary. For example, you should not overload the device, every time after 15 minutes, arrange a 10-minute rest. Do not neglect the rules of operation and do not mow the grass, the height of which exceeds the permissible. If a breakdown has occurred, do not rush to contact the customer service, inspect the device to identify the cause, perhaps, actually do the gasoline trimmer repair yourself, especially if you have some skill with the equipment.
First, let’s find out how to find the cause of the device malfunction on our own, then we will talk about why these failures occur and how to fix them.

How to find a breakdown. symptoms.

Even though the gas trimmer is a complex device, some damage can be found and easily fixed without the help of a service center or a wizard.

Here are some ways to diagnose a breakdown at home:

  • First, check the spark, because without it there will be no ignition. If there is no spark, then the problem is in the spark plug, or in the ignition itself;
  • Also, if the candle is dry, then fuel supply repair or carburetor cleaning is probably needed;
  • If the candle is filled with fuel, then wipe it dry and try to start the tool again;
  • If everything is in order, but the tool does not work, then the problem is most likely in the engine. If you do not know how to fix this part of the instrument, then it is better to take the gas trimmer to the service.

Of course, we all want to save on the services of the master, but do not forget that they take money for the unique knowledge and experience that allows them to repair the trimmer with a 100% guarantee.

Frequent malfunctions.

If you make a list of breakdowns that owners of gasoline trimmers most often encounter, it will turn out like this:

  • Engine;
  • Carburetor;
  • Broken rod;
  • Stihl;
  • Starter;
  • Fuel supply;
  • Air filter;
  • Muffler;
  • Gearbox.

Below we will try to help those who want to fix the gasoline trimmer with their own hands, using the tools at hand.

Causes of breakdowns and methods of repair.

If, for example, the tool stalls immediately after the plant or does not start at all, then pay attention to the ignition system:

  1. Turn out the candle. If there are traces of gasoline-oil mixture, it means problem caused by carburetor adjustment. Violation of the cold start rules in the form of fuel pumping also leads to a candle fling, and the poor quality of the gasoline used leaves a thick layer of black carbon. In these cases, this part will need to be replaced. If the candle is dry, then the fault is related to the fuel supply.
  2. The accumulation of dirt in the gas tank leads to supply hose clogged. Disconnect it. if the fuel does not flow, then the fault in clogged filter or breather, which is cleaned with a needle, but the first one must be changed from time to time completely to avoid complications. It is advisable to do this every three months.
  3. In addition, gasoline trimmers often require replacement air filter, because if it is clogged, the fuel mixture is not sufficiently enriched.
  4. Another reason for the malfunction of the gas trimmer can be a silencer when carbon accumulates in it. To eliminate such a malfunction, you can dismantle the part, wash it in kerosene or burn it with a burner. In general, before buying a trimmer, it is advisable to get acquainted with the selected tool through reviews from other people. Most models have weak spots. It will allow you to protect yourself from the “cat in the bag” and prepare in advance for possible breakdowns.
  5. There are cases when during work in the lower part there are extraneous noises such as whistling and strumming. It indicates the threat of failure of the gearbox. Disassemble the case and pay attention to the space inside the parts, if there is no oil there, most likely the problem is this, lubricate moving parts. If the effect does not have the desired effect, then you will have to change the gears or bearings. You can inspect the degree of wear at once, so as not to disassemble the tool several times.

Now a few recommendations that will help you eliminate the damage and repair the tool yourself.

Recommendations for self-repair.

To ask yourself as little as possible how to repair the engine, carburetor or gasoline trimmer gearbox yourself, do not purchase uncommon models, because it will be challenging to find details for them, and prices for official dealers do not always correspond to the capabilities of buyers. If you are new to working with complex technical products, it is better to ask for help from the customer service, because Self-tuning of the carburetor, for example, may further lead to the combustion of the entire piston system. Besides, some parts cannot be repaired at all, and a whole block is subject to replacement, a hand-made repair, in this case, will not make sense. Also, do not rush to open the tool body if it is under warranty.